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Porn For Women: The Most Sensual (Free) 2 Minutes and 30 Seconds Of Your Life

We have been creating tons of free 30 second XXX clips and I thought I would put some together in one place to really wet your pallet.  People often ask what porn for women is and we are pretty good at explaining it.  However, isn’t seeing it right before your eyes much more enjoyable than reading a long blog post?  Lady porn can be many things and involve any and all genders so keep in mind that it isn’t restricted to what you see here!  I put together a list of sensual porno shorts that I think you’ll enjoy.  Keep your eyes peeled for a different variety of porno for women clips in the future.  Keep scrolling for videos!

Cabaret Desire photo by ANTIA PAGANT

Life Love Lust from Lust Films


Seven Years Of Marriage from Sweet Sinema


Awakening To Love from New Sensations Romance


The Female Voyeur from Petra Joy


The Teacher Volume Three from Sweet Sinner

Last Tango

Since it’s the day before I head north for the Feminist Porn Awards, I figured I would go through the list of nominees and review a movie that we haven’t watched yet.  While we did end up reviewing most of the movies we have that are listed, we luckily missed out on Last Tango, a delicious Sweet Sinema video directed by Nica Noelle.  And I say lucky, because it means that I get to settle in with a dirty love story and start my day off right!

Even before pressing play, I know that this feature flick will be a good one. I mean really, can anything directed by Nica Noelle and starring Katsuni, James DeenManuel Ferrera and Annie Cruz be less than amazing?  I think not.  Each of these stars alone offer up real passion that is almost palpable.  I can only imagine the sparks that fly when they are joined!

The story begins with Manuel Ferrara and Katsuni meeting by chance at an apartment open house.  You can see the steam rising off of them before they even touch.  They exchange in French and things quickly turn racy when Manuel blocks the door and overpowers Katsuni in a very intense way.  It makes me a little uncomfortable because it stings a little of assault, but I try my best to keep in mind that this just a fantasy.  Once I can tell that Katsuni is on board, it’s so much easier for me to see the real chemistry and passion that the performers are experiencing. The whole scene is super hot.

After the sex, the pair lay naked on the bed and discuss what happened and what will happen next (which is actually something you rarely see in porn).  Manuel tells Katsuni that he wants her to allow him access to all the things that she desires that makes her feel ashamed of herself.  He wants to give her something no one else can give her.  Katsuni is resistant at first, but clearly intrigued in some way.

They both head back to their respective relationships (Manuel with Annie Cruz, and Katsuni with James Deen) and real lives.  They each have sex with their partner (scenes 2 & 3), which are both pretty hot, but definitely not as titillating as the pair of Manuel and Katsuni together.  It’s those taboo undertones that make it so damn sexy!  They are together again in scene 4, which is super explosive and really fucking exciting to watch.

The whole story is pretty intense and a little complicated, in my opinion, but all-in-all, the sex is what we really come for – and the sex this flick offers is seriously hot.  Nica Noelle does it again.

Watch “Last Tango” Now!

2012 Feminist Porn Award Nominees Announced!

It’s that time of year again!  The Feminist Porn Awards are right around the corner and this year’s nominees have just been announced.

What?  You say you’ve never heard of the Feminist Porn Awards?!  Well, sit down and let me school you before we bust out the noms.  The Feminist Porn Awards (or FPAs) is an annual event that showcases the best of the best in porn made for and by forward-thinking feminist folks of all genders (though the movies have to have a woman’s hand in the production, writing, directing, etc.). The FPAs are the do all and say all when it comes to porn created specifically with women in mind.HotMoviesforHer is so thrilled to be sponsoring the awards again this year!  We are literally counting the days to the ceremony!  That’s right, I will be at the awards in Toronto, April 19th & 20th, representing HM4Her!

Alright, without further adieu, your 2012 nominees!!

A Night at Kinky General – Severe Society Films (Severe Society Films)
Adventures of Evil Dia – Severe Society Films (Severe Society Films)
Anchor Anatomic
– Courtney Trouble  (TROUBLE Films)
Babes In Bondage 4
– Julie Simone (Julie Simone Productions)
– Jincey Lumpkin (Juicy Pink Box)
Brunch Bunch: Queerly SF
– Ian Sparks (Brazen Garage Squad LLC / 
           Dolores Park  Studios)
Cabaret Desire
– Erika Lust (Lust Films)
Dirty Movie Deadline
– JoyBear Pictures (JoyBear Pictures)
– N Maxwell Lander (N Maxwell Lander)
Expert Guide To Advanced Anal Sex
– Tristan Taormino (Vivid Ed)
Extra Credit
– Tristan Taormino  (The Smitten Kitten)
Fucking Different XXX
Maria Beatty, Courtney Trouble, Emilie Jouvet, Manuela Kay, Bruce La Bruce, Todd Verow, Jurgen Bruning, Kristian Petersen (Jurgen Bruning)
FUCKSTYLES (of the queer and famous)
Courtney Trouble & Tina Horn  (TROUBLE Films)
Gush: The Official Guide to the G-Spot and Female Ejaculation
– Jackie Strano & Dr. Carol Queen (Good Releasing / Good Vibrations)
Hard Working Girls
– Lily Cade (Filly Films)
Hella Brown
Nenna (Feelmore Entertainment)
– Jincey Lumpkin (Juicy Pink Box)
Julie Simone Is A Dominatrix
– Julie Simone (Julie Simone Productions)
Live Nerd Girls
Lily Cade (Filly Films)
Live Sex Show
– Courtney Trouble  (TROUBLE Films)
– JoyBear Pictures (JoyBear Pictures)
Mommy Is Coming
– Cheryl Dunye  (Jurgen Bruning)
Mouiller – Get Wet
– AfroDisiac  (Cherry Juiceboxxx Productions)
Naked Love – Ea’s Garden
– Sarah Koppel  (Koppel Animation)
Padded Submissives
– Severe Society Films (Severe Society Films)
Pervy Photographer
– Ruby Day  (Ruby Day Productions)
Bren Ryder (Bren Ryder)
Sexing The Transman
– Buck Angel (Buck Angel Entertainment)
Submissive Slut
– Julie Simone (Julie Simone Productions)
Switch Hometown Hotties
– Carrie Gray (Carrie Gray)
Switch Pride Live
– Carrie Gray (House of Switch)
Taxi Vol. 2
– Jincey Lumpkin (Juicy Pink Box)
The Female Voyeur
– Petra Joy (Petra Joy Ltd)
Last Tango
– Nica Noelle (Mile High)
The Masseuse
– Nica Noelle (Mile High)
The Thought of Her
– Louise Lush (Indigo Lush Films)
– Jincey Lumpkin (Juicy Pink Box)
Through A Looking Glass
(Ripley Mirandola & Lolix – Bathysphere productions)
Trans Women and Strap-Ons
Tobi Hill-Meyer  (queerporntube)
Trespass –
Maggie Mayhem – (Mayhem Multimedia)
Vicious Strap On Bitches
 – Julie Simone (Julie Simone Productions)

Website Nominations:

Congrats to all the noms!!!  Woohoo!