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6 Best Lesbian Vacation Movies

It’s finally summer! That means it’s time to slip on a bikini, round up your best gal pals, and get out of town on a vacation that will make memories that last a life time! Take a dip in a refreshing swimming pool! Hey, you know what’s wet like a swimming pool? Pussy. You know what’s round and bouncy like a beach ball? Boobs and butts. Lounge around in the sun! You know who’s hot, like the sun? Lesbians, that’s who. Find out how to make the most of your summer vacation with our favorite lesbian vacation movies! Lesbian Roadtrips … Continue reading 6 Best Lesbian Vacation Movies

Google is Killing Porn, Sex Caught by 25 Cops, More in Morning Quickie

In HMFORHER’s wonderful home city, breaking news struck yesterday when a couple was arrested for having sex in a park — by twenty-five cops on bicycles. During a done-only-once-a-year bicycle training exercise, the mass of po po were just riding along when they came upon the two bent over a park bench in a baseball diamond. Good Lord there is just too much to say…just have a look at the image that will now be all the cops see when they sleep. read – A daaannnngerous thing might be coming from Google. Though they are known for supporting gay rights … Continue reading Google is Killing Porn, Sex Caught by 25 Cops, More in Morning Quickie

Labor Day Party Girls

Happy Labor Day pervs!!  Yep, we are back at that time again, the unofficial end to summer.  While it may sound like a bummer because we leave behind all the debauchery that happens in the warm months, in reality, we are moving into the perfect weather for fucking!  It’s cool enough to bang without the air conditioning on and warm enough to go sans blankets. Three cheers for fall!  Anyway, since it’s Labor Day, we thought we’d offer up a little holiday hump fest to get you in the mood for bidding summer adieu and getting ready to get your … Continue reading Labor Day Party Girls

HotMovies4Her Tips – Four Thoughts On Summer Sex

Before I head into my list of tips, I’s like to say two things.  First, I love summer.  Warm weather is one of my favorite things and as much as I love air conditioned spaces, I actually really enjoy being outside.  Second, this is going to be a list of warnings.  I totally put “thoughts” in the title to make it sound less of a downer, but in reality, this is going to be a list of what to be careful about while getting busy in the great outdoors.  Alright, now that I’ve made it clear that I am not … Continue reading HotMovies4Her Tips – Four Thoughts On Summer Sex

Summer Of Lust

While the real start of summer isn’t actually for another month, we all know that the unofficial beginning of the season is Memorial Day.  I mean, when you think about it, isn’t Memorial Day Weekend when the amusement parks open for the season?  I will always remember the last Monday in May as the day that the local park I grew up near would open the snack bar and start selling popsicles.  Ah, the fond memories of a porn reviewer… Anyway, as you probably guessed it from either my long-winded introduction, or the fact that you are sitting at home … Continue reading Summer Of Lust

HotMovies4Her Tips – Keeping Summer Sex Cool

The weather is beginning to change here in Philadelphia, where we are located.  Today the temperature is in the 60’s, but tomorrow it could very well be 85 degrees!  That said, we know how the heat can really hinder getting hot and heavy with your honey (try saying that three times fast!).  We love temperature play as much as the next person, but non-consensual sweaty times is NOT ok with us – and even though the air conditioner helps, it can still be hard to muster the passion when all you want to do is lie flat and not move … Continue reading HotMovies4Her Tips – Keeping Summer Sex Cool

Sex On The Beach – A Guide to Warm Weather Humping

While I’ll admit I do have a place in my heart for super fruity Sex On The Beach cocktails, I can’t say I feel the same way about the actual sexy act of screwing in the sand.  In fact, I pretty much have a strong aversion to any sex where unwelcome hangers on follow the pleasure train anywhere near my vag, and unfortunately, that’s what summertime outdoor sexin’ is to me. I know, I know, getting’ busy in the great outdoors sounds like a fabulous idea.  And yes, in theory it is an awesome idea, but in practice there are … Continue reading Sex On The Beach – A Guide to Warm Weather Humping