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6 Best Lesbian Vacation Movies

It’s finally summer! That means it’s time to slip on a bikini, round up your best gal pals, and get out of town on a vacation that will make memories that last a life time! Take a dip in a refreshing swimming pool! Hey, you know what’s wet like a swimming pool? Pussy. You know what’s round and bouncy like a beach ball? Boobs and butts. Lounge around in the sun! You know who’s hot, like the sun? Lesbians, that’s who. Find out how to make the most of your summer vacation with our favorite lesbian vacation movies!

Lesbian Roadtrips

lesbian roadtripsThe latest release from Forbidden Fruits Films and husband/wife directorial team Jay and Jodi West veers away from their usual brand of taboo erotica. Instead, Lesbian Roadtrips is a lighthearted tale of four women on a museum tour and a wily, Hungarian hotel manager who, surprisingly, aren’t related to each other. When their itinerary goes awry, the four ladies are forced to share two hotel rooms, which obviously leads to lots and lots of lesbian sex. You know, as you do. Lesbian Roadtrips has a great mix of older and younger stars, with MILFy director Jodi West featuring prominently. Bootlylicious Kimber Woods is also a stand out as a pearl clutching prude who’s pulled out of her shell by the opportunistic hotel manager Angie Noir.

Road Queen

Road Queen Part 31In the idyllic, man-free world of Girlfriends Films, Road Queen reigns supreme. The long running series stars busty MILF Deauxma (pronounced Doo-may, as in “Do me”) as an adventurous lesbian who traverses the back roads of America in a purple hot rod, seducing younger travelers along the way. The latest episode has some stand out scenes, especially from innocent Bree Daniels and seductive Nordic goddess Siri as they bunk together in Deauxma’s house. Now in its 31st installment, Road Queen is driving into the sunset as it heads towards its final four episodes, which are sure to be a satisfying conclusion to this fan favorite series.


strandedOffWorld’s Stranded and Stranded II, from director and star Magdalene St. Michaels, take a look at what can happen when your vacation plans go awry. In the first installment, St. Michael and Ela Darling share a seedy hotel room after their flight is delayed by a storm. In Part II, Poland’s Natasha Starr loses her passport and comes to St. Michaels for help. Both movies take their time getting to the sex, allowing for a tense, realistic build up from sly flirting to stolen kisses to full on, passionate sex at a very easy pace. These movies really have a different feel than your typical lesbian pornos; you don’t get the sense that St. Michael is making them for a male audience, but rather that she’s simply fulfilling her own fantasies and generously sharing them with the rest of us.

Belladonna’s Road Trip: Cabin Fever

belladonna cabin feverIf you’re like half the people that I went to high school with, you don’t head down the shore after Memorial Day. Instead, you head up into the Poconos and beat the heat in your mountain cabin. Director and star Belladonna had the same idea in Belladonna’s Road Trip: Cabin Fever; the legendary gonzo maven gathers up eight beautiful women and one cameraman and brings them to Washington’s Big Bear Mountain. There, they battle the elements, all while taking the time to get each other off with Belladonna’s kinky brand of lesbian fuckery, including plenty of anal play and strap on sex. It all culminates in a wild lesbian orgy between seven lusty snow bunnies, including Belladonna, Alexis Texas, Bobbi Starr, and Sinn Sage. Don’t forget to check out Disc 2 for some fun behind the scenes footage!

All Girl Adventure: RV Edition

rv editionIn director Sal Genoa’s All Girl Adventure: RV Edition, Australian stunner Gigi Allens and tattooed Israeli Penelope Stone are aching to see America. Lucky for them, they have a bevy of sexy gal pals with an RV on hand to take them on an American adventure. Viewers get tons of fun footage of the ladies hanging out and playing a wicked game of Never Have I Ever before the really sexy times start. The beautiful Chloe Amour and Stone steal kisses on a ski lift before heading back to the RV, where they find their traveling companions engaged in a full on back seat orgy, which they gleefully join in on. If you feel so inclined, stick around for the bonus scene starring Gigi Loren and a number of unnecessarily loud sex toys.

 Belladonna: Sexual Explorer

sexual explorerSorry y’all, I had to get more Belladonna in here. In the two disc Belladonna: Sexual Explorer everyone’s favorite gonzo kinkster and her lady friends do all the funnest summer activities: racing go-carts, relaxing at the spa, washing hot rods while wearing bikinis, and staying indoors while drinking vodka and playing World of Warcraft. Considering that you have read over 800 words of this blog by now, you might be able to guess that these hijinks ultimately lead to some lesbian lovin’, with plenty of pussy eating, ass play, toys, and toe sucking. I thought that the strongest scenes were between Belladonna, Sinn Sage, Sinn Sage’s butt, and Sarah Shevon in the back of a party bus; there was a fantastic and naturalistic build up in the action, which I always appreciate in my pornos.

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Google is Killing Porn, Sex Caught by 25 Cops, More in Morning Quickie

In HMFORHER’s wonderful home city, breaking news struck yesterday when a couple was arrested for having sex in a park — by twenty-five cops on bicycles. During a done-only-once-a-year bicycle training exercise, the mass of po po were just riding along when they came upon the two bent over a park bench in a baseball diamond. Good Lord there is just too much to say…just have a look at the image that will now be all the cops see when they sleep.


A daaannnngerous thing might be coming from Google. Though they are known for supporting gay rights and generally being awesome, could the company be advocating anti-porn for all and secretly planning to blow up the industry with Google Doodle lasers? Their blog platform Blogger announced that it will no longer allow monetization of adult content. In simple form, if you have a Blogger page and have ads featuring porn-related stuff, take it down right now, otherwise they are killing it.


 See now, back in the years of hell I, too, was a virgin, but absolutely had discovered how to get off. So it’s not that strange that Rebecca, a 22-year-old virgin won a spot for designing sex toys, right? Oh, well, there’s the whole thing that she had never even used them before and presented a bottle of Beyonce’s perfume when asked by Ann Summers executives what makes her feel sexy. Besides all that, she’s winning at the job, and therefore at life. It’s helping her deal with her untreated rheumatoid arthritis, and yes, she has now used the toys and loves the effect.


Don’t try Chinese methods to increase your sex drive until you read this article by Nerve editor Jeremy Glass. And after reading it, I just…wouldn’t really like to try them anyway.


In other news, it’s summer. And don’t hate me for pointing out the obvious because the next time you blink you’ll need a sweater. Season is short. Summer means the best thing ever in the world – acceptable NEON. And one of my favorite sex toy distributors, Pipedream, has some NEON STUFF I WANT. Grab one, and get thee to a beach towel for some action in the sun. Just not at a public park…


Gotta get a current event in here (bar trivia always has a current events question). Hong Kong is telling people of the world that they didn’t arrest Edward Snowden because the U.S. “didn’t know his middle name”. This may sound a bit “oh come on, wtf” to you, but remember that during a filibuster you can’t eat, lean, sit, or change topics, and you’re basically allowed to run out the voting clock, so, ya know. Politics.


Labor Day Party Girls

Happy Labor Day pervs!!  Yep, we are back at that time again, the unofficial end to summer.  While it may sound like a bummer because we leave behind all the debauchery that happens in the warm months, in reality, we are moving into the perfect weather for fucking!  It’s cool enough to bang without the air conditioning on and warm enough to go sans blankets. Three cheers for fall!  Anyway, since it’s Labor Day, we thought we’d offer up a little holiday hump fest to get you in the mood for bidding summer adieu and getting ready to get your fall on!

Labor Day really is the last hurrah of the summer, and therefore the stakes are high for partiers. And lucky us, we get a wild bunch in DreamGirls’ !  These ladies are on the prowl for fun in the sun one last time and they aren’t afraid to get down and dirty.  I guess I should let you know now that there is barely any sex in this movie – just a little pussy licking and finger banging.  But not to fret, the lack of hardcore action is totally made up by wasted chicks getting naked for the camera and touching up on each other – lakeside.  Think of it as a dirtier Girls Gone Wild.

I’ll be the first to admit that watching wasted girls drunkenly strip and mug for the camera feels exploitive and weird to me, I do feel better knowing that it’s just that and no fucking.  Maybe it’s just me, but I am ok with them being a little naughty, but it feels like it goes too far if there is actual penetration.   It’s ok if they are a little embarrassed when they sober up, but I don’t want any panic or major regrets, if you know what I mean.

If college coeds enjoying a drunken weekend at the lake gets you hot, this is the movie for you.  If not, maybe it will make you feel better about knowing you won’t soon be sober and forever immortalized bumping and grinding to Usher in just a pair of skimpy bikini bottoms and a few strings of beads.

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HotMovies4Her Tips – Four Thoughts On Summer Sex

Before I head into my list of tips, I’s like to say two things.  First, I love summer.  Warm weather is one of my favorite things and as much as I love air conditioned spaces, I actually really enjoy being outside.  Second, this is going to be a list of warnings.  I totally put “thoughts” in the title to make it sound less of a downer, but in reality, this is going to be a list of what to be careful about while getting busy in the great outdoors.  Alright, now that I’ve made it clear that I am not knocking summer or nature, and yo have been warned about my warnings, let’s get to the action.

1) Beach Blanket Bingo.  As hot as it sounds to get down and dirty on the warm sand, there is nothing sexy about getting sand in all of your delicate crevices.  My two cents on the matter is to steer clear, but if those romantic movies featuring beach sex are getting you all riled up, here are a few suggestions to minimize the occurrence of the dreaded sandy vagina: Try a zippered sleeping bag instead of a beach blanket.  It may look a little out of place seaside, but it will keep most of the granules out of your business. Also, a beach is a public place, so any sexy activity is illegal, no matter how secluded you think it is.  While we don’t condone anything illegal, we will say that wearing a dress (and keeping it on) is a ton easier than trying to wrangle your sweaty body into sandy clothes if someone (especially a cop) should wander by.

2) Wet and Wild.  It’s true that sex and water make a delicious combination.  All that weightless fun and fairly hidden humping – what’s not to like.  It’s not the water I worry about… it’s what’s IN the water that has me cringing. Water than contains chlorine, salt, or bacteria can all pose risk of infection or irritation when it is forced into the vagina during penetration and thrusting. That basically means all pools, lakes, oceans, rivers and hot tubs can mean risky business for getting down and dirty… um, literally.  I’m really not trying to be a Debbie Downer… more like a Realistic Rachel.

3) Sunny Side Up.  The two biggest things to remember when you are doing any strenuous activity in the hot summer sun are the two you need to know for sunny sexin’ – water and sunblock! You’ll be doubly sweating with all the sun and sex, so be sure to keep a bottle or two of cold water nearby to stay hydrated while you hump.  Bonus is that you can also pour some on each other to stay cool.  But that’s only if you get waterproof sunblock!  Whether the weather is overcast or the sun is shining down, definitely hit yourself head to toe with sunscreen to keep all of your tender skin safe… if for no other reason than hot having to explain why your ass is lobster red and hurts to much to sit on. Double win with sunblock foreplay and rub it all over each other’s bodies to get in the mood!

4) Bugged By Bugs.  Even if you aren’t screwing in the sun, you still need to spray your body down with something before heading out naked into nature.  That something is bug spray.  While a mosquito bite is not the biggest deal in the world, nobody wants to have a while bunch of silver dollar sized ones on their bare bottom.  It’s just true.  If you are wandering out to the woods to get your outdoor activity going, be sure to check your whole body for ticks afterwards.  Since you’ll have so much skin exposed, there is greater chance of having a (very) little friend latch on for some action of their own.  While it may seem like overkill, you definitely want to check as much of your skin as possible, including hairy areas and folds (like where your thighs meet your butt).  In this case, it’s much wiser to be safe than sorry.

Just a few thoughts from your friendly neighborhood disappointer.  Sorry all, I just want to make sure you are having the safest and most enjoyable sex possible this summer season!



Summer Of Lust

While the real start of summer isn’t actually for another month, we all know that the unofficial beginning of the season is Memorial Day.  I mean, when you think about it, isn’t Memorial Day Weekend when the amusement parks open for the season?  I will always remember the last Monday in May as the day that the local park I grew up near would open the snack bar and start selling popsicles.  Ah, the fond memories of a porn reviewer…

Anyway, as you probably guessed it from either my long-winded introduction, or the fact that you are sitting at home on a Monday, probably lying around in your underpants, sweating because you refuse to turn the ac on until June, today is Memorial Day!  Woohoo!  Summer is upon us!!  To celebrate this holiday, and the fact that nearly all of us have off from work today, here is a fun in the sun porno to get your warm weather juices flowing!

Though I’ve never had the pleasure of doing it myself (that I can recall), I can imagine that sex in the sunshine would be one of the greatest things ever.  And Viv Thomas’  does an excellent job of illustrating that yes, I am probably right about that.  From the first scene with  and , it’s obvious that Viv Thomas is offering up high-quality action with attractive performers.  Right as they really start in on the fucking, some annoying buzz sound kicks on, which is a little distracting, but I think it’s just something in the environment that couldn’t be helped if they wanted to keep the integrity of the sexy noises, which I appreciate.

I am a little disappointed that scene two is set indoors, but then again, this movie is called Summer of Lust, so really, why wouldn’t it incorporate some air conditioned humping?  Plus, anything with  in it can’t be too disappointing.  He is way too hot to worry about anything else.  He and  go at it like bunnies with beautiful natural light streaming in the window by the bed.  One thing I was really kind of surprised about was that they pair were saying really sweet, loving things to each other. Even if it was part of the act, you don’t hear people in porn whispering “I’m going to miss you,” and “I love you” while they are boning.  At least I don’t think I’ve ever seen it before, unless it was explicitly stated that they were a couple.  Either way, just an observation from this peanut gallery.

The rest of the movie is shot outside by a pool and in the grass, which even further fuels my excitement for the summer.  Oh, and the fucking is pretty hot too.  I give this movie two sun-screen lathered thumbs up!

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HotMovies4Her Tips – Keeping Summer Sex Cool

The weather is beginning to change here in Philadelphia, where we are located.  Today the temperature is in the 60’s, but tomorrow it could very well be 85 degrees!  That said, we know how the heat can really hinder getting hot and heavy with your honey (try saying that three times fast!).  We love temperature play as much as the next person, but non-consensual sweaty times is NOT ok with us – and even though the air conditioner helps, it can still be hard to muster the passion when all you want to do is lie flat and not move too much.  Here are 4 helpful tips for beating the summer heat and bringing your love life back to a roaring boil.

1) Shower sex!  While winter shower sex doesn’t work for us (my partner and I have two different ideas of hot water), summer shower sex is awesome because the water falls between luke warm and freezing.  Instead of trying to wrestle for the prime air conditioned location, get naked and do it upright in the shower.  Or, if that doesn’t appeal so much to you, hop in the freezing water, then dry off and jump into bed.  At least then your bodies will feel chilled by the ac and hotter to each other.

2) Cool it down with a little ice.  Bringing ice into the bedroom is a perfect way to play with temperature.  I say ice instead of the commonly thought of ice cream because no one wants to deal with a disgusting sticky bed after the sex.  Trust us.  Plus, sugar and vaginas do not play well together, and the mix could lead to unpleasant infections.  Tracing an ice cube over your partner’s hot body will definitely add a thrilling chill to the action.  Or you can even just suck on the ice and then lick their sensitive bits.  Yum!

3) Temperature friendly toys.  When it comes to cooling a toy down fast and easy, the best results come from toys made of glass and 100% stainless steel.  And I’m not talking about just randomly grabbing a piece of glass in your house or anything – I mean actual sex toys made of shatterproof glass and 100% stainless steel.  Both materials cool off quickly in a bath of ice water and stay nice and cold until your body heats them up.  Plus, you only need a drop or two of lube to keep them nice and slick.

4) Embrace the sweat!  It can definitely be difficult when you are hot and sticky before you even get started, but try to think of sweat as the perfect full body lube that keeps you frictionless against each other.  Heck, maybe even take advantage of how slippery you are a have a little slick wrestling match to get yourselves in the mood.  Soon you will forget all about feeling hot and gross!

Who’s ready for some lemonade and a hand job?


Sex On The Beach – A Guide to Warm Weather Humping

While I’ll admit I do have a place in my heart for super fruity Sex On The Beach cocktails, I can’t say I feel the same way about the actual sexy act of screwing in the sand.  In fact, I pretty much have a strong aversion to any sex where unwelcome hangers on follow the pleasure train anywhere near my vag, and unfortunately, that’s what summertime outdoor sexin’ is to me.

I know, I know, getting’ busy in the great outdoors sounds like a fabulous idea.  And yes, in theory it is an awesome idea, but in practice there are some major logistical obstacles to navigate.  It may seem like I am being a Debby Downer, but try to think of me more as a Realistic Rhonda that wants to give you all the info before you end up with bug bites the size of silver dollars all over your bare bottom.

Luckily in the last few years we at HM4Her have written up some super helpful tips for getting through the summer with as few causalities as possible.  Check out our sage advice from summers past.

The Motion of the Ocean

Sex and water are one hot duo. Not only do you get that thrill of exhibitionism if you are in a public place (though try to keep it out of kid heavy areas, oh and um… it’s kinda illegal), you get to try out all sorts of new and exciting positions while you float nearly weightlessly through the water. Not too mention easy access through bikini bottoms and pulling the trunks down a bit! Tee Hee!

There is a little snafu though. It’s not the water that’s the problem, it’s what’s IN the water that makes for a questionable situation. Water than contains chlorine, salt, or bacteria can all pose risk of infection or irritation when it’s forced into the vagina during penetration and thrusting. That basically means all pools, lakes, oceans, rivers and Jacuzzis can mean risky business for getting down and dirty… um, literally.
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