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The Authentic Lesbian Review: Election Day Positions


With election day here I thought it would be a good idea to put together a list of positions fit for everything that is the 2016 Presidential Election for the good ole US of A. Be careful, it’s all fun and shit today, but you might pay for it tomorrow…

The Squeeze


I figured we’d start with all the undecided voters out there since there’s a record amount this year. Just like Ariana Marie up there, you’re being squeezed with lots of pressure mounting from all sides. There are derogatory recordings and countless emails to sift through, with everybody from your momma and aunties to Jay-Z and Beyonce telling you to go out and vote. At first, you think you can handle it, but at this point the stress is almost unbearable and you just want it to be over! Don’t worry, it almost is. Just remember that at the end of the day, no matter which way you lean, there’s still a dick in your mouth, and it’s gonna be there for the next 4 years, so make sure at the very least it’s the dick of your choice!



For those of you unaware, that very strong man up there (with his boots still on…rude!) is Prince Yahshua, and he is manhandling the very beautiful Kagney Lynn Karter. When Prince gets his legs wrapped around you like that it’s over. You’re getting manhandled and there’s nothing you can do about it. From that position he may choose to flip you over into a pile driver or standing 69 but you won’t have any control over it. This election is manhandling the American people as I type! You feel like you’re making a choice and taking an active role in your future, but look at the choices…just like with Yahshua up there, you’re fucked.

Too Damn Much


In the closing weeks approaching Election Day I’ve seen anti Hillary Clinton television ads with her drawn as a cartoon figure pulling puppet strings with The Simpsons theme song playing in the background. I’ve seen drawn images of Donald Trump groping more pussies than I’ve ever witnessed in porn, and The New York Times vs. The Wall Street Journal battle has reached a new level of nuclear passive aggressive warfare. Everybody is doing too damn much just like that creative threesome up there! I mean, I can’t turn on the T.V., open a newspaper or magazine, or walk past a billboard without being subjected to one outrageous statement after the next, all filled with opinions that if you ask me are all wrong (I’m a philosophy major, I get to call your opinion wrong, accept it). Please, keep the creativity coming and the wheels spinning, but at some point we have to draw a line. Does that shit up there look safe to you!? Exactly, and neither is this election.

The Spidey-Blow


Ever since that damn Spider-Man movie everybody wants to do everything upside down. This entire election is upside down and has been since the very beginning. The choices leading up to Donald and Hillary weren’t great to begin with, which is how we find ourselves in this place. Bending over backwards trying to make the best decision for your future and those you love just to take a dick in the throat at the end of the day. Plus you wake up with back pain in the morning.

It Hurts


Jackie had fair warning. She knew what she was getting into before she got there. The information was out there and Lorenzo made himself available for questions and explanations. You can tell by the look on her face and how she tightens her body and keeps it that way while he fucks her in the ass. She’s bracing herself and yet here she is, experiencing pain and pleasure at the highest level possible (if you disagree you’ve obviously never had anything up your ass). That’s what we’re headed for over the next 4 years people. No matter which way you vote, you’re going to have the good with the bad. Emails and gropes, insults and non-explanations, walls and wars; this is our future, so tighten up, brace for the pain when it comes, and pray to whoever the fuck you pray to for an orgasm to quickly follow.

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