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The Authentic Lesbian Review: Bonnie Rotten’s Sybian Showdown

Bonnie Rotten's Sybian Showdown CoverBonnie Rotten’s Sybian Showdown is exactly what it sounds like and you aren’t going to believe how fun it is. I laughed throughout this entire movie which was a surprise to me. First though, let me just say that Bonnie Rotten is even sexier with clothes on! When Sybian Showdown opens, she’s in a pretty decent backyard (not impressed with the pool) with 10 bombshells all dressed in bikinis. Being the foodie that I am, I noticed a few coolers and platters on the tables which seem standard for your typical cookout, but this isn’t your typical cookout, so the first question that popped into my head was what did they have to eat and drink? (Hopefully one of them reads this and lets me know.) No time is wasted lining the girls up and explaining the rules (yay rules!) to the showdown. First, all the girls pick a number out of a hat to determine in what order they ride the Sybian, and then Bonnie explains that each girl has to stay on for 5 minutes while the other girls are allowed to do whatever they want to the rider. They’re being judged on how many times they cum, how consistent the ride is (whether they need a break), and much fun they have. It all sounds amazing because it is!

Scene 1 – Jennifer White

First up is Jennifer White, a very sexy brunette with a sultry deep voice and a nice rack! As soon as Jennifer sits on the Sybian the girls attack, which becomes the theme, and her nipples get so hard they look ripe for picking. With 1:30 left to ride, Bonnie kicked up the speed and vibration and the cum is still on White’s clit by the end of it all. Safe to say everyone had a good time out the gate!

Scene 2 – Piper Perri

Piper Perri immediately stuck out to me because she has that energy about her that demands attention. Bonnie makes a joke that the cock is bigger than her, and she isn’t far off. Piper is super skinny with tiny boobs, braces, and a tiny voice to match. When she jumps on, she’s instantly taken by the vibrations and it like she’s being tickled the whole time. The girls decide to hold Piper’s hips down and that seems to really get her going.

Scene 3 – Selma Sins

Right before Selma Sins sits down to ride the Sybian, the girls decide to name it Bill, and I don’t know why, but I found that hilarious. I found Sins’ voice slightly annoying, mostly because she’s a screamer, but I thought her bush was pretty cool and her body is crazy hot! After her ride starts and the girls jump on, you can see Selma getting turned on a little more with each slap, and I love me a girl that likes a little slap and tickle with more emphasis on the slapping. Bonnie covers her mouth from behind and randomly shuts the vibration off and on again for shock value, which really got me and Selma going. Ready for a surprise?  Remember Piper Perri from one scene ago? She earns the nickname “Tiny Terror” for her femdom mannerisms and the reputation sticks for the rest of the flick. Who saw that coming!?!

Scene 4 – Alice Lighthouse

This one was a lot of fun to watch! Alice Lighthouse is a really hot brunette with a bubbly personality and a look that kind of reminds me of Kelly from Saved By The Bell. Her boobs had me drooling and I like her tats too. When the girls attack after her ride starts she proclaims, “I want it rougher, bitches!” and shit really gets real! First off, that’s another attitude I didn’t see coming, but was extremely happy to see, and second, she takes that shit like a champ! I mean all of it! Alice has about 5 girls slapping and choking her while head mistress Bonnie Rotten just plays with her forcing her to beg for the Sybian to be turned back on. Piper Perri strikes again too, this time sitting on Alice’s shoulders for maximum pressure against the vibrator. Very hot scene!

Scene 5 – Sasha Heart

Next up is the blonde beauty from Kentucky, Sasha Heart. Being the bad ass bitch that she is, Sasha decided to take things up a notch by requesting a bigger dick to sit on. She has a little bit of a hard time getting that bad boy in, but once she does, the girls jump right in with the face slapping and shit talking. At one point Sasha calls for Cali Carter saying she’s the only one there she finds sexy, and I couldn’t stop my mind from wondering and imaging those two in a scene together. Watching them interact on the side throughout this flick was pretty exciting too, but you’ll have to find that little gem on your own. Sasha’s entire body quivers with her 1st orgasm, and although Tiny Terror ruined it a little for me, this is my favorite scene thus far.

Scene 6 – Elsa Jean

Elsa Jean is so fucking pretty your eyes might hurt if you look at her too long! Seriously, she’s so damn pretty that the girls have been calling her “princess” all day and even sing that horrible “Let It Go” song that got stuck in my head thanks to them. Elsa responds to the Sybian and the 10 freaky girls surrounding her like you might expect she would, and yes, that’s based completely off her looks. She smiles and giggles a lot, seems to hold a lot in (hence the “Let It Go” ridiculousness), and gets completely dominated. She really does look like a princess though, and as a lesbian who wants to fuck the princesses instead of being one, I had a lot of fantasy fun with this one. Just look at the face!

Scene 7 – Alessandra Noir

Coming straight outta Baton Rouge (you though I was gonna say Compton, didn’t you?) Alessandra Noir immediately caught my attention because she has two different color eyes and it’s really noticeable during her brief introduction with Bonnie. It’s her first time on the Sybian, as with a lot of girls in this one, but it really shows with Alessandra. She appears super nervous at first, but once the girls start pinching nipples, slapping tits, and putting as much pressure on her clit as possible she literally cums to life and her moans were like music to my ears. They eventually cover her mouth and the intensity was damn near too much, but we both survived!

Scene 8 – Cali Carter

I couldn’t wait for this scene to start. I agree with Sasha that Cali Carter is the 2nd hottest chick in the group after Queen Bonnie herself, and after watching her pull and pinch and bite those who came before, I just knew they were going all in when it was finally her turn. Not only is this her first time even seeing a Sybian, but Cali admits to not being able to hold back so juices are flowing everywhere for me right now! Her body is fucking gorgeous with perfect tits and a fat pussy and the girl starts working her hips before Bonnie even turns the machine on! To top it off I’m pretty sure she cums within the first 2 minutes of vibration. Carter is so turned on that it takes the girls a little time to even jump on her, and once they do they quickly realize that when it comes to her body, you can do no wrong! Every touch was equally as intense as the next and she wasn’t lying about not being able to hold it in.

Scene 9 – Jojo Kiss

Jojo Kiss calls on her maker as soon as she sits on the Sybian and it’s obvious she doesn’t stand a chance! When the vibrations start the girls go to work on her boobs and the screams of pleasure start instantly. I liked watching Jojo more than I thought I would because I wasn’t expecting her to pop off the screen as well as she did. Counting her orgasms is impossible but it had to be somewhere around 6. The girls cover Jojo’s mouth and hold her arms behind her back while spanking and playing with her clit simultaneously sending her over the top a few more times. She rides the Sybian really nice too. I couldn’t help but wonder what it must be like to look up and see her sitting there!

Scene 10 – Jessica Malone

Up last is Jessica Malone and this could go either way. If the girls are all tired from a hard day’s work she could find herself getting cut some slack, but I have a feeling since she’s the last girl up they’re going to try and top everything that’s happened so far. That’s a gift and a curse for our little Russian dime piece Jessica. Her accent is magical! She could say just about anything and I’d melt at the knees! Even the way she said “my pussy” while lubing up got me hot and heavy. Once Bonnie turns up the heat on the Sybian Jessica shows her true side and the wild motions and moans don’t let up, thank God! Piper Perri got in my way again with her demands for Jessica to say “I like to cum” in Russian, but Jessica is so discombobulated that she yells out in English “I like to cum…in Russia” and it’s a pretty hilarious moment, so thanks Tiny Terror…I guess. Everybody wants a piece of the gorgeous Russian and they make sure to take it! She gets her hair pulled, ass slapped, backed rode, tits grabbed and pinched, arms held back, and even tickled a little. The best part of it all is that she broke the damn Sybian! She rode that shit so hard they had to stop. Leave it to the Russian!

By this point I completely forgot this was a contest. I couldn’t even tell you how to judge it because it seemed like everybody won. That’s what the experts are for though, and I trust Bonnie Rotten with my orgasms, so when she returned after long deliberation with Russian beauty Jessica Malone as the winner I had no complaints. Make sure you watch Bonnie Rotten’s Sybian Showdown and judge for yourself!

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The Authentic Lesbian Review: Lesbian Fashionistas

lesbian fashionistasI must admit, I pre-judged this one. The dyke inside me took one look at the box cover and decided nope, not for lesbians, not even a little. It’s glam and glossy with a model feel to it, and everything inside me was ready to bash it. I was wrong…dead wrong! It is all of those things, but that’s what enhances the plot and makes it great. Had I actually read the box cover I would have known that’s the point of this flick, but I didn’t, and trust me, I learned a lesson.

Adam & Eve’s Lesbian Fashionistas is about a “straight” woman, Liz, played by the beautiful Penny Pax, who is thrown into a lesbian filled fashion company with more on its mind than selling lingerie…way more! The opening credits are cool. The music reminds me of something between smooth jazz and the Red Shoe Diaries theme, and half naked women in lingerie are thrown in your face immediately, which is always a good thing. There’s an underlying artsy thing going on with the various camera angles and the overall feel of the set that I really liked. From the beginning I was drawn to Liz’s innocence. During her first phone call with her soon-to-be boss plus some, I found myself extremely turned on by her stumbling giddy nervousness. The entire time I’m thinking “Oh please, somebody hurry up and fuck her. She needs it soooo bad.” I really couldn’t wait for that innocence to be ruined!

Scene 1 – Sasha Knox & Nickey Huntsman

Rita, played by the flawless Sasha Knox, is the right hand to the boss and she happens to be the one in charge of showing Liz around headquarters on her first day. Liz is immediately faced with naked women touching and rubbing all over the place and the uneasiness mixed with extreme curiosity is all over her face. Things escalate rather quickly when Rita eyes a sexy young model, Nickey Huntsman, and just can’t keep her hands to herself. It’s obvious these models are fucking whenever they feel like it because nobody in the room besides Liz so much as bats an eye. Being watched doing the nasty is kinda my thing, so for this was perfect, especially with Liz’s reaction to the whole ordeal. She goes from curious to horny in less than 60 seconds and starts rubbing her pussy and breasts through her clothes. Rita is definitely in charge as she fondles, flips, and grinds all over Huntsman while undressing her. At this point the boss lady, Victoria, played by the drop dead gorgeous Ash Hollywood, walks in on the action and straight up to Liz. The action continues with titty sucking, finger fucking, and pussy licking before Knox pulls out a strap-on and goes in on Nickey’s shaved wet pussy. The sex itself isn’t anything we haven’t seen before, but the set-up is sure to make you cream a little more than usual. Not only is the pair being watched, but you can see something growing between Liz and new boss Victoria, as she watches for Liz’s reactions and grabs her hand. Straight, my ass!

Scene 2 – Anikka Albrite & Penny Pax

Anikka Albrite is fucking hot! (Mick Blue, you lucky bastard!) She also happens to be Liz’s roommate, Sky, and a little more open-minded than our shy and curious star. Liz tells Sky all about her first day on the job and how she doesn’t think it’s for her, but you can see something cooking in Sky’s head the whole time. Liz attempts to convince herself that she prefers her “strap-on attached to a man,” but readily agrees to let her gal pal fondle and suck her boobs (exactly how it happens in my dreams!). Unfortunately our little lez-virgin isn’t ready for much more, so watching that innocence get completely ruined isn’t a reality just yet, but can we please take a minute to worship Pax’s boobs for the amazing works of art that they are?! I mean, how Albrite didn’t break out into full motor boat mode I’ll never understand! That woman could hire me to hold those beautiful mounds up for her all day for less than 2 bucks an hour and I’d consider myself one of the luckiest people in the world!

Scene 3 – Sasha Knox & Selma Sins

I call this scene “Liz’s Vision” and it’s my favorite! Even after allowing her roommate to play with her perfect tits and realizing that there’s a side to her more than willing to explore sex with women, Liz decides to step away from the new gig. She’s scared to fully commit to everything, and I mean everything, her boss wants from her. But while out that’s exactly who Liz runs into and what ensues is pure perfection! The conversation is light, but the eyes Victoria and Liz make tells it all. From there Liz’s imagination kicks in and there’s no way this girl can hide behind that “straight” line anymore. What makes this scene my personal favorite is the lesbian dialect! Liz’s curious side is speaking through her vision and gets it so right! “It may seem strange at first, but the first time you put your lips on another woman’s lips, you’ll find that you’re home.” Um YES! I’m sold! “As soon as she responds just the way you would respond you’ll know that there’s nothing better…” Well, there I go! I swear I could listen to this scene with my eyes closed and get off just as easily as if I were watching. And, to add to the overall vision theme, the scene is shot in a dark room with just a flashlight illuminating different body parts. Flashlight sex, the language, and ambiance, plus Sasha Knox once again in control, makes for one happy authentic lesbian! Knox definitely knows her way around a pussy and Selma Sin’s moans drove me absolutely crazy! There are no toys in this one, just two woman, one sitting in a chair by the way, with fingers and tongues sensually exploring each other’s bodies to no end. As Selma’s moans heighten, you hear “See how she gives herself to you. See how much more satisfying it is to please a woman.” Dear Sappho, yes! This scene definitely goes down in history for me. Also, these two slip into the 69 position smoother and more sexily than anything I’ve ever been a part of in real life…they should win an award for that alone! I definitely didn’t want this one to end.

Scene 4 – Ash Hollywood, Penny Pax & Crew

When this one started I thought I would finally get to see Liz give in to her cravings. Instead, what we get is more of an extension of Scene 2. After that extraordinary vision that I watched a million times, Liz decides to go back and work for Victoria. This time, while on set, she can’t control herself and gives in to her urges, slowly sucking her boss’s tits and exchanging kisses. You can tell Liz took some mental notes when her roommate was showing her the ropes because she looks like everything but a first timer! Forgetting that the crew is in the room, and now playing with themselves, Liz and Victoria each touch themselves until they’re just about ready to cum. The other models in the room have no problems getting off on the action, but Liz snaps back to reality and runs off stating that she just can’t go there yet, leaving an extremely hot and ready half-naked Victoria standing in defeat. At this point, the chase has me completely intrigued and I like the tease. Each time we get a little more of Liz but not quite enough…it certainly keeps you watching.

Scene 5 – Ash Hollywood & Penny Pax

Nope, still no lez action for our main character, but we do get more titty sucking and this time it’s Boss Lady who takes control. They tease and feel each other up in a bathroom I’d kill for (seriously, it’s gorgeous), but that’s as far as it goes. What follows is Victoria asking her new interest to basically be her submissive and, in true girl fashion, Liz expresses her desire to be in a loving and equal relationship. After Victoria explains that she doesn’t know how to be in a loving relationship, I pretty much checked out. By the end of it all they decided Liz should still work for the company and that whatever it is they’re doing will be put on hold. You can judge this one for yourself…

Scene 6 – Anikka Albrite & Penny Pax

First off, the two roommates are sitting in their living room talking in their bra and panties…why didn’t this happen when I was in college?! My roommates were always in sweats for crying out loud! Clearly I was doing something wrong…anyway, the conversation gets hot and heavy with Liz confronting head on her desire for some lady loving. She describes her and Victoria’s previous encounter to Sky, and from there they’re off. Finally, we get to see Liz fully submerged in all that is lesbian sex, and it’s hot! Both ladies put on a hell of a show, but I was really impressed with how Pax’s character came across when it was her time to go down on Albrite’s sexy ass. Liz takes her time, somewhat reminiscent of an actual first time carpet muncher, and then after hearing, seeing, and feeling Albrite’s response she dives in. I think that’s how most first times go. Again, there are no toys and I like the decision. It keeps the focus solely on the roomies and how they work with and around each other’s bodies. My favorite part of the scene, probably because it’s my favorite power position, is when Albrite takes Pax between her legs, pins her arms behind her, and goes to town with some clit stimulation sure to get anybody off! Pax’s orgasm demands one from the viewer…job well done, Anikka! Safe to say, I was not disappointed after the long wait.

Scene 7 – Ash Hollywood & Penny Pax

At a company gathering, Victoria is determined to get what she wants from Liz and Liz is just as ready to give it up. The two again find themselves lost in each other while in a room full of people. They start out touching and kissing on a couch with the crew directly behind them and before you know it, they’re the only ones left in the room. I would have liked to see Liz fucked with a strap-on at least once, but instead we get a dose of facesitting that can’t be beat, so I’m more than willing to take that. Going into this scene there was no doubt in my mind that the pair would be able to take each other to multiple orgasms. Of course the pussy eating was on point, the finger fucking literally causes vibrations, which you can hear in Pax’s moaning, and they’re definitely enjoying themselves. I wanted the crew to stay and watch for the entire thing, but that’s probably just the voyeur in me demanding more of what we’ve already seen. The fact that this was chosen as the last scene enhances the sex since we’ve been waiting for these two to hook up since the very beginning. I hope there’s a part 2 because I’d love to find out if Liz ever accepts that submissive role! That could be hot!

Overall, I was thoroughly pleased (several times) with the movie! The sets are cool, the plot keeps you intrigued, the sex is awesome and the women are gorgeous! My girlfriend even sat down and watched Scene 3 with me after all my raving. I didn’t think I’d be as turned on by the glam of it all as I was, so that was fun. The fact that everything revolves around this high end lingerie company gives plenty of eye candy during talking points, so it’s easy to find yourself getting wet even while there’s no sex going on. I’ll definitely be watching this one again!

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