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Guess The Porn Star

One of my favorite games that I play daily with myself is “Guess The Porn Star”, in gifs and other things. So, based on my past posts and how I gush about many, many favorites, can you watch these porn star gifs provided by The Worst Drug and figure out the bang buddy?   Highlight the space after “Answer” for your solution.   1) Who is this girl with a penchant for collection? Answer: Riley Reid   2) Who’s the girl that’s “Underneath It All”? Answer: Christy Mack …duh.   3) Who could swallow a cucumber? Answer: Asa Akira   4) … Continue reading Guess The Porn Star

Sasha Grey’s NSA Commercial, Porn Stars Should Teach Sex Ed, Your Morning Quickie

So much going on this morning… – First, if you’re anywhere NEAR New York City this Friday (June 21st, first day of summer, people) you should be taking your fine ass to only one establishment — Headquarter’s Gentleman’s Club. As long as you’re over 21, show up after 7pm and bring a $20 donation. The occasion is marking the Oklahoma Disaster Relief fundraiser thrown by our friends at Fleshbot. Git it. And seriously, help those that would much rather be celebrating a Friday rather than trying to figure out how to rebuild their homes. That sexy lil’ thang at the … Continue reading Sasha Grey’s NSA Commercial, Porn Stars Should Teach Sex Ed, Your Morning Quickie

Happy Easter Fucking!

Incase you didn’t know, Easter porn is totally a thing. Yep. To be honest though, it’s pretty much just pornstars in bunny ears, fucking like out of control rabbits. But hey, I’d rather see that than fucking that literally themed itself around celebrating the resurrection of Christ. Imagine it. Go on. Jizzus Christ. Res-erection. Hmm. Anyway, behold! Three Easter-themed pornos to make your Easter weekend just that little bit filthier! Hop to it! Easily my top pick for a little Easter weekend masturbation has to go to scene one of Anal Acrobats. The scene features butt magician Dana DeArmond, hardcore … Continue reading Happy Easter Fucking!

Porn For Women – Free Lesbian Porno Clips! You’re Welcome.

Today we are offering up more free porn for women clips!  This time I put together seven clips from a variety of super hot lesbian movies.  As with all smut, there are many more types of lesbian XXX flicks than you see here, but I can’t give away all of the porn for free!  I always like to clarify this because we love all types of people and sex, even though they all may not make it into a particular post.  With that being said, I’m fairly confident you’re going to enjoy at least some of these lesbian porno clips.  … Continue reading Porn For Women – Free Lesbian Porno Clips! You’re Welcome.

Butt Sex Bonanza

Joanna Angel certainly has a way with titles, doesn’t she?  There is no question about what you’re getting into with this porno.  Joanna put together a compilation of the best Burning Angel anal scenes for our backdoor enjoyment.  She stars in each scene and gets down with anything and everything anal.  From solo booty lovin’ to four-way fuckin’ this movie has it all. I’ll jump ahead to scene 2 because it is one of my favorites. Joanna ends up in the back of a limo with her corporate sponsors, Sean Michaels and James Deen. She is sad that her contract … Continue reading Butt Sex Bonanza

Bree Olson Uncovered!

If you’ve been with us for any amount of time, you know I have a special lady boner for Triangle Films.  Along with being super duper hot, there is something extra exciting to me in knowing that their movies are created by lesbians of a different generation.  Now, I’m not saying that director Kathryn Annelle and her partner/producer Shoosh are old – heavens no!  I’m just saying that I think it is seriously awesome that these women who are older than your typical pornographer are making amazingly hot lesbian porn. Up this time is their latest release Bree Olson Uncovered!, featuring … Continue reading Bree Olson Uncovered!

Behind-The-Scenes with Triangle Films: Bree Olson Uncovered!

You know what I like almost as much as watching porno movies?  Getting to know behind-the-scenes stories and juicy details.  And what’s the point of hearing awesome stories if I don’t pass the goodies along to our HM4Her friends? Today is all about lesbian studio Triangle Films and their fabulous director Kathryn Annelle!  Kathy was kind enough to give us a little peek into what happened on the set of their latest release, Bree Olson Uncovered!, starring (of course) Bree Olson,  Sasha Grey, Ariel X, Jenna Haze, Penny Flame, Michelle Lay and Annette Schwartz. Alright, take it away, Kathy! You said you … Continue reading Behind-The-Scenes with Triangle Films: Bree Olson Uncovered!

Fun Fungi and Sasha Grey On Pay – Link Love Is Here!

Happy Humpday!  Welcome back to the midweek stretch!  Oh, and Happy Pi Day!!  That’s right, it’s March 14th, or as we nerds like to say, 3.14.  Woohoo!  Along with all that excitement, it is also starting to feel like spring over here in HM4Her’s home of Philadelphia.  All of these things together create a trifecta of awesome that needs to be celebrated EXTRA hard today.  So enough squawking out of this beak, let’s get to the Link Love! – Nothing starts out a day better than dirty pictures of food! – This amazing purse is an oldie but goodie!  It … Continue reading Fun Fungi and Sasha Grey On Pay – Link Love Is Here!

Sporty Girls 2

I chose this movie for Sasha Gray and I was treated to a bonus James Deen.  When I fast forwarded to Sasha’s scene I was totally jazzed to see she was paired with him.  These two are pros among pros and I LOVE getting to see them together.  Sasha may have left us for an illustrious career of reading book aloud, but I’ll never stop watching her dirty it up in the gazillions of pornos she left behind. Totally appropriate for a movie called Sporty Girls 2, Sasha is a badass boxer looking totally awesome panties, a tiny top and … Continue reading Sporty Girls 2

Blow Up Mouth and Porny Music – Link Love

Happy Humpday!  Welcome to the midweek stretch.  We are back with another magical Humpday treat!  If I actually sat down and did the math, I bet I could tell you exactly how many Link Loves I’ve shot on your face.  Let’s see, I’ve been doing this for about 4 and a half years, with 52 weeks a year… bring out the calculator… hmmm, it looks I’ve brought you about 230 Humpday Link Loves!  Pretty nutty bananas, wouldn’t you say?  I guess there is no real reason to count them, other than to let you all know that we love bringing … Continue reading Blow Up Mouth and Porny Music – Link Love