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Brunch Bunch: Queerly SF (Disc 1)

Every once in a while I come across a movie that I swear up and down that I have reviewed… and then I can’t find the review anywhere.  Of course, the reality is that no, I haven’t written a review about it – I’ve just watched it at home so many times that I know the movie intimately.  That’s just the case with Dolores Park Studio’s Brunch Bunch.  Not only have I watched this super hot queer flick a number of times, I actually have written about it, both for HotMoviesForHer and not, but never wrote a formal review.  Well, here it is, friends, my official commentary on Brunch Bunch: Queerly SF (Disc 1).

Along with being from the makers of Trannywood Pictures, this debut from Dolores Park Studios is also directed by Trannywood alum Ian Sparks, which means it offers up the same deliciously queer sextravaganza that we are accustomed to enjoying.  The basic premise of this flick brings a bunch of hot friends together for a lazy weekend brunch that ends up exactly like you’d expect a lazy brunch in San Francisco to end up – in a seriously sexy queer fuck fest that infiltrates every room in the house – including the kitchen.  Man, I totally miss living there sometimes.

One of my favorite parts of this movie is that it includes new porno performers as well as folks that already know the ropes, like Syd BlakovichJames Darling and Drew Deveaux.  Having those variations creates a dynamic that is really exciting to watch.  I also really enjoyed watching trans-identified folks with a whole bunch of different bodies play together and experience pleasure in a ton of various ways.  It’s always awesome to see folks get off in the ways that work best for them, as well as important for other people to see that there is no one way to use your body, no matter how you experience your body.  While this may not have been made with a teachable moment in mind, this sexy educator just brought it there.

I’m not going to get into the details of each scene, for time’s sake, but just know that all four scenes are totally aces and definitely watch-worthy.  If hot queer action is your thing, you’ve just hit the motherload.  I can sum this whole movie up with just one word: Yum.  I guess it does make sense, because brunch is the best meal of the week…

Watch “Brunch Bunch: Queerly SF” Now!

Hot Books and Beating Off In Brazil – Link Love!

Happy Humpday!  Welcome to the midweek stretch.  Time for a little Link Lovin’ to celebrate the awesomeness that is Wednesday.  Look, Thursday is just around the corner!

– Well, cult film director John Waters sums it up in a nutshell.  I guess my sex education work is done here.  Also, that is fucking hot!

– Bay Area photographer Shilo McCabe who takes pictures of local sex positive folks is doing a special Masturbation Month “I Masturbate…” set.  Holy hotness and validation rolled into one site of delicious jerk off fodder.  Yum.

Lady Gaga wore penis shoes on American Idol?  Maybe it’s time to start watching that show…

– Three cheers for Brazil for ruling that accountant Anna Catarian Bezerra has the right to masturbate at work.  Apparently the 36-year-old woman deals with a chemical imbalance that triggers anxiety and hypersexuality that can be relieved by masturbating.  She had to take her company to court last year to win the right to take care of herself, which is the real thing to remember, all you pervs that are wishing you could wank at work. ; ) (via Buzzfeed)

– Super smart and engaging blog post about the porn found in Bin Laden’s compound.  I’d expect nothing less of sexuality activist/writer Susie Bright!

– Speaking of writers, porn star Ashley Blue (aka. Oriana Small) is releasing her memoir, Girlvert.  It’s $200 and there are only 50 being sold.  Why is that?  Because each book has Blue’s pubic hairs embedded in the dust jacket.  Pretty ingenious if you ask me! (via Buzzfeed)

– More books!  Jiz Lee gives an awesome review of Show Off Book’s “I’ll Show You Mine,” a picture book exploring the diversity of vulvas.  Plus we get a special treat in this post.  <3 Jiz!

– And lastly, Nat Geo spends a little time talking about roving gangs of lesbian hyenas that have giant clits they fuck each other with – what’s not to like!?


Hope this gets you through til the weekend!


2010 AVN Award Nominations Are Here!

Belladonna at the 2009 AVN Awards
Photo via AVN

And the votes are in! The 2010 AVN Award nominees have been announced, and this year the picks are better than ever. Basically the Oscars of porn, the AVN Awards honor the best and brightest of porno movie royalty. So, yeah, they are a big freaking deal. This year we are extra excited because so many of our favorite performers are on the list! We are super happy for them and know they all completely deserve the nominations.  Check out the full nomination list.

While many of the folks nominated have had the pleasure of making the list in previous years, I want to make sure to give a special shout out to some HM4Her crushes that are celebrating their first AVN Award nominations this year. Especially the San Francisco queers that are breaking through the mainstream barriers of porn and bringing their insanely sexy gender/sexuality bending action to the masses. This year is the first that AVN is recognizing the work they do as being on par with some of the most well known names in mainstream porn.

So, who am I talking about? Jiz Lee, Dylan Ryan and Pink and White Productions (dir. Shine Louise Houston)!  I remember that last year we were excited when queer performer Syd Blakovich walked the AVN red carpet as Madison Young’s date, and now look at us – cheering on these awesome queers for their own nominations!  And surprisingly, it’s not for a queer category either.  Jiz is up for Best New Web Starlet, Dylan for Best Solo Sex Scene, and Pink and White for their Best Video Feature, “Champion,” which was shot with a mostly queer/trans/gender non-conforming/people of color cast and crew and with a way smaller budget than any other movie in the nomination category.  Hot, right?  So, congrats to these rad pervs!  Who cares who wins… the nod is freaking awesome.

Some of our other favorite porno gods/goddesses that made the list this year are:

Nica Noelle – Director of the Year
Kimberly Kane – Best Actress
James Deen – Best Actor/ Male Performer of the Year
Carlos Batts – Best Director (Non-Feature)
Roulette – Best Music Soundtrack  (I told you!)
Sweet Sinner – Best New Line
Good Releasing – Best New Video Production Company
Sasha Grey – Best New Web Starlet/ The Jenna Jameson Crossover Star of the Year
Belladonna – pretty much every award
Tommy Gunn – Best Actor/ Best Supporting Actor
Penny Flame – Best Supporting Actress
Joanna Angel – Director of the Year
Dana DeArmond – Female Performer of the Year
Buck Angel – Transsexual Performer of the Year

Seriously, there are so many awesome movies and performers nominated, I could spend the whole day making a list. Why don’t you just check out the whole list here.

Congrats to one and all!

-J.D. Bauchery

NoFauxxx Roulette – Scene 1

Studio: Reel Queer Productions Category: Dyke Porn

Back in April, when I first got to see a snip of this movie at the Feminist Porn Awards, I knew we just had to have it. DIY queer porn from the awesomeness that is Courtney Trouble – does it get better? And don’t think this is some amateur flick with poor video and even crappier sound. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. This award-winning (it won “Most Deliciously Diverse Cast” at the Feminist Porn Awards!) romp is totally high quality, as well as thoughtful and packed with sexy queers really getting off.

With seven scenes and more than an hour and a half of hot XXX sexin’, I figured I’d be doing this movie a great disservice by trying to fit it all into one review. So I’ve decided to break it into scene-by-scene reviews and really get into the meat of the action. I know, the things I do for you people. I’m like a modern day Mother Teresa.

Starting with scene one, which has been flagged on HM4Her has being especially hot, we get Ceci Delores and Kenji and within the first two second I was totally sold. Trouble polishes off her porno with an awesome soundtrack that features lots of rad riot girl tunes, which makes me very happy. I don’t think I’ve ever watched fucking to music this good… well, at least not in a long time. Ok, back to the sex! Before we even get action, we get to see Ceci decked out in sparkly lingerie, hunting for the perfect outfit for a performance, while bored Kenji sits reading a magazine and waiting for her to get ready.
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20 Questions With Courtney Trouble

Courtney Trouble - director

Courtney Trouble - Award Winner "Most Deliciously Diverse Cast award"  NoFauxxx Roulette  Courtney Trouble - Star

Here comes Trouble… with a digital video camera in tow. Courtney Trouble that is, queer porn director and star extraordinaire. The San Francisco-based Trouble has been making a name for herself since 2002, with the creation of her baby NoFauxxx.com (now the oldest running queer porn site on the web) and in more recent years as she has taken the reins on a bunch of avant-garde feminist porno flicks.

When she’s not accepting awards and accolades (including SF Guardian’s 2009 Best of the Bay Queer Porn and a Feminist Porn Award for “Most Deliciously Diverse Cast”), Trouble is behind the camera, giving direction to some of the hottest stars to grace the porno screen, including Jiz Lee, Syd Blakovich and April Flores, to name a few. Her first movie, Roulette, has just hit HotMovies4Her and we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate this fabulously fierce femme queer pornographer and the super hot fruits of her labor.

1. How (and when) did you get started in the industry?
I’m not exactly sure when my involvement with making feminist, queer imagery became an involvement in the adult industry, because at first it was an art project focusing on expressing “real” desires to equalize my experiences as a full-time fantasy-based (aka not-real) phone sex operator. I can’t pinpoint a decisive moment when I realized that No Fauxxx was a breathing entity in the porn industry. Except maybe right now, with my first film being released world-wide on a mainstream (and yet, extremely sex-positive!) level with Good Releasing, and is being reviewed and promoted by people like Fleshbot, Hot Movies For Her, and even AVN. Since the release of Roulette in July, I have been very busy creating my second, third, forth, and fifth films for Good Releasing (Nostalgia out now, Speakeasy out now, Seven Minutes In Heaven out October, Roulette: Dirthy South out November).

2. If you weren’t in the adult industry, what would you be doing?
I was 18 when I started doing phone sex, working from home. I taught myself web design and digital photo editing and printing in my down time during my 4-5 years. I went to school for photography, I actually have two degrees. I think if I weren’t lucky enough to be surviving (meagerly) off my art, I would still be doing something with photography or web design more commercially.
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Link Love

Link Love <3's Madison Young

Happy Humpday!  Welcome back to the midweek stretch.  To be perfectly honest, I’m finding it really hard to concentrate on writing a quick intro with that picture of Madison Young staring at me, so I’m going to stop fitting my urge to drool and just get to the link lovin’!

– The San Francisco Bay Gaurdian’s Sex Issue hit newstands (and the interweb) today with an awesome article about the local women of BDSM, with the above picture of Madison Young on the cover.  Wishing I lived in SF to get a print copy.

– Speaking of California, Belladonna is forming a team to walk in this year’s AIDS Walk Los Angeles on October 18.  As well, “Team Evil Angel” will have all of their proceeds matched by Evil Angel movie studio.  Recruiting walkers now!  Belladonna crush increased tenfold.

– A small village in Austria is fuming after folks keep stealing their town sign.  I Fucking wonder why…   (via wsn)
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J.D. Bauchery – Two Years and Goin’ Strong

Today is my 2 year anniversary with HotMoviesForHer.com. Some days it feels like I’ve been working here forever (we just mesh well) and others seem like it’s only been a minute. I guess it’s true what they say about time flying when you are having fun. And fun is definitely what I’ve been having, peddling the girlie smut and bringing all I know about sexin’ to you ladies. I love my job and know that the pleasure side of sexuality is where I belong.

In celebration of my anniversary, I thought I’d write up some of my favorite HM4Her moments from the last two years. I know it’s a little self indulgent, but hey isn’t indulgence what porn is all about?

So, here goes nothin’!

– My very first sex tips column, Introducing J.D. – Your Newest Sexpert Extraordinaire! It was my first time really writing about sex for people on a larger scale. The beginning of something beautiful!

Dinah Shore weekends 2008 & 2009. Sponosoring this massive lezzie event is not only an awesome way to help the lesbian community get to know us, it’s a fabulous way for us to really get to talk to tons of women about porn and what things they’d like to see on a porn site just for women. Watching Pat Benetar, Margaret Cho, the Idigo Girls, Lady Gaga and bunches of girls in binkinis is just a perk. Oh, that and hanging out with The Porn Librarian. It’s the only time of the year I get to see her face-to-face, so Palm Springs is extra fun!

JD + PL = Awesomeness

– When we started offering Pink and White Productions flicks, including The Crashpad Series. I don’t think my desk will ever be the same after all that drooling… or my chair, to be honest. Continue reading J.D. Bauchery – Two Years and Goin’ Strong