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The Authentic Lesbian Review: Election Day Positions

With election day here I thought it would be a good idea to put together a list of positions fit for everything that is the 2016 Presidential Election for the good ole US of A. Be careful, it’s all fun and shit today, but you might pay for it tomorrow… The Squeeze I figured we’d start with all the undecided voters out there since there’s a record amount this year. Just like Ariana Marie up there, you’re being squeezed with lots of pressure mounting from all sides. There are derogatory recordings and countless emails to sift through, with everybody from … Continue reading The Authentic Lesbian Review: Election Day Positions

Post Humpday Link Love!

Happy day after Humpday!  I was out of the office yesterday and missed the official midweek hump, but that doesn’t mean we need to forget about the awesomely sexy news of the Internets!  I’ve decided to throw all conventions to the wind and hit you all with a little link lovin’ a day late.  I know, I am such a rebel.  Alright, let’s get to it! – What does this portrait of Sarah Palin have in common with this one of naked chicks? They are both created from pieces of nudie mags as part of Jonathan Yeo’s ‘Porn In The … Continue reading Post Humpday Link Love!

Link Love

Happy Humpday!  Welcome back to the mid-week stretch.  Masturbation month is in full swing and we couldn’t be more excited to have an even greater reason to go on and on about the awesomeness of porno.  That said, we’ve got lots of tricks up our sleeves and lots to do, so let’s get to the Humpday celebrations!  Link Love in 5-4-3-2-1… – Very vaginal tree gets an accessory. Mother Nature never looked so fierce! – Yes it’s a fake, but still pretty funny. A woman claims she got pregnant from watching a 3-D porn. I guess it really is that … Continue reading Link Love

Love at Any Length – Penis Size and the Perfect Positions

My partner’s penis is smaller than I’d like, what are the best positions to maximize his goods? -Desperately Seeking Size Miami, FL Not all penises were created equal. Some are bigger, some smaller and, unfortunately, some fall into the “what am I supposed to do with that?!?” category (which includes both the very small and very big). While some people love the smaller stallions, others need a little more horsepower. One of the downsides to having sex using a biological cock (other than the whole baby-making aspect) is that unlike using a harness and dildo, you’re man’s meat is stationary. … Continue reading Love at Any Length – Penis Size and the Perfect Positions