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On The Other Hand…

Today is a super busy day, but I’m gonna try to blog my little heart out anyways.

I’m not much of a debater (I take arguements way too personally), but I love when other people take a different spin on a highly popularize news story like, say, the Eliot Spitzer debacle. Instead of getting caught up in the drama of the actual events, the author takes this opportunity to look at the greater issue of scandalizing sexuality. Take a look…

Less than forty-eight hours after revelations that he had hired a prostitute emerged, New York Governor Eliot Spitzer announced his resignation. Whatever happens to him now–the ultimate force of the story is not, once again, why big men do stupid sexual things. It’s not about how righteous moralists always create noise to distract us from paying attention to a dark secret they have.

It’s not really even a good opportunity for dancing in the streets because one more powerful person has come tumbling down. After all, some powerful people are better than others, and when powerful people fall from the mighty, naughty force of their appetites, nothing about power is changed at all–quite the contrary. The law, the family, marriage–exit polls suggest that all of these will be the winner here, after being horribly maligned by a man who forgot his oaths to honor them.

Instead, what stories like this really do is to damage the reputation of sex. Whenever there’s a sex scandal, I feel sorry for sex. I felt sorry for sex during the Larry Craig brouhaha last summer. What if he liked being married and procreating and giving anonymous head? What if that was his sexual preference? What if he really was not gay, as he claims, but had sexual desires that seemed incoherent? Some of the response to Craig was like the response to moralists like Jim Bakker, Ted Haggard and now Spitzer–moralists deserve to suffer the same force of negative judgment they wielded on others. Shame on us? Shame on you, ha ha! But lots of the response was sheer homophobia. And all of it was sheer erotophobia.

Check out the whole article here.

J.D. Bauchery

Grand Old Porno



Speaking of politics and erotica…

Attendees at the Clark County Republican Convention on March 8 knew good religious advertising when they saw it – and if it was free to boot, that would only make it that much better, right?

That’s the likely reason why the more than 3,000 Grand Old Party delegates, plus authorized guests, convention volunteers and even journalists, seemed to have no trouble partying down by wearing badge-holding inch-wide fire-engine-red lanyards advertising that stately religious website “elegantangel.com” – although the real import of the advertising didn’t escape Las Vegas Review Journal reporter Erin Neff.

“I got an email from the Las Vegas Review Journal saying, ‘Did you guys sponsor the Republican convention?'” Elegant Angel owner Patrick Collins told AVN. “Yeah, I mean, it was on our list; we just never got around to it. Anyway, as it turned out, they all had them. They were extra lanyards. I don’t know where they came from but they were all wearing them. I guess there was a box of them left over from the [Adult Entertainment Expo] show, and the Republicans just found them and used them.”Even better, Neff reported that convention chairman Chris Comfort “reminded delegates to support the sponsors” several times during the day.Check out the whole article here.  (via avn.com)I don’t even know else to say except HA HA! 

J.D. Bauchery

Sex For America – Politically Inspired Erotica

Sex For America

I didn’t know what to expect when I picked up “Sex For America,” a collection of politically inspired erotica. Now that I’ve read it, I’m still not sure how to describe the 24 stories editor Stephen Elliot has put together, but can tell you that it is a fantastic journey through our current political landscape.

You’ll find plenty straight up erotica sandwiched between smart political commentary and a frightening look inside the mind of a serial rapist in the military. Each tale varies greatly, as an all-star list of authors tackle sex and politics.

I laughed my way through Mistress Morgana’s “An Open Letter to the Bush Administration” which requests a government grant “to compensate me for profits lost due to unfair government competition.” Really, what Dom could compete with torture and domination practices of the good old U.S.A?

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Big Gay Debate

The gay-rights movement reaches a milestone Thursday when its agenda is the subject of a televised Democratic presidential forum. Yet many activists — craving bolder support for same-sex couples — view the unprecedented event with mixed emotions.

Though pleased that all the candidates of a major party are courting their votes and endorsing the bulk of their political wish-list, they are frustrated that none of the front-runners is calling for legalization of gay marriage.

The forum, to be held in Los Angeles, is co-sponsored by the Human Rights Campaign, a gay-rights group that has become increasingly influential in Democratic politics, and by Logo, the gay-oriented cable channel that will provide a live telecast and Internet simulcast.

Don’t forget to tune in Thursday night, 9 p.m. Eastern!

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