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Just Say No (to) Carrie Prejean

Man, oh man, that Carrie Prejean has a big decision in front of her.  In yesterday’s Link Love, I mentioned that the former Miss California was approached by porn mega studio Vivid Entertainment Group and offered $1 million to star in a movie for them.  Apparently they even have a copy of her much talked about sex tape (or tapes – there are rumors of eight videos floating around)!  So, will she or won’t she?? Honestly, I would have been totally pro Prejean porn, until Donald Trump got involved and reminded me that it would be a bad idea. Trump … Continue reading Just Say No (to) Carrie Prejean

Drill Baby Drill

Studio: PenthouseCategory: Spoofs I swore to myself I wasn’t going to watch any more Palin porn. It hurts my stomach to think about that woman, but when I found that there was a fucking machine AND Tommy Gunn in this one, I couldn’t resist. I’m going to come out and just say that the Palin jokes are kind of old at this point. I think I’ve personally reached a tipping point, but fortunately the fucking definitely makes up for it. India Summers plays “Tara Nailin” and while she’s no Lisa Ann, she definitely does a good job of portraying the … Continue reading Drill Baby Drill

Link Love

Photo via Air Sex World Championships Happy Humpday! Welcome back to the midweek.  I know it’s a short week, but Monday went so fast that it seems like it was pretty much a dream, and we are back again with looking forward to Friday at 5.  No worries though, because it’s Humpday and it’s time to celebrate with a little link lovin’. Let’s get to it! – The Air Sex World Championships are hitting the road in search of 2009 champ!  Like air guitar, but sexier, air sex is all about playing with something that isn’t there- be it bass or boobs (like pictured above). The tour is stopping at … Continue reading Link Love

Who’s Nailin’ Paylin? – Adventures Of A Hockey MILF

Studio: HustlerCategory: Features I tried to resist reviewing this movie, mostly because I still get a little angry whenever I see or hear any reference to Alaska’s fine governor, but the fact that Nina Hartley plays Hillary Clinton in it was just too much to pass by. Oddly enough, I didn’t love the threesome scene between Paylin, Hartley’s Clinton and Jada Fire’s Condi Rice. I think I was actually a little uncomfortable with the whole thing and couldn’t get over it. Weird. Anyways, what I did really like was the opening scene where Mick Blue and Sascha play Russian dudes … Continue reading Who’s Nailin’ Paylin? – Adventures Of A Hockey MILF

Happy Presidents Day!

Happy Presidents Day!  Alright, it’s not THAT happy for me – I’m one of the suckers that doesn’t get today as a paid holiday, but still, I’m gonna power through the disappointment of a three-day weekend cut short and celebrate our forefathers in the best way I know how… through porno! In honor of Washington, Lincoln and all the rest of those old dudes, here are a few Commander-in-Chief inspired movies to get you in the mood to party like Barack and Michelle.          I hope Reagan just turned in his grave. That would be my Presidents Day gift to you. xoxo -J.D. … Continue reading Happy Presidents Day!

Link Love

It snowed all day yesterday and today getting to work today was gross.  How we started off the week at 50 degrees and devolved into this is beyond me.  I could go on and on about my loathing for the winter months, but really, we’d both want to punch me a few minutes in.  I started talking about the nasty weather because it’s Wednesday, and even though it’s totally blah outside, it is still midweek!  Somehow snow doesn’t seem as bad when you don’t have to get out of bed on Saturday morning – and we are getting closer to … Continue reading Link Love

Link Love

Yesterday was so exciting with all the inauguration craziness and everything going on.  And today Obama gets settled into the White House and hits the ground running while we return to our daily grind.  Thank goodness it’s humpday, or we’d really have a hard time getting back into the swing of this week.  Humpday gives us perfect view of the days we’ve conquered and the few we have left on the journey to Friday night.  What does does humpday give us, you ask?  Link Love, of course – and what’s better than that?  Not much, if you ask me. Let’s get to it! – Oh, oh, oh, OOOOOOOO Bama!  For all you L.A. pervs out … Continue reading Link Love

Top Five Tuesday – History in the Making!

Today is one that will go down in history, as America just saw their first African-American president sworn in. Today’s top five Tuesday highlights my favorite historical spoofs. I know it’s a stretch, but it’s a lot harder to incorporate someone named Obama into a porno blog. The only good thing to come out of the last eight years, in my opinion, is the number of Dick and Bush jokes one was able to make.