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Just Say No (to) Carrie Prejean

Carrie Prejean

Man, oh man, that Carrie Prejean has a big decision in front of her.  In yesterday’s Link Love, I mentioned that the former Miss California was approached by porn mega studio Vivid Entertainment Group and offered $1 million to star in a movie for them.  Apparently they even have a copy of her much talked about sex tape (or tapes – there are rumors of eight videos floating around)!  So, will she or won’t she??

Honestly, I would have been totally pro Prejean porn, until Donald Trump got involved and reminded me that it would be a bad idea.

Trump told one source. “Maybe,” Mr. Trump said only half-jokingly, “she should become a major porn star, make millions of dollars, and give it to worthy causes.” [via NYPost]

Remembering that Prejean is super anti gay marriage and that’s where all the money would go, I’ve changed my stance.  Sorry Vivid, I just can’t chance it that she would deliver funds to help discriminate against us gays.

I guess that free boob job will just have to go un-ogled.

Drill Baby Drill

Studio: PenthouseCategory: Spoofs

I swore to myself I wasn’t going to watch any more Palin porn. It hurts my stomach to think about that woman, but when I found that there was a fucking machine AND Tommy Gunn in this one, I couldn’t resist.

I’m going to come out and just say that the Palin jokes are kind of old at this point. I think I’ve personally reached a tipping point, but fortunately the fucking definitely makes up for it. India Summers plays “Tara Nailin” and while she’s no Lisa Ann, she definitely does a good job of portraying the former governor of Alaska. Plus, she gets nailed by an impact drill mounted dildo – impressive!

I know this is no big shocker, but my favorite scene is the third with Gunn and Rachel Roxxx, who is playing Palin’s puck bunny nanny. Gunn is a hockey player and spectacular as always. He starts off in full gear before Roxxx undresses him and he goes to town on her. I love the way she buries her face in his gear as he does her from behind, it’s apparent she loves sweaty hockey dudes! My only complaint about his scene, which is awesome, is that at some point Roxxx ends up wearing the hockey jersey. While this sounds kind of fun and sexy, it was just way too big and I prefer my porn stars buck naked.

I also loved the final scene with Nailin, Chris Johnson and the aforementioned fucking machine. Whether it’s Johnson or the dildo drilling Nailin, it’s super awesome. The entire scene has a ton of energy and who hasn’t thought about Nailin riding a big power tool at some point?

I have to admit I have a sort of love/hate relationship with this porno just because of my intense disgust regarding the woman it’s spoofing. It’s a really hot flick that’s funny and well-done – it just kind of hurts my stomach to think about Palin at all. If you’re looking for hot sex, political humor and are able to let go of things unlike me, you’ll definitely love it!
-The Porn Librarian

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Link Love

Photo via Air Sex World Championships

Happy Humpday! Welcome back to the midweek.  I know it’s a short week, but Monday went so fast that it seems like it was pretty much a dream, and we are back again with looking forward to Friday at 5.  No worries though, because it’s Humpday and it’s time to celebrate with a little link lovin’.

Let’s get to it!

– The Air Sex World Championships are hitting the road in search of 2009 champ!  Like air guitar, but sexier, air sex is all about playing with something that isn’t there- be it bass or boobs (like pictured above). The tour is stopping at 15 U.S. cities (sadly skipping Philly) to find the best of the best.  Could you be the next Air Sex Champion?  (via TinyNibbles)

– Porn star Stormy Daniels is thinking about running for Senate.  The AP reports that Daniels is seriously considering the race and has formed a committee to look into running for the seat held by Louisiana Republican David Vitter.  While it’s a little unconventional, sure, the way I see it is, if the Terminator can govern California, I see no reason why this can’t happen.  Dream big!  (via TinyNibbles)

– The Frisky (and their commenters) let us in on those three little words they never want to hear after sex.  My favorite awful three worder would have to be:  “Oh… that’s it?”  Priceless!
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Who’s Nailin’ Paylin? – Adventures Of A Hockey MILF

Studio: HustlerCategory: Features

I tried to resist reviewing this movie, mostly because I still get a little angry whenever I see or hear any reference to Alaska’s fine governor, but the fact that Nina Hartley plays Hillary Clinton in it was just too much to pass by. Oddly enough, I didn’t love the threesome scene between Paylin, Hartley’s Clinton and Jada Fire’s Condi Rice. I think I was actually a little uncomfortable with the whole thing and couldn’t get over it. Weird.

Anyways, what I did really like was the opening scene where Mick Blue and Sascha play Russian dudes (apparently Russia is in her backyard!) who totally tag team Paylin. While she’s no Tina Fey, Lisa Ann does a really good job of portraying McCain’s former running mate and I have to say I enjoyed watching these men go to town on her.

While I was a little reluctant to see this one, the non-sex scenes are freaking hilarious and Lisa Ann is fantastic as Paylin. She’s a super sexy and smart lady, and if you missed it the first time around you should check out the video interview we did with her last year. It’s nice to see her getting a lot of press again!

If you are far enough removed from the bullshit that went down with the real Palin, and are looking for a fun movie with big stars and hot sex, this Hustler flick is pretty rad.

PS Mike Horner is super awesome as Bill O’Reilly!
-The Porn Librarian

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Happy Presidents Day!

Happy Presidents Day!  Alright, it’s not THAT happy for me – I’m one of the suckers that doesn’t get today as a paid holiday, but still, I’m gonna power through the disappointment of a three-day weekend cut short and celebrate our forefathers in the best way I know how… through porno!

In honor of Washington, Lincoln and all the rest of those old dudes, here are a few Commander-in-Chief inspired movies to get you in the mood to party like Barack and Michelle


I hope Reagan just turned in his grave. That would be my Presidents Day gift to you.

-J.D. Bauchery

Link Love

It snowed all day yesterday and today getting to work today was gross.  How we started off the week at 50 degrees and devolved into this is beyond me.  I could go on and on about my loathing for the winter months, but really, we’d both want to punch me a few minutes in.  I started talking about the nasty weather because it’s Wednesday, and even though it’s totally blah outside, it is still midweek!  Somehow snow doesn’t seem as bad when you don’t have to get out of bed on Saturday morning – and we are getting closer to that by the second!  For those of you chillin’ out with a snowday, I hope you lucky ducks are taking full advantage of Humpday and shagging your socks off!

For the rest of us, here is a little Link Love to get us through this freezing week.  Ok, fine, even you snowbound folks can get curled up in your warmest blankets and join in the fun too.  See, I’m no Grinch.

Let’s get to it!

– Bren Ryder is starting with the (wo)man in the mirror. (I’m sorry, I couldn’t pass up the M.J. shout out.)

– As Bren talks about going solo on screen, these people are swearing it off, and wearing t-shirts that state as much.  I’m not anti-religion or anything, but any group that isn’t down with masturbation isn’t the one for me.  Though I do kinda want one of these shirts… is that wrong?  (via Feministing)

– Congratuations to Iceland on their new Prime Minister, Johanna Sigurdardottir!  Not only is Sigurdardottir the country’s first female Prime Minister, she is also the first openly gay head of state in the world!  Sure there have been other leaders that turned out to be homos, but none that came into the gig saying ‘yeah, I’m gay, big deal.’  Plus she’s married to a lady (gay marriage has been legal there since 1996).  Way to go Iceland!  (via Bust)

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Link Love

Yesterday was so exciting with all the inauguration craziness and everything going on.  And today Obama gets settled into the White House and hits the ground running while we return to our daily grind.  Thank goodness it’s humpday, or we’d really have a hard time getting back into the swing of this week.  Humpday gives us perfect view of the days we’ve conquered and the few we have left on the journey to Friday night.  What does does humpday give us, you ask?  Link Love, of course – and what’s better than that?  Not much, if you ask me.

Let’s get to it!

– Oh, oh, oh, OOOOOOOO Bama!  For all you L.A. pervs out there, The Dr. Susan Block Institute is hosting an Orgy for Obama Inaugural Ball celebration this Saturday, Jan. 24.  No worries if you are stuck in a cold weather state like I, the orgy will be streamed online!  Woohoo!  Totally better than the chopping streaming of the actual inauguration.  Oh man, I love change!  (via TheFrisky)

–  Wanna be able to fuck and run without worrying about all those pesky feelings you might feel.  It may soon be possible.  Drum roll… enter the Anti-Love drug.  Kinda sounds like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, but before all that annoying heartache.  Or Jim Carrey.  (via Em&Lo)

– Joanna Angel may not have won any AVN awards… but she sure didn’t leave Vegas totally empty handed… well, I guess it wasn’t really her hands that were full.

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Top Five Tuesday – History in the Making!

Today is one that will go down in history, as America just saw their first African-American president sworn in. Today’s top five Tuesday highlights my favorite historical spoofs. I know it’s a stretch, but it’s a lot harder to incorporate someone named Obama into a porno blog. The only good thing to come out of the last eight years, in my opinion, is the number of Dick and Bush jokes one was able to make.

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