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The Authentic Lesbian Review: The Candidate

Dana Vespoli is a fucking genius! The last flick I watched from Dana also happened to be a Sweethearts Video title called Lefty that I completely went ape shit over (review here), and following up with The Candidate was exactly what I needed. The plot is beyond captivating, nothing new for my fellow Dana fanatics, the acting is so spot on you once again forget you’re watching a porno, something I really value, and, of course, the sex is great. The Candidate is situated in today’s hostile and terrifyingly politically charged good ole U S of A. Sounds incredibly sexy … Continue reading The Authentic Lesbian Review: The Candidate

Abercrombie & Fitch Gets The Porn Parody Treatment

I’m going to start this post by assuming that all of you are well aware of the disgusting comments made by Abercrombie CEO concerning who should be wearing his clothing. If not, then shame on you, but here ya go. If you have heard of the spewage comments but haven’t seen Greg Karber trying to re-brand the brand then watch this: And so, now we’re all on the same page. Eh, I guess I’ll throw in Kirstie Alley’s bleep-tastic reaction. With such press circling around such a gigantic asshole, we could only hope that there would be a glimmer of light shining … Continue reading Abercrombie & Fitch Gets The Porn Parody Treatment

MacGyver XXX – A Dream Zone Parody (Disc 1)

I’ve got two words for you, people: MacGyver porn.  Oh yeah, you heard me right.  The industry finally cracked its nut and brought us porn based off of the action-adventure show from the ‘80s/’90s.  I don’t know about you, but I am a big MacGyver fan.  I mean, come on, the man regularly saves the day using crap he finds in his pockets – like bobby pins, sticks of gum and paperclips.  How could you not be totally amazed?  So yeah, Dream Zone Entertainment went there and brought us the last parody I expected – MacGyver XXX – A Dream … Continue reading MacGyver XXX – A Dream Zone Parody (Disc 1)

Clerks XXX – A Porn Parody

While it may not seem like it on the surface, porn parodies are actually a multi-layered experience.  Sure, they can get you off, but they can also offer up a less charged and scary way for people to engage with porn, and they can draw out memories that you totally forgot surrounding movies and shows you watched long ago.  Take Clerks XXX – A Porn Parody, for instance.  It’s been a minute since I even thought about the movie Clerks, let alone watched it, but lo and behold, the minute I saw this parody in the recently added, all of … Continue reading Clerks XXX – A Porn Parody

Top Five Tuesday – 5 More 2013 AVN Noms!

A few weeks back Ginger Leigh added her top five nominees for the 2013 AVN Awards coming this weekend! This time around I wanted to add my own favorites to the mix.  Sure, we have crazy similar tastes, but I thought I’d offer up something a little different with 5 MORE 2013 AVN Noms! Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide To Pegging (Best Educational Release) – I am an academic perv and I have a total boner for all things educational and smutty, so of course I’d start this list with a Best Educational Release nominee.  I love pegging and I love … Continue reading Top Five Tuesday – 5 More 2013 AVN Noms!

Top Five Tuesday: Top Pornos To Watch On Halloween!

We’ve been hunkered down riding out Hurricane Sandy here in the great city of Philadelphia for the last couple of days. We made it through safely and feel strongly that the porno must go on! There is no way we were going to let a little wind and rain stop us from one of our favorite posts of the year: Top Five Halloween Pornos! Halloween XXX Porn Parody – While this porno isn’t new, it is a must-have on any top Halloween smut list.  Lily La Beau is sought after by Michael Myers and she is totally into banging him … Continue reading Top Five Tuesday: Top Pornos To Watch On Halloween!

A Wet Dream On Elm Street

I’m a huge Nightmare On Elm Street fan.  Back in the day I always had to see every Freddy Krueger movie as soon as it came out.  I was obsessed, which is why I’m shocked that it has taken me this long watch A Wet Dream On Elm Street.  Or maybe I was just trying not to taint yet another of my favorite movies by watching the XXX version.  Either way, here goes! We start out watching Jennifer White getting banged.  Once the fucking is over, Freddy appears.  Jennifer isn’t scared, but rather is excited when he whips out his … Continue reading A Wet Dream On Elm Street

I Do… Love These Top Five Bridal Pornos

So, last week my partner proposed to me and, of course, I said yes. Though it seems a little weird to announce it on the site, I kind of have to, because it’s all I can think about.  And because it’s all I can think about, it translates to the pervy work I am doing, which means that this Top Five Tuesday is all about the wedded bliss of porno!  That’s right – five bridal flicks to feast your eyes on.  Though we aren’t doing the deed for a while, I figured I should start preparing now for the wedding … Continue reading I Do… Love These Top Five Bridal Pornos

Top Five Movies I Want To Watch!

Reviewing porno is a tricky business.  For every movie that I choose to watch, there are three others that catch my eye but must fall to the wayside for that day.  And, of course, because I am my scatter-brained self, I totally forget that they are even there in the first place.  That’s right – ! have an overabundance of awesome porn to watch.  Woe is me, right?  Anyway, to remind myself of all the fantastic newer movies I need to check out, I am making the list into a Top Five Tuesday of Movies I Want To Watch so … Continue reading Top Five Movies I Want To Watch!