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Masturbation Month Is Here – Top Five Solo Sexin’ Selections

Happy Masturbation Month!!  That’s right, May is the dedicated month to celebrate the awesome act of self love, and we smut peddlers are ready to help with the cause.  Not only do we have a butt load of titles for you to get all hot and sweaty to (by “butt load” I mean more than 160,000 movies), here are 20 FREE MINUTES to add to your account.  Just use the offer code “RubOneOut” for your viewing pleasure.  And to get things started, here our quick and dirty top five favorite solo sexin’ selections! No Fauxxx: Sophia St James – I … Continue reading Masturbation Month Is Here – Top Five Solo Sexin’ Selections

NoFauxx Roulette – Scene 3

Studio: Reel Queer Productions Category: Dyke Porn Welcome back for round three of our scene-by-scene NoFauxx Roulette review-fest! It’s not often that I get a chance to watch a queer flick with two super hot punk rock bio boys getting it on with each other, so I was excited about this scene before I even hit play. But, before we get to the sex, Courtney Trouble has a little something special up her sleeve… I love that this scene starts out with a music video for queer rapper Katastrophe. Like I’ve said in the other Roulette reviews, Courtney Trouble mixes … Continue reading NoFauxx Roulette – Scene 3

NoFauxxx Roulette – Scene 2

Studio: Reel Queer Productions Category: Dyke Porn  Last week I reviewed the smokin’ hot first scene of this Courtney Trouble queer masterpiece and I figured that one super sexy turn deserves another, so you know I just have to check out scene two. Even sneak peeking at this scene as I finished watching the first one, it was obvious that this is totally the movie for me. A tattooed, pierced up queer with knee socks and a mischievous grin – swoon. This scene follows Cyd, a gender-bending stud with a hard-on for wrestlers. While I wouldn’t say that wrestling is … Continue reading NoFauxxx Roulette – Scene 2

NoFauxxx Roulette – Scene 1

Studio: Reel Queer Productions Category: Dyke Porn Back in April, when I first got to see a snip of this movie at the Feminist Porn Awards, I knew we just had to have it. DIY queer porn from the awesomeness that is Courtney Trouble – does it get better? And don’t think this is some amateur flick with poor video and even crappier sound. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. This award-winning (it won “Most Deliciously Diverse Cast” at the Feminist Porn Awards!) romp is totally high quality, as well as thoughtful and packed with sexy queers really getting … Continue reading NoFauxxx Roulette – Scene 1

20 Questions With Courtney Trouble

    Here comes Trouble… with a digital video camera in tow. Courtney Trouble that is, queer porn director and star extraordinaire. The San Francisco-based Trouble has been making a name for herself since 2002, with the creation of her baby NoFauxxx.com (now the oldest running queer porn site on the web) and in more recent years as she has taken the reins on a bunch of avant-garde feminist porno flicks. When she’s not accepting awards and accolades (including SF Guardian’s 2009 Best of the Bay Queer Porn and a Feminist Porn Award for “Most Deliciously Diverse Cast”), Trouble is … Continue reading 20 Questions With Courtney Trouble