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The Authentic Lesbian Review: Porn Stars Are Athletes Too

In the early 2000s, or what I like to refer to as the Bring It On era, I found myself engaged in a debate over whether cheerleaders were athletes or not. Before then I had never given much thought to questioning if they were or weren’t, I thought it was obvious they were, and now I’m faced with the same question in regards to porn stars. With all the madness that comes along with March and our annual PornTourn competition, we decided to attack the question head on. What Is an Athlete? Webster defines the word athlete as “a person … Continue reading The Authentic Lesbian Review: Porn Stars Are Athletes Too

Between the Headlines Review

With the upcoming election season dominating the US news lately, it’s only appropriate that we discuss Between the Headlines: A Lesbian Porn Parody from Filly Films. Directed by Lily Cade, and starring Lotus Lain, Nina Hartley, Aiden Starr, Ela Darling, Aaliyah Love, Vanessa Veracruz, and Zoey Monroe, as well as Cade herself, Between the Headlines is a corker of a political satire. If you’re like us, you’re going to love seeing Hillary, Michelle, Megyn Kelly, and Rachel Maddow get the XXX spoof treatment from some of porn’s top female performers. Released in 2014, this lesbian movie came out during a … Continue reading Between the Headlines Review

The Top 13 Hottest MILFs In Porn

Mother’s Day is right around the corner folks! With that in mind, I decided to pay homage to some of the sexiest mature women currently working in the adult industry. They might not actually be mothers themselves, but they’re representing MILFs all over the world and proving that age is irrelevant when it comes to sex appeal. Check out some of my favorite MILF performers, in no particular order, below: Dana Vespoli Smart and sexy performer/director Dana Vespoli is an undisputed favorite among the women of the HMFH office. Not only does this incredible talent churn out amazing title after … Continue reading The Top 13 Hottest MILFs In Porn

Sweetheart Video Loves Girls

In 2008, all-girl studio Sweetheart Video began their Loves Girls series with Nina Loves Girls. Directors Nica Noelle, James Avalon, and Dana Vespoli select performers to star is an all-girl showcase, allowing the star to choose which women they want to fuck on camera. This results in some of the best on-camera lesbian chemistry in the business, with months and sometimes years of off-screen flirtations finally getting a chance to blossom into some serious Sapphic fuckery. We’ve picked some of our favorite entries into the series to show why we love that Sweetheart loves girls. Alexis Texas Loves Girls The … Continue reading Sweetheart Video Loves Girls

The Important Quotes of Nina Hartley’s HIV Myth-Busting

This morning on the XBiz, a FetLife.com message board posting by Nina Hartley revealed itself to a greater audience. Although user Ashe58 asked Nina about the HIV crisis 16 days ago, her answer was so complete and full of compassion I had to read her angle. She boasted an honest answer with as many facts as her 30-year career and sex education and research can allow; it was an impressive five-page read. It was so diverse and full that I felt it was my duty to break down and give you some takeaways. If you want to read the full … Continue reading The Important Quotes of Nina Hartley’s HIV Myth-Busting

Porn Community Speaks Out On Moratorium: Take Two

I’ll give you a fair pass if you missed out on the news Friday regarding yet another moratorium due to an HIV announcement. And if you’re unaware, a moratorium in the porn community means that no production is to be made. It happens when a sexually transmitted disease is announced in the acting industry, to prevent and quarantine outbreaks. The mainstream of Hollywood has kept pretty mum on the subject, though reports are emerging that due to this on-off moratorium relationship, the shutdown has affected U.S. employment rates. The announcement was issued last Friday, September 6, and while production and … Continue reading Porn Community Speaks Out On Moratorium: Take Two

20 Questions With Midori – Fifty Writers on Fifty Shades

A few weeks back we posted our review of Fifty Writers on Fifty Shades, a collection offering up fifty different perspectives on the 50 Shades phenomenon.  Today we bring you 20 questions with sexuality writer and sex educator Midori, author of the essay “Fifty Shades Of Snark.”  Midori’s piece looks at the kink community’s reaction to the 50 Shades phenomenon (which is quite critical) and tempers that with her own early adventures in the thrill of viewing erotica, creating a balanced and realistic view at the appeal of the series.  Spend a little extra time with Midori in her amazing … Continue reading 20 Questions With Midori – Fifty Writers on Fifty Shades

Riding Into the Sunset – J.D. Bauchery Says Goodbye!

Well, my friends, the time has come.  After 5 and a half years, today is my last day at HotMoviesForHer.com.  While I inherited the site from a bunch of amazing women (Venus, Essin’ Em and The Porn Librarian, to name a few), over the years I’ve come to consider HM4Her my baby.  It has been a great honor to help create a space to talk about women’s sexuality and offer up hot movies for all to watch and enjoy.  I am lucky to have had the opportunity to help folks get off for such a long time! As I wrap … Continue reading Riding Into the Sunset – J.D. Bauchery Says Goodbye!

I Want To Sleep With Nina Hartley

This morning I woke up vaguely remembering that April Flores showed up in my dream last night.  I honestly can’t recall exactly what I was dreaming about, but I do know that it didn’t involve anything sexual… at least I’m pretty sure about that.  Bummer, right? Anyway, over breakfast I was telling my fiance about April appearing in my dream, which led to a conversation about which porn performers we would most want to hump.  His pick was Wolf Hudson, which is no shocker there (yum!), but I was actually kind of surprised who came out of my mouth. I … Continue reading I Want To Sleep With Nina Hartley

Educating Nina

Oh man, I wish I could watch a Nina Hartley video every day of the week.  Seriously people, if I could review a video starring this foxy lady every day, I would most definitely be a better person and world would most likely become a better place.  Yep, Nina Hartley is that awesome.  And if I’m not mistaken, the write up on the box says that this movie is Nina’s DEBUT in adult movies.  Wow!    How have I not reviewed this yet?? A classic from 1984, this flick looks like the real deal as Hartley’s first porno.  Nina plays a masters … Continue reading Educating Nina