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Hairy Lesbian Casting Couch

Hairy Lesbian Casting CouchSince 2008, director/performer Nikki Silver has been celebrating the female body in its natural state, which is to say, hairy. Her studio Naughty Natural showcases performers who eschew the grooming that dominates not only porn, but the lives of many American women. Nikki and her costars avoid shaving and waxing not only their vulvas, but also their legs, armpits, and anywhere else that hair grows on their bodies. While many studios that produce hirsute content fetishize these bodies, Nikki simply presents them as beautiful and sexy.

With Hairy Lesbian Casting Couch, Nikki tackles the casting couch genre of amateur porn and gives it a feminist spin. Not only that, she dominates and casts one of the hairiest girls in porn, the adorable and pixie-like Kisa Fae. Nikki was generous enough to write a short essay about this flick, giving us insight into its conception and her relationship with Kisa.

I have been a model in the hairy niche for over 10 years. I’ve become very familiar with this genre. Of course while there are many creative people both in front of and behind the camera, the larger hairy sites dictate a strict regime of what is acceptable. Very girl next door, nothing too elaborate in terms of storyline or dynamics and generally an emphasis on a young or youngish girl exploring her sexuality.

As I’ve gotten older myself this type of presentation makes less and less sense for me. I’ve been sexually active for over 15 years and definitely had more variety of sex with more variety of people and genders than most people in their 50’s! While my taste spans a variety of acts, dynamics and genders, I’ve done it all; the experimental phase is over.

Hairy Lesbian Casting Couch

I really love how some sites really hone in on a certain dynamic and then make that larger than life to excite the viewer. It’s fun, it’s interesting, it’s role playing and something I certainly do in my personal life. I’ve felt much more dominant myself lately and have been doing things on my site deemed more mature in terms of the way I’m dressing and presenting myself.

In my DVD, Hairy Casting Couch, the model Kisa Fae and I talked and came up with a scenario that was super hot to both of us. She was 19 at the time of filming and this really was her first porn shoot ever. She is a lifestyle kinkster and into age play as well as consensual non-consent. I am into age play as a mommy/top and love getting to consensually push people’s boundaries.

I haven’t seen many casting couch scenes where the producer is female and I’ve not seen any others where both models are hairy and as hairy as we both are. As a porn producer within a patriarchal society/world it is very important to me to push the idea of female power within female sexuality. I would not be comfortable only presenting female submissiveness, but I think presenting that submissiveness in response to the power of another woman is, well, powerful! 

We also worked a lot of hair fetish stuff into it and made it a body-positive thing where Kisa says she was made fun of in school for her body hair and I’m telling her that’s silly and that she’s beautiful as is. At the same time as I’m pushing her boundaries physical interaction/sexuality wise, I am also pushing her towards greater self-love. 

The stuff that great, healthy D/s (dom/sub) dreams are made of!

I can’t describe how fun it is to get to act out my own fantasies as well. I really do enjoy pushing and teasing and tormenting and am thrilled to find models excited to be on the other end of that. Through spending time with and talking in depth with my models about what they are into, I am able to get a complex and nuanced perspective on their sexuality. 

I hope to continue to create scenes which express the thing, or one of the things both models are most turned on by doing, and in turn present a more authentic and stimulating film for the viewer.

Watch Hairy Lesbian Casting Couch here!

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Never Shave November: Porn’s Hairy Girls

Every November all our dude friends start posting status updates on the growth of the beards and staches that they proudly embrace in honor of No Shave November/Movember/Noshember. They eschew grooming to raise awareness for causes such as men’s health needs and overall cancer research, but with particular focus on prostate cancer and testicular cancer. I myself stop shaving my own legs during the month of November, but that’s mostly because the Arctic temperatures of my gnarly apartment make any time spent outside of my footie pajamas physically painful. I’m not altruistic with my own body hair, unfortunately.

Nikki Silver
Nikki Silver

While other women may also be foregoing their usual grooming standards this month, there are many who fully embrace their full body hair all year long. Some have even made a career in the adult industry out of their all natural, albeit atypical, appearances. This niche in the industry is referred to as hirsute or hairy, and goes beyond just hairy vulvas. Hairy babes embrace their whole package, including their underarm, leg, and arm hair. However, hirsute models are typically only hired by fetish companies.

“I would definitely like to see that change. I think it’s a huge problem when people are reduced to fetishes,” says Harley Hex, a bisexual, non-binary, hairy babe. She works full time as a webcam model and part time as a porn performer. “I’ve had men ask me how I got the hair on my legs and armpits because they have never seen a woman with hair in those places before. While there are many people in my work and in my personal life who find my body hair very attractive, I’ve also had people react with shock and disgust, even when I was only growing out my pubic hair. I believe that more representation outside of niche fetish sites can help chance some of these views.”

“Honestly, I feel pretty fine about being a niche and not working with most other adult companies,” writes Nikki Silver, who is often referred to as the Queen of Hairy Porn. She is well known as the founder of NaughtyNatural.com. “…The majority of porn is not something I’m interested in being involved with anyway, so I don’t feel a loss at not being included… On a societal level, I do think it would be good for hairy women to be included in mainstream porn. It would help normalize that for young men and women looking to porn, to inform at least in part what they find attractive. Hopefully it would show young people that you can make lots of different choices about their bodies and they can all be sexy.”

When asked if their body hair has been an asset in the porn industry, nonbinary and queer performer Joey Minx responded, “Yes and no. I’ve been able to do a lot of shoots that are specifically hairy fetish sites.  In a broader sense, it has severely limited the work I am able to get in the adult industry because they are looking for shaved models. I have done shaved shoots as well to make money.”

Harley Hex
Harley Hex

It’s the same old story, where bodies that don’t look a certain way are barred from opportunities, especially in the workplace. In this sense, the adult industry has the same symptoms of society and media at large, where the drive to make money results in the exclusion of diverse bodies from representation. “I also would like to see a more inclusive variety of presentations in the adult industry that are not used as sole marketing points for websites,” writes Joey Minx. “This could be including but not limited to body hair preference, genders, sizes, races, ethnicities, abilities, and the types of sex being featured between performers. Not just in porn, in all media. Representation is important.”

Harley Hex adds, “I know that if I shaved I would have more opportunities and would have access to a wider fan base. On the other hand, I would be losing something about myself that has set me apart from many other performers.”

So despite female hairiness being generally perceived in our society as being unorthodox, what drives hirsute performers to stay all natural?

For Nikki Silver, it wasn’t much of a decision to make. “I never adhered to that convention so defying it was not anomaly for me. As a young teenager I was more interested in my own body, those of my girlfriends, and generally exploring alternative communities and politics than I was in adhering to what I thought was ‘normal.’ In fact, I really despised what I saw as normal. I was very comfortable being confrontational.”

“I didn’t fully accept beauty norms and hence, wasn’t terribly affected by them. I think I was able to build up a pretty strong base of self confidence. My mom is also an amazing woman who only ever told me I was beautiful and admired my changing body through puberty, as well as supporting all my decisions like dyeing my hair green and not shaving my armpits.”

On the other hand, Harley found stopping shaving to be very stressful at first. “I stopped shaving a little over four years ago,” she says. “My hair is super thick and dark and grows in very quickly. Shaving has always been a pain, and one day I just thought about why I was doing it. I realized it wasn’t for me, it was for other people who expected me to do it. I challenged myself to grow my hair out to see what it looked and felt like and I just never went back.

Stopping was very stressful but I’m so happy I did. It took a few weeks of wearing jackets and long pants, but eventually I stopped feeling as worried about what other people would think or say and started focusing that energy on more important things in my life. Even if I never do go back to shaving again, I feel like I can more fully accept my body and don’t feel ashamed by the way my hair grows in anymore. That’s a really freeing feeling.”

Whether they always embraced their abundant body hair or learned to do so, these performers have found plenty to love about their lush all naturalness.

Joey Minx
Joey Minx

“I love how soft my hair feels under my fingers,” writes Harley. “I’ve grown to love how the thickness and fullness of my hair is something unique about my body. My partners love to way my hair feels and the way it makes me smell. I’ve been told I have a very distinct smell and I think my armpit hair makes that more noticeable.”

“I like how people smell and I like how I smell,” adds Nikki. “Not as in, I haven’t showered in weeks smell but just the natural way humans naturally smell. My partners appreciate this as well. I find shaving/trimming to be a laborious and painful process so there’s no part of me that wishes to do that. I think my partners also appreciate my lack of stubble and ingrown hairs. I literally never have ingrown hairs because my hairs have not been ‘cut’ by a razor or trimmer in 4+ years. I also like to run around outside naked and having pubic hair really does protect your genitalia, it’s there for a reason.”

For Joey Minx, it’s less about the aesthetics of being unshaven, “and more about doing what feels right to me with my own body, and not shaving is what I’m most comfortable with. My partners don’t care if I shave or not, as long as I’m comfortable in my own skin.”

In writing back and forth with these performers, a theme emerged that it all really just comes down to being healthy and happy with your own appearance, and that we should all work to support each others’ bodily choices. I think Joey said it best:

“There are a lot of standards that are considered normal in our society that are oppressive. Insinuating that a person is less attractive, worthy, or desirable because of having hair on certain parts of their body is not only one of these oppressive standards, it seems really ridiculous to me on an objective level. Not to say that if someone shaves they are perpetuating this standard or wrong in doing so–the whole point is people should be able to present their own bodies the way they want to, and still feel desirable, worthy, and comfortable in their own skin.”

And if anyone’s got a problem with it?

“I tell them their opinions of women’s bodies are irrelevant and misogyny is not a cute look.”

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The Authentic Lesbian Review: Hairy Armpits, Hairy Bush – Lesbian Boat Orgy

Hairy Armpits, Hairy Bush - Lesbian Boat OrgyHairy Armpits, Hairy Bush – Lesbian Boat Orgy didn’t exactly sound like my preferred cup of tea when it was assigned. I love boats, the open sea, lesbians, and orgies, but hair…I think not! I mean, a manicured bush down under holds a certain sex appeal, but being hairy all over (because most people aren’t now, it’s become a thing that some label “natural”) is not something I’m into (some people are naturally un-hairy…why doesn’t anyone ever talk about that?). That being the case, I do enjoy watching porn I haven’t experienced before from studios unknown to me, and I have been turned on by things I never would have even found if I didn’t work here, so it would be unfair to pre-judge. Plus, more important than the hair, there’s a lesbian orgy happening on a boat and I’m not dumb enough to turn that down.

Captain Samone Shade promised to take her gal pals out on her boat to sail the beautiful seas, but she had no idea they’d be so lazy during the trip. When we open, El Capitan walks from under deck to find her crew sitting around like shit is sweet even though she gave them all specific tasks to complete. Samone sets her sights on Ava Solanas first, having the other crew members, the beautiful Nikki Silver and Luka Peona, help her punish the lazy horn ball. They start with some light spanking and dirty talk before Luka grabs a boat oar and goes to town on Ava’s ass until she literally can’t take anymore. Next, they tie her hands to a post on the boat and things get way more interesting. Word is Ava can squirt, and Captain Samone wants to see it in action, so she instructs Luka to finger fuck Ava until the deed is done.  This part is so hot I found myself wanting to be Ava! She begs and pleads with Luka to go deeper faster, and once that spot is hit it’s so intense that the camera falls over and the audio only streams through one channel for the rest of the movie…that’s some serious squirt power and it came across beautifully on screen!

After her right arm workout session ends, Luka is horny and begging to cum next. Nikki eats her pussy and she cums pretty quickly, but that isn’t enough, so Nikki whips out a double headed dildo and they ride that thing like it’s about to save their lives. When Luka finally has had enough she jumps off, but continues to fuck, lick, and finger Nikki. Nikki can’t hold on anymore and creams all over Luka’s face. This is the point when I realized that I’m watching 6 of the most beautiful natural tits bounce around in one place that I’ve ever seen before! All 6 are perfectly round with proportioned areolas (just call me the breast inspector!) that had my mouth drooling and hands outstretched towards the computer monitor just begging for a handful.  Apparently Ava felt the same because she grabbed as much boob as she possible could while Nikki’s pussy was getting pleasured by Luka.

Finally, it’s time for the tables to turn. The crew, realizing that they outnumber the captain 3 to 1 (only after they’ve all had multiple orgasms), decides the captain needs to be punished. After all, she brought them out on her fancy boat expecting them to help her run the damn thing, but never showed them what they should do (Sounds like my job. I kid, I kid). If that isn’t reason enough for uproar and some light femdom, then nothing is! The three tie Captain Samone’s hands up and strip her down, exposing 2 more beautiful boobs in the process. It’s fitting that Ava is the first to punish the bound captain since she was Samone’s first target, and boy, does she get her revenge. She fingers the hairy captain like it’s a personal mission to make her squirt and Luka follows up with strap-on power, fucking Samone doggystyle and then missionary while the captain partially dangles over the boat. If I had to guess I’d say she probably wouldn’t mind being punished again, and I’d definitely watch.

While the girls are way too hairy for me, the sex (and setting) really put this one over the top and made me forget everything I’m not attracted to. The tone was light and playful which is always nice in amateur content and the light slap and tickle theme was right up my alley. Make sure you check out Hairy Armpits, Hairy Bush – Lesbian Boat Orgy and judge for yourself.

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