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Mr. Marcus Goes To Washington

First let me just go ahead and say that I don’t really care why Mr. Marcus went to Washington. They talk about Katrina throughout this movie, which is obviously important, but I’m not so sure this porn is going to raise a ton of awareness about political causes. Not that “Operation Fix That Shit” isn’t a great concept or that there isn’t shit that needs fixing. It’s just that all I was looking for when I pressed play was super hot XXX. Fortunately, there’s plenty of that in this porno!

The first scene starts after a lot of fun reality style banter between the stars of the movie. They’ve all flown to the east coast and they’re obviously there to have a good time. I should point out that they do talk about the issues to people on the streets, but I would rather discuss what happens when they stop talking and start fucking.

Anyways, back to the first scene, which is the kind of insane sex with someone you’re crazy about after having been denied, for whatever reason. You know, just back from a business trip, on the kitchen table type sex. It’s obvious that Mr. Marcus and Jasmine Byrne dig each other and the results are insanely hot as he fucks her silly on a leather couch.

The final scene is also really great. The whole group heads to a club and put on a live show. The highlight was Mr. Marcus fucking Mika Tan in a sling, in my opinion, but there’s plenty of good XXX packed into the grand finale.

I do have to say that the best is when Mr. Marcus picks up a mega-phone and addresses the crowd about Katrina while two girls suck his cock. Who knows what happened in the end, but hopefully some money made it down to New Orleans.

PS. Mika Tan suggests tracking down John Ashcroft because she wants to “fuck the shit out of him.” I love her even more now.
-The Porn Librarian

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Rubber Lovers 2

Studio: Gothic MediaCategory: Lesbian

I wish I could remember who was asking about Kitty porn recently, and I apologize if that sounds a little weird to some of you, because scene two has managed to make this girl into cat lover for a full twenty-five minutes.

We begin with Lexi Bardot, dressed in panties, nipple clamps and kitty ears crawling into the decadent bedroom of the gorgeous Mika Tan. I was immediately drawn in by the way Bardot moves and completely gives herself to Tan in this kinky scene. Tan disciplines her kitten with a riding crop, a flogger and finally rewards her by fucking her with a big glass wand and lapping at her pussy. While the meowing got a bit old for me, it was really interesting and definitely hot.

Because kitty play may not be everyone’s bowl of milk, I’ll also recommend the first fuck scene starring Kina Kai and Faith Leon. You’ll see rubber ties and lots of toy play in this slow, sensual scene.

I haven’t seen a lot of Gothic Media movies, but will definitely have to keep them in mind in the future. From what I’ve seen, they always feature beautiful women in kinky scenarios that will provide you with plenty of inspiration for your own life!

ps – I did not enjoy the third scene. It’s rough and full of medical kink, which does nothing for me…
-The Porn Librarian

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Tristan Taormino’s Chemistry An Experiment (Disc1)

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Studio: Vivid Premium Category: By Women

Leave it to Tristan Taormino to take porno to the next level. Not only is this sex educator extraordinaire an author, editor and director, she’s a totally innovator! Bringing it back to the stylings of the very first reality show, Tristan goes “Real World” on porn and brings seven stars together for 36 hours with no scripts, no directions and no expectations. Just decide who you wanna fuck and make a scene. It could have been a complete disaster, but instead Tristan Taormino in actuality created an amazing space for porn stars to really talk about their experiences and get down to the nitty gritty of the industry.

This installment, the first of the series, brings together the likes of Dana DeArmond, Kurt Lockwood, Mika Tan, Jack Lawrence, Mr. Marcus, Taryn Thomas and Marie Luv. That is one house full of hotness. It was really cool to hear the stars talk as a group about the issues of working in the adult industry and the stigmas and challenges they face. While I loved the actual sex, of course, to me it’s always a treat to listen to porn stars talk about being porn stars. Cut me some slack, I’m an academic pervert.

The talking was great and all, but it Taryn Thomas, Kurt Lockwood and Mika Tan in scene 6 that totally took this reality raunch romp to that lip biting, squirming in your chair place. Mika Tan straps on and fucks Kurt Lockwood! How fucking hot! Don’t trust me – stop reading and get to clicking the link!

-J.D. Bauchery

Naughtiest City in America

No Dancing! None!

Naughty America threw a member appreciation party in Brooklyn this past weekend proclaiming it the “Naughtiest City in America” according to their users. The party was at the 507 Bar and Grill in Williamsburg and was featuring appearances by Ava Devine, Abbey Brooks, Alexis Texas, Mika Tan, and Angelina Valentine. Lucky for me, the people at Naughty America sent me an invite and so Saturday afternoon we (my assistant Scott and I – thanks again!) headed up with cameras in tow to see how naughty Brooklyn really is.

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Nina Hartley’s Guide To Strap-On Sex

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Studio: Adam & Eve Category: Instructional

Everything negative I’ve ever said about instructional videos just doesn’t apply to the fabulous “Nina Hartley’s Guide To…” series. Nina has a special ability to get info across in an easily understood, totally laidback and captivating way – all while making clinical anatomy diagrams hot. And that is nothing to sneeze at! As for this awesome strapping-on how-to, I really enjoyed how the movie stressed that strapping on can be enjoyed by both men and women, then demonstrated both for us, the lucky viewers. While I honestly enjoyed the whole thing, scene two was especially fun for me. Watching a cock-bearing Nina Hartley fuck her friend Mika up, down and all around was really fucking hot. Mika gets so worked up it almost seems like she’s faking, but it’s pretty much sacrilegious to fake an orgasm with Nina Hartley, so it’s really tantalizing to see that her intense pleasure is for real.
-J.D. Bauchery


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Studio: Ninn Worx Category: 2008 AVN Award Nominees

In Façade, director Lorraine Sisco tries to answer one question: How much vulnerability are we willing to risk in search of the ultimate orgasm? A question worth delving into, in my opinion. Any fan of Mika Tan (or beautiful people fucking) is going to love this one. Like all Ninn Worx productions, the scenery is lush, the stars are stunning, and the camera work gives you hope that there is a light at the end of the gonzo tunnel porn is traveling through. In the year she’s been directing for Ninn Worx, Sisco has really impressed me as both a producer and director. It’s nice to see her work getting some recognition in the industry. I have a feeling this won’t be the last time I talk about the Tall Goddess here.
The Porn Librarian