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Darker Side Of Desire – Is Submission Anti-Feminist?

Cassidy Klein is having the time of her life falling in love with Mickey Mod. From the very first kiss she knew that something amazing was happening between them. The sex is passionate. Their connection is strong. Cassidy has never fell this hard and fast for someone, but uncertainty is creeping around the edges of her thoughts. Many people may have insecurities pop up when getting to know a new partner, but Cassidy wonders if Mickey will ever fully accept her if he knows who she “really” is.     Cassidy is the thoughtful, sincere, and trust-worthy woman that she presents to … Continue reading Darker Side Of Desire – Is Submission Anti-Feminist?

Viewing Interracial Porn Differently

One of the most infuriating—and also most worth considering—aspects of porn marketing is the euphemisms and stereotypes used to promote videos.  Porn genres are broken down into terms that we would normally find insulting, but somehow they get thrown onto box covers with wide distribution. Just think about how the proliferation of the term “interracial” is used as a code word for racist stereotypes in porn. While porn is a place to explore taboo subjects, make fun of those stereotypes, and indulge in fantasies that we could not perform in real life, there are certain films, studios, or performers who may … Continue reading Viewing Interracial Porn Differently

Kink School: Tips From A Master

If you follow this blog, you’ll know that we’re huge fans of fetish studio Severe Sex. Their BDSM education-based series, Kink School, is an excellent resource for anyone curious about the lifestyle or just looking to add kinky elements to their usual bedroom routine. After reviewing Tips From A Dominatrix when it came out over the summer, I was super excited to receive Tips From A Master. I was interested to see what insights were offered from the seasoned Maledoms compared with the advice given by the Dommes in Severe’s previous title. Scene One: Performer Interviews Like the former Kink School titles, this film begins with … Continue reading Kink School: Tips From A Master

17 Porn Stars With Acting Chops

It’s no secret that most people don’t watch porn for the plot, let alone the thespian capabilities of its stars. As long as you look good fucking on camera, it’s not a big deal if you can’t deliver a line convincingly or construct a believable persona for your character. But every now and then there comes a porn star who makes us actually want to watch the plot from beginning to end. Here’s my picks for the top porn stars with serious acting chops. Carter Cruise It was no surprise to me when this year’s Best New Starlet also nabbed … Continue reading 17 Porn Stars With Acting Chops

Come Crash at Crash Pad

Pornography is experiencing a renaissance in both mainstream and independent providers. From big-budget parodies to economically produced amateur content, the idea of what porn can be is expanding. One of the studios on the front line of this evolution in porn making is Pink and White Productions. Since 2005, Shine Louise Houston has created a venue for people to watch hot sex with a cast of inter-changing characters. The unique aspect of this series is that it is not just hot sex we are watching; we’re watching a sea change in the culture of porn. The conversation about pornography is … Continue reading Come Crash at Crash Pad

Top Five Tuesday – Happy Anniversary J.D. Edition!

It’s J.D’s 5 year anniversary at HotMoviesForHer and I’m congratulating her by posting five 6 porno clips I know she’ll love!  You know you’re friends with someone when you know exactly what kind of dirty pervert they are and it isn’t from experience.  I’m totally lucky to have this awesome lady as my work wife and partner in smut peddling.  Thank you, porno, for bringing us together.  More importantly, congrats to J.D. Bauchery on 5 years at HM4Her.  She is the best sex educator and porn-for-women-expert I know! And here she is, smiling on all of the free porno! Good … Continue reading Top Five Tuesday – Happy Anniversary J.D. Edition!

Queer Porn TV – Drew Deveaux + Mickey Mod Part One

Today, my friends, is a queer kind of day for me.  Alright, so I guess it could be fair to say that EVERYDAY is a queer kind of day for this über queer porno blogger, but today is extra queer because I get to spend a little time with the awesome queers over at Queer Porn TV, reviewing part one of an absurdly hot tryst with Drew Deveaux and Mickey Mod.  Super yum, right? The setting is late night at San Francisco’s super kinky Wicked Grounds Café.  Forget about plot or small talk, Drew and Mickey are hot and ready to … Continue reading Queer Porn TV – Drew Deveaux + Mickey Mod Part One

Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide To Pegging – Part Two

Greeting from palm Springs!  We are soaking up the sun and chatting it up with some of the most awesome ladies we’ve ever met.  Are you jealous?  You should be.   I am totally loving this life, but I wanted to go ahead and remind you that we still have love for the boys too.  I am doing so by giving you part two to Monday’s review of Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide To Pegging review! I already discussed the awesomeness that is Tristan Taormino and how great she is at being a sex educator.  She gives us a thorough lesson on … Continue reading Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide To Pegging – Part Two

Online Workshops – Today! Jiz Lee and Sophia St. James

Queer porn’s finest have gathered this week in Olympia, Washington for Evergreen College’s Porn Week! Lucky pacific northwestern-ers! But wait!  The amazing folks over at QueerPorn.tv are live streaming some of the action!  In fact, I am watching the All-Queer Porn Star Panel, featuring Jiz Lee, Mickey Mod, Tobi Hill-Meyer, Sophia St James, James Darling, and Tina Horn – as we speak!  Technology is amazing, right? Later on this evening, QueerPorn.tv will also be streaming workshops, including Jiz Lee’s Impact Play workshop at 4:30 PST (7:30 eastern) and Sophia St. James‘ Strap-On workshop at 6:30 PST (9:30 eastern)! Both are … Continue reading Online Workshops – Today! Jiz Lee and Sophia St. James

Men of Monday – Mickey Mod

Christmas has apparently come early here at HotMoviesforHer.com because boy did I receive a gift in my inbox this morning! Since this is a season of sharing, I knew I couldn’t keep these gorgeous images to myself! That’s right, we’re kicking of the week with the hotness that is queer porn star Mickey Mod! He first popped onto my radar when Satine Phoenix and Syd Blakovich had their way with him in Madison Young’s Frisk Me and I’ve made sure to keep an eye out for him ever since. Besides being obvious eye candy, Mod was nominated for the 2011 … Continue reading Men of Monday – Mickey Mod