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Top Drawer Sex Toys In Porn

Njoy Eleven

I like porn. I like sex toys. I like sex toys in porn.

But what takes me right out of the moment is seeing porn stars jacking each other off with a nasty jelly dildo, a weak ass vibrator, or a floppy grocery store banana. It’s not sexy or cute. So when I happen upon a porno where the stars and studios have invested in some body safe, non-porous toys made from beautiful materials, I have to squee a little bit. I literally get turned on just reading about or shopping for top drawer sex toys, but seeing them put to good fucking use is enough to turn me into a little puddle of lustiness.

So dear readers, I scoured HotMoviesForHer to find the best scenes featuring some of my favorite top drawer sex toys in porn!

Crash Pad Series Episode 85 – Juliette March

Juliette March uses the Double Trouble sex toy in Crash Pad 85Juliette March (and her beautifully bruised ass!) stars in this solo scene from The Crash Pad. The Hitachi magic wand has been in pornos since dinosaurs roamed the earth, and features prominently here, but Juliette has tons of other goodies to play with. Besides clipping clothes pins to her perky nipples and swollen labia, she also slips an Njoy buttplug into her ass and fucks herself with a gorgeous black Double Trouble (named for director Courtney Trouble) from Fucking Sculptures! [UPDATE: Crash Pad reached out to inform us that Juliette was not actually using a piece from Fucking Sculptures. It was a toy from Juliette’s personal collection, and our best guess is that it is a Spectral from Good Vibrations.]

Crash Pad Series Episode 41 – Dylan Ryan & Jiz Lee

Crash Pad Series Episode 41 - Dylan Ryan & Jiz Lee use the njoy Eleven sex toy togetherNjoy makes another appearance at the Crash Pad in Episode 41. The amazing Jiz Lee pulls the massive Njoy Eleven from its leather purse, and Dylan Ryan gasps at its size (eleven inches!) weight (2.75 pounds!) and girth (two inch diameter at its thickest!!!) Jiz wastes no time putting the big end in Dylan’s pussy, and then gets on the smaller end for some double dil action. Dylan gasps, “This is amazing” over and over again, and I can’t help but believe her.

Dana Vespoli’s Real Sex Diary 3

Dana Vespoli's Real Sex Diary 3Scene four of Dana Vespoli’s Real Sex Diary 3 isn’t my favorite of the movie, but I did perk up a bit when Chanel Preston pulls out her impressive Njoy collection: the Pure Wand and the Eleven. Dana puts the Pure Wand in her ass and enjoys its fullness, and Chanel inserts the large end of the Eleven; they put their legs over their heads and chill with the toys inside of them. It’s not the best use of such great toys, but its always fun to see them pop up!

Fuckstyles Vol. 2: Dirty Fucks

Fuckstyles Vol. 2: Dirty FucksScene 7 stars trans* performers James Darling and Papi Coxxx, each sporting some impressively girthy strap-ons (unfortunately I can’t identify the brands by sights.) Later in the scene, James sucks on the head of the Njoy Eleven and rolls a condom onto it with his mouth. He bends over and offers his holes to Papi, who obligingly fucks him with the smaller, ribbed end, asking him if he prefers shorter or longer strokes. He moans with pleasure, enjoying its unyielding size and shouting fuckword after fuckword.

Lesbian Curves 3: Soft Girls & Strap Ons

Lesbian Curves 3: Soft Girls & Strap OnsThis is another flick from Trouble Films, and is probably the first time I ever saw an Njoy toy put to good use in a porno. Butchy Maxine Holloway dominates candy-colored BBW femme Kitty Stryker, gagging her with an o-ring and clipping clothespins to her pierced nipples. She fucks her with a pink Ola from Minna Life, a cool G-spotting silicone vibe with a squeezeable pad that allows you to control the vibrations. After Kitty’s warmed up by the Ola, Maxine fucks her with a strap-on (again, I unfortunately couldn’t identify what dildo or harness she used.) Once Kitty cums, it’s Maxine’s turn with the toys. Kitty kneels before her and fucks her brains out with the Pure Wand while Maxine buzzes her own clit with the old standby Hitachi. It’s a wonderfully memorable scene; I first watched it about a year and a half ago and never forgot about it.

Occupy My Ass

Occupy My AssThis anal extravaganza from director/star Bobbi Starr has a great variety of awesome toys, all the better for occupying the aforementioned asses. Bobbi uses the Tantus Ripple on Lily LaBeau in Scene 1, as well as some gorgeous glass toys, and maaaaybe the Ringo (a 5” plug from Tantus) as well. Dana DeArmond’s Njoy Eleven finds itself in Sarah Shevon’s ass in scene 3. On Disc 2, the brilliant Aiden Starr dominates Arabelle Raphael’s ass with some glass toys and some giant black monstrosity. When she pulls with a pretty purple Tantus Silk, it seems almost meek by comparison.

BONUS: Belladonna Sexual Explorer

Belladonna Sexual ExplorerSo the toys in question don’t actually get used here, but in scene 5 Dana DeArmond proudly shows off some of her favorites from her sex toy collection to the legendary Belladonna. Naturally there’s a Hitachi, but there’s also the massive Njoy Pure Plug 2.0 and Njoy Eleven. She also owns two Tantus dildos, including Hank.

Sex toys can be an iffy, unregulated business, and pretty much the only film media that they show up in is pornography. As an advocate for body safe toys made by companies focused on pleasure and sex positivity, it’s always welcome to see porn showing off toys from great companies like Njoy, Fucking Sculptures, Crystal Delights, and Tantus, to name a few.

Watch more porn for women featuring sex toys here on HotMoviesForHer!

Judy Hologram wants an Njoy Eleven so that she can keep it under her pillow and smash skulls if there’s ever a break-in. You can follow her on Twitter @JudyHologram and the rest of us @HotMoviesForHer.

Queer Ménage à Trois With Sophia St. James

Every once in a while, we have the great honor of welcoming a guest blogger into our smutty midst.  This time we have the delicious Sophia St. James on deck, offering up behind-the-scenes action, kinky info and interviews with fabulous industry folks.

For those of you not in the know, Sophia St. James may be a queer porn star, but that just scratches the surface.  She is also a queer femme, West Indian, curvy BBW, dominant, sassy,  gentle, a sex worker, erotic entertainer (stripper and burlesque performer), fashion/pin-up/glamour model, FemDom, porn starlet, event planner/promoter, mama, switch, daddy’s girl and slut with an insatiable hunger for all things sexual.  Quite an impressive identity/resume!  And to add one of my own, I’d like to say that Sophia is a total fox as well.

Our fantastic guest blogger kicks of her first post with a trio of interviews from within the queer porn world!

Menage a Trois is all about three sexy and desirable porn stars within their respective genres.  It is so hard to choose just one, so I figured why not have three stars to worship.  Besides, it’s more fun with three.

James Darling is one sex pot of a queer porn star.  He is based in Oakland and definitely has that Bay Area vibe.  I was recently in Vegas with James and had a chance to really get to know him better.

1.  How did you get your start in porn?

My first scene was for Crash Pad Series. My long distance lover at the time invited me to be part of a shoot and I happily accepted. I hopped on a Greyhound, traveled across the country and never looked back. I had no money, job, or place to live, but I couldn’t think of anything better than getting paid to fuck someone I was deeply attracted to in the way I like to have sex for a queer audience.

2.  What was the first porn you ever saw? Did that have a role into you becoming a porn star?

The first porn I remember watching besides scrambled stuff on the Spice channel was “Behind the Green Door” at a friend’s sleepover.  I was enthralled by the epically trippy slow motion cumshots.  I’ve have not gotten over my fetish for cum since.

3.  Who are the 3 top people in porn that you haven’t worked with but want to and why?

 I have a lot of crushes but I think it would be really awesome to work with 1) Aiden Starr, because she is a stone cold fox and she’s a very talented and creative Domme; 2) Brenn Wyson, I really enjoy his work on Kink Men sites.  If you’ve never seen his creepy janitor scenes they are really hot; 3) Danni Daniels, because she is the badass Grace Jones alien superstar of porn.

4.  If you weren’t making porn, what do you think you’d be doing?

Right now my “day job” is working at a porn company as production assistant.  Being a porn performer is mostly a hobby for me.  So I guess I would just find another hobby.  What do other people do? Collect stamps? Build model airplanes? Take up rock climbing?

5.   Who are the companies that you have worked for?

Crash Pad Series, Queerporn TV, Heavenly Spire, Bang My Tranny Ass, and Good Dyke Porn. I’ve also been in movies & other productions by Courtney Trouble, Dolores Park Studios, Madison Young, Buck Angel, and Tobi Hill Meyer. I’ve also directed my own content for other sites that has yet to be released.

6.  Bacon or sausage? Why?

As much as I love the steaming phallic nature of sausage, it kinda creeps me out. I do love bacon though!  I do not use bacon-flavored toothpaste by any means, but eating it the morning after an amazing sex is pretty amazing.

7.  When you were a little kiddo, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I went back and forth between wanting to be a rock star and wanting to be a veterinarian. Continue reading Queer Ménage à Trois With Sophia St. James