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The Authentic Lesbian Review: Unsung Black Porn Stars

When it comes to history and pointing out those who were instrumental in influencing and writing that history there are always going to be a few that get left out for one reason or another. When looking at black porn stars in the industry it hit us here in the office that there are so many actors and actresses out there that deserve at least a shout out, so we came up with a list of very influential black adult performers who just about everyone knows when they see them, but never quite obtained the mainstream household celebrity status like … Continue reading The Authentic Lesbian Review: Unsung Black Porn Stars

Top Five Tuesday – Lily LaBeau Lesbian Scenes

I’m not sure if you know this about me, but I’m a huge Lily LaBeau fan. She is fabulous in both girl-girl and hetero scenes. In all of the behind the scenes footage I’ve seen of her she seems like a totally sweet down-to-earth lady.  I was watching a short interview with her and her man, Danny Wylde, and it inspired to do my Top Five Tuesday post on this awesome porno star. Her Little Secret – I’m not going to lie, I’ve only ever watched the scene starring Lily and Marie Luv.  It’s freaking hot!  Lily is a receptionist … Continue reading Top Five Tuesday – Lily LaBeau Lesbian Scenes

Girl Pirates

Ahoy! First off, ye scallywags, September 19th be Talk Like A Pirate Day, so this here smut peddlar figured that it’d be a jolly good laugh to review a pirate-themed movie and throw in as much pirate talk as this matey can muster.  So hold on to yer peg leg, cause this sea is about to get choppy! Shiver me timbers, it’s a bloody shame that there aren’t more pornos about pirates.  I was hoping there’d be a least a few more to sink my sword into, though I am beyond thrilled that the land lubbers over at Loaded Digital offered … Continue reading Girl Pirates

Top Five Tuesday – Happy Part 4th of July!

Hello and Happy 4th of July! I searched high and low for decent 4th of July related pornos to keep you entertained, but sadly I couldn’t find anything worthy of your smut watching eyeballs. I couldn’t let this Top Five Tuesday go by without making some sort of XXX Independence Day tribute, so I decided to go with my favorite part/volume 4s from my favorite porno series. Aren’t I clever? Boundaries 4 – I love watching these hot lesbians push their limits and relinquish control.  All 3 scenes are super intense, but the last scene starring Claire Adams and Sandra … Continue reading Top Five Tuesday – Happy Part 4th of July!

Top Five Tuesday – James Deen

There is no denying that James Deen is totally the shit in porn these days. I’m not mad at him. I’m thankful in fact. He loves his job and he is good at it. He puts his whole self into all of his scenes and he is always sure to treat the ladies right. He loves making them feel good and that makes me happy. Also, I totally love LOVE that sweet innocent look he has that is totally mixed with pure freak! Sure, someone has a done a top 5 list of James Deen movies in the past, but … Continue reading Top Five Tuesday – James Deen

Top Five Tuesday – Tristan Taormino EduPorns!

A while back, we dedicated a Top Five Tuesday to everything Tristan Taormino, which, if you read, you know is amazing. Seriously, everything the woman touches turns to hot, sweaty, dirty gold. This morning while I was getting ready for work, I was thinking about what to feature for the Top Five today, and I realized that though I was coming up with a list of ideas, I kept going back to wanting to write specifically about Taormino’s educational flicks.  These amazing instructionals combine Tristan’s writings and sex education background with her fantastic film works, making them some of the … Continue reading Top Five Tuesday – Tristan Taormino EduPorns!

Intimate Invitations #10

This morning I was greeted with an open box of chocolates waving in front of my face.  The lovely ladies over at Triangle Films sent J.D. some delicious candy for the holidays.  Today’s review is dedicated to Triangle Films… and to eating chocolate for breakfast. I was pretty excited about the Misty Stone and Marie Luv match-up in scene 1.  Both are small with a powerhouse presence and a joy for sex that is recognized in every performance.  In this particular porno tale, Marie seeks the services of lawyer Misty in the midst of a nasty divorce.   Naturally, the complicated … Continue reading Intimate Invitations #10

Top Five Tuesday: Sex And Submission

Sex And Submission is definitely one of my most beloved series that I get the pleasure of reviewing. I love the kink, but most of all I love that I know that all of the performers are into it! Being tied and put through the ringer with ropes, gags, hot wax, whips electrosex toys (just to scratch the surface) is awesome, but only if you love it… only if you find pleasure in pain. Otherwise, it just plain sucks for you. Before each movie we find out what the performers are into and what their threshold of pain is. Afterwards … Continue reading Top Five Tuesday: Sex And Submission

James Deen Amateur Video – Marie Luv

James Deen and Marie Luv amateurs?  Not even a little bit.  I was taken back and confused at the thought of these two in an amateur movie and questioned what business James Deen had putting his name on anything of the sort. As I watched I totally got it.  It’s the way it is shot that makes it amateur.  That isn’t meant as an insult, it’s just what it is.  It’s filmed with a hand held camera, sometimes from James’s POV and sometimes the camera rests on the nightstand.  No fancy lighting, no bells, no whistles.  Just James Deen, Marie … Continue reading James Deen Amateur Video – Marie Luv

Sex and Submission 28 – Featuring Mark Davis and Marie Luv

I decided to go a tiny bit outside of my comfort zone with today’s review. Rough sex is involved, so this isn’t a total departure from my usual porno watching style, but the BDSM is the new and different part of this shin dig. Sex and Submission 28 starts out with a short interview with Marie Luv. We find out that she likes being dominated and has never been pushed to the limit when it comes to her pain threshold. She is excited about shooting the movie, and that makes all of the yummy punishment that much more enjoyable. We … Continue reading Sex and Submission 28 – Featuring Mark Davis and Marie Luv