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Buddy Wood’s – Kimber James

Watch the Video Studio: Grooby Productions Category: Transsexual – Gonzo I don’t watch a lot of M2F porn, but when I stumbled up on this “Transumentary” the other day, I was curious and couldn’t resist learning a little bit more about it’s star, Kimber James. Right off the bat we learn what Ms. James is packing underneath her skirt as the movie opens up with a JO scene. She’s got an amazing body that makes this girl a little jealous. The scene is pretty basic, but it’s a good intro to the movie’s star. My favorite scene was the fifth … Continue reading Buddy Wood’s – Kimber James

The Transgenerates!

Watch the Video Studio: Kim Christy Films Category: Kinky This one is for all of you who like to blur the lines of gender. Transgenerates is brought to us by Kim Christy Films, a company that has been making sexy queer porn for a very long time. I want to highlight the second scene, a forty-minute romp that ends with a great threesome featuring a bio girl, a bio guy, and a big-dick M2F who gives them both what they crave! These scenes are methodical. They’re always well acted and don’t rush the action at all. Another thing I really … Continue reading The Transgenerates!