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Cock Cakes and Marketing That Makes Sense – Link Love!

Happy Humpday!  Welcome to the midweek stretch.  I can’t believe we are already into February, but alas, we are firmly planted in 2013.  And as it is February, it’s still freezing in our little part of the world, though this past weekend Punxsutawney Phil, our beloved Pennsylvania groundhog, predicted that we should be seeing spring soon.  Woohoo!  I know I, for one, am so freaking ready to lose the winter coat and hat.  Anyway, let’s have an extra big celebration for both early spring and hump day action!  Let’s get to that Link Love goodness!

– It doesn’t matter how much you dress them up – a penis cake mold really only makes cakes that look like penises.  Sure, this is a cute alligator… but it’s clearly a wiener.

– This brand new idea for a silicone condom with a whole different structure is actually really awesome.  I wonder if anything will come of it? (via WSN)

– Ooooh. New York’s 10th Annual CineKink Film Fest is opening up on Feb. 27!  A “Decade of Decadence” – how exciting!

– Nerve hits 8 Important Milestones in “Female-Friendly” Porn. I can’t tell you how excited I am that they included the Beth Ditto issue of On Our Backs (an issue I still pull out of the bookshelf often)!

– On a sad note, gay porn performer Arpad Miklos was found dead on Monday evening in New York.  The 45-year-old apparently took his own life.  So sad.

– In happier news, we are so so glad that Ron Jeremy is recovering from his recent heart issues and doing well!

– Lastly, this is what happens when women are in control of how things are marketed to women.  Yep.

Hope this gets you through til the weekend!


Dirty Doorhandles and Safe Sex Superheros – Link Love!

Happy Humpday!  Welcome back to the midweek stretch.  It’s been a crazy few weeks here at HM4Her, so we haven’t had time to celebrate.  Thankfully this week we are here and ready to get our hump on – so let’s get to it with a little Link Love!

– These Viagra promos in China are seriously amazing.  Sure some folks might not want to grab a “cock” to open the door, but it’s awesome none the less.

– Call this a… creative attempted murder.  A Brazilian woman is being sued after she tried to kill her husband by putting poison in her vag and asking him to go down on her.  Wow.  I guess she gets points for originality??

– Sure, these vintage valentines started off totally innocent, but thanks to our pervy minds, they now say the filthiest things!  I love em!

– If it were up to me, all sex toys would have commercials featuring awesome stick figures.  That is all.

Safe sex superheros.  Just the phrase makes me happy.

Hope these get you through til the weekend!


Filthy Hand Jobs and Softcore Sex Tips – Link Love is Here!

Happy Humpday!  Welcome back to the midweek stretch.  It’s the first full week most of us have had in a while, so I’ll bet that it feels even longer than ever before.  Instead of going into a long intro blah blah blah, let’s just skip to the Link Love celebration, shall we?  You can’t say I never did anything nice for you…

– Chile has the right idea, putting sex toys in ads for things not related to sex toys.  I love it.

– Speaking of pairing the sexy with the not-so-sexy, the Fertile Earth Foundation recently put out a calendar for the new year… the 2013 Ladies of Manure calendar.  That’s right – hot women covered in various kinds of animal poop…

– One guy’s experience spending the day at Kink.com. This is from a few weeks back, but I thought it was a really interesting look at porn from a different view.

Holy sex workout routine.  I love that this writer sacrificed her own sex life for 2 weeks to give this sexercise business a whirl.  Journalistic integrity for the win!

– Returning to “journalistic integrity,” on Monday a Swedish live news show accidentally broadcast porn on a screen in the background of the telecast.  Ooops. I guess tv news can be educational.

– And lastly, College Humor offers us the Ten Sex Tips Learned From Softcore Porn.  See, hardcore can teach you so much more…

Hope this gets you through to the weekend.


Cheesy Porn and Bad Sex Songs – Link Love for the New Year!

Happy Humpday!  Welcome back to the midweek stretch.  Alright people, the holidays are officially over and today is the day that most folks are back at their desks and in it to win it for the long haul.  Thankfully this week is only a few days long, so instead of looking longingly back at the last few weeks of relaxation, let’s keep our sights on how awesome this new year is going to be and start it off right with a little celebratory Link Love action!

– Sex sells pretty much anything, including food.  So soft porn to advertise soft cheese – genius!

– Now, this gives “sending your love through the mail” a whole new meaning. Gearing up for her latest movie, the tentatively titled “Semen Collection 2,” Japanese porn star Uta Kohaku asked her twitter fans to support the cause and donate their own fluids to be included in the movie.  Within 10 days, the star collected more than 100 plastic bottled filled with sperm.  It really is amazing how social media can connect the world.

– According to new research from British toy store, Lovehoney, it looks like 3/4ths of Brits enjoyed more (and hotter) sex in 2012 – and for many, the whole 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon is to thank.

– And speaking of those cheeky Brits, take a look at this awesome guide to Downton Abbey erotica.  ps. It really is such a good show!

– And now for something totally different – Joanna Angel’s year in review, a picture post.

– HuffPo gave us their Best and Worst Moments In Sex In 2012.  Oooof, I forgot about some of these…

– And lastly,  Taryn Southern busts out an anthem for terrible hookups.


Hope this gets you through to the weekend.


Sexy Sweater and Talkin’ Bout Sex – Link Love!

Happy Humpday!  Welcome back to the midweek stretch. Now that December is actually here, we are officially in the thick of the holiday season.  Who’s ready to celebrate the hump holiday style?  This dude is begging for some Link Love!

– Best Christmas sweater ever!

– So, Octomom Nadya Suleman’s porno has been nominated for a few AVN awards, including Best Celebrity Sex Tape. Wow… just wow.  And of course she plans to be at the awards ceremony.  Is it just me, or do we live in a really bizarre society where a woman who ignores medical advice and has 8 bebes at once then goes off and wins porn awards.  I mean, sure, moms are sexual folks and there is nothing wrong with porn, but the whole story put together is kind of nutty bananas.

-Oooooh, scientists are finally studying anal sex and all the taboo treats that go along with it.

– California Home + Design Magazine take us on a tour inside Kink.com’s armory and gives us a little behind-the-scenes on the smutty set construction and dressing.  This is a seriously awesome article.

– Speaking of Kink.com, guess who is offering sex education workshops featuring live demos from porn stars?  As an sex educator myself, I think this is an awesome idea.  Not only does it help visual learners (like myself) understand the material on a deeper level, but it brings sex education back to a sexy realm that gets folks in the mood to do a little homework.  It’s such a smart idea that most sex educators aren’t able to employ due to professional practice standards, stigma, or plain old fear of being considered a sex worker.  I won’t go into a long rant about this all, but just know that I give two thumbs up to Kink of doing this.

– And lastly, a new documentary, Subjectified, gets young women to talk about sex.  Check out the trailer.

Orgasm & Masturbation clip from Subjectified: Nine Young Women Talk about Sex from Melissa Tapper Goldman on Vimeo.

Hope this gets you through to the weekend!


Indecent (Long) Exposure and Vivid Says ‘Thanks’ – Link Love!

Happy Humpday!  Welcome back to the midweek stretch.  It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been at the helm of Link Love, what with having to leave work early one week and Thanksgiving the next week.  Busy times here at HM4Her, and it’s only gonna get busier as we get into the holiday season.  But before the spirit of the season gets too crazy, let’s take a moment to celebrate the small things in life… like how exciting it is to get to humpday and know that from here on out, the next few days are the downslide into the weekend.  And what better way to celebrate than with a little Link Love!

– While it may not look like it, in fact, the person in this picture is naked as a jay bird.  Pretty crazy, huh? This long exposure photography by Japanese artist Shinichi Maruyama is amazing.

– A new study reports that, contrary to popular belief, porn actresses are not just damaged people.  Also, this awesome article features commentary from some of our favorite stars.

– Speaking of porn stars, Interview Magazine recently took on porn’s boy next door, James Deen.  Yum.

– Just in time for the holiday shopping extravaganza that we are about to embark on – how to give naughty presents.  I hope you are taking notes…

– And lastly, Steven Hirsch and Vivid have a little message for the folks who voted yes on Measure B.

Hope this gets you through to the weekend!


Link Love – Pig Bladder Condoms and PETA vs. Pubes

Wife reads 50 Shades, Divorces Bubby Via Jezebel

Hello and welcome to the mid-week stretch!  J.D. left a little early today and frighteningly enough, she left me in charge of this week’s Link Love.  While it is absolutely impossible to fill her shoes, I’m going to do my best to give you a few links to brighten up your hump day.  As my partner in porn (not like that) would say, I hope this gets you through until the weekend… or something.

Wife Reads 50 Shades Of Grey, Divorces Husband For Not Being Erotic Enough from Jezebel (photo).

Some early condoms were made out of pig bladders, while others were as thick as bicycle tires and smelled of sulfur.  Great, now I’m all turned on.  Check out this 4 minute Huff Post Science video on the history of condoms!

People Magazine named Channing Tatum The Sexiest Man Alive.  As far as I’m concerned beauty (and sexiness) is in the eye of the beholder, but did you see his moves in, what I call my guilty pleasure, Magic Mike?  Damn!  Go ahead and judge me.

Amanda Palmer is pissed about PETA’s latest ad.  In an anti-animal fur fight, they managed to cross a line with their “Fur trim: Unattractive” stance.  Here is a little of what Amanda had to say: “…you’re implying that pubic hair that shows/grows “outside the pantyline” (which is normal/natural for the vast majority of us gals) is “unattractive”….this is the kind of shit Gillette and Nair would pull to hock product…”

Candida Royale (feminist pornographer), Gail Dines, David Loftus and a handful of other opinionated folks debated the question, ‘Should Pornography Come Out Of The Closet’ in The New York Times Opinion Pages.

“We’re going to be—to be crude, you have women being pounded by large or above-average-size penises for a nonstandard amount of time. For hours. From anywhere from 30 minutes to up to three hours or more. So now you add latex into that, the ultimate probability of friction burn, vaginal and anal tears, and things like that. And when you’re dealing with something with an 87 percent safety rate, you’re going to now have a higher probability of transmitting any sort of STD or STI because you now have more issues in addition to that … if I’m going to go do a condom-only scene, and my fellow performer is not tested.” –Part of what James Deen has to say about why Measure B is bad for the porn industry in The Frisky.


Commander-in-Chief Cock and Hot Vegetables – Link Love is here!

Happy Humpday!  Welcome back to the midweek stretch. It’s only halfway through the work week and already most of the country is burned out on how stressful the last few days have been with the election.  I know I, for one, was up until the wee hours of the morning, glued to the television and computer, waiting for results.  While I won’t get into politics here, I will say that we at HM4Her are pretty excited and ready to celebrate this beginning of 4 more years with a little Link Love action!

– Don’t forget, you can still order the original Head O State Obama Dildo from the last erection… I mean election.  You can get Democratic Blue or Presidential Gold!  Fancy!!

– Speaking of sex toy representation of real people, did you see this new Just-in Beaver love doll. Woah, right?  Welcome to the world of being legal, little Biebs!

A fisting themed bed and breakfast?  Be still my aching… heart!  That is the most awesome thing ever!  Must rethink honeymoon plans to include France…

– We are disappointed that Measure B passed in Los Angeles, requiring condom use in porn.  This awesome article helps illustrate what the industry does to regulate itself and why Measure B is unneeded.  Very interesting read!

– And lastly, I never thought veggies were that sexy, but maybe PETA has a point…

Hope this get you through til the weekend!


Cocky Costumes and Porno PSAs – Link Love is Here

Happy Humpday!  Welcome back to the midweek stretch.  It’s one week from Halloween and I know I, for one, could not be more excited about it.  Sure, I have no idea what I’m going to do for a costume or anything like that, but I have to tell you – reviewing horror porn for the week coming up to Halloween is something I look forward to every year.  And we are finally here!  Woohoo!  So let’s use that added excitement to pump our Humpday celebration up even bigger. Let’s get to the Link Love!

– While there are a bevy of “sexy” costumes for ladies, we can’t forget that the costume industry markets an equally appalling set of sex-themed costumes to men.  Oh man, if I saw a dude dressed like a dick, that’s exactly what I’d think he is.

– What’s the best way to make sure your partner doesn’t stray, even after you kick the bucket?  Have an exact replica of your vagina chiseled into your headstone, just like Milena Marinkovic of Serbia did when she died.  Apparently it wasn’t all that easy for her husband Milan to fulfill her last wish, as many sculptors he asked considered it to be blasphemy, but finally the deed was done, and Milan could not be happier.  Who needs ’til death do us part’ when you’ve got a stone-carved snatch?

Forbes interviewed Sonny “Smutcutter” Malone, one of the few female porno movie editors, and we think both the interview and the woman are awesome!  More women need to be behind the porno camera!

– Speaking of awesome ladies in the industry, take a look at The Frisky’s gallery of 6 pioneering female porn stars!

– Would you like a try at James Deen’s dick?  Now’s your chance, as his cock is coming out in dildo form!  Check out his intverview on XBIZ TV!

– While this blow job cock ring is most definitely a huge miss, the commentary offered on the picture is one of the funniest things I’ve read all week. Nice work, Screwy Sex Toys!

– On the topic of comments, there is a hilarious new twitter account for the best porno comments!

– Lastly, check out this ‘Vote No on Measure B’ video starring Tera Patrick and Ron Jeremy.  And yeah, Jezebel may be right about it being the least sexy thing you’ll see all day, but it does get the point across…

Hope this gets you through til the weekend!


Fun With Phallic Photos and A Look At The Canyons – Link Love!

Happy Humpday!  Welcome back to the midweek stretch.  Wednesday has returned with a bevy of awesome links to get you through til the weekend.  Check ’em out in this week’s Link Love!

– While I am a 30 year old woman in reality, the fact that I find this hilarious may be an indication to the fact that I am perpetually a teenage boy in some regards…

– James Deen and Nina Hartley talk turkey on how porn sex is the safest sex in the face of Measure B, the ballot initiative that would require porn stars to use condoms.

– The Frisky calls bullshit on some of the more extreme sex positions.

– Speaking of sexy positions, check out this hilarious list of would be Positions Found in
The Kama Sutra for Midwesterners on McSweeny’s Lists.

– College Humor asks – can you get through these pictures without feeling weird?  I know I can’t.

– And lastly, we finally get a peek at The Canyons, the new Bret Easton Ellis mainstream flick with Lindsay Lohan and porno’s own James Deen!

Hope this helps make the week fly by!