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Hot Toy Reviews: MONA 2

When I received the LELO MONA 2, I was extremely, extremely excited. I’d always gone to sex shops and looked longingly in the glass case where the most precious of vibrators were kept, and now I had one of my very own to review. The LELO MONA 2 comes packaged in a fairly large box that holds a smaller, sexier black box inside it. Once you lift the lid off the black box, the MONA 2 is nestled comfortably in a velvety liner. The MONA 2 comes in 3 colors-purple, “cerise” (aka pink), and red. I was lucky enough to … Continue reading Hot Toy Reviews: MONA 2

Hot Toy Reviews: LELO Hula Beads

I remember it well; Janie told us that we were going to be doing more sex toy reviews, and my eyes began to glisten with excitement. She went downstairs, and came back a short while later with that sleek black box tucked under her arm. She dropped it in my lap, and I squealed with delight, upsetting the guys from GayHotMovies.com. It was LELO Hula Beads, which I mixed up with their Luna Beads for a hot second, my brain screaming, “My pelvic floor muscles are going to be able to crush a soda can!” Regardless, I tore into the … Continue reading Hot Toy Reviews: LELO Hula Beads

Lelo Siri

I tend to fall in love with Lelo’s products as soon as I get my hands on them.  They always feel so good – the silicone parts are soft, the plastic parts are sleek and the toys are light weight, delicate and sturdy all at the same time.  They are fancy shmancy (no sarcasm intended).  The Siri absolutely fell into this category. The Siri is a mouse size massager that fits nicely in the palm of your hand.  It is made from ABS plastic with one end dipped in silicone.  It is 3.75 inches long and 1.85 inches wide.  It … Continue reading Lelo Siri

XXX Gift Guide

Just in case any of you are living in a cave, the holiday season is officially here. There are so many great things to look forward to, but if you’re anything like me, you’re way behind in your shopping. I absolutely love finding the perfect gift for my friends and family, but I abhor the mobs of shoppers I’m bound to encounter if I leave the house between now and 2011. For the past few years I’ve done a ton of online shopping and read a lot of blogger’s guides for suggestions. Since we’re lucky enough to review tons of … Continue reading XXX Gift Guide

LELO’s Soraya

As I’ve gotten a bit older, I’ve noticed that my tastes have begun to change. While I still have a D.I.Y., rough-around-the-edges sensibility, I’ve started realizing that you really do get what you pay for – and that a little luxury goes a long way. The tiny piece of high-end heaven that has entered my life as of recent is a piece in sex toy superstar LELO’s newest line of quality vibes, the Insignia collection. Featuring three beautiful new vibrators – the outside-only, clit-focused Alia; the deeply penetrating Isla; and the star of this review – the dual action delight … Continue reading LELO’s Soraya

Link Love!

Happy Humpday!  Welcome back to the mid-week stretch.  It’s finally May – the most wonderful month of the year!  Well, at least to me.  The warm weather, blooming buds and ability to drink outside in the sunshine again has me feeling wonderful and longing for the weekends.  So let’s make these next few days fly by with a little link lovin’! – After a stint on the rumor mill, it’s finally official – Lindsay Lohan as signed on to play ’70s porn star Linda Lovelace in a new independent movie about the Deep Throat performer.  I guess they saw her … Continue reading Link Love!


Let me just come out and say that I have been lusting after Lelo’s Gigi for at least a year. I’ve read so many good things about this little rechargeable vibe and I super love Lelo, so I just had to get my hands on my very own! Thanks to Babeland, I can now cross another toy off my wish list because I am now the proud owner of this high-end vibrator. I hate to do this, but the best way to start off describing the Gigi is to say it’s freaking adorable. At 6.5 inches long (4.5 insertable) it … Continue reading Gigi

Gee, Baby. It’s Cold Outside – Winter Giveaway!

There’s no denying that winter is officially here, but thankfully we’ve teamed up with our friends at babeland.com to make sure your extra curricular activities in the bedroom don’t cool down one bit! That’s right, we’re giving away Lelo’s Liv – a super fancy vibe that one lucky reader will win in our random drawing. The petite powerhouse Liv vibrator by Lelo proves you don’t have to sacrifice quality and elegance for a travel-ready toy. An elegant silicone body houses a powerful motor with five different vibration programs. Holds a charge for two hours. Includes gift box, user manual, charger, … Continue reading Gee, Baby. It’s Cold Outside – Winter Giveaway!

Luna pleasure bead system

If you’ve ever picked up an issue of Cosmo, you know what kegel exercises are and why they’re super important. I’ve previously used wand style exercisers, but until I received the Luna Pleasure Bead System I’d never tried Ben Wa style balls before. Ben Wa balls, for those of you who are unfamiliar, are small spheres that are inserted into your vagina to help strengthen the PC muscles. This kit comes with two sets of balls – the pink weigh 28 grams and the blue 37. They are placed into a silicone girdle in any combination and then inserted. The … Continue reading Luna pleasure bead system


I was a little surprised the first time I saw the Ella, a relatively new product from luxury company Lelo. Every toy I have by them is a super high-end vibe and this little double ended dildo didn’t seem to quite fit in. I mean, don’t get me wrong, this is an amazing toy of the highest quality, but they seemed to be pretty focused on vibrators. Fortunately for the masses, they have branched out a bit because this pleasure object is really great. It’s made out of super sweet silicone and Lelo definitely had a woman’s body in mind … Continue reading Ella