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Hot Toy Reviews: MONA 2

All images courtesy of LELO

When I received the LELO MONA 2, I was extremely, extremely excited. I’d always gone to sex shops and looked longingly in the glass case where the most precious of vibrators were kept, and now I had one of my very own to review. The LELO MONA 2 comes packaged in a fairly large box that holds a smaller, sexier black box inside it. Once you lift the lid off the black box, the MONA 2 is nestled comfortably in a velvety liner.

The MONA 2 comes in 3 colors-purple, “cerise” (aka pink), and red. I was lucky enough to get the red one, which conveniently matches all of my bedroom décor as it is now a staple on my nightstand. One of the most convenient or inconvenient features of the MONA 2, depending on how organized of a person you are, is that it is a rechargeable toy. I’ve used the MONA 2 often enough to know the crushing disappointment that occurs when you’re halfway to climax and the vibration shutters to a sudden halt, all because I forgot to charge it in a while. Fumbling around in the dark for the charger with my phone flashlight has become an annoying aspect of my bedtime routine, but I digress. The MONA 2 comes with its own silky drawstring pouch for discreet safekeeping and a sample of LELO brand lubricant, which I still have yet to try.


On the topic of lube, I found the MONA 2 to be pretty damn impossible to insert without it. Maybe I’m just impatient, but when I want to get off I tend not to bother romancing myself beforehand. Yes, the matte finish silicone is heavenly smooth to the touch, and the curvature of the toy is a natural fit for G-spot stimulation, but something about the width of the head was just a little too big for me to manage on my own. With some handy dandy lubricant and a little patience, however, I was ready to enjoy what @JudyHologram referred to as the “Holy Grail of vibrators.”

The MONA 2 has 6 varying vibration modes, all whisper-quiet. So quiet, in fact, that I’ve been able to use the MONA 2 while my boyfriend slept soundly next to me, and he was none the wiser. The diameter measures 1.5 in circumference at its widest point, and the length is an easily manageable 4.3 inches. The curved head of the MONA 2 rested snugly on my G-spot and once I chose the vibration pattern that most suited me, the climax was inevitable and face-flushingly radiant.

While both of these things are wonderful, I don't recommend storing your sex toys and baked goods in the same place
While both of these things are wonderful, I don’t recommend storing your sex toys and baked goods in the same place

So start saving up, because this luxury vibrator costs $139-but trust me, it’s worth it. If you crave a toy that penetrates and stimulates at just the right angles, the MONA 2 is a must-have. Just make sure you stock up on lube and keep this bad boy charged, and you’re in for a real treat!

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Hot Toy Reviews: LELO Hula Beads

Image courtesy of LELO
Image courtesy of LELO

I remember it well; Janie told us that we were going to be doing more sex toy reviews, and my eyes began to glisten with excitement. She went downstairs, and came back a short while later with that sleek black box tucked under her arm. She dropped it in my lap, and I squealed with delight, upsetting the guys from GayHotMovies.com.

It was LELO Hula Beads, which I mixed up with their Luna Beads for a hot second, my brain screaming, “My pelvic floor muscles are going to be able to crush a soda can!” Regardless, I tore into the box like a virgin on prom night, taking out those Hula Beads right in the middle of our office’s conference room. The GayHotMovies boys watched as I reverently held up my first ever LELO toy, admiring its silky smooth silicone, oohing and ahhing as I turned it on and watched it rotate and felt its rumbly vibrations.

One happy hour later I was rushing back to my thankfully empty apartment. I unpacked the box in my kitchen, threw batteries into the Sense Motion remote, and gave the user’s manual a quick read through. And then, hands trembling, I turned on the beads and the remote and pushed the beads all the way into my vagina, small end first, and…

And then I stood there, waiting. The smaller, rotating orb of the Hula Beads is supposed to stimulate your G-Spot, and yet I felt nothing from that. At all. Even when I clenched my PC muscles around it, still nothing. All I could feel was the vibrations of the larger orb, and not even in any sort of pleasurable way; more like a large bee had gotten trapped at the opening of my vagina and was demanding to be set free. It was just annoying because, you know, that’s not where my clit is.

Still, I shambled off to the shower (walking like both my legs were broken because the beads were constantly threatening to wiggle out of my vagina,) determined to discover what I was missing. I was hoping that I’d become aroused and start to feel some sort of enjoyment while I washed my hair, but no, I simply became more and more annoyed. I even tried taking the beads out and using the rotating orb as a bullet vibe, but that was pretty useless as well. Eventually I put them back inside myself and masturbated to a hard earned, yet very bittersweet orgasm.

What the hell, man? This was a LELO toy! It’s from the Cadillac of sex toy companies! Why wasn’t I rolling around on my kitchen floor and frightening my neighbors the second the Hula Beads were in my vagina? I consulted the packaging and LELO’s website, which espouses how the Hula Beads can be used so many ways! So many!

So over the next two weeks, I retried them. So. Many. Ways. Half way in my vagina. All the way in my vagina. Big orb first. Small end first. While having a dude eat my pussy. Standing. Sitting. Laying down. I even took them out a night on the town and had my friends work the Sense Motion remote control. That was probably the worst. The Hula Beads have a delayed reaction to the remote, which has to be within about a foot and a half of your pelvis to continue to work. I tried to stare at hipster boy and lumbersexual asses at the bar to turn myself on. Nothing worked. All I could feel was that angry bee buzzing around at the opening of my vagina.

The only time that I kind of sort of enjoyed the Hula Beads was when they were inserted all the way in me, small end first, while I lay on my back and either masturbated my clit or had the aforementioned dude eat me out. In that case, the Hula Beads provided a little extra feeling of fullness, and the rumbly vibrations traveled through my back vaginal wall and into my ass, which was kind of nice. Kind of. Not really nice, and certainly not $169 nice.

Sorry y’all, but I am of the opinion that if you’re going to spend $169 on a sex toy, it should make you cum so hard that you have time to fist bump God on your way back down. Hula Beads are not made for orgasms. In fact, I’m not entirely sure what they’re made for, and I don’t think LELO knows either. If you’re going to drop this kind of cash on a sex toy, get one that actually serves a purpose and manages to accomplish its task very well.

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Lelo Siri

I tend to fall in love with Lelo’s products as soon as I get my hands on them.  They always feel so good – the silicone parts are soft, the plastic parts are sleek and the toys are light weight, delicate and sturdy all at the same time.  They are fancy shmancy (no sarcasm intended).  The Siri absolutely fell into this category.

Lelo Siri

The Siri is a mouse size massager that fits nicely in the palm of your hand.  It is made from ABS plastic with one end dipped in silicone.  It is 3.75 inches long and 1.85 inches wide.  It is super quite and stays powered up for 4 hours after a 2 hour charge.  The perfect size for clitoral and all over stimulation.

The vibration levels go from super low to fairly high intensity.  I wouldn’t say it gets as intense the (overly) buzzy pocket rocket, but it is definitely enough to satisfy those that like a good bit of buzz.  I found that the midlevel vibration had just enough kick to get me right where I needed to be.  Pink Lelo SiriIf you’re into different patterns, you have 6 to choose from.  That isn’t really how I roll, but I checked them out and found that were fun for a bit of tease time.

Cleaning is as simple as wiping down with 10% bleach solution (or cleaner)… nothing too intense.

The only minus with this one was the packaging.  Why you slippin’, Lelo?  The Siri still comes with a black storage box, but it was incased in thin plastic that was also surrounded by cardboard.  You have to rip the cardboard to get to the goods.  I’m not sure who was in charge when THAT was created. Regardless, you can still store the Siri in the box, but it rolls around instead of having a nice contoured holder to rest in.  There are definitely worse things in the world!

Overall, the Siri is an awesome vibrator.  It packs as much or as little punch as you want, is body safe and simple to use.  Love!  Oh yeah, it’s a great addition to intercourse, dildo time and strap on play.




XXX Gift Guide

Just in case any of you are living in a cave, the holiday season is officially here. There are so many great things to look forward to, but if you’re anything like me, you’re way behind in your shopping. I absolutely love finding the perfect gift for my friends and family, but I abhor the mobs of shoppers I’m bound to encounter if I leave the house between now and 2011. For the past few years I’ve done a ton of online shopping and read a lot of blogger’s guides for suggestions.

Since we’re lucky enough to review tons of great products (not to mention the crap we never highlight) we thought it would be useful to put together an official HotMoviesforHer.com XXX Gift Guide. What follows is a collection of items we love and often give as gifts ourselves!

Form 3: I haven’t had a chance to review JimmyJane’s Form 3 officially yet, but I freaking love it! I think it’s a really great couples vibe and the perfect gift for those of you looking to splurge a bit. The Form 3 is made from body-safe silicone, rechargeable and I love the intimacy of the thin silicone that allows you to direct the vibration with your fingers instead of keeping an inch of sex toy between you and your partner.

I’ll review it fully in the near future, but I couldn’t pass up the chance to recommend it here because it’s one of my favorites of 2010!

Lube!! Lube is a great stocking stuffer and I’ve highlighted a bunch of great stuff this year. Here are my favorites!

Pink Lemonade Swirl
Sliquid Organics Natural Gel
Pure Aqua

Babeland Bondage Tape If you’re on a budget this year and looking for something a little kinky, you can’t go wrong with a roll of this stuff! It doesn’t catch on hair, skin or clothing, so it’s perfect for blindfolds, gags or binding your partners wrists. It’s really only limited by your imagination!
Iconic Smoothie: I don’t think it’s too shocking to anyone that there are two JimmyJane toys on this list.  Pretty much everything they touch turns to delicious gold – even old school hard plastic vibe that’s stood the test of time since they started making modern vibrators specifically for lady bits.  This all-white, straight shot shaft did more for me that most of the bells and whistles laden toys I tested this year, thrusting it firmly to the top of my list.  And at only $20, it practically buys itself.  Plus the packaging is perfect at making this affordable vibe look like a big-ticket buy.
Topsy Turvy: Sex toy or sculptural showpiece for the mantle – you decide.  This curvy glass toy is just as perfect for display as it is for super hot romps around the bedroom.  Added bonuses include top notch temperature play, a heft that helps it zone in on the g-spot and the a fabulous bulb at the bottom that doubles as an easy-to-use handle.  All those features, as well as being phthalate-free, shatter-proof and super easy to clean bring this sexy toy to the top of my 2010 list!  Plus, how amazing would this beautiful dildo look underneath the tree?
Soraya by LELO: While everything they do is pretty much genius, high-end sex toy makers LELO has seriously topped themselves with their ultra luxe Insignia line.  The line features three vibes (all different styles), but the one that stood out that I just needed to review was the dual action Soraya.  Made of the highest quality silicone and ABS plastic, this full water-proof, rechargeable toy rocks two motors that function separately and 8 different vibration modes.  I really loved that you can turn off the shaft buzzing, yet still keep the clit going super strong.  I give this vibe two thumbs up just for that!  Oh and Soraya comes with a special Insignia logo brooch that is elegant enough to pair with fancy duds – which means you can bring the memory of your dirtiest play time with you wherever you go!

Give Santa a run for his money this year and stock up on the gifts people really want!

-The Ladies of HM4Her

LELO’s Soraya

As I’ve gotten a bit older, I’ve noticed that my tastes have begun to change. While I still have a D.I.Y., rough-around-the-edges sensibility, I’ve started realizing that you really do get what you pay for – and that a little luxury goes a long way.

The tiny piece of high-end heaven that has entered my life as of recent is a piece in sex toy superstar LELO’s newest line of quality vibes, the Insignia collection. Featuring three beautiful new vibrators – the outside-only, clit-focused Alia; the deeply penetrating Isla; and the star of this review – the dual action delight that is Soraya, this latest winning collection from LELO is the perfect mix of form, function and fucking mind-blowing orgasms.

When I first spoke with LELO, they asked which Insignia vibe I was interested in reviewing and without a single hesitation as I was all about the Soraya. Designed to please, this twice-the-fun toy is all over the penetration with a nice long shaft (approx. 6” insertable), all the while never lacking anything in the clit department, featuring a long, thin nub that fits in between the inner labia perfectly and rests just right against the your clit. Such a win! Continue reading LELO’s Soraya

Link Love!

Happy Humpday!  Welcome back to the mid-week stretch.  It’s finally May – the most wonderful month of the year!  Well, at least to me.  The warm weather, blooming buds and ability to drink outside in the sunshine again has me feeling wonderful and longing for the weekends.  So let’s make these next few days fly by with a little link lovin’!

– After a stint on the rumor mill, it’s finally official – Lindsay Lohan as signed on to play ’70s porn star Linda Lovelace in a new independent movie about the Deep Throat performer.  I guess they saw her Untrue Hollywood Story and decided it was meant to be. (via Jezebel)

A NYC gyno is working with sex toy company LELO to offer their products to patients who wish to improve their sexual well-being.  According to LELO, Dr.Andrew Scheinfeld is the first doc to offered their patients good quality, upscale toys.  So, lemme get this straight – a doctor that deals with the physical body is offering something that will help women with their physical sexuality… revolutionary. Continue reading Link Love!


Let me just come out and say that I have been lusting after Lelo’s Gigi for at least a year. I’ve read so many good things about this little rechargeable vibe and I super love Lelo, so I just had to get my hands on my very own! Thanks to Babeland, I can now cross another toy off my wish list because I am now the proud owner of this high-end vibrator.

I hate to do this, but the best way to start off describing the Gigi is to say it’s freaking adorable. At 6.5 inches long (4.5 insertable) it fits in the palm of my hand quite nicely and the 3.5 inch diameter is a great for newbies who are trying to get to their g-spot, not train for the DP Olympics. The most notable thing about this vibrator is head, which is designed to seek out your g-spot without much effort.

The insertable end is made from medical grade silicone and can be sterilized by wiping it down with a 10 percent bleach solution. It’s quite firm and very smooth, which when combined with the diminutive size and some water-based lube, makes insertion a breeze. The flatish head also makes it great for external stimulation because it’s really easy to focus the vibrations wherever you’d like.

I’ve used this toy a bunch of different ways already and see myself reaching for it often. Whether I’m using it for g-spot massage or clitoral stimulation combined with my Pure Wand, it’s pretty damn awesome.

Like all Lelo toys, the Gigi comes with a couple of storage options. I keep mine in the fancy black box that provides storage space for the charger underneath the tray, but there is also a white satin pouch if you prefer something that takes up a little less space.

My only complaint would have to be the control panel. This toy is operated by a single round button that has an X on it to help guide you. Press the left and right buttons you scroll through the seven speeds – the up and down buttons take you through the five function buttons. It seems pretty simple, but I have changed the function when I’ve wanted to change the speed enough times to mention it here. Of course, it is complicated even further when you factor in lube…

Despite that one small issue, this is still a really great vibe. It’s perfect for those of you who are just starting out with g-spot stimulation because it really takes all of the guess work out of it. I’m guessing those of you with a lot of toy experience don’t really need me to convince you that this is a great toy – you probably know enough about Lelo to have figured that out!

Get your own Gigi
– it’s currently on sale but the low price won’t last!

Gee, Baby. It’s Cold Outside – Winter Giveaway!

There’s no denying that winter is officially here, but thankfully we’ve teamed up with our friends at babeland.com to make sure your extra curricular activities in the bedroom don’t cool down one bit! That’s right, we’re giving away Lelo’s Liv – a super fancy vibe that one lucky reader will win in our random drawing.

The petite powerhouse Liv vibrator by Lelo proves you don’t have to sacrifice quality and elegance for a travel-ready toy. An elegant silicone body houses a powerful motor with five different vibration programs. Holds a charge for two hours. Includes gift box, user manual, charger, satin pouch, and 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

It’s silicone, rechargeable and comes with a warranty – what more could you ask for?

I’m sure you’re wondering how you can enter this fantastic giveaway. It’s simple, all you need to do is leave us a comment on this post sharing a sexy tip for staying warm this winter and we’ll enter your name in our drawing.

PLUS, if you follow us on twitter and retweet the following after commenting, you’ll earn an extra raffle ticket and increase your chances of winning:

RT @HotMovies4Her is giving away Lelo’s Liv thanks to @Babeland_Toys check it out http://bit.ly/7zroV7

Unfortunately, the contest is limited to our readers who live within the continental US. Sorry. Only comments left before noon (east coast time) this Friday, December 11th will be included in our drawing. Also, please make sure you leave us a way to contact you!

Luna pleasure bead system

If you’ve ever picked up an issue of Cosmo, you know what kegel exercises are and why they’re super important. I’ve previously used wand style exercisers, but until I received the Luna Pleasure Bead System I’d never tried Ben Wa style balls before.

Ben Wa balls, for those of you who are unfamiliar, are small spheres that are inserted into your vagina to help strengthen the PC muscles. This kit comes with two sets of balls – the pink weigh 28 grams and the blue 37. They are placed into a silicone girdle in any combination and then inserted. The weighted balls in each sphere then do their magic by shifting and forcing your muscles to work to keep them in place.

In my opinion, this Lelo set is an upgrade over traditional Ben Wa balls for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that it’s made out of body safe materials. The girdle is out of silicone and can be sterilized and the spheres are made out of phthalate-free plastic. The second is that Lelo provides you with two sets of balls that allow you to constantly change your workout. A diverse workout is important no matter what muscles you are focusing on!

So far, I’m pretty impressed with my experiences by the Luna System. I started by using both pink balls and have to admit it was a little unusual at first. I decided to wear them and then go on with my day and as the balls shifted I was definitely aware of them. I started by doing dishes and while I was a little distracted at first, by the time I was done I was definitely digging it and found myself a little turned on! While I haven’t dared to wear them out of the house yet, I’m looking forward to going out on a dirty little adventure…

Of course, after just a couple of weeks of use, I can’t really come out and say how well they have worked to strengthen my PC muscle. I think I’ve noticed a difference, but not sure if that’s just wishful thinking. Like any other workout, I’ll have to stick with this to see positive effects, both short and long term.

Of course, Lelo has packaged this set in a lovely black box that’s perfect for storage. They’ve also included a satin bag that’s really handy for travel.

Kegel exercises are really important, especially for women who are pregnant or a little bit older, and the Luna Pleasure Bead System is a great way to make sure you’re keeping in tip top shape!

Work it out with the Luna pleasure bead system!


I was a little surprised the first time I saw the Ella, a relatively new product from luxury company Lelo. Every toy I have by them is a super high-end vibe and this little double ended dildo didn’t seem to quite fit in. I mean, don’t get me wrong, this is an amazing toy of the highest quality, but they seemed to be pretty focused on vibrators.

Fortunately for the masses, they have branched out a bit because this pleasure object is really great. It’s made out of super sweet silicone and Lelo definitely had a woman’s body in mind when the designed it’s perfect g-spot curve. For those of you who are interested, the other end is more of a standard straight dildo that feels really great also and is really nice for teasing or thrusting!

Like all of my other Lelo toys, the Ella comes in a really nice black box that is perfect for storage. If you’re running out of storage space like me, they’ve also provided a white satin bag as an alternative. Also included are information on the one-year warranty (!) and an instruction manual that warns against silicone lube and offers maintenance information.

The brilliant minds at Lelo suggest you use this dildo with a vibe, and while I would have thought of it eventually, I made sure I had one of my favorite vibes right next to me when I took this one for a test ride. Let me tell you, this baby finds it’s way right to your g-spot without any effort and the silicone transfers vibration really well. After a couple of test runs – solo and with the girl – I am really digging this toy.

However, for the record, this toy is not your traditional double-ended dong. When I read that, I assumed it would be enough for two people to use at the same time. It’s not. In fact, at just seven inches long with a 1 ¼ inch diameter, it’s pretty small.

Knowing that, if you are a fan of toys that have a little more girth, this is probably not the toy for you. I personally think it’s so well designed that size doesn’t matter much, but it’s something you should definitely be aware of. One nice thing for me about the shape and size is that the g-spot end makes for a nice handle and it’s a nice toy for anal play. Just be wary of your grip so it doesn’t get lost and you don’t end up spending a night in the ER! You should also make sure you sterilize it using the usual methods before using it vaginally again!

Overall, I’m really impressed with the Lelo Ella and will admit that it’s right at the top of my toy list with the Pure Wand. It doesn’t have the heft of my steel bff, but it is pretty amazing for g-spot stim.

Add Lelo’s Ella to your toy collection today!