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Kinky Fantasy Club Review

The latest addition to Severe Sexs line of kink-inspired humor is Kinky Fantasy Club. Imagine if the comedies you’re used to watching took on BDSM as a plot device, then you would have Kinky Fantasy Club. Like many popular “bro comedies,” our four main male characters all have different relationships with their partners and each one of them has a significant problem. What if there were a place to go to where you got what you needed from your romantic partner without repercussions? These guys find out what happens when they get what they wish for.

The Characters:

Dominik Kross & Ela Darling: Ela and Dominik are a married couple that seem to get along on the surface. The movie opens with Ela giving Dominik a jaw-tiring blowjob. Dominik is into it, but whenever he closes his eyes all he can see are two enormous breasts jiggling. When Dominik lets slip that he wants to see her “bouncing while she rides him,” Ela realizes he’s fantasizing about big tits again and she’s had enough. Ela likes her boobs the way they are (rightfully so), and she’s not changing her body for anyone.

Tommy Pistol & Casey Calvert: Tommy is waiting for his wife to come home so they can go out to a nice dinner together. He decides to kick back and put his feet up on the ottoman like any normal person would do. When his wife Casey comes through the door after another one of her exhausting shopping trips, Tommy is immediately scolded for putting his feet on her new furniture and then has to listen to his wife describe all the expensive shit she bought while they’re $50,000 in credit card debt! To add insult to injury, Casey says she is too exhausted from shopping to go to dinner with him. She also says that he could get a better job to pay for all of her new items if he weren’t such a loser.

Tony Orlando & Charlotte Cross: Tony loves nothing more than a good G/G/B threesome, and he’s in the middle of watching a steamy one from Forbidden Fruits Films on HotMovies.com! When his girlfriend Charlotte walks in and sees Tony jerking off to porn instead of helping her around the house, she’s hurt that he didn’t ask her to join him. When Charlotte realizes Tony’s watching a threesome video, he reveals that one of his deepest fantasies is to share a threesome with her. Disgusted and hurt, Charlotte promises that will never happen.

Brad Knight: Brad is a single guy living by himself. He’s good friends with Dominik, Tommy, and Tony, but doesn’t have a lot in common with them. He gets a call that his buddies are in the doghouse, and they all decide to have a night on the town.

Boy’s Night Out

Kira Noir: When the guys arrive at the strip club, they’re greeted by Kira, one of the club’s gorgeous, fit dancers. This girl’s got moves for days.

Lily Cade: Lily is an employee at the strip club and not someone to mess with, as Tony will see in his fantasy.

Kiki D’Aire: Just because Kiki is a bartender at a strip club doesn’t mean she’s available for a private dance. When Dominik tries to touch her tits, she puts him in his place. Later, Kiki and Kira pour the rowdy men a shot of their special tequila, which transports the guys into fantasy land.

So long, suckers!

Dominik’s Fantasy

Alura Jensen: Dominik’s fantasy lands him in a room with his dream girl, ostensibly. Alura is a beautiful blonde with a huge rack just like Dominik likes them. However, Alura has plans of her own. If Dominik wants to suck on those luscious titties, he’s going to have to perform a series of tricks for her. Dominik soon finds out that his love of big-breasted women has gotten him into severe trouble.

Tony’s Fantasy

Tony awakens to see his girlfriend Charlotte in the embraces of another woman. She looks quite similar to the employee at the bar he got in an altercation with earlier that night. When Charlotte tells him that she’s ready to have a threesome with him, Tony is super excited, but when he looks down he sees that his dick is in chastity! Instead of the hot threesome he’d always dreamed of, he is bound to a chair, gagged, and made to watch Lily Cade cuckold him.

Tommy’s Fantasy

In his waking life, Tommy is constantly humiliated by his wife, but in this reality he’s finally the one in charge. Revenge is sweet, and Tommy’s retribution comes in the form of some very sexy BDSM play.

Brad’s Fantasy

Brad, being the only nice guy of the group, finds himself struggling to figure out if his incredible encounter with Kira Noir is a fantasy or reality. Do not miss Kira going down on Brad while suspended from her stripper pole.


Definitely watch what happens after these fantasies come to completion. You get to know the characters pretty well via their fantasies, and everyone seems to get what they deserve.

Bonus Scenes

Check out behind-the-scenes interviews with director Dee Severe, Casey Calvert, Kira Noir, and Charlotte Cross, as well as an extended blowjob scene with Ela Darling and Dominik Kross, as well as Kira’s full strip-tease.

Watch Kinky Fantasy Club now on HotMoviesforHer.com!

A Day in the Life of Kiki D’Aire

We’ve been covering random days of porn stars’ lives for a couple of months now, but I honestly don’t know if we’ve ever seen someone as busy as Kiki D’Aire, at least not the day she was due to report! This hot mama drove all around LA County and almost ran out of gas. Sorry, Kiki! Slip inside a day with her as we continue our Day in the Life series with our legendary lady of sultry screen.

8:29am: I wake up.  Wonder why I’m awake this early.  Fall back asleep.

9:50am: Wake back up to see boyfriend on computer across from me.  Obviously not feeling this awake stuff.  Boyfriend makes me coffee.

10am: Text my teenager to get up.  Still laying in bed.  Start drinking coffee.  Coffee made with Almond milk and Stevia.  YUCK. Give it back to boyfriend.

10:15am: Morning sex.

11am: Throw on clothes and run out the door to pick up teenager.

11:10am: Walk up to kiddo sitting on my patio smoking a cigarette.  He’s ready, thank God.  Informs me after helping me move boxes from Agoura Hills to Westlake Village that I need to take him to Thousand Oaks so he can go back to work.  Great.

11:30am: Quick lunch at Mcdonald’s.  Don’t judge…I took the extra bread off my horrible-for-me sandwich.

11:50am:  Pull up at produce stand.  Buy 4 bags worth of fresh veggies for groceries for kiddo.

12:35pm: Arrive at my friend’s place to move last of product from a company he is selling to another friend. I’m way late. Crap.

12:40pm: Begin loading both of cars with the last run left over from all the moving on Saturday.

1pm: All loaded. Caravan over to the storage unit.

1:20pm: Arrive at storage unit and begin loading carts.

1:45pm: Send my one friend home as everything is on carts and kiddo and I finish moving the boxes.

2pm: Headed out to Thousand Oaks.  First stop Target.

2:30pm:  In Target getting lunch groceries for kiddo.  Sandwhich stuff.  Water.  Monster.

3pm: On way to best friend’s place.

3:15pm:  Arrive at Lisa’s.  Carry everything in and put it away.  Plug dead phone in.  Hang with her mom for a bit as Lisa and kiddo went over to store.

4pm: Let Jp know I won’t be by on my way home to get bunny I agreed to take.

5pm: get home.  Check stats on clips4sale.com/22109 and upload a new clip.

5:30pm:  Finally get in the shower.  Wash hair.

6pm: Run over to boyfriend’s place.  Do my makeup.  Realize I forgot my blazer

6:30pm:  Get in my car and realize boyfriend left no less than a quarter tank  in my car.  GGGGRRRRRRR.  No time to get gas, hope I can  make it to meeting on time and without stopping.

6:40pm:  Arrive home.  Run in and grab blazer.

6:47pm:  Get back in car.  Fight traffic downtown.

7:23pm: Pull into destination for biz meeting.  Valet car.  Made it with a few minutes to spare.  Beeline for bathroom for lipgloss and shoe change.

7:30pm: meeting begins

8:34pm: meeting is over.  Went well. I walk over to Flemings and treat myself to a couple appetizers and a couple glasses of wine.

10:10pm: Walk over and get car out of valet. Head to gas station.  Put $20 in.

10:25pm: Get on freeway.  Gonna meet boyfriend at Sardos for Psk [editor’s note: this is Porn Star Karaoke].

10:47pm:  Hello, Sardos.

1:30am: home and to bed.

Luckily, our girl Kiki not only tweets but tumbls! Follow more of her there, check out her work here, and let us know who you wanna see next. Wanna wanna wanna.