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Kinky Fantasy Club Review

The latest addition to Severe Sex’s line of kink-inspired humor is Kinky Fantasy Club. Imagine if the comedies you’re used to watching took on BDSM as a plot device, then you would have Kinky Fantasy Club. Like many popular “bro comedies,” our four main male characters all have different relationships with their partners and each one of them has a significant problem. What if there were a place to go to where you got what you needed from your romantic partner without repercussions? These guys find out what happens when they get what they wish for. The Characters: Dominik Kross … Continue reading Kinky Fantasy Club Review

A Day in the Life of Kiki D’Aire

We’ve been covering random days of porn stars’ lives for a couple of months now, but I honestly don’t know if we’ve ever seen someone as busy as Kiki D’Aire, at least not the day she was due to report! This hot mama drove all around LA County and almost ran out of gas. Sorry, Kiki! Slip inside a day with her as we continue our Day in the Life series with our legendary lady of sultry screen. 8:29am: I wake up.  Wonder why I’m awake this early.  Fall back asleep. 9:50am: Wake back up to see boyfriend on computer … Continue reading A Day in the Life of Kiki D’Aire