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U.K. Porn Ban

Last month, a bill in the United Kingdom passed which requires internet service providers to block websites that provide “non-conventional” porn acts as defined by the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC). While “non-conventional” isn’t entirely defined within the bill, most sources report that videos (or pictures) that depict spanking or any impact play that leaves marks, urine, or female ejaculation fall into the loosely defined “non-conventional” category. Besides being a bit Orwellian and possibly foreshadowing some repercussions in the States (I’m looking at you South Carolina-no digital device is gonna block my porn!), not allowing spanking that leaves marks … Continue reading U.K. Porn Ban

Porn Gave Me Butt Pride

I am not a size 2 or 4. Hell, I don’t even think all the Crisco in the world could slide my right ankle into either size. I’m of an average size on top but situated below my waist and at the top of my thighs sits my big, fat, gloriously impressive ASS. It’s only been in the last 4-5 years that I have truly come to learn that my butt is not a burden, rather it’s a sexual goldmine and it’s all MINE. Having a big ass and hating it is pretty expected with the amount of crappy body-hating … Continue reading Porn Gave Me Butt Pride

Clerks XXX – A Porn Parody

While it may not seem like it on the surface, porn parodies are actually a multi-layered experience.  Sure, they can get you off, but they can also offer up a less charged and scary way for people to engage with porn, and they can draw out memories that you totally forgot surrounding movies and shows you watched long ago.  Take Clerks XXX – A Porn Parody, for instance.  It’s been a minute since I even thought about the movie Clerks, let alone watched it, but lo and behold, the minute I saw this parody in the recently added, all of … Continue reading Clerks XXX – A Porn Parody

Belladonna: No Warning 6 (Disc 1)

I can always count on Belladonna to make the hottest, most brutal girl on girl pornos ever.  There is something so totally hot about about watching super femme ladies wrestle and fuck each other hard.  Especially when it is done proper on a wrestling mat.  There’s nothing wrong with cheering and yelling “damn girl” while watching porno.  There just isn’t. Adrianna Nicole totally owns Kelly Devine in scene 1.  Adrianna brings Kelly straight down to the ground and proceeds to play the bongo drums on her breasts before pulling them out of her leotard.  Weaving in and out of pretzel-like … Continue reading Belladonna: No Warning 6 (Disc 1)