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The Authentic Lesbian Review: Cops Gone Wild

Cops Gone Wild CoverFan favorite Lily Cade is back in action as Officer Cade in a HotMoviesforHer exclusive and it is glorious! L.A.’s most corrupt law enforcer is in full effect and taking no days off, vowing to keep the streets we hold so dear to our hearts safe from crime with her legendary chase downs, house calls, and of course my personal favorite, the cavity searches! There’s nothing like spending a day with OC, and from the very beginning you’ll be entertained by everything from her going on and on about paper work and how she doesn’t lose it, to the FBI launching an internal affairs investigation into her methods, and the handy cam camera work that makes you feel like you’re watching a real episode of COPS. I know I’m completely biased being the huge Officer Cade fan girl that I am (how could you not be after watching Fuck The Police!?), but seriously, the awesomeness was not spared on this one.

Scene 1 – Lily Cade & Bella Rossi


Immediately Officer Cade starts spitting the using rhetoric about how TV glorifies the job when really it isn’t that glamorous, how a majority of it is paperwork (I come from a family of police officers and I can assure you this complaint is real), and how she’s nothing but dedicated to keeping the public safe from crime. I’m already eating this bullshit like a bowl of fruity pebbles on a Saturday morning, but my favorite is when she claims to wear a wedding ring to keep men and distractions away. Now I’m no stranger to Officer Cade so I already know the last thing she’s trying to do is avoid distractions, but I’m more than willing to play along. As she’s laying out the list of offenses she usually encounters, “crime happens,” and Cade and an extremely out of shape camera person (queue the heavy breathing) are chasing Bella Rossi’s fine ass. Now, she was obviously doing something wrong because she ran and then briefly tries to bribe the officer of the law into letting her go, but without a doubt Cade breaks all types of laws in dealing with the criminal. She points out a no trespassing sign and decides that’s what she’s going to book Bella on, but not before telling her to strip so she can be searched for “other crimes.”


Of course, assuming the position comes after the clothes are fully off and she even made Bella cough. I love every second so far! As you can tell from the picture above Cade has more in store for this minor criminal. She starts fondling and fingering Bella and at this point you hardly hear any complaints about the search. Officer Cade makes Bella stand up against some rusted gate and begins pulling her hair while continuing to finger her pussy. The corruption mixed with Bella’s moaning is almost too much to handle, but then Cade walks out of camera range, obviously with something more in store as she says “don’t move or I’ll have to arrest you for uh…moving violation,” and poor helpless Bella is standing there all naked and vulnerable telling herself “do what you gotta do to stay out of prison.” I can’t lie, there was a moment of sadness but when Cade steps back in the picture, still fully uniformed, but with a blue strap sticking out of her pants, all that sentiment went up in smoke because shit is about to get real!


Bella apologizes for failing to stay on the trail while Officer Cade pulls her ponytail and pounds away at her pussy doggy style. I love how aggressive Cade is with Bella throughout this interaction. Rights are being violated all across the board so no sense in being sweet and gentle about shit. My favorite part of the scene is when Cade slaps her captive’s pussy and wraps a belt around her neck for extra effect. It’s obvious Bella loves every minute of Cade’s display of power as she practically begs for more, and something about the abuse of authority is a huge turn on…judge me, I’m okay with it. Cade makes Bella get down on all fours in the dirt, which was dirty and hot, and then Bella makes the fatal mistake…she kisses Cade, immediately bringing the unruly officer back to her senses and the entire ordeal to a screeching halt, and in true Officer Cade fashion, she STILL takes the girl down to booking to be jailed for who knows how long. Don’t worry though, Cade was “nice” (her words) and let Bella put her clothes back on.


Scene 2 – Lily Cade & Daisy Ducati

2Daisy Ducati is sexy as fuck and she brings a ton of energy to every scene I’ve ever watched featuring her, so I couldn’t wait for this one to unfold. Officer Cade is out and about creepily checking bushes on her beat when she decides to do a house call on a paroled druggie. When Daisy opens the door you can tell she’s ready for some bullshit, and that’s exactly what she gets. First, Cade tells her the place is junky (it totally is), second, she literally checks everywhere for drugs and ends up taking an unopened bottle of wine as a gift in the process, and third, she refuses to accept that my boo Daisy isn’t hiding any drugs despite turning everything inside out looking for some, so she sets her eyes on a big ass container of Morton salt. That’s right, Officer Cade is either convinced the salt is actually cocaine or she’ll create any excuse to violate a (newly) law abiding citizen.

3Before we get to all that rough sexiness you see up there, what unfolds is one of the least sexy fantasy cavity searches ever created. Our diligent officer is so thorough I thought I was permanently down for the count as she searched Daisy’s ass, mouth, and underarms…what the fuck can you hide in your underarms? Whatever the answer is, Cade wasn’t happy when she didn’t find it so of course the internal search is next, and this is where things really start to get fun. OC wastes no time getting her fingers all up in Daisy’s twat after cuffing her and again, the aggressiveness was just as nice as the fact that Daisy took that shit like a pro. Even as Cade is threatening her with memories of prison and cracking lesbian prison jokes while going HAM on her pussy, Daisy remains relatively cool, in character, and sexy as hell! The ass slapping was especially intense and the accompanying screams sent me flying over the edge with no brakes. Cade goes on a real power trip when she makes the still cuffed druggie get on her knees and lick her boots, but the non-sexual highlight is when OC spreads out a line of salt, snorts the shit and then is all like “Yeah, that’s Morton’s.” I yelled “no shit Sherlock” at the screen like I was watching a real episode of COPS. The whole experience was great!

4I still have no idea how this shit down here happens all the time, but Daisy ends up cuddled up next to Cade as the law enforcing menace decides to let her keep her freedom, but only on the condition that she clean her place up before the next house visit.


Scene 3 – Kara Price & Bella Rossi


Bella is booked from Cade’s antics in scene 1 and waiting on a lawyer when in walks FBI Special Agent Kara Price. Price explains to inmate sexy pants (yup, that’s what I call her now) that the FBI has launched an investigation into Officer Cade and her methods due to more than a few complaints from multiple women, including Bella herself. Agent Price asks Bella to explain, in specific detail, what happened when she was arrested by Officer Cade, and this is where shit gets sooooooo fucked up…but in a good, slightly creepy way!


As you can see, Price isn’t just satisfied with Bella explaining what happened with her words. Instead, she needs to make sure she completely understands exactly what went down, which means reenacting the entire thing. You can see the skepticism on Bella’s face, but this might be her only hope to get out, so she goes along with it. Price bends her over, trying to match Cade’s aggressiveness, and fingers her before eating her out. Bella gets on her knees and demonstrates how she gave Cade a blowjob, but this time it’s on Price’s clit and her reaction makes the scene incredibly hot. She’s trying to keep track of her questions and take notes at the same time but all of that goes out the window quickly as moves Bella’s hands to let her know she wants to be fingered and completely loses control of her body. Her eyes roll back in her head a few times and I can’t help but send my silent props to Bella! Eating pussy is a talent and apparently Bella’s been blessed with it because Price can’t wait to return the favor and get her hand and mouth back on Bella’s body.


Special Agent Price takes a minute to put her panties and pants back on, looks for form 72-A (paperwork!), and then goes to town on Bella’s pussy. She gets down on her knees while Bella stands, and there’s no doubt she’s a woman on a mission this time. She asks specifics about Cade’s behavior in order to mimic it and gets Bella’s reaction. Bella admits she came during her and Cade’s encounter and that seems to just propel Price even more. After she’s satisfied, she instructs Bella to get dressed and tells her there’s nothing she can really do for her (I told you this was fucked up!), but she can tell Bella is a good girl. She makes sure to throw in a “be well” before getting the hell out of there and poor, once again violated Bella is just sitting there with the I got played AGAIN face.


Scene 4 – Kara Price

1This scene is really just a confirmation that Special Agent Kara Price is a dorky work-a-holic who rarely gets laid because she’s more worried about climbing the corporate ladder. With a constant supply of chocolate to stuff in her mouth, she proceeds to tell us all about her fancy educational background and how she’s a medical doctor and all this other bullshit that explains why she was so damn horny with Bella. There’s no doubt in my mind she’s a nerd who’s had most of her sexual experiences while reading books. She decides it’s time to review the tape from Bella and Officer Cade’s encounter, and when she does the freak is immediately let loose! She can’t keep her hands off her body and after watching how Cade used the belt on Bella, she grabs it out of the evidence bag and rubs it against her clit before inserting it into her pussy and later wrapping it around her own neck.


Solo is solo, so there isn’t really much to describe action-wise with this scene, but the energy Price brings along with her freakiness is amazing! She stays in character and sells the hell out of it while keeping the sex appeal alive. At one point she turns over and puts one leg in the air, putting that nice ass on display, and spanks herself with the belt before fingering herself into another orgasm. After regaining her composure, she makes a phone call and asks for a favor from one of her co-workers. She wants a flashy car, something really over the top, that’ll get her noticed by Cade. Of course her colleague thinks she’s trying to bait and catch Cade, which she is, but definitely not to put her in jail or punish her in any way. The smirk she gives at the end makes me hope there’s a part 2!


Watch Cops Gone Wild right here and let us know what you think in the comments below. Until next time follow me on Twitter @authenticlezz1 and the gal gang @hotmoviesforher!

Dana Vespoli’s Slammin’ Girls

Dana Vespoli’s Slammin’ Girls from Filly Films has been on my list of pornos to review for a long time.  Since I only have a handful of reviews to write before my time here at HotMoviesForHer comes to an end, I might as well get it in.  I mean, I’m excited about my career change and all, but I’d be crazy not to take advantage of getting paid to watch porno until the very last second.

Dana Vespoli's Slammin' GirlsOne of the most inviting things about this lesbian flick is scene 1 starring Sinn Sage and Dani Daniels.  Who doesn’t love alliteration, right?  They’re two of my top performers, but not it isn’t just because of their names.  They’re awesome performers who truly love fucking for the camera.  Here Sinn and Dani are playing a game of cards when Dani gets caught cheating.  This does not sit well Sinn who decides to take it out on DD’s pussy and ass.  Man, I hope I’m lucky enough to piss Sinn Sage off one day!  She bends Dani over the table and proceeds to work her her tight puss.  Needless to say, Dani doesn’t put up a fight and the ladies devour each other whole.  Sinn smothers Dani’s welcoming face and they both use their mouths to please the other.  The scene finishes with some tribbing (vagina to vagina stimulation) and a shuttering orgasm from Sinn Sage.  Yes!

Scene 2 stars Dana Vespoli herself with her psycho stalker, Kara Price.  The opening of the scene borders on disturbing, but totally speaks to the pervert in me.  Dana catches Kara in her house and pulls a gun on her which quickly turns into a struggle.  The two wrestle and eventually give in to their girl boners.  Kara knows how horny Dana is because she watches her masturbate all day.  Dana doesn’t argue and takes the tongue lashings along with everything else Kara has to offer.  The surprise ending is awesome!  As it turns out, this is a little game they play.  The whole scenario was set up!

The rest of the scenes in Dana Vespoli’s Slammin’ Girls start with conflict and end with awesome sex.  The scenarios are fun and add a little something different.  15 thumbs up.

Watch Dana Vespoli’s Slammin’ Girls now!

Belladonna: No Warning 6 (Disc 1)

I can always count on Belladonna to make the hottest, most brutal girl on girl pornos ever.  There is something so totally hot about about watching super femme ladies wrestle and fuck each other hard.  Especially when it is done proper on a wrestling mat.  There’s nothing wrong with cheering and yelling “damn girl” while watching porno.  There just isn’t.

Belladonna: No Warning 6 (Disc 1)Adrianna Nicole totally owns Kelly Devine in scene 1.  Adrianna brings Kelly straight down to the ground and proceeds to play the bongo drums on her breasts before pulling them out of her leotard.  Weaving in and out of pretzel-like positions,  Adrianna makes her way to Kelly’s pile driven pussy and ass.  She never complains and only asks for more.  Adrianna’s foot finds her way to Kelly’s holes as well.  So kinky.  Eventually, Miss Devine gets her turn between Adrianna’s legs for a much gentler fucking.  Adrianna definitely dominates here.

If you’re into blonde on blonde action, you definitely need to sink your teeth into scene 2.  Lea Lexis puts Sammie Rhodes through hell and it is amazing.  They both look great rolling around on the mat with their pony tails swinging.  With similar makeup and hair styles, they look nearly identical which is creepishly hot.  Lea’s Romanian accent is a total turn on and adds to her authoritative-ness.  A few toys get to know the inside of Sammie’s Ass, including the Eleven and a big brass Knuckles Butt Plug from Burning Angel.  These are not small toys! The two get down with the tribbing and Lea gets off on Sammie’s mouth.  So hot!

Scene 3 starring Sinn Sage and Kara Price is totally hardcore.  Kara talks a lot of shit, but Sinn has no problem shutting her up.  She rides Kara’s face and it is glorious!

If you like rough girl on girl fucking, you’ve found the right movie.  That is all.

Watch Belladonna: No Warning 6 (Disc 1) now!



Lily Cade’s Strap It On

It hasn’t been long since I last reviewed a Filly Films movie, but I wanted to make up for the whole Locked Up debacle (didn’t love it).  Plus, Lily Cade’s Strap It On looked too good to refuse.  I love me some girl-girl strap on sex and I’m pretty sure Lily Cade knows a thing or two about using such equipment.

Lily Cade's Strap it OnIn scene 1  Lily Cade is photographing a couple of ladies who just don’t have the fire and passion that she is looking for.  She steps in to show them how it’s done and what do you know?  A hot lesbian threesome ensues.  There is tons of pre-sexin’ strap on play that involves Lily working her magic on both girlies.  There isn’t any fake porno fucking here.  Lily takes her time and gets their lady juices flowing like crazy with her magical fingers and tongue.  About halfway through the scene, Lily leaves and returns wearing the strapped on cock.  Both girls get proper fucked.  I so love watching Lily bang Katie O’Riley from behind while her face is buried between Sierra Day‘s legs.

While Lily Cade worked it out in Scene 1, I was really impressed with Kara Price‘s skills in scene 2.  She truly wore the dildo as if it were an extension of her own body.  She grips up Abby Darling and works her dick in and out of her with super powerful thrusts and some seriously intense passion.  She remains in complete control of the cock and Abby’s body during the entire scene.  I love a woman that takes charge and stays in charge.

Wow. This Filly Films flick definitely reassured me that these folks churn out some really great lesbian porno.  These ladies have had their fair share of practice with strap on dildos, which makes all the difference.  Everyone has to start somewhere, but if you’re in my porno, you better have worked your way up in the ranks.

Watch Lily Cade’s Strap It On now!