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The Authentic Lesbian Review: Cops Gone Wild

Fan favorite Lily Cade is back in action as Officer Cade in a HotMoviesforHer exclusive and it is glorious! L.A.’s most corrupt law enforcer is in full effect and taking no days off, vowing to keep the streets we hold so dear to our hearts safe from crime with her legendary chase downs, house calls, and of course my personal favorite, the cavity searches! There’s nothing like spending a day with OC, and from the very beginning you’ll be entertained by everything from her going on and on about paper work and how she doesn’t lose it, to the FBI … Continue reading The Authentic Lesbian Review: Cops Gone Wild

Dana Vespoli’s Slammin’ Girls

Dana Vespoli’s Slammin’ Girls from Filly Films has been on my list of pornos to review for a long time.  Since I only have a handful of reviews to write before my time here at HotMoviesForHer comes to an end, I might as well get it in.  I mean, I’m excited about my career change and all, but I’d be crazy not to take advantage of getting paid to watch porno until the very last second. One of the most inviting things about this lesbian flick is scene 1 starring Sinn Sage and Dani Daniels.  Who doesn’t love alliteration, right?  … Continue reading Dana Vespoli’s Slammin’ Girls

Belladonna: No Warning 6 (Disc 1)

I can always count on Belladonna to make the hottest, most brutal girl on girl pornos ever.  There is something so totally hot about about watching super femme ladies wrestle and fuck each other hard.  Especially when it is done proper on a wrestling mat.  There’s nothing wrong with cheering and yelling “damn girl” while watching porno.  There just isn’t. Adrianna Nicole totally owns Kelly Devine in scene 1.  Adrianna brings Kelly straight down to the ground and proceeds to play the bongo drums on her breasts before pulling them out of her leotard.  Weaving in and out of pretzel-like … Continue reading Belladonna: No Warning 6 (Disc 1)

Lily Cade’s Strap It On

It hasn’t been long since I last reviewed a Filly Films movie, but I wanted to make up for the whole Locked Up debacle (didn’t love it).  Plus, Lily Cade’s Strap It On looked too good to refuse.  I love me some girl-girl strap on sex and I’m pretty sure Lily Cade knows a thing or two about using such equipment. In scene 1  Lily Cade is photographing a couple of ladies who just don’t have the fire and passion that she is looking for.  She steps in to show them how it’s done and what do you know?  A … Continue reading Lily Cade’s Strap It On