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And Now Fake Lesbians Watch Lesbian Porn…Morning Quickie for Monday

After last week’s viral video of “Real Lesbians React to Lesbian Porn”, the lesbian studio Juicy Pink Box unleashed their own answer to that, a YouTube vid called “Fake Lesbians React to Real Lesbian Porn”. It’s pretty hilarious, in a sarcastic, overly obvious way, since it’s stuffed with stereotypes.

A Slate journalist has posed a question to the masses: Is monogamous sex boring for women? And he’s seriously asking you. He’s writing a book about what women want, and is asking for you to write in and tell him (pertaining to monogamy). Unfortunately, any answers of pornographic nature are prohibited.

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Do you consider Jesse Eisenberg a jerk? This interviewer does, after sitting him down to talk his new movie and it goes so badly you consider outing it for a fake. It’s definitely awkward, and interviewer Romina even blogged about how she felt humiliated by Eisenberg. I thought he was funny, and she was a little strange, but I’ll have you watch it and you can determine for yourself.

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Not all Irishmen are gifted with imbibing. At least not when drinking is combined with doing some amateur gymnastics. This dude wants to stand on his head while drinking a pint. Not surprisingly, it ended up not being a great idea.

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It’s Monday morning, and it’s raining here in Philly, and you probably hate both of those things. But I love the rain. So when I saw this gorgeous photo collection of rain scenes with a title honoring The Crow (“It Can’t Rain All The Time”), I decided to pass it on.

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Top Five Movies I Want To Watch!

Reviewing porno is a tricky business.  For every movie that I choose to watch, there are three others that catch my eye but must fall to the wayside for that day.  And, of course, because I am my scatter-brained self, I totally forget that they are even there in the first place.  That’s right – ! have an overabundance of awesome porn to watch.  Woe is me, right?  Anyway, to remind myself of all the fantastic newer movies I need to check out, I am making the list into a Top Five Tuesday of Movies I Want To Watch so that you can take a look as well and let me know if these are movies that I need to review right away.  Comment away!

 – I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not really sure what to expect from April Flores World.  From the screen shots it looks like a collection of various kinds of scenes, focusing more on interviews and behind-the-scenes action, with a little masturbation and sex thrown in as well.  I got an email from April giving me a heads up that it’s very different that the other movies that she and her pornographer husband, Carlos Batts, have made and that it is a more artistic film featuring her personality more than her sexual expression. 

As much as I LOVE me some Belladonna and her footie delights, it was actually Ginger Leigh that pointed out that I should include this on the list.  I had originally picked a different movie which ended up being one that I had actually reviewed (a nod to the aforementioned scatter-brain), so I went looking for another title and Ginger offered up this one, as she reviewed it and loved it.  So on the list it goes!  Thanks Gingie!
 T-Wood Pictures gives us another super sexy trans masculine movie chock full of some of the steamiest screen grabs I’ve seen in a minute.  I did a quick scan through this flick a few weeks back when we got it in so that I could post some really delicious pictures and a free clip.  I also called it a “transman-sterpeice,” which I think not only is hilarious, but really says it all.  Thanks T-Wood, you never let me down!
Star Wars XXX – A Porn Parody (Disc 1) While I totally refuse to watch this movie until I see the actual Star Wars from the ’70s (yeah, I know, I can’t believe it either), I am so curious to see how they parody one of the most famous movies of all time. I’m sure there are a ton of awesome effects and costumes included with the super hot sexy action that  brings to the screen.  It’s only a plus that the movie’s roster offers up a ton of the hottest names in porn.  Can’t wait!  
I had been hearing great things about Juicy Pink Box way before we started offering their movies and was happy to hop on the  bandwagon as soon as their titles hit our site.  While I’ve totally enjoyed each of the movies I’ve watched, I really cannot believe I haven’t checked this one out yet.  I mean, c’mon, it won a Feminist Porn Award this year for Hottest Lesbian Vignette.  I have got to get on the ball with this hotness!!

Take a look and let me know what to review first!



I don’t know about anyone else, but man, I love me some therapy!  I am a firm supporter of keeping mental health healthy and I think that every single person could benefit from some form of therapy.  Though I may never have had the inclination to strip down and jerk off during my own sessions (what was that about therapeutic relationship boundaries??), in porno anything is possible.

Unlike other masturbation movies I’ve watched, Therapy brings this amazing added element of spoken erotic storytelling that leads to the performers getting themselves hot and bothered.  It’s an exciting and totally hot addition that really moves this title to the top of my masturbation movie picks.   Well, that and the fact that it is beautifully shot and super high quality.  I love the minimalist backdrop and simplicity of the set, which is just one padded lounge.  Though I need to interject and mention how awesome the lounge is – very stylized and modern, without being too cold or sterile.  What can I say, I watch so much porn that I can’t help but take note of the furniture…

One of the things I like best about this movie is that the scenes are the perfect length for me.  Each solo scene is about 10-15 minutes long.  While some folks love a longer scene, I like that these ones are just enough time to get both a story and a mind-blowing orgasm out of each performer.  Nothing ever feels rushed or too fast-paced for me; it’s just the opposite actually, and I am relieved to not have the scenes drag on.

The actual jerk off action is super sexy and sensual. The performers take their clothing off slowly and take their time touching their bodies tenderly in anticipation of the pleasure.  As much as I like the whole thing, there are a few parts that confuse me a little – such as the fact that one woman is pretty much dressed as a superhero and it’s never mentioned (there are actually a bunch of random outfits), and that the performer named Laura is most definitely Dylan Ryan in a wig.  I’m into it all, but it definitely has me scratching my head.

I’ve been hearing about the entity of Girlfriends Films that is Juicy Pink Box for a while and I have to say that I am so happy that all of the rumors are true – these movies are stellar.

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Taxi Vol. 1 – Scene 3

We are now up to scene 3 of Taxi Vol. 1 and I couldn’t be happier.  I have been looking forward to getting my eyeballs on Sir Stirling and those green underpants for quite some time.  Zoe, who I am seeing for the first time, rocks my face as well.  This butch femme match-up is totally awesome.

Taxi Vol. 1 - Scene 2No talking is necessary here.  I like adding my own story line to a porno.  There is nothing wrong using your imagination!  I sensed a little nervousness at first.  It wasn’t overtly obvious, but there was just a little something in both performers’ eyes – sort of like when you have sex with someone for the first time that you’ve been eying up for for a long time.  You’re excited, you know you got skills, but what do they like?  It added a realness to the scene that I enjoyed, but the two became quite confident in minutes.

The sex is totally intense and these two are quite the visually stunning pair.  I love Sterling’s ginger-androgony and Zoe’s .  There was a moment that I thought was going to be super awkward, but ended up being a uniquely hot.  Zoe sits up and reaches for Sterling who is behind her.  Sir Sterling lifts themselves up so Zoe can get to their goods.  It turns out to be quite nice and sterling gets to show off their strong upper body.  Yay for porno surprises!

I loved watching performers who I had never really seen before.  They will make a nice addition to my spank bank and I will be watching this scene on my own time.

Watch Taxi Vol. 1 now!



Taxi Vol. 1 – Scene 2

Man, that Ginger Leigh is a smart cookie!  Last week she came up with the brilliant idea to review  scene-by-scene, meaning that we get to spend more time with each scene, savoring the hotness.  It also means that we both get to have a whack at the movie (pun totally intended), and give you our opinions.  Ginger kicked us off with scene one, featuring and , and I get to indulge in scene two, starring  again, with .  Yum!

LICK starts out with Madison and Justine hanging out in the back of the taxi, getting their make out on.  I barely recognized Justine Joli with longer, straightened hair.  I’m so used to seeing her with short, curly hair that I paused the movie and checked the performers listed for the scene a second time. Yep, it’s Justine Joli!  Both Justine and Madison are women that truly love sleeping with women.  Individually they are performers that light up the screen with whoever they are fucking, which only means that together they exude a  chemistry hot enough to set that cab on fire!

The pair starts off slowly, taking their time kissing and caressing each other.  They are both dressed to the nines in cute dresses, so I’m glad that they stick around for a few minutes.  But really, it is only a few minutes before Joli is out of her dress, with her tits ready to be licked.  I love the way that this scene is shot, with the camera staying mostly stationary in the middle of the screen.  Sure, sometimes the performers’ heads are cut off, but it makes the whole thing feel so gritty and raw.  I also really enjoyed hearing other cars drive by and having the women illuminated by their headlights.

The action in this scene is so deliciously controlled.  There really isn’t a lot of frenzied anything.  Both women are cool, calm and collect as they explore each other’s bodies.  While I do love a fast-paced, all out fuckfest, there is definitely something to be said about taking your time and really getting your money’s worth.  But just because they are slow and controlled, don’t think that these women are soft and delicate, because that is SO not the case.  As well, the women are very sensual with each other, making sure to continue to kiss while fooling around in all different ways.  The cramped quarters of the taxi definitely helped keep the action tight and sexy.

All around this scene is a total keeper!  Keep an eye out for the rest of the scene-by-scene reviews

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Taxi Vol. 1 – Scene 1

I have been eager to watch Taxi for quite a while.  Trust me, it is as hot as I was hoping it would be.  So hot we decided to review it scene by scene.  First up we have Jiz Lee and Madison Young.  How could you not get excited about watching the two of them fuck?  They are both fantastic performers that never disappoint.

Taxi Vol. 1In the back of the taxi, Jiz is blindfolded while Madison plays with their senses – rubbing her gloved hand across Jiz’s face, allowing them to smell her breath, pulling them into her chest.  All while asking, “what do you smell”.  Perfume.  Leather.  Skin.  It is all very sensual, slow, and erotic, but never boring.  Tension builds and Jiz’s clothes start to come off.  Madison plays with their nipples, driving them crazy and eager to be touched again.  I loved hearing their quiet gasps and seeing Madison’s smirk of satisfaction.  She was totally in control, but gentle.  I have to add that she looked amazing.  She had a very class, almost 1940s look to her.  Also, Madison has a way of expertly using her hands that lets you know she is making the other performer feel amazing.  By the way, her black leather gloves with pink bows – adorable.

Eventually, Madison pulls Jiz’s strapped on cock out of their pants and proceeds to jerk them off.  You can visibly see them both getting incredibly turned on.  I love how excited Madison gets when she is pleasuring other people.  Hot!  She moves the dildo to the side and puts her hand down Jiz’s pants and really gets down to getting them off.  It was so intense!  One thing that makes this part of the scene even better is the disappearing light as the cars pass by.  There are moments where you can’t see the action and it only makes you eager to see what is happening.  I like it.  The scene comes to a close as Madison puts her gloveless fingers inside of Jiz’s mouth so they can get a taste of themselves.  Mmm.

I was totally drawn into this scene and loved that the entirety of it was spent in the back of the taxi cab.  I can’t wait to review more!

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