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And Now Fake Lesbians Watch Lesbian Porn…Morning Quickie for Monday

After last week’s viral video of “Real Lesbians React to Lesbian Porn”, the lesbian studio Juicy Pink Box unleashed their own answer to that, a YouTube vid called “Fake Lesbians React to Real Lesbian Porn”. It’s pretty hilarious, in a sarcastic, overly obvious way, since it’s stuffed with stereotypes. – A Slate journalist has posed a question to the masses: Is monogamous sex boring for women? And he’s seriously asking you. He’s writing a book about what women want, and is asking for you to write in and tell him (pertaining to monogamy). Unfortunately, any answers of pornographic nature are … Continue reading And Now Fake Lesbians Watch Lesbian Porn…Morning Quickie for Monday

Top Five Movies I Want To Watch!

Reviewing porno is a tricky business.  For every movie that I choose to watch, there are three others that catch my eye but must fall to the wayside for that day.  And, of course, because I am my scatter-brained self, I totally forget that they are even there in the first place.  That’s right – ! have an overabundance of awesome porn to watch.  Woe is me, right?  Anyway, to remind myself of all the fantastic newer movies I need to check out, I am making the list into a Top Five Tuesday of Movies I Want To Watch so … Continue reading Top Five Movies I Want To Watch!


I don’t know about anyone else, but man, I love me some therapy!  I am a firm supporter of keeping mental health healthy and I think that every single person could benefit from some form of therapy.  Though I may never have had the inclination to strip down and jerk off during my own sessions (what was that about therapeutic relationship boundaries??), in porno anything is possible. Unlike other masturbation movies I’ve watched, Therapy brings this amazing added element of spoken erotic storytelling that leads to the performers getting themselves hot and bothered.  It’s an exciting and totally hot addition … Continue reading Therapy

Taxi Vol. 1 – Scene 3

We are now up to scene 3 of Taxi Vol. 1 and I couldn’t be happier.  I have been looking forward to getting my eyeballs on Sir Stirling and those green underpants for quite some time.  Zoe, who I am seeing for the first time, rocks my face as well.  This butch femme match-up is totally awesome. No talking is necessary here.  I like adding my own story line to a porno.  There is nothing wrong using your imagination!  I sensed a little nervousness at first.  It wasn’t overtly obvious, but there was just a little something in both performers’ … Continue reading Taxi Vol. 1 – Scene 3

Taxi Vol. 1 – Scene 2

Man, that Ginger Leigh is a smart cookie!  Last week she came up with the brilliant idea to review Taxi Vol. 1 scene-by-scene, meaning that we get to spend more time with each scene, savoring the hotness.  It also means that we both get to have a whack at the movie (pun totally intended), and give you our opinions.  Ginger kicked us off with scene one, featuring Jiz Lee and Madison Young, and I get to indulge in scene two, starring Madison again, with Justine Joli.  Yum! LICK starts out with Madison and Justine hanging out in the back of the taxi, … Continue reading Taxi Vol. 1 – Scene 2

Taxi Vol. 1 – Scene 1

I have been eager to watch Taxi for quite a while.  Trust me, it is as hot as I was hoping it would be.  So hot we decided to review it scene by scene.  First up we have Jiz Lee and Madison Young.  How could you not get excited about watching the two of them fuck?  They are both fantastic performers that never disappoint. In the back of the taxi, Jiz is blindfolded while Madison plays with their senses – rubbing her gloved hand across Jiz’s face, allowing them to smell her breath, pulling them into her chest.  All while … Continue reading Taxi Vol. 1 – Scene 1