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Hot Reviews: Killer Kleavage From Outer Space

Killer Kleavage From Outer Space

Killer Kleavage from Outer Space marks the one hundredth-ish directorial offering from punk rock porn queen Joanna Angel. Starring Jessie Lee and Veronica Rose, as well as several of Joanna’s Burning Angels and five of our favorite studs, Killer Kleavage is a candy colored shout out to the campy sci-fi, B-movies that were watched in drive-in theaters of days gone by. The Star Wars style text scroll that opens the flick explains its farcical premise; the inhabitants of the all-female Planet Areola must travel to Earth to find the “perfect penis”, or else face extinction. Experimentation with an imperfect penis will cause the penis’ owner to be killed with deadly tit lasers. With the failure of Veronica Rose and Vyxen Steel to complete their mission, Jessie Lee is sent Earth to replace them because, well… she really likes cock.

Scene one opens with the original song “A Lay Un” from Angel’s band Joanna and the Gigolos, and Areolite leader Captain Sheridan Love sending a spunky, ditzy, and totally horny Jessie Lee on her mission to Earth. Jessie stops fellow alien Veronica Rose from entering the bar where Seth Gamble and his supposedly perfect penis work. The segments of plot in this flick are just enough to keep the action moving, but short enough that script’s self assuredly cheesy dialogue doesn’t wear out its welcome. Seth tells Jessie to “take a seat” and she gleefully responds, “how nice!” and picks up a barstool. The majority of the film’s humor rests on miscommunications between the alien and human life forms, as well as the bumbling cockiness of the guys who may or may not have perfect penises. Oh yeah, and they say the word “penis” a lot.




Killer Kleavage From Outer Space

Anyway, on to the fucking! Jessie and Seth are the first up with a pretty standard boy-girl scene in a dive bar. The camera is never really close enough that Seth is out of the frame, which I appreciated. I prefer porn that shows both performers as they fuck; call me an old romantic, but I want to be able to see how they interact as a whole, and I really liked being able to see that they were actually looking into each others’ eyes while Seth nailed Jessie’s pussy. And boy does Jessie look great! She’s so deliciously curvy, and her little space dress is designed so that her killer kleavage spills out. Overall, however; I wasn’t super impressed with this scene. It was hot and would certainly get me off, but overall I like something with a little… extra.



Sheridan Love
Captain Sheridan

Next up we travel back to Planet Areola for an other worldly lesbian tryst between Sheridan Love and Axis Evol, where we hear one of my favorite lines from the whole movie: “I wouldn’t know a perfect penis if it hyper-accelerated up my ass.” Both of these tattooed ladies have fantastic, all natural curves, and they complement each other well. I loved the crappy green screen effects that sometime caused their tattoos and arms to discolor to a funny purple. It felt so genuine to the low-budget B-movies that Killer Kleavage pays homage to.







Veronica Rose killer kleavage
Veronica Rose

Scene three has Veronica Rose swiping through Tinder as she waits for a very confused Billy Bailey to show up at a bar. There’s even a cameo from Joanna Angel herself as an annoyed waitress (I hope Veronica leaves a huge tip; after all, she never buys anything, and then fucks Billy right there in a booth before murdering him with her tit-lasers). Veronica is the stand out comedienne of Killer Kleavage; her timing is spot on, and she has so many adorable miscommunications with humans. Not only that, but her scene with Bill is super hot! He seems over the moon at getting to play with her and her all natural curves. He hungrily eats her ass and rubs her clit before fucking her with his, sadly, imperfect penis. Despite his imperfection, Veronica cums several times before getting his (ehhh… lackluster?) cumshot to the face.









Vyxen Steel
Vyxen Steel

Scene four finds FBI agents Michael Vegas and Mr. Pete engaged in a highly energetic poolside foursome with Veronica and Vyxen Steel. I always get excited to see Vegas in action; his mop of blond curls, new funny moustache, and sensitive demeanor is a refreshing change from the usual boys of porn. Mr. Pete is a consummate professional, as always. The lovely tattooed alien ladies really shine when put in a group setting, but Vyxen steals the show when she squirts all over Michael and gets DP’d later on.









Jessie Lee
Jessie Lee

The real stand out moment in the fifth scene of Killer Kleavage, where Jessie Lee finally finds the perfect penis, belongs to none other than Tommy Pistol. Tommy is hilarious as a tin foil hat/underwear wearing, ET believing nut job who still lives with his exasperated parents. After he accidentally beams Jessie into his bedroom, Tommy bashfully concedes that he does have a very nice cock and that Jessie may probe him if she wants. As they get down to the main event, Jessie and Tommy stay in character, but they never detract from the sexiness of the proceedings. Don’t miss the laugh-out-loud moment when Tommy explains condoms to Jessie. Tommy eats out and fingers Jessie for ages, which I always love to see in my pornos; I think blow jobs are neato and all, but the ratio of beej-to-pussy eating is hardly ever as egalitarian as I would like to see. Not the case here! Tommy goes all out, and Jessie seems to love every second of it. The PIV fucking lives up to the tone set by the foreplay, with Jessie appropriately flushed and displaying much more chemistry with Tommy and she did with Seth. It was during this scene that I finally had to pause the movie and excuse myself. My roommate (because now I watch porn with my roommates, apparently) groaned in disappointment, having fallen in love with Tommy Pistol over the previous fifteen minutes.

So would I recommend Killer Kleavage From Outer Space to the discerning horny lover of all things human and/or extraterrestrial? Abso-fucking-lutely! If you’re into curvalicious tattooed babes having a blast and a few laughs while they’re doing the dirty, Joanna Angel’s Killer Kleavage proves to be an “Out of This World” addition to her already impressive oeuvre.

Top Five Tuesday – Brand New Burning Angel Movies!

In the past couple of weeks,  has been blowing up our Recently Added section like nobody’s business.  Those pervy punks have been busy busy busy!  And we are so lucky to reap the benefits of all their hard work.  To make sure that everyone got a taste of the awesomeness they’ve been offering up en masse, I thought it would be fun to feature a few of my favorite new Burning Angel flicks for Top Five Tuesday.

– High heel lovin’ moves to a small town ruled by flip flop demanding , a shoe shop owner with a hardcore foot fetish.  Since Wylde wants to keep the towns peoples’ tootsies in tact he bans her from selling anything other than flip flops.  Asphyxia must figure out a way to bring this sleepy town into her stiletto lifestyle – and what better way than to fuck about it, right?

Those Burning Angels bring it back to school with this hot and hilarious high-school themed flick.   takes on the title role and shows us just how unqualified she can be as principal to a bunch of horny hooligans, including , , and more!  Bonus of Mark Wood and as teachers that are more than willing to help their eager students learn.
How does a coffee shop full of sexy baristas lure new customers into their Coffee Hole (the shop’s name) so that they can stay in business and not be turning into a parking lot?  Fuck them, of course!  Add a side of wet pussy with that wet cappuccino or a hot blow job with that hot tea.  Don’t forget to make it a venti and add the whipped cream!  Perfect for those chilly nights to come.
Just when I thought that one Rock & Roll In My Butthole would just have to be enough for me, Burning Angel puts out a sequel with scene after scene of hot anal action!  Seriously, this booty-centric flick is more than 2 and a half hours long and packed with a bunch of super hot ladies, including Indigo Augustine, Miss Genocide, Tori Lux and more!  Oh, and you don’t need to watch the first movie to get what’s happening in part two…
We’ve written about this movie a number of times since it graced our site, and really, there is a reason why – this movie is awesome!!!  Parodying the Frankenstein that we all know and love, this horrific fuck fest offers the big, green monster man as a glorified sex toy to keep the missus happy.  It’s pretty freakin’ amazing.  Even though Halloween is finished for the year, you should definitely take a little walk on the wild side with this Burning Angel horror choice for 2012!

Trashy Trash and Porno Prom – Link Love is Here!

Happy Humpday!  Welcome back to the midweek stretch.  Last week both Ginger and I were off doing our Burlesque Hall of Fame/Philadelphia Trans Health Conference (respectively) things, so we were unable to get a Link Love out for you all to celebrate the hump, but today we are back with more smutty news than you can shake a dildo at!  And hopefully you can wield that toy and read at the some time, because here we go!

– Oh yeah, that really is the trashiest thing you’ll see today… well, unless you have a job like mine…

– While I prefer the genitals in my life to smell like clean genitals, I’m sure there are some folks out there that are interested in how to make your vag taste awesome.

– A leading American nun (I’m not even sure what that means) wrote a book that includes praise for female masturbation and approves gay sex and divorce.  Guess who’s not too happy… the Vatican.  Go, awesome nun, go! (Via Jezebel)

– An armed man in Brazil walked into a luxury sex toy store in Brasilia, tied up the salesperson, and made off with an 18-carat gold-plated vibrator selling for $4,000.  Too bad he forgot the charger… and the gold plating will be super hard to get off due to the stainless steel core.  I guess he stole himself a really fancy paperweight.

– We all know Joanna Angel likes it doggy style, but what we didn’t know was her love for dogs!  Check out this super cute pup that she and Jessie Lee adopted.  Pixie!!

– Who doesn’t love sexy trivia?  I know I do!

– An awesome article from Erika Lust about how she will tell her daughters that she works in porn.  That Erika Lust is so amazing.

– And lastly, a couple weeks back, this high school kid, Mike Stone, tweeted to porn star Megan Piper, asking him to attend prom with him.  She said yes, but sadly his school forbid her from coming with him.  Total bummer for all around, but the Daily Show’s reporter Jessica Williams went to interview Stone and Piper and one of the mothers that agreed with the school’s decision.  Hilarious.  (via AVN)

Seriously, what’s the big deal?

Hope this gets you through til the weekend!


Kung Fu Pussy

Since next week we are going Christmas crazy (and Hanukkah hog wild – sorry, I had to), I figured today I should review something totally different.  You know, different like Kung Fu Pussy.  Along with being something super random in the face of holiday cheer, this Burning Angel newbie is also nominated for 4 AVN awards, including Best Comedy, Best Music Soundtrack, Best Screenplay and Best Director – Feature (Go Joanna, Go!).  Even without all those accolades, I knew I needed to watch this alt flick.  I mean really, look at the cover.  Amazing.

As is Burning Angel tradition, this movie is laden with super sexy tattooed badasses.  But along with the same old, KFP (had to shorten it) features Kleio, Jessie Lee and Joanna Angel as a trio of women that all encompass a specific ninja power that needs the other two to make it all the more powerful.  Kleio, with her Lotus Pussy, Jessie and her Dragon Tits, and Joanna’s Iron Ass must together fight the evil that is Emperor Deen Wang!  The only catch is that the trio doesn’t seem to like each other very much.

It’s only when Deen Wang (James Deen) murders their beloved teacher, the women know they must join their own separate powers to master the only move that will defeat Deen Wang – the ASS SLAM.  After intensive training, the trio head out to find Deen Wang and actually end up in his prison.  But not to worry, soon the escape and fight His Evilness himself.  Guess who’s mastered the Ass Slam!?!  Goodbye Deen Wang!

My favorite scene of the movie actually doesn’t involve any of the Kung Fu Pussies.  It’s scene 3, between evil Emperor Deen Wang and sex slave Dana DeArmond.  They “role play” that he is an evil villain and she is a sex slave (oh, that Burning Angel humor), and DeArmond gets the pounding of a lifetime.  It’s so very obvious that she is doing some serious getting off and thoroughly enjoying herself.  Shit, she even starts pulling her own hair during an explosive orgasm.  Man, that is some hot action!  This whole movie is awesome, but this scene is especially one to watch.

Two thumbs up for this great alt feature.  It definitely lives up to its much deserved AVN noms!

Watch “Kung Fu Pussy” Now!

Pin-ups and Seussian Sex-Ed – Link Love!

Happy Humpday!  Welcome to the midweek stretch.  Ok… so clearly it’s not Wednesday, but you’ll have to forgive me, it’s been some week.  I missed out on humpday Link Love yesterday because I had to go to the doctor and I am working from home today because I am sick.  Not to worry, I’ll be fine in a few days, but I hope you can see just how dedicated I am to getting the dirty new out to you, laying in my sickbed surrounded by my dogs, and still bringing you the Link Love.  So please forgive the late humpday celebration and get to seeing what the pervy world has been up to!

Since the photo isn’t interested in posting from my computer (annoying!), I’ll just start the links.

Dudes posing in traditional pin-up lady style. Both amazing and super hot.

– Even AVN had something to say about the passing of Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs, even if he was pretty anti porn…

– In other super timely news, here is some sex advice from Occupy Wall Street protesters.

Robots fucking in a window display in Moscow.  I sure wish awesome stuff like this happened in America.

– After getting in a really bad car accident and all the bad shit that goes along with that, alt porn princess Jessie Lee is back, and celebrating her birthday in style, with a dirty dance from the one and only Joanna Angel.

Yoga-gasms. Apparently it is not just fiction.  Where do I sign up? All I ever get are hip cramps…

– And lastly, what if Dr. Seuss wrote a sex-ed book?  Amazingness, that’s what!

Alright, that’s the dirt!  Hope it get you through til the weekend!


Link Love: The Sexxxiest News On The Web!

Happy Humpday!  Welcome to the midweek stretch!  Now that we are done that week of so many holidays and we are back on the regular and here to send you off into the rest of the week with a little extra somethin’ somethin’ to get you through!  So let’s get to the Link Lovin’

This awesome ad series for an Aussie electronics website features one hell of a High Tech Fetish.  Thank you guys so very much.

–  Apparently watching porn at the public library is totally legal in NYC, and protected by the First Amendment.  Who’s ready for a road trip?  Also, how bizarre, right?

– The Liberal Democrat election candidate for the South Northants Council ward of Cosgrove and Grafton (across the pond in England), Holly-Ann Battye,  recently posted pictures on the Internet of herself engaging in kinky games, including wearing a ball gag and one grabbing her own tits.  And it’s causing quite an uproar.  Nearly the same about of hubbub that folks give to stories of candidates that are outted as being kinksters, though we don’t hear about what a liar Battye is as well.  I don’t get the big deal.  So you like dirty shit and you are interested in politics… seems about the same to me… though I think of politics as far more perverse. (via Buzzfeed)

– Speaking of Europe, a gym in Spain is offering up naked workout time for folks that would rather sweat it out sans clothing.  Pretty awesome, right… and such a stretch from the previous link, huh? Continue reading Link Love: The Sexxxiest News On The Web!

Top Five Tuesday – Get Well Jessie Lee!

For those of you who haven’t heard, this past weekend Burning Angel star Jessie Lee was badly injured in a car accident. We’re big fans of Jessie and are sending tons of positive thoughts out into the universe for a speedy recovery.

This week’s Top Five Tuesday features my five favorite movies that start this inked Goddess. It was kind of hard to pick, because she’s freaking amazing, but here’s a good taste of her best work.

For updates on Jessie’s health and to learn about how you can help, check out Help OMG It’s Jessie Lee!

Lesbian Life - Real Sex NYC Lesbian Life – Real Sex NYC: First up, what happened to Abigail Productions? For a while they were putting out some super hot lesbian porn! In this one you get to see Ms. Lee fuck director Madison Young! It’s super awesome. This entire movie is actually really fucking good, but the Lee/Young scene is the one that really stood out for me, so I had to include it on this list!
Riot Grrrls Riot Grrrls: Lee has shot most of her work for Burning Angel and this is one of my favorites. If you like punk girls with tons of tattoos, you don’t want to miss Lee and Nova T.A. as they fuck and suck for twenty intense minutes.
Hell's Belles Hell’s Belles: There’s no way I could leave Lee’s scene with Mr. Pete in Belladonna’s Hell’s Belles off of this list! If you like girls who make a lot of noise, you’re going to love watching Lee get drilled by Mr. Pete before he blows a load in her face. It’s rough, dirty and absolutely a must see!
The Joanna Angel Magical Threesome Adventure Experience The Joanna Angel Magical Threesome Adventure Experience: In this one Jessie Lee and Joanna Angel take on Steve Holmes and the results are absolutely fantastic. For me, the amazing title was really enough for me to want to watch this film, but if you need more convincing just imagine Lee eating out Angel while Holmes fucks her from behind.
Cum On My Tattoo 4 Cum On My Tattoo 4: The Cum on My Tattoo series is one of my favorite BA lines and the Jessie Lee scene in this one is a fine example of why. They’re totally filthy in just the right way. In this one, Lee gets tag teamed by Alec Knight and Tony T proving she can handle just about anything thrown at her! Watching her ride one dude while deep throating the other will blow your mind!

-The Porn Librarian

Hell’s Belles (Disc 2)

Hell's Belles (Disc 2)

Studio: Belladonna Category: By Women

Let me just say that I love Belladonna. Besides being the cutest thing on the face of the earth, she’s always doing something different. In an industry in which so much looks the same, it’s nice to see someone who’s willing to take risks. It’s also pretty great that they pretty much always pay off, in my opinion.

In Hell’s Belles, she’s gathered a group of alt chicks along with Mr. Pete and Sean Michaels, to capture some punk pussy pounding! There’s lots of ink and hardcore action, if you’re into those things…

One scene on the second disc that really stood out (that didn’t star Belladonna) is the one between the giggling Jessie Lee and Mr. Pete. I’m not going to pretend I got the whole girl in a box thing in the beginning, but my confusion quickly subsided once they got down to the dirty stuff. Things start off with some serious face fucking and deep throating, which is not very surprising, but still pretty awesome.

Once she climbs on top of him and starts bouncing up and down on his cock, things really get hot. I should warn you that there’s a little choking action, but there’s no doubt that what she wants as she laughs her ass off once he takes his hands off her of her delicate throat. If you like girls who make a lot of noise, you’re going to love watching Lee get drilled by Mr. Pete before he blows a load in her face and puts her back in her box!

Of course, I pretty much loved every second that Belladonna is on the screen. She opens up with a very neon scene between she and Misty Dawn that features a big double dong. While I’m not typically a fan of that particular sex toy in pornos, it’s pretty hot watching Dawn blow it while fucking Bella at the same time. There’s lots of hot oral and fucking in this bathroom scene. She’s also in two scenes in the first disc including a hot threesome with Brian Street Team and Violet Monroe.

I really recommend this one if you’re not super familiar with Belladonna. It’s a great introduction to her dirty movies without too many super bizarre moments that might turn off any porn newbies reading this. Of course, her legions of fans will eat this shit up!
-The Porn Librarian

Watch Hell’s Belles (Disc 2) Now!