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The Authentic Lesbian Review: Mistress Webb & Sub Jess

Mistress Webb & Sub Jess CoverThis week I found myself craving a little punishment. Nothing major, just some light spanking and teasing, so I looked through the BDSM.XXX studio and stumbled upon Mistress Webb & Sub Jess. I was drawn in by the box cover because Mistress Webb is hot as fuck and Jess West is behind bars looking like all she wants is to be teased. Exactly what I had in mind…

I really like the way this movie opened. The music was dark and helped to set the tone, and Mistress Webb’s legs give Tina Turner a run for her money! Her walk had me turned on instantly, and-OMG-she’s British! I picked a winner.

Jess has been sent downstairs and put in a cell because she got caught jacking off, and it’s Mistress Webb’s job to punish her and teach her a lesson. First, Mistress makes Jess clean her pussy out by fingering herself, but when it appears she’s enjoying herself a little too much, Mistress demands silence and forces her sub to clean her dirty shoes. I figured Jess would have to lick them or something like that, but Mistress had a different idea and tells Jess to use her cunt. Of course Jess gets extremely turned on and asks Mistress Webb if she can cum, which naturally doesn’t go so well.

That was definitely a turn on! Things get turned up even more when Mistress Webb starts pinching and fondling Sub Jess’ titties through the bars, demanding she keep eye contact the entire time. At this point, poor little Jess is just itching for an orgasm and Mistress Webb is thoroughly enjoying denying her that one request. Instead of giving her submissive any type of relief, Mistress makes Jess turn around with her back to the bars and tells her to grind on the pole while spanking her and talking shit. This is definitely my favorite part up to now. Jess wants it so badly, and with every put down from Mistress Webb the feeling just intensifies! It’s like the pain and pleasure fused into one. Absolutely hot!

Jess turns back around on cue, spreads her legs and licks Mistress Webb’s fingers before finally having her clit fondled a little. Mistress licks her fingers and decides Jess tastes pretty good if she does say so herself, then proceeds to squeeze Jess’s clit harder and harder while she begs to be let out of her cage and allowed to cum. She doesn’t deny her request to be freed outright, but she does place the keys right outside of arm’s reach and tells Jess that if she can grab them she can come out. Of course, there’s no way for Jess to reach those damn keys, and Mistress comes back with a big ass, black dildo! Jess’s eyes lit up as did mine, and the rest is multiple orgasm history. First, Mistress teases her sub by fondling her clit with the dildo and her fingers then slowly starts to fuck Jess’s wet pussy. When Jess is instructed to ride the dildo, Mistress tells her she has no talent when riding a cock and I cracked the fuck up! To be fair, Jess is probably horny out of her mind by now and thinking of nothing except cumming and cumming hard! But she was totally out of sync and it was hilarious!

Now it’s time for sub Jess to bust a nut, and out comes the Hitachi! I love those things. Just seeing one makes my lady parts extremely happy! Jess has to keep eye contact and beg to cum if she really wants this shit to happen and by now that’s all any of the three of us want. Her moans get steadily louder until she finally has permission to cum and squirts everywhere. Mistress Webb makes her lick the Hitachi dry and vows to come back later for more. That’s a part 2 I would love to see! Turns out it just might happen too, because during her brief ending interview Jess West revealed that she had a lot of fun, really enjoyed herself, came hard, and would love to be back. I’ll certainly be waiting.

Watch Mistress Webb & Sub Jess right here and let us know what you think.

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Go Watch: Tanya Tate’s Brit School Brats

I’m going to come out and just admit this right away. I have a huge thing for school uniform sex. Like, huge. So maybe this review is a little biased, because I also have a thing for Samantha Bentley and British accents. But, as a straight girl, I took it upon myself to review something that would even out the bias – lesbian porn without strap-ons or dildos or vibrators. Although I recently posted the “Lesbians Reacting to Lesbian Porn” where they make it clear that most girl-on-girl porn is made for dudes, this is the classiest hardcore all-female sex sessions I’ve seen.

The plot is smooth, and opens with the explanation that Tanya Tate‘s niece, Samantha, is going to begin attending London Filly Finishing School to “learn how to act like a lady”. Yet three minutes into the movie, student Alyssa is being bent over the desk and forced to count her spankings for “being bad”. So much for acting like a lady (oh my God I’m going to love these girls). The spankings come right after headmistress Paige Turnah slowly lifts up Alyssa’s skirt and sensually kisses and tongues her round and perky ass. Let’s stop right there. This scene is breathtaking. Like, I-don’t-even-need-to-make-it-ten-minutes-in kinda breathtaking. And though how she handles Alyssa’s bum seems sweet and smooth, remember that this girl is getting punished, so there are a ton of demands, slaps, finger-banging and face-shoving.


The second scene stars Tanya creeping slyly into Carla Mai‘s room, assuming it was instead her niece’s. Carla is giving herself some serious solo love, which prompts Tanya to walk over and voice, “I don’t mind you carrying on…I’m just gonna watch”. Never trust that when you hear it, and luckily she didn’t remain un-involved for more than a few seconds. With Tanya’s massive rack sharing space with Carla’s reserved set, it’s just a beautiful, lovely picture of masturbation material. Like, please let me just touch. So soft. And the sucking of her nipples. Who doesn’t want to lick and suck Tanya Tate’s breasts?! Carla goes at it gently, but as if she’s doing it for all of us, and it kept my eyebrows raised in temptation.



When the threesome pops up, we get Faye Taylor succumbing to naughty Samantha’s pounce for some action. “I hate it here. I want to do something bad and get expelled,” Samantha pouts. Well, okay girl, get it wit your bad self! The resisting of Faye is a little cute, and isn’t so much resisting that you start to feel a little awkward. The awkward comes in when Tanya enters the room and Faye remarks that niece and auntie are about to lick all up over each other and isn’t that a little strange? Yes Faye, it is, but just ignore it, because it’s worth the play. The strangest part was when Samantha was pussy-grabbing her aunt with her mouth and Tanya looks down and mutters, “you’re so beautiful…you look just like your mum…” uhhhhhhhh…k. But I was quickly brought back into it when both Faye and Tanya sit Samantha back and go at her together. One girl getting licked and pleasured every which way by two others – that’s absolutely a great initiation to the school. Tanya also cums hard in this scene, much like when she was with Carla. I love that climax, and I know when it’s coming because her legs start to shake and her moaning and breathing just….oh good Lord it sends me right over the edge.



In the other punishment scene, Jess West is ordered to do some pleasuring when Katie K catches her doodling some hard-ons and sippin’ on some sort of alcoholic drinky-drink. Even the lingerie that Jess unleashes is ridiculously sexy, and just added to the hotness level. If you have an issue with A.D.D. or just love different positions, set this scene up first. I lost count of how many different ways they got to flip around together and how the variety of licking and fingering and moaning just turned me on more.



The movie in its entirety was one of the more believable in terms of porn plots, and that’s something I really value in movies. If I can picture myself in the scene and sigh and squeal along with the girls while imagining I’m included, I’m yours forever. This definitely keeps my interest piqued in more films that Tanya will direct in the future (she both directed and starred in it, and has done that before), and this particular release will get multiple plays (and releases) from me. Cheers, mates.