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Darker Side Of Desire – Is Submission Anti-Feminist?

Cassidy Klein is having the time of her life falling in love with Mickey Mod. From the very first kiss she knew that something amazing was happening between them. The sex is passionate. Their connection is strong. Cassidy has never fell this hard and fast for someone, but uncertainty is creeping around the edges of her thoughts. Many people may have insecurities pop up when getting to know a new partner, but Cassidy wonders if Mickey will ever fully accept her if he knows who she “really” is.     Cassidy is the thoughtful, sincere, and trust-worthy woman that she presents to … Continue reading Darker Side Of Desire – Is Submission Anti-Feminist?

The Authentic Lesbian Review: Porn Stars Are Athletes Too

In the early 2000s, or what I like to refer to as the Bring It On era, I found myself engaged in a debate over whether cheerleaders were athletes or not. Before then I had never given much thought to questioning if they were or weren’t, I thought it was obvious they were, and now I’m faced with the same question in regards to porn stars. With all the madness that comes along with March and our annual PornTourn competition, we decided to attack the question head on. What Is an Athlete? Webster defines the word athlete as “a person … Continue reading The Authentic Lesbian Review: Porn Stars Are Athletes Too

The Top 100 Most-Watched Movies Of 2016

Check out our list of the 100 most-watched videos of 2016. Not only were there a ton of new releases and popular series included, but a few titles gave us a good surprise, and we were excited to see that some of our personal favorites are also our viewers’ favorites too. This list is organized alphabetically by studio with the titles in order of most watched. However, Adam & Eve’s Babysitting The Baumgartners is not only alphabetically first on the list, but it was the most watched movie on HotMoviesForHer.com this year. Adam & Eve Babysitting The Baumgartners The best-selling … Continue reading The Top 100 Most-Watched Movies Of 2016

Sugar Babies: A Cautionary Tale Review

Sugar Babies is a cautionary tale about young women who try to have it all, and end up with much less than they expected. With an all-star cast, incredible cinematography, and great storytelling, this film will make you think about the things we lose when we make promises we can’t keep. From brand new studio Pretty Dirty and the dream duo of directors Bree Mills & Stills By Alan, you won’t want to miss this exciting new release! Scene 1: Penny Pax, James Deen, and Chanel Preston (Non-Sex: Jade Nile and Jesse Jones) Penny is super stressed out. She’s in … Continue reading Sugar Babies: A Cautionary Tale Review

HMFH Interviews Mystica Jade

The latest fetish release from director/performer/lady boner James Deen is the artful Diary Of A Sex Slave movie. With no hard plot, its five scenes details a day in the life of Deen’s personal sex slave and lover, portrayed by brand new starlet Mystica Jade. As the centerpiece of what was only her second ever porn shoot, Jade captures the viewer’s attention with her vulnerable, authentic performance, powering through an intense day of BDSM fuckery. Jade was kind enough to give us an exclusive inside look at the filming of Diary Of A Sex Slave. HotMoviesForHer: Introduce yourself! Who is … Continue reading HMFH Interviews Mystica Jade

Hot Reviews: Anal Day

You know what the mildly inconvenient part about being a professional porn watcher is? Sometimes you get assigned to really good pornos, and it takes forever for you to review them, because then you’re just horny the whole time and have to keep texting a someone (you know who you are) to tell them that you’re thinking about their penis. And then they send you a photo of their penis and then your day is REALLY shot all to hell. Anal Day from director/performer/wet dream James Deen is one of those movies. Filmed in an amateur style with no crew … Continue reading Hot Reviews: Anal Day

The Hottest Men of Porn Who Are Not James Deen-Part 2

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Introducing Your Latest Masturbation Fantasies! Last year we compiled a list of our favorite men of porn, but both our readers and I felt that we made a few egregious omissions. I’m here to rectify this and give you five more hung hotties to populate your diddle dreams! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Tyler Nixon So Tyler’s twenty seven, but can pretty easily pull off being barely legal. He looks like he was the captain of the football team and home coming king at a small town Iowa high school, with a cute face and a sweet and awkward disposition.  He’s actually a … Continue reading The Hottest Men of Porn Who Are Not James Deen-Part 2

Christian Grey Recast by Porn Star

We’re now approaching 24 hours since we learned that Charlie Hunnam gave up the record-breaking coveted  discussed role of Christian Grey in the film adaption of Fifty Shades of Grey. But while everyone else in media is going nuts over debating how it is or wasn’t a massive shocker that he dropped out, we’re hard at work filling the position. It was just earlier this year that James Deen “broke out” of his industry standard and went all mainstream with The Canyons. I’m going to go ahead and point out what a successful review it got for him, and mention that this should now be … Continue reading Christian Grey Recast by Porn Star

Guess The Porn Star

One of my favorite games that I play daily with myself is “Guess The Porn Star”, in gifs and other things. So, based on my past posts and how I gush about many, many favorites, can you watch these porn star gifs provided by The Worst Drug and figure out the bang buddy?   Highlight the space after “Answer” for your solution.   1) Who is this girl with a penchant for collection? Answer: Riley Reid   2) Who’s the girl that’s “Underneath It All”? Answer: Christy Mack …duh.   3) Who could swallow a cucumber? Answer: Asa Akira   4) … Continue reading Guess The Porn Star

Morning Quickie – GRRM Iron Throne, Remy Declines ET XXX, Should Men Stop Wanking to Online Porn

An exquisitely beautiful song about fish sex and a “Hot Dog in My Buns” – Remy LaCroix straight up declined the offer to star in the “ET XXX” parody, claiming “I just don’t think children’s movies should be made into porn parodies,” and also because she “has taste.” read – Because a man watched so much porn that couldn’t get off with regular sex, he decided to take the no-fap challenge to see if it would help the plumbing issue. read – Lohan * Deen + July 29th = lucky bitchz in nyc read – Prepare yourself. This is what … Continue reading Morning Quickie – GRRM Iron Throne, Remy Declines ET XXX, Should Men Stop Wanking to Online Porn