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Viewing Interracial Porn Differently

One of the most infuriating—and also most worth considering—aspects of porn marketing is the euphemisms and stereotypes used to promote videos.  Porn genres are broken down into terms that we would normally find insulting, but somehow they get thrown onto box covers with wide distribution. Just think about how the proliferation of the term “interracial” is used as a code word for racist stereotypes in porn. While porn is a place to explore taboo subjects, make fun of those stereotypes, and indulge in fantasies that we could not perform in real life, there are certain films, studios, or performers who may take this indulgence to a place where not everyone is comfortable or treated with respect. However liberating breaking those taboos may be for some people, it can also be hurtful to watch those scenes taking place. In the spirit of understanding taboo fantasies, loving porn, and wanting to see diversity on my screen, I have picked out a few interracial scenes that I enjoy watching because the people involved are obviously having fun, and everyone knows that they are respected and good at their job. These are interracial scenes that do not play with the normal porn tropes, it’s just hot people having great sex.

Mickey Mod and India Summer in scene six of Marriage 2.0


This whole movie is absolutely wonderful, and the film should be watched in its entirety, but scene six is a beautifully shot combination of scenes and images that are erotic and stunning. Often when writing about good chemistry between porn performers, it is easy to focus on the different positions, the way someone orgasms, or intense staring into one another’s eyes, but there is often the blatant gonzo movement or position that lasts too long. Inevitably,  I am reminded that I am watching porn. Well, this scene isn’t like that at all. Yes, Marriage 2.0 has a story arch and great dialogue, but the sex scenes are really honest even though they are artistically filmed. The chemistry between Mickey and India is good because of the story, and this creates a more believable scenario between the two of them.

Ana Foxxx and Mick Blue in scene four of The Art of Romance 5


Ana Foxxx bounces off the screen with sexuality and a sweetness that is endearing and totally captivating. Watching her and Mick Blue is a treat. The Art of Romance series focuses on the sensual as opposed to the usual formula of  gonzo in-out-in-out. Mick still lays it on pretty hard for Ana, but there is a lot of eye contact, kissing, and a bit of dirty talk. They are having fun, and this is a well-filmed scene. This series looks polished, but still real enough to be a regular couple having a steamy session.

There are several other current scenes that have multi-ethnic performers, and they don’t rely on overused formulas. Who Doesn’t Love A Teen Creampie has two scenes in it that play with fantasy, but leave out the expected racial stereotypes. Scene one with Bill Bailey and Kimberly Chi and scene two with Moe Johnson and Sheena Rose (who is really funny in this role) both have potential to fall into the over-used story lines, but neither scene does. Lesbian Adventures – Strap On Specialists 10 scene one with Nina Hartley and Sara Luvv is a personal favorite, as well as April Flores and Drew Deveaux in Artcore

Asia Carerra, Steven St. Croix, and Ana Malle scene 16 of Naughty In Nylons


This is a classic compilation of sexy nylon scenes from Vivid. The infamous Asia Carrera is shown at the peak of her career here, and she is a great match for Steven St. Croix. I like this scene because it is a throwback to when there was plenty of pubic hair to go around, that includes the men too, as well as the emphasis on luxury decor and ladies in lingerie. Asia makes the best sex faces, and her body trembles are a rare expression of excitement.  This scene reminds me of the films I saw when I first learned about porn, when I didn’t know about the unflattering parts of the industry and I was more focused on what was happening on screen.  There were other stars from this period that performed in tons of “interracial scenes” that were never promoted as such. For example, Charlie was a Latin performer I liked watching because she was tall and curvy, and she didn’t look like a lot of the other stars who were popular at the time. This scene in Naughty In Nylons has Asian, Caucasian, and Native American performers in it, but it was not promoted as anything other than a sexy threesome.

Every person in these scenes is presented with agency and a common respect for their fellow performer. This is not to say that these performers aren’t playing with power dynamics and maybe getting off on their differences, but there are no insults. There are no feelings of exploitation. There are only hot people having good sex. Interracial scenes do not only signify the black/white stereotypes and plots that many films have run into the ground, they allow for a viewer to find alternatives to what may be more easily found. Interracial porn categories in porn can be used to find combinations of performers who may not get as much promotion or work as other performers, or this category can be used to simply spice up your normal porn viewing with performers you haven’t seen before. Either way, it’s time that we look at this category a little differently, and start seeing it as an opportunity to promote different kinds of scenes.

The Top 13 Hottest MILFs In Porn

Mother’s Day is right around the corner folks! With that in mind, I decided to pay homage to some of the sexiest mature women currently working in the adult industry. They might not actually be mothers themselves, but they’re representing MILFs all over the world and proving that age is irrelevant when it comes to sex appeal. Check out some of my favorite MILF performers, in no particular order, below:

  1. Dana VespoliDana Vespoli

Smart and sexy performer/director Dana Vespoli is an undisputed favorite among the women of the HMFH office. Not only does this incredible talent churn out amazing title after amazing title for top studios Evil Angel and Sweetheart Video, but Dana is known for her incredibly fierce performances as well. Whether she’s doing intense anal or a soft girl-girl scene, Dana consistently brings the heat.

2. Cherie DeVilleCherie Deville

Speaking of smart and sexy, you’ve surely heard of Cherie DeVille by now. This bombshell not only has her doctorate degree in physical therapy, she’s a certified pussy-eating aficionado. Cherie may play the sexy, wayward stepmom in a lot of her films, but she’s definitely got a good head on her shoulders and an amazing body to compliment it.

3. Mercedes CarreraMercedes Carrera

With her background as a former aerospace engineer, Mercedes Carrera is another brainy beauty deserving of a place on this list. This multi-ethnic goddess is packing some pretty deadly curves on top of the fact that she’s a porn powerhouse. I mean seriously, have you seen her lesbian scenes? Nothing stops Mercedes from making her partners cum like crazy.

4. Julia AnnJulia Ann

This list wouldn’t be complete without Julia Ann. Julia Ann has quite literally grown up in the adult industry. Starting her career when she was in her early 20s, it’s safe to say this superstar has aged like a fine wine. Julia Ann is not only an insanely gorgeous MILF, but a picture of success and stability in an industry with so many misconceptions about female performers’ career longevity. Julia Ann has won MILF Performer of the Year at almost every awards show for the past 5 years, and with good reason.

5. Brandi LoveBrandi Love

Brandi Love is a complete and utter seductress from every angle. This trim-yet-curvy star plays the line between nurturing and sex kitten perfectly, making her the ultimate MILF performer. If you’re not sure what I mean, check out her scene in A Mother’s Love and pay close attention to how she connects with costar Ryan McLane on both a sensual and quasi-maternal level. Besides the amazing Brandi Love we see onscreen, she’s also an incredible advocate for adult performers who have to juggle their careers on top of parenting.

6. Kendra LustKendra Lust

I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t put the incomparable Kendra Lust on this list. The reigning MILF Performer of the Year literally looks like a living statue of the perfect female form. This hard-bodied hottie is packing T&A for days, not to mention her breathtaking legs! Simply put, Kendra makes 37 look like the best age to be.

7. Jodi WestJodi West

Co-owner of popular studio Forbidden Fruits Films and sizzling sexpot, performer Jodi West is known for her work in taboo and lesbian genres. The 51 year-old babe won the 2016  HotMovies Porn Tournament hands-down with help from her immensely supportive fans. It’s easy to see why porn-lovers continuously praise Jodi’s work; nothing about Jodi is an act. This is a mature woman that truly loves sex and completely owns her coveted place in this competitive industry.

8. Francesca LeFrancesca Le

You’d be hard-pressed to find a MILF that is more enthusiastic about anal sex than Francesca Le. Together with her performer/director husband Mark Wood, Francesca makes up the Le in LeWood Productions. Whether she’s working the camera or fucking in front of it, Francesca knows how to keep a dirty dialogue going. She’s the definition of “freaky” in the sexiest sense of the word imaginable.

9. Ava AddamsAva Addams

Brunette beauty Ava Addams, known for her voluptuous bust and tiny waist, is a favorite of big breast fans everywhere. Not only does Ava have cans every man wishes they could suckle on, but this powerful MILF is as versatile as they come: appearing in lesbian, anal, group sex, and foot fetish films.

10. Nina HartleyNina Hartley

Nina Hartley needs no introduction. This porn legend has been bangin’ in the biz since 1984 and looks just as fine as the day she started. Besides her incredible figure and timeless look, Nina is an intelligent advocate for informed sex education. Her acclaimed series, Nina Hartley’s Guide To…, is designed to inform viewers of a wide array of sexual techniques and improve communication between partners, all from an expert’s point of view. Nina is a true renaissance woman.

11. India SummerIndia Summers

Raven-haired India Summer is an all-natural MILF from the Midwest. What sets India apart from her fellow mature performers is her lack of breast implants, and frankly, I think she looks great without them. India’s athletic look is only accentuated by her natural chest. India’s sultry performances and versatility transcend her from getting cast in MILF-only titles as well: she is a performer that can and does do everything!

12. Ariella FerraraArielle Ferrara

Luscious Latina Ariella Ferrara is a smoking hot MILF that hails from Colombia. With her spectacular cheekbones, curvy figure, and 34DDs, it’s hard to imagine Ariella doing anything BUT being a professional sex symbol, but she worked as a dental hygienist in Chicago before ever considering porn. Always an adventure-seeker, Ariella decided that the adult industry would be a better fit for her lifestyle, and boy was she right!

13. Kelly Madison2016-05-03_13-50-43

Last, but obviously not least is the amazing Kelly Madison. She is an all-natural wonder with 34FF breasts and a figure anyone would kill for. Kelly is not only serious eye-candy, but she owns and operates her own high-quality studios with husband Ryan Madison. This inseparable duo is to thanks for so many great high-definition titles like the Kelly Madison’s World Famous Tits series.

If you liked this list, check out my favorite DILFs in porn! Also, don’t forget to follow me  on Twitter @BridgetXXXXXXX and all of us @hotmoviesforher.

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17 Porn Stars With Acting Chops

It’s no secret that most people don’t watch porn for the plot, let alone the thespian capabilities of its stars. As long as you look good fucking on camera, it’s not a big deal if you can’t deliver a line convincingly or construct a believable persona for your character. But every now and then there comes a porn star who makes us actually want to watch the plot from beginning to end. Here’s my picks for the top porn stars with serious acting chops.

Carter Cruise

It was no surprise to me when this year’s Best New Starlet also nabbed the Best Actress trophy at this year’s AVN Awards, making Carter Cruise only the second star to do so since Jenna Jameson in 1996. Last year’s Second Chances, about a college senior unexpectedly finding love after a humiliating freshman year, was the perfect showcase for Cruise, who has previous theater experience. The rest of the cast also shines under the direction of Jackie St. James and Eddie Powell, including best friend Jessa Rhodes,  the adorably hapless Logan Pierce, and scheming sorority sister Allie Haze.

Steven St. Croix

Everyone’s favorite daddy has been AVN’s Best Actor more times than I care to count, starting with 1995’s Chinatown and continuing with last year’s Wetwork. He nails just about everything that he does, from the deadly seriousness of Fluid 3, to his hilarious turn as a mob boss in Nothin’ But Trouble.

Asa Akira

Wicked contract girl Asa Akira is always charming when given a chance to act. She has a fantastic sense of humor about it, playing her parts with a smirking glee. Definitely check out last year’s hooker-with-a-heart-of-gold vehicle Holly… Would.

Dawayne Dane

This guy hasn’t been in many pornos, but his turn as Carlton Banks in the Official Fresh Prince of Bel Air Parody is so dead on that it amazes me that we don’t see him more often. If you can get past the non-existent production values, it’s really worth your time.

Magdalene St. Michaels

This MILF is a mainstay at Girlfriends Films, and for good reason. She has an extensive acting background, and has even appeared in mainstream films. And it shows! She first caught my attention in Mother Exchange 2, where she completely wins over Giovanni Francesco.

Skin Diamond

The lovely and kinky Skin Diamond is an expert at toeing the line between pure camp and serious artistry. For the former, check out her tribute to Michonne in The Walking Dead – A Hardcore Parody. If the latter is more your game, Skin is excellent in last year’s twisted drama Control.

Evan Stone

A legend in the industry, Evan Stone is known for not taking himself too seriously and setting a hilarious goofball tone in modern classics like Pirates and Pirates 2 – Stagnetti’s Revenge. He also knows when to hold back, like his heartbreaking turn as a sick, both spiritually and physically, father in Daddy’s Girls.

Dana Vespoli

Dana Vespoli is my favorite pornstar, not least of all because of her convincing, and oftentimes creepy, acting roles. Even when she’s not fucking on camera, she still often appears on screen in non-sex roles, helping to flesh out the other characters and the plot. Check her out in the recently released The Turning, as well as in A Thing of Beauty, Vespoli’s own adaptation of Faust.

Mickey Mod

It really says something about your chops when you can carry a porno whole movie without taking your dick out! Mickey Mod is a mainstay of the fetish world, and I absolutely adored him in the kinky softcore feature The Punished Coed.

India Summer

As one of the most popular (and all natural!) MILFs working today, India Summer consistently wins over audiences with both her acting and sex scenes. Her delivery has an effortless grace that draws us in, even when she’s playing wicked stepmothers and other unlikable broads. Audiences raved about the popular Marriage 2.0, and I loved Summer alongside Maddy O’Reilly and Steven St. Croix in The Sexual Liberation of Anna Lee.

Tommy Pistol

He’s usually cracking us up in screwball comedies like Killer Kleavage From Outer Space, but sometimes Tommy Pistol manages to scare the shit out of us and show some real menace, like in last year’s trippy Bubble Gum Girls.

Mercedes Carrera

Mercedes Carrera is another star of The Turning, but she’s also weird and hilarious in B. Skow’s In The Flesh, not to mention the way that she amps up her fear and shame in the wonderfully creepy My Evil Stepson 2.

Misty Stone

The stunning Misty Stone gives Vivica A. Fox a serious run for her money in Digital Playground’s Kill Bill – A XXX Parody. She also kills it in this year’s Magic Mike XXXL: A Hardcore Parody as the dancers’ new boss. Misty has an undeniable power and forcefulness to her performances, as well as an ease to the delivery of her lines.

Nat Turnher

Nat Turnher is a star who doesn’t get nearly enough acting or romantic roles. He’s super handsome and wonderfully plays suave sweethearts. He steals the show from Sean Michaels in Family Secrets – Tales Of Victorian Lust and livens up the old plumber trope alongside Jodi Taylor in Belladonna’s Butthole Whores 4.

Amber Rayne

Amber Rayne was touring with a musical theater troupe when her contract ran out, leaving her stranded in LA. Sick of the typical Hollywood hustle, but still wanting to perform, she took the plunge into the adult industry. She gets to show off her thespian history in the campy romp The Pornographer from Wicked, and she rocks in in Wanted,  a Western feature from director Stormy Daniels.

Xander Corvus

Xander is great at playing lovable (and not so lovable) bad boys, and has a great, naturalistic acting style. Everyone in multiple award winner Wasteland deserves a spot on this list, including Lily LaBeau, but my shoutout is going to Xander for this one.

Jesse Jane

She might have the stereotypical blonde bimbo pornstar look, but there’s a good reason why Jesse Jane got lead roles in so many Digital Playgrounds blockbuster features. You can’t help but love the bubbly joy with which she tackles her roles, especially in the Pirates series and Code Of Honor.

Did I forget any of your favorites? Yell at me in the comments and let me know!

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I know I keep talking about Valentine’s Day, but what can I say, I’m excited.  I get pumped for any holiday that revolves around candy and chocolate.  In honor of the big day, I thought I’d do a review of our newest couples-focused movie, , brought to us by , a brand new shoot-off of New Sensations and New Sensations Romance .  While that may not mean anything to you, it definitely made me a little edgy, as the recent New Sensations Romance movies I’ve watched are a really brutal mix of depressing plot and hot sex.  I mean don’t get me wrong, I love me so hot sex, but mixed in with stories about people in comas and lovers that die – well, it just doesn’t appeal to me.

That said, I went into this venture with an open, yet wary, mind, knowing that I made need to endure a little discomfort to get to the good stuff.  And while I do agree that is what did end up happening, I will add that I really did enjoy this movie and would totally recommend it for couples and anyone that has an interest in high quality porn with an engaging story.

To start, let me give a little summary of what happens in the movie.  Drew (Steven St. Croix) has been married to Christie (India Summer) for the last fifteen years, but as of late their relationship has become routine and boring.  They barely even interact in most situations.  Not only is Drew bored and depressed about his ho-hum marriage, he is also lonely and terribly jealous of his co-worker, Vicky (Raylene), who is in a wonderful marriage full of sexual excitement and passion.

As he wallows in despair over his rigid wife and dull existence, Drew meets Vicky’s 25-year-old niece, Mimi (Remy LaCroix), who happens to be a photographer in need of a subject for a project.  While helping her (which ends up with him totally opening up to her), Drew of course falls for Mimi and the two begin a thrilling affair.

The tryst continues for a while, becoming more than just sex and both parties start actually falling for each other.  But what about Drew’s wife, Christine?  It’s not long before Drew’s marriage starts to get in the way of his ability to be present for Mimi, especially when she needs him most, so instead of continuing to sneak around as his mistress, Mimi ends the relationship.  Bummer, right.  Is it just me, or does this sound like the most depressing porn ever?  I thought so until what happened next…

You’d think that Drew would just go back to his boring life and forget that the affair never happened, but no, Drew actually sits down with Christine and tells her everything.  Though she is devastated by her husband’s infidelity, Christine decides to stay and the pair spend a year trying to work through the breach of trust and all the rest of their issues.  Alas, after working hard to try and rekindle their relationship, Christine can see that Drew is still in love with Mimi, so she does the hardest job and sets him free to follow that love.  Drew returns to Mimi and the pair live happily ever after.  It’s true – the end of the movies lets us know that the real people the characters were based off of are still together 20 years later and they are good friends with the ex-wife who is now remarried to the love of her love.  Yep – all’s well that ends well.

Though the idea of a failing marriage is a total boner killer, I will say that the happily ever after ending definitely helps bring the libido back up.  It’s like the pornographers can tell that many women like a happy ending (not the massage one).  And I think it goes without saying that there is hardcore fucking going on all through this story, which helps distract from the drama, but doesn’t totally drown it out.  The super hot performers and awesome production values certainly don’t hurt either.  If you are interested in a beautifully shot movie with a good (yet depressing) storyline and lots of really, really hot sex, I think you’ve come to the right place.

Watch “” Now!

Top Five Tuesday – Hot For Hearts!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it’s been a little all over the place with the blog in the last few weeks.  With staff switcharoos and all the craziness of starting the year off, we’ve missed a few of the last Tuesdays.  But not to worry – we are back today with a Top Five Tuesday that is sure to get your heart beating just a little faster.  In honor of the approaching holiday, this week we are celebrating that loving feeling with a list of our Top Five Hot Heart Flicks!

Lust, passion, deceit, romance and a delicious game of cat chasing mouse. Are we talking about a soap opera?  Nope it’s the fabulous series from one of my favorite studios – New Sensations Romance.  This second installment features a stellar cast, including , , and Johnny Castle.  What a roster of hotness!

This oldie, but goodie from  is one that I hold close to my own heart.  It’s one of the first porn movies I ever watched in a group setting – in one of my classes during my grad program in Human Sexuality Education.  I couldn’t tell you which class we watched it in, but with the amazing ’80s sensibilities and by lesbians, for lesbians overtones, I’m just so glad it is in my life.  Three cheers for directors !
Well, hello you group of handsome queer devils!  This sophomore Seven Minutes flick by director  is full to the hilt with the hottest of the hot, including some of my porno crushes, like , and . I am so excited that they bang in scene six!
While I wouldn’t necessarily think that porn and war go together, there is something about this movie that takes the classic military story and turns it into an erotic movie that could very easily mirror and validate that experiences of many people these days.  Another quality film from

One of the things I love about Lesbea films is that they get to the sex point with little to no plot or conversation.  What can I say – sometimes I want a story, and sometimes I want to watch hot women fuck with nothing in the way.  This movie does that… and yes, it warms my heart!  And whets my appetite!


Dr. Ava’s Guide To Oral Sex For Couples (Disc 1)

I’d like to think I know how to get myself and others off, but sometimes I’m seized with fucker’s remorse, and I want to brush up on my skills. Thankfully, Zero Tolerance Entertainment‘s instructional video, Dr. Ava’s Guide To Oral Sex For Couples* is here for those of us who feel a little rusty in the deep dive department.

I loved this video, although not for its intended purposes. This inoffensive, rough gem is filmed with soft focus lenses, and stars India Summer and Marco Banderasas they cavort on a fuzzy blanket amongst lit candles. Dr. Ava’s purring, seductive voice guides us through each scene and oral sex technique, but I couldn’t stop laughing at her voice overs. I don’t know what a “better” alternative is, but the delivery is so very clinical and romantic. I’m more into the seedy Stuntgirl aesthetic.

I’m sure Dr. Ava wants her viewers to relax and enjoy oral pleasure, but I just could not imagine watching this video and then mimicking some of the techniques. Specifically, I cannot yet comprehend the pleasure I’d get from a technique called Banana Nibblers. India Summer is supposed to be enjoying a sexy snack with her lover, but all I can see is her giving that nanner a mouthy, wet beej warmup. It’s just so wet with spit. Then he puts the other half in his mouth and he gently face fucks her with the banana. Who is taking this seriously? This is odd looking and, frankly, as the “no food while fucking” type, gross. And if the banana isn’t bad enough, Dr. Ava suggests using a hot dog as well. Cold? Hot? Didn’t every high school have a hot dog girl? Why would you ever sign up for that role now???

Seriously, I laughed myself to tears during the banana scene and my coworkers had to ask what was wrong. You tell me if I’m the one who’s nuts here:

Then there’s a technique called Ate Ball. It does not involve a scrotum, but does feature a cherry tomato. The goal is to maneuver the cherry tomato around your mate’s body with your mouth and tongue to drive them wild before the main event. However, if you watch Marco’s face, you’d swear he was a patient of.

Condoms are encouraged, as part of The Condom Fashion Show, and the blow & roll is clearly explained by Dr. Ava and illustrated by India. Personally, a condom fashion show sounds like a lot of work and not much fun. But Janie Germaphobe is here to remind you that condoms are not your enemy. They’re just not most people’s favorite part of the love act.

Another technique called Hide the Honey involves a blindfold and a bottle of the good old fashioned sticky Pooh Bear treat. Honey goes where you want your lover’s tongue to go, after they sniff their way to the sweet spot. So, of course, India dabs the honey right on her perineum. Good choice! According to Dr. Ava, the perineum orgasm is such a thing. Additionally, because she could tell I was having a freakout when India dabbed the honey between her legs, Dr. Ava does mention that foods cannot go inside the vagina lest the pH balance of your cooch get out of whack, leaving you with a yeast infection.

The last technique I’ll mention is the Boobie Blow, “clinically called cleavage fornication.” Clearly Dr. Ava is not even about to call this act by its most common alias, the Tit Fuck. And my, what a graceful tit fuck India and Marco share. India doesn’t even smash her boobs together during this demonstration. I had no idea you could get away with a tit fuck without smashing your boobs like flesh marshmallows around your mate’s dick.

All in all, Dr. Ava doesn’t have bad advice. I’m probably not the audience this guide was made for. It’s very polite. It’s gentle. If I weren’t as comfortable with putting my friend’s junk in my mouth, I could see how this video might be helpful. However, I’m probably a prime candidate for an evening with .

*A more accurate title would be Dr. Ava’s Guide To Oral Sex For Cisgender Hetero Couples (With Fine Interior Decorating).

Watch “Dr. Ava’s Guide To Oral Sex For Couples (Disc 1)” Now!

HotMovies4Her Tips: Eat Pussy Like A Porn Star!

Sure, it is true that a lot of the sex you see in porn is done for the camera and isn’t really a HotMovies4Her Tips: Eat Pussy Like A Porn Starmodel for real life sex.  However, it is also true that many porn stars display skills that do way more than just pay the bills.  I could go on about different cunnilingus techniques, I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again in the future, but today I encourage you to take a look at these talented porno ladies and take notes on how they use their lips and tongues!

Enjoy the free clips below as Dani Daniels, Sinn Sage, Sarah Vandella, and India Summer show you how to eat pussy!

Top Five Tuesday – India Summer Rocked 2011!

This morning, I came into work to an email about porno trends from 2011 – including info about the busiest performers of the year.  Apparently out of all the female porn stars making movies in 2011, the most prolific of them all was India Summer, coming in with 78 titles.  Impressive!  So, to honor her hard work, I thought we’d showcase some of our favorite India Summer movies from 2011!  Here are our top 5!

Nina Hartley’s Maximum MILFs: India Summer AND Nina Hartley – it’s a MILF match made in heaven.  Ok, so they never fuck each other, but really any movie that would feature them both is sure to be awesome.  I’m admit that the whole MILF (Mother I’d Like to Fuck) genre is weird to be, because I don’t think performers of a “certain age” need to be categorized by age marking genres.  I mean really, I’m pretty sure hot is just hot.
Hard Working Girls: I am so grateful to Filly Films for pairing India Summer with the delicious Dylan Ryan (three cheers for redefining pizza delivery porn!).  In fact, all the pairings in this hard working lesbo flick are fabulously hot and soooo worth watching.
Open Invitation: A Real Swinger’s Party in San Francisco: This plot-driven meets reality (real SF swingers) porn may not have been released in 2011, but it’s still one of my very favorites, so it makes the list.  Not only is India Summer fantastic in this Private video, the flick offers up teachable moments that talk frankly about swinging and open relationships, including why and how they work.  I can’t help but love when sexy education seeps into porno. Plus it was nominated for a ton of 2011 AVNs and won a Feminist Porn Award.
Home Improvement XXX – A Parody (Disc 1): Who doesn’t like a good porno parody?  Especially one based on a Tim Allen TV show?  India may play a bit part as a family friend who seduces the oldest “kid,” Chad, but she still puts on quite a show.  Yum.
The Interns 2: More sexy soap opera than standard porno, this high quality all-girl release is definitely something new and exciting to check out.  India starts the action off right, fucking Samantha Ryan during a advertising meeting.  If that’s what it takes to sell an ad to India Summers, where do I sign up?  And keep an eye out for this nominee at the 2012 AVN Awards coming up soon!

Check out more India Summer here on HotMoviesForHer!


Hard Working Girls

There are hot people all over the place.  Sometimes they are where you least expect them to be – like under a car at your mechanic’s, or delivering pizza to your doorstep.  And sometimes you just need to fuck them.  Luckily for us, the hotties in this movie are game!

Before even clicking this movie on, I was already smitten with the cast lineup.  I have a total girl chubby for both Lily Cade and Dylan Ryan, so I knew that I would enjoy this film from the minute I saw it.  Add in Sinn Sage and India Summer and I was in lesbian porn heaven.  These “hard working girls” are totally making it hard for me to keep my hand out of my pants (I am at work, afterall).

While this movie doesn’t have a ton of plot, it does have just enough to give me the context I need to get excited.  I’m not super into porn that just has folks fucking with no reason behind it, but I’m also not always in the mood for a long, drawn out story that takes away from my sexy screen time.  This Filly Films flick has the perfect amount of story/sex ratio and brings an erotic experience with each scene.

Honestly, the little kissy face makeouts before each scene kind of annoyed me.  Yes, I love watching ladies smooch each other, but I really wanted to get on with the action.  I think the idea of getting busy with working women is super hot and was eager to get to the next scene as the one before ended.  Yes, the kissing set up the next pair to bang, but I am too impatient for that type of sensuality – just get to the real fucking!

Each scene gets better and better.  Two thumbs up for Hard Working Girls!

Watch “Hard Working Girls” Now!

Top Five Tuesday – 2011 AVN Award Winners

Last Tuesday we presented our top 2011 AVN Award predictions, where three out of five guesses turned out to be correct!  Now that the awards have come and gone, we wanted to give a little extra love to the winning movies that topped our lists this year!

Our Top Five 2011 AVN Winners!

Batman XXX: A Porn Parody: This awesome parody took the 2011 AVNs by storm and came away with seven wins, including Best Parody-Comedy! Bursting with top-notch stars from start to finish (including Evan Stone, Dale Dabone, Tori Black, Kimberly Kane and more!), this spoof of the original 1960’s Batman totally brings a POW! BANG! and BOOM! to the dirty movie industry.
An Open Invitation: A Real Swinger’s Party In San Francisco: Starting off as a scripted, plot-heavy porno, this flick follows an in-a-rut couple (James Deen and India Summer – who tied for Best Actress for this movie!) as they accidentally stumble into the sexy underbelly of the swingers/open relationship scene in San Francisco. Once the story is nailed as firmly as all of its players (heh), the director switches gears and integrates a real SF swinging party into the mix, with non-porn people and industry pros fucking alongside each other. Of course the entire scenario was something decidedly San Francisco – the sex positive capital of the west. Seriously, there aren’t many places in the world like the city by the bay.
Asa Akira Is Insatiable Asa Akira Is Insatiable: Not only is Asa Akira insanely sexy, she rocks the porno screen in this fabulous Elegant Angel movie that nabbed the Best Anal Scene, Best Double Penetration (Akira’s first) and Best Threeway Sex Scene!  Not to shabby at all!
Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide to Advanced Fellatio: It’s true that I have a total soft spot for instructional videos, but even if I didn’t love them, this amazing advanced blow job guide would make this top five round up.  Tristan Taormino can do no wrong, of course, and things get even better as you add Adrianna Nicole, James Deen, Marie Luv, Evan Stone, Satine Phoenix and more!  It’s no shock that this flick went home with the Best Educational Release award.
Buttwoman Vs. Slutwoman: It’s a battle for the history books as Buttwoman, Alexis Texas, and Slutwoman, Kristina Rose duke it out to see who takes the title of hardest core in this three time 2011 AVN winner!  Elegant Angel accepted Best Gonzo Release, Best All-Girl Threeway Sex Scene and Best Group Sex Scene!

Congrats to our big five, and all the winners!