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Top Five Tuesday – Clown Porn!

With the news of performer Hollie Stevens passing away last Tuesday, we wanted to honor her memory the best way we know how – talking about clown porn! Hollie was one of the creators of the clown porn genre and we thank her for bringing this mix of makeup, wigs, big red noses and hardcore action to the masses.

This week’s Top Five Tuesday is all about what happens when clowns put down the fake flower bouquets and take off their pants.


 –  This Hollie Stevens movie was my very first foray into clown porn, and therefore my favorite of the bunch.  It probably would be anyway, as it features a rubber chicken as a sex toy, which is totally freaking awesome.  As random and bizarre as this movie is, with its sketch comedy/hardcore fucking mix, it really is a staple in the clown porn catalog.  Just be warned for the extra messed up ending.

 – What do you get when you put together scary clowns, sexy women, silly string and lots of fucking? Mr.Filthy.com, that’s what!  While only every other scene gives us some clown action, since the movie is more than an hour and change, it still feels just as clowny as the rest.
 –Sometimes the only thing you can do when you are presented with a bright red nose and a big rainbow wig is get your fuck on – and the ladies of Sex Clowns totally agree!  And we can’t forget the major plus of adding whipped cream to every scene.  Nice one, Heatwave!
A strange mix of clowns and pirates, this porno playhouse brings a whole lot of WTF?? to the table.  But really, would it be clown porn if there wasn’t a little added weirdness on hand?  I think not.  I believe this is supposed to be some sort of “PeeWee’s Playhouse” parody actually, with  as Fucko the Clown and a full cast of scallywags. Two hooks up!  (You know, instead of thumbs…)
While this pick is more straight up circus than solely clown focused, I could never, ever pass over a movie that offered me Belladonna in full clown face and costume.  If I did, I don’t think I would be able to truly call myself a fan.  We also get as a delicious bonus in this flick as well.  I’m ready to sit back under the big top and enjoy the show!

Thanks Hollie!


Rest In Peace Hollie Stevens

We got word this morning that performer Hollie Stevens lost her battle with cancer and passed away on Tuesday, July 3rd.

We are deeply saddened by this news and our thoughts are with Hollie’s friends and family during this difficult time.

As Hollie was the creator of clown porn (what a great thing to be the creator of, right?!), we thought it would only be right to honor her by posting this amazing picture as well.

The world has lost an amazing person and one hell of a performer. Rest in Peace, Hollie.

-JD and Ginger

Sexy Fungus and Cave Porn – Link Love Is Here!

Happy Humpday!  Welcome back to the midweek stretch.  And welcome to the first day of summer 2012!!  That’s right, it’s June 20th, the day summer officially begins.  And it’s super hot out, to boot!  Between that and our excitement over the brand spanking new look of HotMoviesForHer, we smut peddlers are buzzing with celebratory cheer.  To help us get this super special summer humpday party started, let’s have a little Link Love, shall we?

– I know the picture is less-than-stellar, but the story that a Chinese village mistook a masturbator sex toy for a rare mushroom is pretty amazing and I obviously needed to post about it.

– Speaking of getting it wrong, take a look at Cosmo’s 44 Most Ridiculous Sex Tips.

– Or how about some actually useful sex tips – like Five Ways To Have More Orgasms.

– Sure, you may not be able to say “vagina” while speaking in the Michigan House, but on the internet, anything is possible, including #VaginaMovieLines tweets.

– 28,000 year old Aboriginal erotic rock art (or as I like to call it, cave porn)  was recently found in the Australian outback.

– L.A. Magazine took a detailed snapshot of the father-son team behind Doc Johnson sex toys.

Erika Lust wants you to know what porn you should be watching.  The title doesn’t really do it for me, but the message of the article is pretty awesome.

– And lastly, the sad, sad news that performer Hollie Stevens was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  Stevens as been battling aggressive cancer since early 2012, but it was recently confirmed that the disease has metastasized to her brain, giving her only a little time left.  Our thoughts are with Hollie and her family and friends during this difficult time.

Hope this gets you through til the weekend.

Happy Summer!  Enjoy this longest day of the year.


’70s Cosplay Pics and Missionary For The Win – Link Love

Happy Humpday!  Welcome to the midweek stretch.  We are back from California now and gently returning to the daily routine, which sadly does not include hanging out poolside and handing porn to hot women.  Oh well, I guess we’d get bored if we did it every day, right?  Anyhoo, let’s get to the humpday celebrating with some Link Love!

A Treasure Trove of Cosplay from the Swinging 1970s.  These are the works I’ve been longing to hear for my whole life.  Seriously amazing.  Thanks io9!

A priest accidentally showed hardcore gay porn to his congregation when he connected his USB drive to his computer to show a Powerpoint presentation.  While it’s kinda funny to me, because I think all accidental porn showing is funny, it might end up costing him his job.  C’mon people, it’s just a little gay porn – nobody died.

While we knew Hollie Stevens had breast cancer, we didn’t realize that her medical issues have gotten worse.  Also, we had no clue that she was the pioneer of clown porn, which is a pretty awesome thing to be! (via Jezebel)

Britain’s first female porn director, Anna Span, on porn for women.

Sey Toy shop Good Vibrations is set to open an Antique Vibrator Museum this month in one of their San Francisco stores (on Polk St.).  Pretty exciting!

Scientist use real science to prove that Santorum’s claims about porn are false.

Porn director Jincey Lumpkin interviewed fellow director and real-life submissive Madison Young.  Yum.

– And lastly, Jezebel’s March Madness with Sex vs. Chocolate is over and a winner is declared.  Missionary Position, we salute you!

Hope this gets you through the week!


Link Love: The Sexxxiest News On The Web!

Happy Humpday!  Welcome to the midweek stretch!  Now that we are done that week of so many holidays and we are back on the regular and here to send you off into the rest of the week with a little extra somethin’ somethin’ to get you through!  So let’s get to the Link Lovin’

This awesome ad series for an Aussie electronics website features one hell of a High Tech Fetish.  Thank you guys so very much.

–  Apparently watching porn at the public library is totally legal in NYC, and protected by the First Amendment.  Who’s ready for a road trip?  Also, how bizarre, right?

– The Liberal Democrat election candidate for the South Northants Council ward of Cosgrove and Grafton (across the pond in England), Holly-Ann Battye,  recently posted pictures on the Internet of herself engaging in kinky games, including wearing a ball gag and one grabbing her own tits.  And it’s causing quite an uproar.  Nearly the same about of hubbub that folks give to stories of candidates that are outted as being kinksters, though we don’t hear about what a liar Battye is as well.  I don’t get the big deal.  So you like dirty shit and you are interested in politics… seems about the same to me… though I think of politics as far more perverse. (via Buzzfeed)

– Speaking of Europe, a gym in Spain is offering up naked workout time for folks that would rather sweat it out sans clothing.  Pretty awesome, right… and such a stretch from the previous link, huh? Continue reading Link Love: The Sexxxiest News On The Web!

I Never Pass Up The Chance to Talk About…

Clown Porn!!!

high five!

The makers of one of the best pornos of all time (read my review if you need convincing) are back. While I’m sure that nothing can top the perfect awesomeness that was Clown Porn, I’ll keep an eye out for their latest project Crackwood. I mean, how can you go wrong with a movie that stars Ron Jeremy, Gilbert Gottfried and a dude from the Love Boat (Ted Lang)???

Here’s a taste of the press release, but you can find it in it’s entirety over on xbiz.com.

The brainchild of Shuttlecock Productions director Chris Spoto and “Clown Porn” pioneer Dick Chibbles, “Crackwood” filmed in late November last year near Sylmar, Calif.

“The two-week production tells the tale of the final 48 hours of a dying town in the old West,” Chibbles said. “What becomes immediately apparent to the viewer is that the story of ‘Crackwood’ and her strange, funny characters is very bizarre. At times bright and colorful with an excellent score befitting a true Spaghetti Western, at times subversive, dark and violent.”

“Crackwood” also features adult stars Chibbles, Daisy Layne and Hollie Stevens who appeared in the original “Clown Porn.” Of course, several clowns play major roles in the film.

I’m super glad to hear that “several clowns play major roles.” Stay tuned to HotMoviesForHer.com for all of the latest and greatest clown porn news!