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The Top 100 Most-Watched Movies Of 2016

Check out our list of the 100 most-watched videos of 2016. Not only were there a ton of new releases and popular series included, but a few titles gave us a good surprise, and we were excited to see that some of our personal favorites are also our viewers’ favorites too. This list is organized alphabetically by studio with the titles in order of most watched. However, Adam & Eve’s Babysitting The Baumgartners is not only alphabetically first on the list, but it was the most watched movie on HotMoviesForHer.com this year. Adam & Eve Babysitting The Baumgartners The best-selling … Continue reading The Top 100 Most-Watched Movies Of 2016

The Authentic Lesbian Review: Farewell Road Queen!

Road Queen is perhaps one of the most influential lesbian porn series of all time. From the creative mind of Dan O’Connell for Girlfriends Films, it is the longest running series to feature one star with a continued storyline. Originally intended to serve as the Thelma & Louise of porn staring Deauxma and Brianna Love, it evolved to Deauxma and her classic Ford holding down the fort with countless stars popping in and out to contribute. With Road Queen Part 35, the popular Girlfriends Films series come to a close. When we first met Deauxma, and the beautiful handle-less Ford, … Continue reading The Authentic Lesbian Review: Farewell Road Queen!

6 Best Lesbian Vacation Movies

It’s finally summer! That means it’s time to slip on a bikini, round up your best gal pals, and get out of town on a vacation that will make memories that last a life time! Take a dip in a refreshing swimming pool! Hey, you know what’s wet like a swimming pool? Pussy. You know what’s round and bouncy like a beach ball? Boobs and butts. Lounge around in the sun! You know who’s hot, like the sun? Lesbians, that’s who. Find out how to make the most of your summer vacation with our favorite lesbian vacation movies! Lesbian Roadtrips … Continue reading 6 Best Lesbian Vacation Movies

Best of B. Skow

After directing adult films for companies like Vivid since 2005, the already prolific B. Skow sent ripples through the industry when he joined up with powerhouse lesbian studio Girlfriends Films in 2012 to launch Skow for Girlfriends Films; they released the studio’s first ever boy/girl movie that October. Since then, the former mainstream photographer has built up an impressive resume of daring feature films, such as last year’s controversial awards season favorite Gardener, which Bridget profiled last month. In an interview with XBIZ, Skow said, “We’re just making original features that are based around sex, based around perversions. Based around fetishes. … Continue reading Best of B. Skow

Girlfriends Films Gives to Hurricane Sandy Relief and More in Morning Quickie

Director and star Melissa Monet just announced that Girlfriends Films will be donating $1,000 to the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation, supporting the Staten Island aid and relief due to Hurricane Sandy. Every month the studio selects a “near and dear” charity chosen by one of their stars to donate to, which is ridiculously awesome to us! To see more about this monthly charity program that is pretty much the greatest thing I have ever heard about, go here. help melissa’s and gf’s efforts here – If you haven’t seen the ending of this season’s Game of Thrones, don’t push … Continue reading Girlfriends Films Gives to Hurricane Sandy Relief and More in Morning Quickie

Fixed Gears Fast Girls – Scenes 3 & 4

Instead of our usual method of staggering our scene-by-scene reviews a few days apart for varieties sake, today I am throwing caution to the wind and reviewing the same movie – two days in a row.  Gasp!  I know, I am a rebel.  Anyway, that said, I am reviewing scenes 3 and 4 of Fixed Gears Fast Girls today, and I, for one, am pretty excited about it.  I mean really, I get a second day of hot queer bike messengers, who am I to complain? In my review of the first half of this flick, I made sure to mention … Continue reading Fixed Gears Fast Girls – Scenes 3 & 4

Guess What’s Coming and Squirting Snacks.. Link Love Is Here

Happy Humpday!  Welcome back to the midweek stretch.  Who else is ready to wrap up this week and get into the three day weekend?  How’s about we cut the chatter and get straight to celebrating?  Cue the Link Love! – I’m not sure what the Newport Aquarium thinks is coming, but I’m pretty certain that it’s totally different from what I think is coming, based on their billboard… – Yes, 50 Shades of Grey has whet a few sexual appetites (and a few panties), but what about other sexy books that are out there?  Check out what sex experts are … Continue reading Guess What’s Coming and Squirting Snacks.. Link Love Is Here


I don’t know about anyone else, but man, I love me some therapy!  I am a firm supporter of keeping mental health healthy and I think that every single person could benefit from some form of therapy.  Though I may never have had the inclination to strip down and jerk off during my own sessions (what was that about therapeutic relationship boundaries??), in porno anything is possible. Unlike other masturbation movies I’ve watched, Therapy brings this amazing added element of spoken erotic storytelling that leads to the performers getting themselves hot and bothered.  It’s an exciting and totally hot addition … Continue reading Therapy

Taxi Vol. 1 – Scene 1

I have been eager to watch Taxi for quite a while.  Trust me, it is as hot as I was hoping it would be.  So hot we decided to review it scene by scene.  First up we have Jiz Lee and Madison Young.  How could you not get excited about watching the two of them fuck?  They are both fantastic performers that never disappoint. In the back of the taxi, Jiz is blindfolded while Madison plays with their senses – rubbing her gloved hand across Jiz’s face, allowing them to smell her breath, pulling them into her chest.  All while … Continue reading Taxi Vol. 1 – Scene 1

Top Five Tuesday – Deauxma!

Every so often, we HM4Her ladies do a deep dive into our analytics and really get into the nitty gritty of what our viewers are interested in watching.  This time around I checked into what you guys are searching for – and it looks like Deauxma is the winner! You guys love you some of this mature sexy star!  To let you know that we are listening to what you want, here is a Top Five Tuesday dedicated to everything Deauxma! Legends & Starlets 3: This awesome series from Sweetheart Video sounds just like what it is – a collection … Continue reading Top Five Tuesday – Deauxma!