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Free Porn Friday

Each week we make free clip galleries of three movies for our affiliates to use… so why not share some of those clips here?

Welcome to Free Porn Friday!

First up is Girlfriends Films’ , scene two, with Billie Sweet and Dante (F).


Second is Burning Angel Entertainment’s , scene four, featuring Lily Lane and Ramon Nomar.


And lastly, Zero Tolerance Entertainment’s , scene two.

Hope you enjoyed. Have a great weekend!


Free Porn Friday!

Each week we make free clip galleries of three movies for our affiliates to use… so why not share some of those clips here?

Welcome to Free Porn Friday!

First up is Girlfriends Films’ , scene two, with and .

Check out the FREE GALLERY of clips from Pin-Up Girls Volume 7!


Second is Double D Studios’ , scene two, featuring  and .

Check out the FREE GALLERY of clips from Rendezvous In The Big Apple!


And lastly, Hard Candy Films’ , scene three, featuring  and .

Check out the FREE GALLERY of clips from Teacher Seductions!

Hope you enjoyed. Have a great weekend!

-JD and Ginger

Fixed Gears Fast Girls – Scenes 1 & 2

Alright, we are back from our week o’ horror porn and ready to bring you so much sexy action, with far less blood and guts.  Instead of ghouls, today we offer up some with this new release from .  Directed by the fabulous  and featuring  and , among others, I know we are in for such a treat!

Before I even get into the sex, I just need to talk about how queer bike messenger porno is totally freaking hot!  Holy late ‘90s, San Francisco, Michelle Tea/Lynnee Breedlove-esque fantasy fodder!  I feel like I am stuck in a Team Dresch song that I can’t get out of, and really that is totally fine by me.  Anyway, back to the banging.  Within minutes a couple of sexy bike mechanics (Eden Alexander and Maxine Holloway) are going at it with new messenger Annika Amour watching and learning the tricks of the trade.  I love that everything is going on right in the shop!  I’d be totally bummed if this movie said it would be about hot dyke bike messengers, and then just end up being a bunch of folks fucking in beds.  Soon Annika is pulled into the action and needs to prove herself as the newbie on the block, which she does by ejaculating all over their workroom chair.  Yep, she’ll do what it takes to get the job done!

Next up Billie Sweet is working away in her sewing shop, making her sewing machine purr like a kitten.  She is awaiting , a sweet, tattooed messenger queer.  When Dante doesn’t show on time, she tries to leave but ends up with a flat tire.  What a bummer!  Thankfully Dante actually shows up and brings her more than just a delivery.  They start off making out and getting a little rough from the get go.  And obviously because I am me, I have to mention the giant octopus stuffed animal they are banging next to – seriously, it’s amazing.  Dante wastes no time and gets to undressing Billie and biting her nipples hard. Yum.  I absolutely love that Billie keeps her green, peep-toe pumps on the entire time, no matter how naked she gets and that they show Dante taking off their boots and strapping-on.  There is just something so real and sexy about that!

Because I am running out of time for the day, and I really want to review this whole movie, I will make sure to review scenes 3 and 4 a different time.

Just know that this movie is awesome and if you like hot queers fucking, you will like this!

Watch “” Now!

Top Five Texas Porns

As you are reading this Top Five Tuesday post, I am actually out of the office on vacation. Oh man, the wonders of technology, right? In fact, I am writing this post two weeks before you’ll ever read it. Gotta love the post scheduling button. Anyway, like I said, I am on vacation, down in Texas, enjoying all that the Lone Star State has to offer. So in honor of the stars at night being big and bright down here in the heart of Texas, I thought a Top Five Texas movies would be in order.  In no particular order, here are my top five favorite Texas themed movies.  Enjoy! And Yee Haw!

First of all, this is called Texas Dildo Masquerade, so really, how could I not add it to the list?  Second, it’s a horror movie parody (of a movie I really like) starring , so clearly we know it’s going to be a keeper.  And lastly, it starts with a blowup doll with a dildo in her mouth and then later has a room full of dildos hanging from the ceiling.  I don’t know about you, but this is so my kind of party!

Real Texas dudes getting real hard in the throats of other real Texas dudes. So simple, so hot.  And the title just adds to the awesomeness.  I mean, c’mon – Deep In The Throat Of Texas? Genius!  The cocks at night are hard and (asshole are) tight… deep in the throat of Texas!
 – A bunch of real life swingers get an extra hardcore dose of American style lovin’ when former Skid Row drummer, , joins in for an all access fuck fest.  I originally thought this swinging extravaganza was based in Texas, but once I got into the action I realized that, no, it’s filmed in L.A. and Texas is just in the title.  At that point I was hooked and had to add it to the list.
  You know when you go out to a store and you’re shopping or whatever and you see a person that you would love to fuck their brains out?  And when you just walk up to them, hit on them and then go at it? It’s pretty hot, huh?Ok, so neither of us have ever done that, but what if we did?  Of course porno is here to show us what if!  takes a wild romp through the Lone Star State, stopping in local video shops to pick up chicks looking at the lesbian porn (complete with perfectly executed product placement) and bed them at roadside motels. Ah, Texas. Not usually the first place I think of when I picture hot lesbian fucking, but it turns out that there it is!
Alright so this doesn’t actually have anything to do with Texas either, other than it’s all about , so really, it’s EVERYTHING to do with Texas.  And one of the hottest booties of the industry.  So really, instead of rolling your eyes that I picked another non-Lone Star State focused porno, you should be thanking me profusely for reminding you of the amazing attributes that Ms. Texas has to offer.  You’re welcome.

Tipping my hat from down south!


Taxi Vol. 1 – Scene 3

We are now up to scene 3 of Taxi Vol. 1 and I couldn’t be happier.  I have been looking forward to getting my eyeballs on Sir Stirling and those green underpants for quite some time.  Zoe, who I am seeing for the first time, rocks my face as well.  This butch femme match-up is totally awesome.

Taxi Vol. 1 - Scene 2No talking is necessary here.  I like adding my own story line to a porno.  There is nothing wrong using your imagination!  I sensed a little nervousness at first.  It wasn’t overtly obvious, but there was just a little something in both performers’ eyes – sort of like when you have sex with someone for the first time that you’ve been eying up for for a long time.  You’re excited, you know you got skills, but what do they like?  It added a realness to the scene that I enjoyed, but the two became quite confident in minutes.

The sex is totally intense and these two are quite the visually stunning pair.  I love Sterling’s ginger-androgony and Zoe’s .  There was a moment that I thought was going to be super awkward, but ended up being a uniquely hot.  Zoe sits up and reaches for Sterling who is behind her.  Sir Sterling lifts themselves up so Zoe can get to their goods.  It turns out to be quite nice and sterling gets to show off their strong upper body.  Yay for porno surprises!

I loved watching performers who I had never really seen before.  They will make a nice addition to my spank bank and I will be watching this scene on my own time.

Watch Taxi Vol. 1 now!



Taxi Vol. 1 – Scene 2

Man, that Ginger Leigh is a smart cookie!  Last week she came up with the brilliant idea to review  scene-by-scene, meaning that we get to spend more time with each scene, savoring the hotness.  It also means that we both get to have a whack at the movie (pun totally intended), and give you our opinions.  Ginger kicked us off with scene one, featuring and , and I get to indulge in scene two, starring  again, with .  Yum!

LICK starts out with Madison and Justine hanging out in the back of the taxi, getting their make out on.  I barely recognized Justine Joli with longer, straightened hair.  I’m so used to seeing her with short, curly hair that I paused the movie and checked the performers listed for the scene a second time. Yep, it’s Justine Joli!  Both Justine and Madison are women that truly love sleeping with women.  Individually they are performers that light up the screen with whoever they are fucking, which only means that together they exude a  chemistry hot enough to set that cab on fire!

The pair starts off slowly, taking their time kissing and caressing each other.  They are both dressed to the nines in cute dresses, so I’m glad that they stick around for a few minutes.  But really, it is only a few minutes before Joli is out of her dress, with her tits ready to be licked.  I love the way that this scene is shot, with the camera staying mostly stationary in the middle of the screen.  Sure, sometimes the performers’ heads are cut off, but it makes the whole thing feel so gritty and raw.  I also really enjoyed hearing other cars drive by and having the women illuminated by their headlights.

The action in this scene is so deliciously controlled.  There really isn’t a lot of frenzied anything.  Both women are cool, calm and collect as they explore each other’s bodies.  While I do love a fast-paced, all out fuckfest, there is definitely something to be said about taking your time and really getting your money’s worth.  But just because they are slow and controlled, don’t think that these women are soft and delicate, because that is SO not the case.  As well, the women are very sensual with each other, making sure to continue to kiss while fooling around in all different ways.  The cramped quarters of the taxi definitely helped keep the action tight and sexy.

All around this scene is a total keeper!  Keep an eye out for the rest of the scene-by-scene reviews

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Lesbians Uncovered – The Naked Truth!

When I think of Girlfriends Films, I think of younger-older lesbian movies and femme women getting it on.  Usually they are semi-plot based vignettes, shot in studios with established porn stars.  What I don’t think of is everyday lesbians sitting  down to talk about their sex lives for long periods of time, then getting busy with their partners, fucking in real, unscripted ways.  This time Girlfriends Films went into documentary mode, bringing us a half interview/half action porno full to the hilt with all different types of lesbian and bi female sexualities.

This pornumentary follows a handful of couples – featuring them talking about how they met, how they identify, coming out of the closet, their sex lives and more.  Only one person goes at it alone, talking about their partner, but not showing them.  She rocks her action alone, making lovely use of a sybian and fucking herself with the detached dildo (which looks a little weird, since it’s shaped for use on a machine).  The rest of the couples have sex – real sex.  They make out, roll around, bite each other’s nipples and really climax.  It’s fucking awesome!

The one thing I really didn’t care for about this film is that none of the sex went straight through.  Each couple’s action cut off to go into another couples’ (or the solo sybian action), so every time I’d get really into the sex, it would switch to another set of people.  Super annoying.  I would rather see folks get busy all the way through than only seeing snippets at a time.  That may just be my preference though.

I know this doesn’t have much to do with the movie, but I did not that this was the first time I’ve ever seen kittens in a porno.  One of the interview scenes has two women talking about their experiences together, all the while petting a few kittens that are lying on the couch with them.  There are so many pussy jokes I want to make… but I will control myself.  Meow.

All in all, a great, and surprising, movie from Girlfriend Films.  Just be warned that the first 50 minutes are all about interviews and the real sexy action doesn’t begin until about an hour in.

Watch “Lesbians Uncovered – The Naked Truth!” Now!

HM4Her Does Girl-on-Girl in AVN Magazine!

About a month and a half ago, I received an email from the folks over at AVN Magazine asking if HM4Her would contribute to their special girl/girl themed issue coming up.  Of course I said sure and answered the questions they asked about girl/girl and video-on-demand, and about g/g on HotMoviesForHer specifically.  And then I got crazy with work travel and promptly forgot about it, until I came back and found this on my desk.

I don’t know if you can see it, but look!:
Continue reading HM4Her Does Girl-on-Girl in AVN Magazine!

Link Love

Happy Humpday, friends!  Welcome back to the mid-week stretch!  I’m not exactly sure what exactly happened to the snow we were supposed to get, but I am continuously knocking on my desk that it never shows up.  PLUS, that famous Pennsylvania groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil predicted that we’ll have an early spring this year, and I am so ready to celebrate!  Let’s rock the socks off this Humpday with a little link lovin’!

– You know how important it is to make sure your house is in perfect order when you are trying to sell?  Yeah….

– Sources say that Lady Gaga requested that her first fragrance smell of blood and semen.  While I don’t know if I could get down with that scent on my neck, I definitely appreciate that it’s something totally different than what Mariah Carey and  Brit Spears are hawking.

– Not only did studio Girlfriends Films kick off the year by donating $15,000+ to various charities – they had GF stars and crew members choose the receiving organizations and donated in their names.  Seriously a class act!

– Yes, Charlie Sheen, I’m sure it was laughing too hard at porn that put you in the hospital with a hernia.  Why would anyone assume it was that briefcase full of cocaine??  Man, some people just jump to conclusions! Sidenote – Best. Excuse. Ever.  I plan to use it frequently. (via Jezebel)

The Gap is selling “Pegged Boyfriend” Jeans.  How hilarious is that!?!  I LOVE it when people don’t do their research!  For those not in the know – pegged boyfriend.

A map of the kinkiest states in America.  Results are both surprising and totally not surprising at the same time.  Go New Mexico, you pervy little minx! Continue reading Link Love

XBIZ Awards 2010 – And The Winner Is…

While we here on the East Coast were digging out of a snowstorm the other night, over in L.A., the porn stars were shining as the 8th Annual XBIZ Awards took the stage to honor some of the biggest names in the industry- including a few folks near and dear to us… HotMovies.com!

That’s right!  Our big brother, HotMovies.com won VOD Company of the Year!  Woohoo!  Congrats HotMovies!  We are super excited for them and can’t wait to celebrate their victory… if the snow ever lets them fly back into the East Coast…

While the list is too long to name all of this year’s winners, there were a ton of HM4Her favorites snagging awards, including all of these sexy stars and studios! Continue reading XBIZ Awards 2010 – And The Winner Is…