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Game Of Thrones and Porn

Now that we’re partway through season 6 of HBO’s smash hit Game Of Thrones, fans are looking forward to seeing more of their favorite characters, dragons, and, of course, boobs ‘n butts. For a show that many have both praised and derided for its excessive use of primetime nudity and softcore sex, it’s no surprise that it has had tons of overlap with the porn industry. From XXX parodies to podcasts to cameos of our favorite stars, Game Of Thrones has brought tons of juicy extras for porn watchers. Game of Bones – Winter Is Cumming Game Of Thrones has … Continue reading Game Of Thrones and Porn

Google Glass Bans Porn In the Morning Quickie

Even with the greatest announcement that app pro MiKandi was going to release the first round of porn apps on Google Glass, well, Google decided that they just weren’t having any of that. Shortly after MiKandi announced the release – and I mean like just hours later – Google was all “nuh-uh, not in my town!” and revised their policy to rid any hopeful app makers of releasing graphically sexual material. read about it here – Now that the fans of Game of Thrones are in a serious mourning period, myself included (I may have overdid it on Twitter yesterday … Continue reading Google Glass Bans Porn In the Morning Quickie