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Christian Grey Recast by Porn Star

We’re now approaching 24 hours since we learned that Charlie Hunnam gave up the record-breaking coveted  discussed role of Christian Grey in the film adaption of Fifty Shades of Grey. But while everyone else in media is going nuts over debating how it is or wasn’t a massive shocker that he dropped out, we’re hard at work filling the position. It was just earlier this year that James Deen “broke out” of his industry standard and went all mainstream with The Canyons. I’m going to go ahead and point out what a successful review it got for him, and mention that this should now be a thing. HotMoviesForHer has officially combed through the stockpile of handsome and mysterious male porn stars, and will now present to you the list of considerations.


While he might be pretty unknown to the general public, Richie Calhoun is a shoe-in for the dapper and gruff Grey. Let’s first start by ogling his sexy looks:

And, if you’ve watched The Submission of Emma Marx, or read my review, you know he has the character demeanor that is required of the dominant Grey. Richie is almost always cast as the mysterious, sexed-up male lead in a ton of romantic porn flicks. Some of my favorites to watch him in are Crazy in Love, She’s the One, and Broken Hearts. And, based on stalking his Twitter, he appears to have tons of extra time on his hands for scheduling the role. Who knows dominant sex better than the male lead in romantic porn?


When we looked at all the considerations, we have to look into the gay industry as well, obviously. There are so many gay porn actors that are pretty, fit, and dominating. We draw out of the competition Cody Cummings, a star that loves to box but won’t let you hit him (he has to keep his features). With his dirty blond tresses, chiseled facial features, and 5’9″ stature, he’s on the list. His body…it just won’t quit…


Other contenders to put in the running….

Jay Smooth


Chad White


 Colby Keller 


Lance Hart



Let the auditions begin!


“Fifty Shades of Grey” Closer to Production, Sovereign Syre in Playboy and more Morning Quickie

So Courtney Stodden got a boob job. My first question: Who the fff is Courtney Stodden? After doing a little research, I still don’t know. But I do know she’s 18 and looks older than me. Anyway, my second question: Why would anybody do this to their own body?

I’m a bit behind when it comes to this magnificent interview of Sovereign Syre by Playboy, but I honestly just got around to reading the Friday piece. If all you’ve seen is her work and you haven’t really had a chance to “meet” her, soak all of this right up. She explains everything from her intro into porn, “My first step into it wasn’t because I was interested in doing lesbian erotica; it was just the first step you take when you start doing porn,” to stepping around to the other side of the camera.


This map is COOL. And whether you admit it or not, you know that all maps are cool. But this one, this one, is just on another level. It shows you, in an antique-y spread, the literal meanings of the United States. I just can’t help but spoil this one, Chicago means Stink Onions. Tee hee!

magnetize and explore here

AHA! And we have movement toward the Fifty Shades of Grey movie! The director has been announced, and the award goes to Nowhere Boy alum, Sam Taylor-Johnson. This will be only her second full-length film, which could be good thing. 


I just can’t get enough of this Courtney Doll today, so here are nine ladies that were so totally rejected from Playboy. And I mean rejected, not just not considered. Courtney Stodden takes the first place, of course.