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Hands On Orgasms 7

I like watching women orgasm.  It’s just a fact.  Whether they are getting there on their own, or getting assistance, I am always excited to see real orgasms on screen.  It only makes sense that I would like a studio like Femorg, which specializes in spotlighting female orgasms in all their delicious variety.  While most Femorg flicks are women masturbating, this one is slightly different because here they are getting a little handy help from their friendly cameraman. Focusing on the women’s pleasure, the cameraman here is literally just a hand and an arm that plays with their clits and … Continue reading Hands On Orgasms 7

Paige Fox 3

It seems a little odd to review this movie because there is such a long description on the movie page. Lots of folks love detail, but I have to say there is so much detail in the description that I get lost, bored and ready to move on.  I totally respect their dedication, but here is much my shorter review for those who like to get to the point. Paige Fox is a super cute British babe that has a fondness for vibrators.  In all 4 scenes she gets herself off with one or a few of them.  She sits … Continue reading Paige Fox 3

Masturbation Month Is Here – Top Five Solo Sexin’ Selections

Happy Masturbation Month!!  That’s right, May is the dedicated month to celebrate the awesome act of self love, and we smut peddlers are ready to help with the cause.  Not only do we have a butt load of titles for you to get all hot and sweaty to (by “butt load” I mean more than 160,000 movies), here are 20 FREE MINUTES to add to your account.  Just use the offer code “RubOneOut” for your viewing pleasure.  And to get things started, here our quick and dirty top five favorite solo sexin’ selections! No Fauxxx: Sophia St James – I … Continue reading Masturbation Month Is Here – Top Five Solo Sexin’ Selections

2 Out Of 2 Porn Bloggers Agree…

That you should have a very happy International Women’s Day!!  March 8th is the day when we take extra time to really celebrate women on a global scale and show just how much we appreciate and respect them. We think a celebration of female orgasms would be the perfect way to honor all the women of the world! Try an awesome lady-focused studio, like Femorg or Petra Joy, which are all about women’s pleasure! Enjoy! xoxo -JD and Ginger


If there was one thing I would wish for all porno to feature, it would be real female pleasure.  Sure there are a whole slew of movies out there that offer up women really having orgasms, but in the grand scheme of the porno world, it’s not an overarching theme.  Luckily there are some studios, like Femorg, that focus specifically on ladies getting off, and usually on them getting there themselves.  Because female masturbation is still so taboo in our culture, it’s extra important that we are talking about it, and shining a spotlight on flicks that give it the … Continue reading Climax!

Keeley Magee

Femorg’s Keeley Magee is pretty uneventful, but definitely entertaining for those who like to watch ladies get off in the same way they would if the cameras weren’t rolling.  There are no over dramatic moans or balancing on one foot in stilettos while masturbating with a phthalate laden dildos.  It’s just a girl and her vibrators and I totally dig that. The first scene opens with Keeley removing her sweat pants and getting right to business with her Mini Wanachi.  She is focused on herself and getting off, not making a ton of noise, but watching and hearing her breaths … Continue reading Keeley Magee

Top Five Tuesday – Solo Lady Sexin’ 2011!

I can’t believe we are at the final Top Five Tuesday of 2011!  Didn’t this year fly by?!?  Anyway, one of the things we like to do here at HM4Her is give the ladies what they want.  After a careful analysis of our analytics (which sounds so much dirtier than it is), we found that more than anything, you folks are checking out our female masturbation movies.  So, what better way to send off the year than solo lady lovin’ – 2011 style!  Here are our Top Five Female Masturbation movies made in 2011.  Enjoy them… we know you will! … Continue reading Top Five Tuesday – Solo Lady Sexin’ 2011!

Happy International Orgasm Day!

Today is the 13th Annual World Orgasm Day!  The goal: for everyone to experience the most pleasure they can!  And maybe have a little less suffering and pain in the world, if only for one day.  Why fight wars and hurt people when you can get off instead??  I’m keeping the words short on this one because I plan to get my celebration on as many times as I can on this awesome holiday! But before I sigh off so I can go click my own mouse, I wanted to offer up some of my favorite orgasm movies, in hopes … Continue reading Happy International Orgasm Day!

Close Up & Cumming 2

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, there is not much sexier than watching a woman get off.  From their swollen pussy lips to the moans of pure, unadulterated pleasure – it is definitely one of my favorite parts of porno.  And lucky us, we’ve just posted a new addition to our collection of movies from Femorg, the studio dedicated to featuring female orgasms (hence the name).  This time Femorg is back with the second in a series dedicated to getting up close and personal with each pussy as they orgasm.  Yum and yum! Each of the … Continue reading Close Up & Cumming 2

Top 5 Tues – The Holy Grail of Sex Toys: The Hitachi Magic Wand

When it comes to vibrators, the variety can be overwhelming.  Vibes range from teeny tiny, battery-operated rockets, to huge plug-in wands that have more horsepower then a riding mower.  One in particular, actually… and if you know sex toys at all, you know that I am referring to the one and only Hitachi Magic Wand.  The Cadillac of vibrators, this hulking, corded toy delivers a weapons-grade buzz and knocks all other vibes from it’s golden pedestal. So why am I talking about the Hitachi?  Because it is a frequent flyer in porno flicks! That’s right – folks love to bring … Continue reading Top 5 Tues – The Holy Grail of Sex Toys: The Hitachi Magic Wand