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I’ve Got Yah iPhone Apps Right H’yah

If you don’t have an iPhone, then I’ve discovered it’s ridiculously easy for you to find adult-only Android apps without any searching at all. Just click here, and you have all the apps you’ll need. But for the Apple slaves users? Nuh-uh. Just running a simple search into Google brings up almost zilch of what you’re probably looking for, or it’s really outdated and probably banned anyway. So here you go. A collection of not actual porn, but porn-related awesomeness in your pocket.

10. Porn Trivia 

pretty straightforward, just lots of questions about porn

+ difficulties increase, porn slang, pretty, easy to use

not free (.99), only 40 questions, not updated since 2011

9. Nasty Sound Pranks

for when you just need to hear an orgasm in the middle of a crowded room

+ multiple sounds, includes a timer for spontaneity, won’t be dated

also have nails on a chalkboard, not free (.99)

8. a.k.a – Your Favorite Name Generator

everyone eventually wants to know what their porn/stripper name will be. everyone. 

+ uses a formula rather than randomizing, multiple categories, free

some predictable (though not the stripper name entry) can share friends’ results


7. Dirty Sex Jokes+

i’ll admit it. Sometimes it’s hard to dish good bar material when it’s raunchy joke time.

+ highest rating in the category, free, random jokes

chat section which is creepy, slow loading time in the “wall”

6. Wobble Premium

because of ‘dat wobble wobble wobble wobble wobb wobb

+ shakability, control levels, FUNNY, easy-to-use, free version available

could be offensive, not free or you get ads, spheres-only (no oval for penises)

5. Full-Screen Private Browsing

when you worry “the other half” is snooping, or “the little kid”

+ free, everything you could ever want



4. Sex Roulette

ideas, ideas, ideas, pinkie, thigh

+ straight-forward, won’t get you in trouble

i can’t understand the description to save my life. so. totally. japanese.

3. Savage Love

good ‘ole dan has all the answers to your sex-related ?!?s

+ so complete-ask questions, get the latest news, listen to podcasts, free

– having trouble with the negatives again…

2. Private Photo Vault

when you worry “the other half” is snooping, or “the little kid”

+ keeps those photos private, features a break-in security camera and gps, free 

– a lot of transporting


1. Dirty Game – Truth or Dare

was i the only one who had a bonfire party go dead last friday? solution

– so pretty, shake for question, multi-player or two-player, jokes function, multi-theme, paid version available, God i love this app

– sigh. nothing. get this.


2 Out Of 2 Porn Bloggers Agree…

We don’t usually write about politics here on HM4Her, but when it comes to former PA Senator Rick Santorum and his majorly anti-gay messages, we just can’t help but want to support his arch-nemesis, sex columnist Dan Savage.

Back in 2003, Santorum made some nasty remarks in the media that likened gay sex to bestiality (so fucked up, right?), so Dan Savage did what any offended queer with internet clout would do – he redefined Rick Santorum’s last name.  That’s right, Savage decided that Santorum would be the new word for “the frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the by-product of anal sex.”  Hilarious!  And not only that, Savage’s reach was so great that the top two results when you Google the former Senator actually go to the new definition.  So much so that Santorum is having a hard time raising money for his 2012 presidential campaign.  Boo hoo.  Maybe next time he’ll think before he talks… and Dan Savage is making sure he does.

Let’s hope Rick Santorum knows just how bad things can get…

Oh Dan Savage, we do love you so sometimes!

-JD & Ginger

Link Love!

Happy Humpday!  Welcome back to the midweek stretch!  Things aren’t nearly as crazy this week (last Wednesday was the 55th Anniversary of Rosa Parks refusing to move to the back of the bus, the first day of Hanukkah AND World AIDS Day), unless you count the manic crafting sessions that I’ve been consumed by after work, but who wants to talk about sewing when there are dirtier things to discuss! So, let’s get to celebrating Humpday the way it was meant to be celebrated – with lots of lovin’!  Link lovin’ that is! So let’s get to it!

– Now THAT’s a headboard! Lust Films has opened up into a new kind of erotic delight – wall vinyls!  Find out how you can win one, and where to buy!

– Apparently temporary blindness after sex can really happen!  It’s rare, but when vasoconstriction happens after the big “o”, the blood vessels to your eyes can narrow as well, causing the temporary blindness.  Pretty crazy, right? (via Glamour)

– Ian Sparks over at Trannywood Pictures wrote up some quick observations on mainstream porn shoots vs. queer porn shoots, which we think should be shared with the world.

– Magazines do it again!  Whether it’s Cosmo, Men’s Health or Maxim – these folks just cannot do sex advice!  “Pop his socks in the microwave for twenty seconds, then slip them on him.”  Wha?  (via Tiny Nibbles)

– Psychic artist draws a hairy wang on live TV.  Wonder where her head is…

– HIV positive porn performer Derrick Burts, who was found positive in October, speaks out for the first time, to the L.A. Times.

Dan Savage guests on Steven Colbert and teaches all about “It Gets Better” and pegging!  I love TV.

– And speaking of the “It Gets Better” project, check out this awesome recently released video from the city of Philadelphia!  Directed by my dear friend Mel Orpen, this video is heartfelt, loving and super supportive.  Thanks Philly!

Happy Humpday! Hopes this gets you through til the weekend!


Link Love

It’s Wednesday at the news is flowing.  Instead of going on and on about humpday being the best day for loving links, let’s just get to em!

– Dan Savage makes me so happy.  Aside from giving some of the best sex advice ever and making Santorum a word I can say again without throwing up in my mouth, Savage has perfectly captured how I feel about Sarah Palin and all the prego scandals.  Check him out on Real Time with Bill Maher over at Daily Bedpost.

– Video blogging sexpert Audacia Ray is back with a third installment of her bigger, longer, better Live Girl Reviews.  Up this episode are reviews of Fun Factory’s Delight, Tristan Taormino’s Opening Up – A Guide to Creating and Sustaining Open Relationships and a bunch more, including segments with Marisa DiMattia of tattoo blog Needled and sex writer extraorinare Jamye Waxman.  Check out the newest Live Girl Review here!

–  A whole article about the perils of wearing high heels, then one line that totally makes the bunions and fucked up tendons worth it. (via Jezebel)

This looks like such a good movie!  Even if it doesn’t include Dolly Parton… let’s just be thankful that no one tried to actually remake the original. (via fleshbot)

– What the what? Roald Dahl was a sex spy?  That TOTALLY changes my take on Willy Wonka… ok, not really.  And he wasn’t a sex spy, per se, but he was a spy and “A certain amount of hank-panky was condoned, especially when it was for a good cause.”  But a sex spy sounds sooo much better! (via TheFrisky)

– Porn star fired from Subway because of his porny past.  Apparently an angry customer recongized gay porn star Kurt Wild from his movie days and threatened to boycott the store if he wasn’t fired.  A few questions… why?? … and who cares? … and how did this guy even recongize Wild if he wasn’t watching the porno himself?  And if he was checking out the old porno, what the fuck gives him the right to judge someone performing as bad, but someone watching as good.  Holy hypocritical.  Read more about this on $pread Magazine’s blog.

Hope this gets you through the week!

-J.D. Bauchery

Strap On Couple: Redhead Coed Bangs A Beefy Bear

Watch the Video

Studio: NiceBod.Net Video Category: Strap On – F on M

I’ve been curious about fucking a boy up the butt ever since the term “pegging” was coined in Dan Savage’s advice column a few years back. While I’ve never done it and most likely never will (never say never, I suppose), I get my female on male anal kicks via video. Apparently I am not the only one, since we have about a million to choose from. Out of that selection, I chose to go with an amateur delight – mostly because I enjoy watching real people with real bodies, but also because I wanted to bring this commonly done, but not commonly discussed practice to light in an accessible and exciting way.

Though strap on anal was touted as the focus of this video, it was really only one of many activities that made up this hour long roll in the hay. Along with the anal (including strap-on in ass, biological penis in ass and lots of licking), the twosome fucked vaginally in a barrage of positions, as well as enjoyed pussy licking, blow jobs and not one or two, but SEVEN different sex toys! That’s right, seven – everything from a mini vibe and a strap-on, to anal beads on a string and a massive double ended dildo. Watching them utilize their whole toy chest was fun, but I really could have done without the noise of the pleasure balls he puts in her pussy. All the clanking was a definite mood killer for me, but I think other people may feel just the opposite. What was decidedly not a boner killer was the strap on anal scenes. Sure, I think it’s always totally hot to watch a chick fucking anyone in the ass with a strap on dick, but this was extra exciting because you could tell our man John was begging to be filled up from behind. And there isn’t too much sexier than watching someone get exactly what they’ve been fantasizing about.

-J.D. Bauchery

Back in Action

Back at last!  With Blogher, vacation and the “I’ve been out of the office for ten days” shuffle when I returned, I haven’t had a chance to blog at all!  But thankfully I have returned in one piece and am ready to hit the ground running again with updates galore!

First up, let’s talk about the Blogher conference.  It was awesome.  It isn’t often that women create a space like that for themselves where techology and personality meet up and it was really cool to see it in effect.  That I and got to meet a ton of really cool chicks!  I was really lucky to meet fellow sex blogger Fivestar on the first day.  Not only does she write for a porn site as well, she was seriously the only other sex blogger there.  And queer to boot!  We totally brought sexy back to all the mommy bloggers that didn’t get how our blog topics had something in common.  Come on ladies, 9 times out of 10, sexin’ is what makes you a mommy in the first place!  Anyway, Fivestar also interviewed me for her site, which you can see here.

As it turns out, blogger chicks are totally into women’s porn!  Duh! Why wouldn’t they be?  Everyone was super excited to talk to me about the site and grab one of my business cards.  They were really interested to see that their was a blog and actual conversations about sex on a porn site, not only the movies.  And so far a few people have commented on their own blogs about meeting me.  Apparently I leave an impression.  Who knew?  So to all the ladies that were at the conference, thanks for making this sex writin’ oddball feel so warmly welcomed! 

Unfortunately I did not get a chance to snap any pictures because I broken my camera in New Orleans last month. Oh well.  At least I have a stack of business cards piled high on my desk to root through!

Next up was vacation in Portland, which was awesome and relaxing.  I went to visit friends who took me all around the city and showed me all Portland has to offer, including farmer’s markets, dyke bars, lots of parks and one massive bookstore.  Powell’s was insane!  It’s a city block big and full to the brim with rooms and rooms of books!  Weirdly, I couldn’t find a human sexuality section  on the map, though it must have been there, buried under health or something, I’m sure.  I did end up buying Dan Savage’s latest book, The Commitment, while I was there.  Just can’t seem to get away from the sex writing, huh? Even on vacation.  

All in all my trip was really fun and I learned a ton at Blogher on making blogs really shine.  Sorry for the lack of posting, but when vacation calls, I just have to answer!

-J.B. Bauchery