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Top Drawer Sex Toys In Porn

Njoy Eleven

I like porn. I like sex toys. I like sex toys in porn.

But what takes me right out of the moment is seeing porn stars jacking each other off with a nasty jelly dildo, a weak ass vibrator, or a floppy grocery store banana. It’s not sexy or cute. So when I happen upon a porno where the stars and studios have invested in some body safe, non-porous toys made from beautiful materials, I have to squee a little bit. I literally get turned on just reading about or shopping for top drawer sex toys, but seeing them put to good fucking use is enough to turn me into a little puddle of lustiness.

So dear readers, I scoured HotMoviesForHer to find the best scenes featuring some of my favorite top drawer sex toys in porn!

Crash Pad Series Episode 85 – Juliette March

Juliette March uses the Double Trouble sex toy in Crash Pad 85Juliette March (and her beautifully bruised ass!) stars in this solo scene from The Crash Pad. The Hitachi magic wand has been in pornos since dinosaurs roamed the earth, and features prominently here, but Juliette has tons of other goodies to play with. Besides clipping clothes pins to her perky nipples and swollen labia, she also slips an Njoy buttplug into her ass and fucks herself with a gorgeous black Double Trouble (named for director Courtney Trouble) from Fucking Sculptures! [UPDATE: Crash Pad reached out to inform us that Juliette was not actually using a piece from Fucking Sculptures. It was a toy from Juliette’s personal collection, and our best guess is that it is a Spectral from Good Vibrations.]

Crash Pad Series Episode 41 – Dylan Ryan & Jiz Lee

Crash Pad Series Episode 41 - Dylan Ryan & Jiz Lee use the njoy Eleven sex toy togetherNjoy makes another appearance at the Crash Pad in Episode 41. The amazing Jiz Lee pulls the massive Njoy Eleven from its leather purse, and Dylan Ryan gasps at its size (eleven inches!) weight (2.75 pounds!) and girth (two inch diameter at its thickest!!!) Jiz wastes no time putting the big end in Dylan’s pussy, and then gets on the smaller end for some double dil action. Dylan gasps, “This is amazing” over and over again, and I can’t help but believe her.

Dana Vespoli’s Real Sex Diary 3

Dana Vespoli's Real Sex Diary 3Scene four of Dana Vespoli’s Real Sex Diary 3 isn’t my favorite of the movie, but I did perk up a bit when Chanel Preston pulls out her impressive Njoy collection: the Pure Wand and the Eleven. Dana puts the Pure Wand in her ass and enjoys its fullness, and Chanel inserts the large end of the Eleven; they put their legs over their heads and chill with the toys inside of them. It’s not the best use of such great toys, but its always fun to see them pop up!

Fuckstyles Vol. 2: Dirty Fucks

Fuckstyles Vol. 2: Dirty FucksScene 7 stars trans* performers James Darling and Papi Coxxx, each sporting some impressively girthy strap-ons (unfortunately I can’t identify the brands by sights.) Later in the scene, James sucks on the head of the Njoy Eleven and rolls a condom onto it with his mouth. He bends over and offers his holes to Papi, who obligingly fucks him with the smaller, ribbed end, asking him if he prefers shorter or longer strokes. He moans with pleasure, enjoying its unyielding size and shouting fuckword after fuckword.

Lesbian Curves 3: Soft Girls & Strap Ons

Lesbian Curves 3: Soft Girls & Strap OnsThis is another flick from Trouble Films, and is probably the first time I ever saw an Njoy toy put to good use in a porno. Butchy Maxine Holloway dominates candy-colored BBW femme Kitty Stryker, gagging her with an o-ring and clipping clothespins to her pierced nipples. She fucks her with a pink Ola from Minna Life, a cool G-spotting silicone vibe with a squeezeable pad that allows you to control the vibrations. After Kitty’s warmed up by the Ola, Maxine fucks her with a strap-on (again, I unfortunately couldn’t identify what dildo or harness she used.) Once Kitty cums, it’s Maxine’s turn with the toys. Kitty kneels before her and fucks her brains out with the Pure Wand while Maxine buzzes her own clit with the old standby Hitachi. It’s a wonderfully memorable scene; I first watched it about a year and a half ago and never forgot about it.

Occupy My Ass

Occupy My AssThis anal extravaganza from director/star Bobbi Starr has a great variety of awesome toys, all the better for occupying the aforementioned asses. Bobbi uses the Tantus Ripple on Lily LaBeau in Scene 1, as well as some gorgeous glass toys, and maaaaybe the Ringo (a 5” plug from Tantus) as well. Dana DeArmond’s Njoy Eleven finds itself in Sarah Shevon’s ass in scene 3. On Disc 2, the brilliant Aiden Starr dominates Arabelle Raphael’s ass with some glass toys and some giant black monstrosity. When she pulls with a pretty purple Tantus Silk, it seems almost meek by comparison.

BONUS: Belladonna Sexual Explorer

Belladonna Sexual ExplorerSo the toys in question don’t actually get used here, but in scene 5 Dana DeArmond proudly shows off some of her favorites from her sex toy collection to the legendary Belladonna. Naturally there’s a Hitachi, but there’s also the massive Njoy Pure Plug 2.0 and Njoy Eleven. She also owns two Tantus dildos, including Hank.

Sex toys can be an iffy, unregulated business, and pretty much the only film media that they show up in is pornography. As an advocate for body safe toys made by companies focused on pleasure and sex positivity, it’s always welcome to see porn showing off toys from great companies like Njoy, Fucking Sculptures, Crystal Delights, and Tantus, to name a few.

Watch more porn for women featuring sex toys here on HotMoviesForHer!

Judy Hologram wants an Njoy Eleven so that she can keep it under her pillow and smash skulls if there’s ever a break-in. You can follow her on Twitter @JudyHologram and the rest of us @HotMoviesForHer.

2013 Feminist Porn Awards Winners and Review by Kelly Shibari

Attending the 2013 Feminist Porn Awards (Finally!)

I’d never been to Toronto for Good For Her’s Feminist Porn Awards. I’ve been nominated several times, and even won an award for Honoured Website in 2011 for http://PaddedKINK.com – which I had the lovely April Flores accept on my behalf. This year, I was lucky enough to get to go as a HotMoviesForHer representative, which came with a really nice (though slightly anxiety-causing) set of perks!

2013 Feminist Porn Awards

The Capitol Event Theatre is an absolutely beautiful location, complete with great architecture throughout reminiscent of a turn-of-the-century theatre. The balcony upstairs was reserved for VIP guests of the Awards, and I think they definitely had a premium view of all of the festivities – from the semi-formally dressed nominees to the antics of the frisky, sexy, show attendees, it was a beautiful, dreamlike space full of revelers of all kinds.

This was the eighth year that the Awards had taken place, and in line with current trends, they named this year’s Awards show “50 Shades of Porn,” which also described the eclectic crowd and the varied topics covered in the nominated films.

The crowd at the 2013 Feminist Porn Awards

Hosts Lex Vaughn (of Queer as Folk and Short Bus fame) and Ryan G Hinds (of Hedwig fame, amongst many other credits) were brilliant and hilarious in their turns both on and off the stage – with Vaughn mostly on stage and Ryan hopping on and off stage to do random interviews with nominees and show-goers alike to the delight of the audience. Live performances gave the viewers a reprive from the Awards show, the highlight of which was a beautiful yet raunchy burlesque number to the tune of Bell Biv Devoe’s “Poison” by the lovely Coco La Crème (who is also Artistic Director for the Awards).

It was a delight to see films that I had seen the night before at the Public. Provocative. Porn screening, including Because I Want You to Watch and Biodildo. The biggest cheers from the crowd came, though, when Krutch won for Sexiest Short – and most deservedly so. It wasn’t just the sexiest “crip porn” I had ever seen, but probably one of the sexiest short films I’d seen this year, I was definitely one of the loudest of those who cheered for Mia Gimp and Clark Matthews (an interview with them is forthcoming!).

Hotmoviesforher.com 2013 FPA Banner

As a rep for HotMoviesForHer, my main obligation was to present the Movie of the Year. As much as I like performing, doing interviews and running seminars and workshops, I always seem to get super nervous when it comes to speaking on a stage to a large group of people. Luckily, my presentation speech was written up for me, and though my hands were shaking, I was able to present the award at the very end of the evening.

The party went well into the night after the Awards was over – staff and volunteers cleared the lower seating area to make room for dancing…but many of us had to be up early the next morning for the Feminist Porn Conference at the University of Toronto, and had to duck out right after the Awards.

The winners of the 2013 Feminist Porn Awards are as follows:

2013 Feminist Porn Award Winners

Sexiest Short

  • Biodildo,
Christian Slaughter

Sexiest Short

  • Krutch,
Clark Matthews

Steamiest Straight Movie

Sexiest Star Feature

Most Sensual Softcore Movie

  • The Pleasure Professionals,
Justine Mii

Smutty Schoolteacher Award for Sex Education

Golden Beaver Award for Canadian Content

  • Because I Want You To Watch, The Madame

Hottest Dyke Film

2013 Trailblazer

  • Nan Kinney

2013 Indie Porn Icon

Most Tantalizing Trans Film

Hottest Kink Movie

Hottest Vignette

  • A Taste of Joy,
Petra Joy

Steamiest Romantic Movie

Heartthrob Of The Year

Heartthrob Of The Year

Movie Of The Year

  • Infidelité/ Infidelity

2013 Honoured Websites

  • ftmfucker.com
  • WolfHudsonIsBad.com
  • PornographicLove.com

2013 Honourable Mentions

  • Connections: Real Couples, Joyful Sex,
Ms. Naughty
  • Amber,
Gala Vanting, Frank Ly
  • Consent: Society,
Lynsey G
Crystal Delights FPA
Feminist Porn Awards 2013 Crystal Delights Trophy

Top Five Tuesday – We Love Jiz (Lee)!

I know it’s only Tuesday, but I am already thinking about the weekend.  What are you up to this weekend?  Not sure yet?  Well, I already have my weekend planned out.  I’ll be in New York City, rocking out the GLBT Expo for HotMoviesForHer, with the boys from GayHotMovies (including stars Jimmy Durano and Trenton Ducati) and Jiz Lee, who will be signing for us.

Oh yeah, you read that right – JIZ LEE.  They are heading back to NYC to spend some time at the booth with us, signing autographs for fans and generally being awesome.  And because of that, I decided that I would get myself revved up to Jiz love with this new list of my favorite Jiz filled flicks.  Sure, I’ve done this before, but seriously, do you blame me for doing it again?

This is Jiz Lee going at it solo in a grimy bathroom.  Need I say more?  Shot with a green tint and background music that is clearly from the bar on the other side of the restroom door, this five minute Jiz jack comes off so deliciously seedy and totally scummy.  I love it.

–  brings us this four scene movie that features some of the hottest names in queer porn, including two of my favorite dirty birds ever –  and Jiz Lee! I can barely describe in words how awesome both April and Jiz look in this movie. Both done up in amazingly sexy (and hard to describe) styles, they bring a kinky intensity that is seriously riveting. Featuring a strapped-on mouth tray, double-headed dildo action and everything in between, this scene was the stand out of the bunch.
This being one of Jiz’s first pornos, I decided it needed to be included in this list.  Jiz is so fresh in the biz that they are listed under the nom de plume Beau Flex! Awww.  And lucky us, we get 2 different scenes starring the fantastic Lee – one with Courtney Trouble and one with Papi Coxxx and Wil Thrustwell.  The whole thing is amazingly goofy and fun, while still being so freaking hot!
Tristan Taormino talking about female orgasms?  Sign me up!  The entire movie is awesome, especially scene 4 with Jiz and Madison Young getting busy with gloves and a Hitachi Magic Wand.  You should definitely watch the whole thing, but if you happen to only have half an hour to play with, check out scene 4!

This movie has made the top five tuesday list more than a few times for a reason.  Seriously, Belladonna is magical.  Just like the last movie in this list, this whole video is one you need to watch, whether you are checking out Jiz, , April Flores,  or .  I’m serious, friends, you want to watch this one.

If you are in NYC, you should definitely come on by the Expo!!


2 Out Of 2 Porn Bloggers Agree…

If you are in New York tonight, you should definitely hit up the Rebel Cupcake dance party because this month Courtney Trouble is taking over!

Check out the details:

Rebel Cupcake is MOVING to a new location (in the Lower East Side). She’s shacking up with Sweet Fox and all that info is to come. Please help us bid Sugarland adieu (for now) with a very special, sexy, out of town magical romp in the sheets with our favorite Chief Femme Officer of TROUBLEfilms, all the way from San Francisco, Courtney Trouble!!

Thursday, Feb 28, 2013 * New York, NY
Bevin Branlandingham, Courtney Trouble & QueerPorn.TV present…
QueerPorn.TV Rebel Cupcake Takeover!
10PM-2AM Dancing * $5
Late night dancing til 4a
Sugarland: 221 N. 9th Street, L to Bedford

Prizes from QueerPorn.TV and infamous Queer Porn Powerhouse, TROUBLEfilms! And copies of the Feminist Porn Book from the Feminist Press!

NSFW Photo booth Photos by Courtney Trouble!

Sexy go-gos of all shapes and sizes!

Meet your favorite QPTV stars and enjoy drink specials from Sugarland!

In our VIP Lounge: Billy CastroTina Horn from QPTV!

Suggested dress: Slutty and/or shiny!

Projected QPTV films!

DJ Scott Goodz! Spinning Divas, Top 40, 90s, R&B make out jams, Riot Grrrl and more.

Stage kittens/gogos/raffle mamas: Holly Amory & Fancy Feast

Oh man, sometimes I wish I lived in NYC!


Top Five Tuesday – Hot For Hearts!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it’s been a little all over the place with the blog in the last few weeks.  With staff switcharoos and all the craziness of starting the year off, we’ve missed a few of the last Tuesdays.  But not to worry – we are back today with a Top Five Tuesday that is sure to get your heart beating just a little faster.  In honor of the approaching holiday, this week we are celebrating that loving feeling with a list of our Top Five Hot Heart Flicks!

Lust, passion, deceit, romance and a delicious game of cat chasing mouse. Are we talking about a soap opera?  Nope it’s the fabulous series from one of my favorite studios – New Sensations Romance.  This second installment features a stellar cast, including , , and Johnny Castle.  What a roster of hotness!

This oldie, but goodie from  is one that I hold close to my own heart.  It’s one of the first porn movies I ever watched in a group setting – in one of my classes during my grad program in Human Sexuality Education.  I couldn’t tell you which class we watched it in, but with the amazing ’80s sensibilities and by lesbians, for lesbians overtones, I’m just so glad it is in my life.  Three cheers for directors !
Well, hello you group of handsome queer devils!  This sophomore Seven Minutes flick by director  is full to the hilt with the hottest of the hot, including some of my porno crushes, like , and . I am so excited that they bang in scene six!
While I wouldn’t necessarily think that porn and war go together, there is something about this movie that takes the classic military story and turns it into an erotic movie that could very easily mirror and validate that experiences of many people these days.  Another quality film from

One of the things I love about Lesbea films is that they get to the sex point with little to no plot or conversation.  What can I say – sometimes I want a story, and sometimes I want to watch hot women fuck with nothing in the way.  This movie does that… and yes, it warms my heart!  And whets my appetite!


Queer Porn TV: Gemma Gray

While I can’t say I’ve ever been into shaving porn before,  makes it look so fucking sexy.  From rubbing the shaving cream in slowly, to letting the water drip off her armpits, Gemma takes a mundane activity and turns it on its ear… it’s very sexy, dirty ear.  And I couldn’t be happier about it.

After shaving her pits, Gemma strips all the way down and starts to massage shaving cream into her pubic hair.  She plays with her hair for a little while before taking a razor to the outer edges and top of her patch.  Unlike other shaving movies I’ve watched, Gemma doesn’t actually shave herself bare, opting for just a trim and leaving a good amount of maintained hair left.  With all the bare pussies I see in porn day after day, it’s almost taboo to see someone with more than a landing strip.

Once she is finished with her razor, Gemma caresses her body a little and rubs her clit before reaching for a beautiful, pearly dildo.  She wastes no time and starts off fucking herself nice and hard, thrusting in and out with long, deep strokes.  Her other hand rocks back and forth on her clit, rubbing faster and faster until she cums.  Her orgasm isn’t one of those grandiose affairs that break the bed, but definitely a real one, which I much prefer to a fake, earth-shattering display.

I also seriously love that Gemma is a hot zaftig lady – and that the whole movie isn’t revolving around that.  What I mean is that while it does appear in the “chubby/voluptuous” category, this movie doesn’t objectify her as just a fat body.  No stupid “plumpers” title or offensive descriptions.  But then again, it’s not like I’d expect anything less from Queer Porn TV, a studio that consistently brings us awesome porn.

To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever come across a queer movie that made me feel uncomfortable about the way that someone was being represented – body or identity-wise.  I’m not saying that no queer has ever been judgmental about that stuff, but I’ve never experienced anything but body positivity and identity affirming in queer porno movies.

I also really like that this scene is shot in what looks like Gemma’s real apartment.  It makes total sense, since everything else in the movie is totally authentic, including the pleasure.  There is even a disinterested looking cat sitting off to the side.  Gotta love that realness.

All in all, this 11 minute shorty has it all; it’s queer, quick and quality, just the way I like it.  Thanks !

Watch “” Now!

Porn For Women – Free Lesbian Porno Clips! You’re Welcome.

Butches And Babes

Today we are offering up more free porn for women clips!  This time I put together seven clips from a variety of super hot lesbian movies.  As with all smut, there are many more types of lesbian XXX flicks than you see here, but I can’t give away all of the porn for free!  I always like to clarify this because we love all types of people and sex, even though they all may not make it into a particular post.  With that being said, I’m fairly confident you’re going to enjoy at least some of these lesbian porno clips.  I sure enjoyed picking them out!  (Sorry if that was creepy.)  As a side note, I would recommend any of the movies from the studios listed below!

Butches And Babes from Filly Films

Crash Pad Series Episode 36 – August & Stacey from Pink And White Productions

Sinn Sage Loves Girls from Sweetheart Video

Strap-On Lesbians from Triangle Films

The Slumber Party from Good Dyke Porn


Girls Indulging from AbbyWinters

Safewords and PSAs – Link Love Is Here!

Happy Humpday!  Welcome back to the midweek stretch.  Instead of an intro that goes on about a bunch of stuff, how about we get right to the humpday celebrating with a little Link Love.

– It makes me so excited when folks offer up sex education in creative and accessible ways, like this comic we saw on The Center For Sexual Pleasure and Health’s facebook page.

Lady gets a butthole tattoo at a Florida tattoo convention and goes on about how great it feels, sparking folks to talk about it becoming a trend.  Personally I doubt butthole tattoos will become a trend, and it reminds me of the review we did recently for The 3-Way, complete with a squirting tattoo gif!

– Gotta love a story about exercise-induced orgasms!  I know I do!

– As pro porn as we are here at HM4Her, we don’t necessarily believe it belongs in the operating room…  also, this doctor sounds like a real dickhead to us.

– Holy crap – Courtney Trouble and Jiz Lee created a sex educational video that features a close up of Jiz ejaculating while using a speculum.  How awesome is that?!

Jedi Condoms.  Oh man, can you imagine if they really made themed condoms like this?

– And lastly, porno stud James Deen joins up with Brazzers to make a PSA about condom use.  Nice job, James!

Hope this gets you through til the weekend!


Top Five Tuesday – Female Directed Rough Sex

Rough sex porno comes in many forms, but it makes me especially happy when it blossoms from the mind of a female. There is something about a woman deciding that she wants to engage in forceful sex that stimulates my mind and makes me even happier to watch her get it on. The same goes for female directed rough sex smut. Women need to know that it is okay to like it rough. Watching lady-headed hardcore movies is a great way to get validated.

Bobbi Violates San Francisco
Bobbi Violates San FranciscoBobbi Starr may show up on 80% of my Top Five lists, but it’s for good reason.  She is easy on the eyes and totally relentless when she’s in charge.  Bobbi doesn’t just dole out the rough sexin’; she pushes her body and soul to take as much cock, face fucking, slapping, choking, name calling and bodily fluids as possible.  If you need an example, check out scene 4 in Bobbi Violates San Francisco.  Miss Starr and Mr. Pete destroy Vivienne Del Rio in the best possible way.
Tristan Taormino's Rough Sex 3: Adrianna's Dangerous Mind
Tristan Taormino’s Rough Sex 3: Adrianna’s Dangerous MindTristan Taormino‘s direction mixed with Adrianna Nicole’s rough sex fantasies made for a supreme porno combination.  J.D. and I reviewed this movie scene by scene and it was a total treat.  I didn’t fast forward and I was even a little bummed when I finished reviewing it.  *Side note: When did i get sentimental about porn?* I don’t have a favorite scene because they’re all amazing.  A couple of scenes do stand out in my mind – Scene 7 pushes mental and emotional boundaries and Adrianna gets double teamed by two of my porno crushes – Danny Wylde and Keni Styles in scene 5. 
Queer Porn TV: Courtney Trouble and Mr. Grey Queer Porn TV: Courtney Trouble and Mr. Grey Part One- Wow.  This porno is directed by Courtney Trouble and Tina Horn – a dream team of sorts.  I love Courtney’s work behind the camera, but watching her get roughed up by Mr. Grey is just fucking hot.  She gets punished/ taught a lesson for not knowing how to use the items in Mr. Grey’s retail section (a fine supply of leather harnesses, gags, collars and beyond).  You can see Courtney get excited as soon as her arms get placed in the binders and even more so when she sucks Mr. Grey’s cock.  Moral of the story: If you haven’t watched it, you should.
Belladonna: Manhandled 2 All of the pornos from theManhandled series are top notch in the rough sex world.  I had to pick this particular one because Ashley Blue stars in one the scenes and I happen to be quite fond of her.  I’ll profess my undying love and respect for her in another post, but I’ll at least say that Ashley Blue is the queen when it comes to rough sex.  She didn’t direct this movie.  Nope, that was the other queen of rough sex, Belladonna.
Perversions of Lesbian Lust 1 This is one of the first movies that opened my eyes to the world of Madison Young and feminist porn.  I’m not sure I even knew what I was watching at first, but I knew that I loved it and wanted to see more of it.  Scene 2 blew my mind with Madison’s solo bondage scene.  Seeing so many clothespins on one pussy was perplexing and erotic.


Seven Minutes In Heaven 2: Tender Hearted

With both the first and the third volumes of the  series firmly under my porno review belt, I figured that it was high time to spend a little time lovin’ on part two.  To give a quick recap of this set of sexy videos, they are super hot queer porno flicks by .  Picture that junior high game you used to play and add a triple X to the action.  These folks really are having seven minutes in heaven!  Yum!  Just as the old standard game is played, the group sits in a circle and spins a bottle to decide who is smoochin ‘on whom.  And by “smoochin’” we totally mean getting their fuck on, of course.

Spending time in heaven in this second volume are , , and  – each of which are performing in their second porn ever.   and don’t mention how many videos they’ve shot, but this is both , and ’s debut movies.  How exciting is that?  When I watch my favorite porn performers doing their thing, I don’t generally think about what their first porno shoot looked like, but seeing Akira (who is most definitely one of my favs) in this newbie light… well, it’s pretty hot.  But don’t think that I mean she is shy or acts all new about things – no sir, this girl is fierce from the first minute, and totally fucks like a champ in a bunch of scenes.  The first with her and Chocolate Chip is MEGA steamy.  Two gritty femmes getting it on is a personal fantasy, so really, it blew my mind in so many good ways.

Cyd, James and Red together is just an amazing gender blender of awesomeness with queerness reigning supreme.  I don’t really know what that means, but it is the best, full of laughter and held together with lube, spit and cum – just the way I like it!  I love when people’s gender identities are validated and respected, and they are fucked six ways til Sunday in whatever way that they enjoy pleasure.

I won’t go into every sexy combination they explore, but just know that they are all fucking hot!  I also really love that we don’t only get a quick intro to each person before the sex starts, there are lots of small interviews and asides throughout the movie, including a DIY dental dam tutorial from Puck Goodfellow.  The whole film is relaxed, fun and seriously hot without trying to fit into the ‘porno movie mold.’  Oh man do I love indie, queer, feminist porn!  Another gem from Courtney Trouble!

Oh, and warning if you are looking for  in this flick – they are just in it for a second, in a non-sex role!

Watch “” Now!