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Clowns, BDSM & More: Dark Perversions 5 Review

From the mind of PornFidelity’s Ryan Madison comes the fifth installment of their Dark Perversions series. Dark Perversions 5 takes PornFidelity’s stunning 4K visuals, next-level costume and set design, and Madison’s signature rough-yet-agile fucking style and adds an eerie undertone that makes the eroticism behind dominance and submission almost spooky. If you have a fear of clowns, tempt fate by watching the first scene; being simultaneously scared and turned on is worth it! Scene One: Lilly Ford & Ryan Madison The scene begins with Ryan Madison dressed head-to-toe like a clown, but not the type of clown you’d see at … Continue reading Clowns, BDSM & More: Dark Perversions 5 Review

ScrewberX Review

By now, we’ve all used a ride-sharing service at least once, but not quite like ScrewberX. Most of the time it works out really well, but there’s always that one-in-ten chance the person you’re riding with is either going to convert you to their religion, try to sell you some of their mom’s homemade goods, or try to take the longest route possible, even when you’ve specified your preferred route. Unless you’re in a hurry, you usually end up meeting some pretty cool people who are just trying to make an extra buck. If you’re like these lucky people and … Continue reading ScrewberX Review

Top Five Tuesday – Clown Porn!

With the news of performer Hollie Stevens passing away last Tuesday, we wanted to honor her memory the best way we know how – talking about clown porn! Hollie was one of the creators of the clown porn genre and we thank her for bringing this mix of makeup, wigs, big red noses and hardcore action to the masses. This week’s Top Five Tuesday is all about what happens when clowns put down the fake flower bouquets and take off their pants.   Clown Porn –  This Hollie Stevens movie was my very first foray into clown porn, and therefore my favorite … Continue reading Top Five Tuesday – Clown Porn!

Rest In Peace Hollie Stevens

We got word this morning that performer Hollie Stevens lost her battle with cancer and passed away on Tuesday, July 3rd. We are deeply saddened by this news and our thoughts are with Hollie’s friends and family during this difficult time. As Hollie was the creator of clown porn (what a great thing to be the creator of, right?!), we thought it would only be right to honor her by posting this amazing picture as well. The world has lost an amazing person and one hell of a performer. Rest in Peace, Hollie. xoxo -JD and Ginger

The Worst Of The Worst – Sexy Halloween Costumes

Over the years, I’ve given up on the fight against sexy Halloween costumes.  If ladies are old enough (read: of age) to vote, they should be able to pick a costume without getting totally berated by folks like me that think they are lame.  Like seriously, who really needs a “Sexy Dentist” at their Halloween party?  I’m just sayin’. I do draw the line somewhere though and The Sexist drew my attention to bunch of vomit inducing costumes on shevles this year.  While the whole list is hideous (the Spaghetti and Penis costume?  Yeah dude, that will get you laid. … Continue reading The Worst Of The Worst – Sexy Halloween Costumes

I Never Pass Up The Chance to Talk About…

Clown Porn!!! The makers of one of the best pornos of all time (read my review if you need convincing) are back. While I’m sure that nothing can top the perfect awesomeness that was Clown Porn, I’ll keep an eye out for their latest project Crackwood. I mean, how can you go wrong with a movie that stars Ron Jeremy, Gilbert Gottfried and a dude from the Love Boat (Ted Lang)??? Here’s a taste of the press release, but you can find it in it’s entirety over on xbiz.com. The brainchild of Shuttlecock Productions director Chris Spoto and “Clown Porn” … Continue reading I Never Pass Up The Chance to Talk About…

Clown Porn

Watch the Video Studio: Ramco Productions Category: Clowns I can’t believe that we’ve never reviewed this movie! Clown Porn is one of few titles I actually own on DVD and probably one of the greatest movies ever made. I mean, what could possibly be sweeter than watching clowns fuck for an hour and a half? Unless, of course, you’re one of those people who are totally creeped out by clowns – this probably won’t help you with that. Anyways, I think this movie is freaking awesome. Here’s a list of bizarre shit you’ll see: