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Remembering Cecil Howard

Labeled by Playboy magazine as “The Grandmaster of Erotic Filmmaking,” Cecil Howard was a one-of-a-kind director the likes of which we will never see again. He was a uniquely talented individual with a unique perspective towards his art. Howard’s artistic vision and dedication to his craft defines the climate of what we refer to as the “Golden Age of Porn,” and led him to break barriers for what could be possible in adult film. His films feature detailed stories and character development coupled with steamy, erotic, and sometimes controversial sexual situations. Cecil Howard has won every major adult filmmaking award and is a member … Continue reading Remembering Cecil Howard

Cecil Howard’s Foxtrot

Happy New Year’s Eve!  I’ve decided to take a break from reviewing 2011 AVN Award nominees and bring you a special NYE treat – Cecil Howard’s Foxtrot!  Not only is this classic movie about New Year’s Eve, making it perfect, we only have this flick until January 28th, so I wanted to make sure we were shouting about its awesomeness from the rooftops! Man, oh man, is this one crazy 1980’s New Year’s Eve fuck fest!  Everyone is schtupping everyone else in seemingly unrelated trysts that slowing start to come together to make one giant plot that reaches its climax … Continue reading Cecil Howard’s Foxtrot

Cecil Howard’s Scoundrels

Back in the early ‘80s, when AVN (Adult Video News) was just up and running, they announced the first winner of their Best Film Award – Cecil Howard’s Scoundrels! This plot-heavy, dramatic porno was unlike anything they had seen up until that point, bringing sensitive topics, like infidelity, to the table, yet treating them with the same overt desire and sensuality as the sexy subjects. Howard, along with screenwriter Anne Randal – that’s right, a woman wrote this movie – even found a way to take the slapstick humor out of Ron Jeremy and cast him in a subdued, real … Continue reading Cecil Howard’s Scoundrels

Early Female Voices In Porn – Scoundrels Is Here!

These days it’s not uncommon to look behind the porno camera and see a woman calling the shots. Be it writing, directing, producing, etc. – ladies are taking over behind the scenes and creating a whole array of awesome movies, set from a female point of view. While this estrogen insurgence into the porno process shows itself more readily nowadays, it’s far from a new concept. Women have held their places in porn (in the clothing on portion) for years, starting in the “Golden Age of Porn” – that period of time in the ‘70s and ‘80s when porn was … Continue reading Early Female Voices In Porn – Scoundrels Is Here!

Cecil Howard’s Neon Nights – Audio Commentary

Sometimes I have the weirdest porn cravings. Like a random desire to be uplifted and captivated by what is most often simply smut. Thank goodness there’s a whole cadre of directors who’ve managed to make more of the industry than pussy peddling and I’m in extra awesome luck because “Cecil Howard’s Neon Nights” also happens to come with audio commentary so I can get really deep into the mind of a smut peddling artistic genius! Wow, wasn’t expecting to start off with a fisting scene, right at the beginning. Now I’m torn, the image of the blond woman in front … Continue reading Cecil Howard’s Neon Nights – Audio Commentary