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Pop Plug

Have you ever seen that game online that shows you a bunch of pictures of toys and you need to choose whether they are baby toys or sex toys?  No? Well, it’s pretty awesome, because sometimes it’s easy to tell which is which, and sometimes it’s not only damn near impossible to figure it out – I actually get them wrong!  Why do I bring this up?  Because this week’s reviewed toy, the Pop Plug, is the most toy-like sex toy I’ve ever seen. Hot pink and shaped kind of like an over-sized pacifier, this silicone butt plug comes in … Continue reading Pop Plug

The Tristan – A Signature Butt Plug!

Oh Tristan Taormino, just when we think we couldn’t love you any more than we already do, you go and make a signature butt plug!  That’s right – the fantastic butt toy we are reviewing today is not only named after anal sex queen Tristan Taormino, it was actually designed with her expert input! For those of you who may not know the genius of Tristan Taormino, let me pause for a second and give a little schooling.  Tristan is an author, educator, columnist, porn director and all around expert in all things anal.  This lady is downright amazing!  And … Continue reading The Tristan – A Signature Butt Plug!

Little Flirt

Oh, the art of flirting. From that first coy glance to the flat out proclamation of attraction – there is nothing quite like the giddiness and excitement of a new, sexy beginning. So, it makes perfect sense why Tantus would name their deliciously minute butt plug Little Flirt. Teasing the sensitive sphincter muscles with its thin, graduated neck, the Little Flirt is a fabulous butt plug for beginners and pros alike, showing everyone that anal sex can be totally hot and enjoyable from the very start. While I am no longer an anal amateur, I requested the Little Flirt butt … Continue reading Little Flirt

Sidekick Silicone Anal Plug

Speaking purely as a beginner- the Sidekick Silicone Anal Plug is it! I have only used one other anal toy and it left me feeling not so excited to try anything new or different, but thankfully part of my job is to experiment, so here I am with an anal toy in my hands. This review is directed to anyone who is nervous and/or curious about anal play. For those of you who have had a multitude of toys in your ass, this may come across as boring. As shown in the picture, this toy us made of two bulbous … Continue reading Sidekick Silicone Anal Plug


A deliciously curved, two tiered silicone butt plug, the Warhol totally lives up to its name – it’s a work of art. Elegant enough for the mantle, but way more fun when functional, this beginner sized (read: smallish) booty toy utilizes that signature ‘come-hither’ crooked finger shape associated with G/P-spot stimulation to up the pleasure ante. Just insert with the curve facing toward the front of your body and apply a little light pressure to get the party started for whatever ‘spot’ you have! That’s right, the G-spot is accessible through the ass too! Of course don’t forget the lube … Continue reading Warhol

What NOT To Stick Up Your Butt

After reading this handy dandy little article on the Frisky, I decided it was time for a little HM4H public service announcement: Please don’t stick hammerheads up your butt. Actually, there are a lot of items you shouldn’t be sticking where the sun doesn’t shine (in spite of the popularity of the expression.) Cups and broom handles are pretty popular on the Rectal Foreign Bodies list, but bottles are the most common foreign body removed – from the body. So please remember, be safe and chose a quality toy designed to not get stuck up there, like the Ophoria Rapture … Continue reading What NOT To Stick Up Your Butt

Starting At The Bottom: An Intro to Anal Play, Part 2

Earlier this month I ran a workshop on anal play for a local toy shop.  Since the class turned out so great and people had so many great questions, I decided to share my handout with our HM4Her readers to make sure that you guys are getting the best of the best when it comes to sex education.  There was so much info that I had to break it into two parts (check out Intro to Anal Play, Part 1)! What what in the butt, let’s get to it! In the first section I covered all the basics of why people have anal … Continue reading Starting At The Bottom: An Intro to Anal Play, Part 2

Rook E Glass Crystal Butt Plug

Putting glass up your ass is generally considered a no-no. Aside from being extremely dangerous and harmful to all your delicate tissues, I can imagine it would hurt like a bitch. But think about all the benefits of glass… it can be so silky smooth, take temperature change like a champ and be really heavy when you want it to be. Sigh, that sounds so fun. Good thing some scientist somewhere decided to make a fracture-resistant glass that later allowed an awesome pervert to fashion it into the ultimate glass butt plug! That’s the Rook E Glass Crystal Butt Plug … Continue reading Rook E Glass Crystal Butt Plug

Pfun Plug

From the first time I held a njoy toy in my hand, I knew I was sold. One hundred percent medical grade stainless steel in all shapes, sizes and weights – even writing it is enough to give me a tingle in my bottom. My first njoy was the Pure Wand, a pure slice of heaven weighing in at 24 ounces of pleasure. That G-spot hitting barbell of delight began my need for metal between my legs, and I don’t mean a motorcycle. Knowing that my vag would be pretty occupied with the wand, I decided to try out a … Continue reading Pfun Plug