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Writers Roundup: Best of 2016

At the end of each calendar year, the adult industry typically reflects on the past year’s releases in the form of award nominations. At HotMoviesForHer, we consider ourselves the experts of all things XXX, and with our unique and differing perspectives on the content we see each day, the staff writers decided to nominate our own personal choices for some already-established award categories, and some categories that we came up with ourselves. Take a look below to see what we’ve hand-selected as the best of XXX in 2016. @JudyHologram Female Performer of the Year: Abella Danger and Sara Luvv It’s … Continue reading Writers Roundup: Best of 2016

Top Five Tuesday: Top Pornos To Watch On Halloween!

We’ve been hunkered down riding out Hurricane Sandy here in the great city of Philadelphia for the last couple of days. We made it through safely and feel strongly that the porno must go on! There is no way we were going to let a little wind and rain stop us from one of our favorite posts of the year: Top Five Halloween Pornos! Halloween XXX Porn Parody – While this porno isn’t new, it is a must-have on any top Halloween smut list.  Lily La Beau is sought after by Michael Myers and she is totally into banging him … Continue reading Top Five Tuesday: Top Pornos To Watch On Halloween!

Friday Throwback Review – Ginger Leigh’s Past Reviews

Since Ginger Leigh isn’t here today to post a review, I thought it would be fun to take a look at a few of her past reviews! Turbo Rock – I remember watching  Ashley Blue when I first realized that hardcore dirtbaggery was my cup of tea.  This was back in the day when I questioned whether or not it was ok for me to get turned on by rough fucking.  I remember thinking that she clearly liked what she was doing.  If she was okay with getting the shit fucked out of her and having a monstrous cock forced … Continue reading Friday Throwback Review – Ginger Leigh’s Past Reviews

Ecstasy In Berlin 1926

Maria Beatty and Bleu Productions always deliver when I’m in need of a little something different.  Her work isn’t just different based on shock value.  Her movies are creative, artful, and erotic.  Her pornos feature bondage and submission, but are unique when compared to mainstream XXX flicks.  Maria’s movies are absolutely made for women, but I’m fairly sure that anyone could enjoy them. The characters in Ecstasy In Berlin 1926 look totally authentic.  I’m a sucker for vintage so the fact that they look like a photo from the 1920’s gets me all antsy in the pantsy.  The first performer … Continue reading Ecstasy In Berlin 1926

Puppet Feet, Sophia St. James, Skateboard Kink Freak – My Top J.D. Porn Reviews

My partner in lady porn, J.D, has been out of town all week and I am missing her like crazy!  To show my love, I am posting little bits from 3 of my favorite reviews written by my co-worker/ work wife/ friend/ porno and sex ed guru.  You’re here to read about XXX movies and not my slight co-dependency on the HotMoviesForHer queen bee, so I’ll get to it! Puppet Feet – “A black curtain and a pair of feet/legs up to mid-calf, turned upside down so that the soles of the feet are facing the ceiling.  Alright, the stage … Continue reading Puppet Feet, Sophia St. James, Skateboard Kink Freak – My Top J.D. Porn Reviews

The Return Of The Post Apocalyptic Cowgirls

Maria Beatty brings to life the fantasies I never knew I had.  It isn’t as if the acts are brand new and outlandish – it’s that she creates the perfect recipe of setting, chemistry and hot fucking sex.  I’m with her every second, often with my jaw often resting on the floor.  The first Post Apocalyptic Cowgirls opened my eyes to the awesomeness that Bleu Productions (and the world of feminist porn) had to offer.  Today I got hit over the head with the frying pan of hotness that is the Return Of The Post Apocalyptic Cowgirls. This beautiful porno … Continue reading The Return Of The Post Apocalyptic Cowgirls

The Return Of The Post Apocalyptic Cowgirls – Get Excited!

A while back when I was the sweet and innocent porn reviewing newbie, I reviewed the original Post Apocolyptic Cowgirls.  It opened my eyes to the world of Bleu Productions and the awesomeness that director Maria Beatty spews onto the porno screen.   While it can be difficult to describe in words the meaning of feminist porn, PAC gave me a true understanding of it.  It was intelligent, artful, sexy, dirty and full of true connection between performers.  Those generic terms don’t even begin to describe how ridiculously amazing it was, BUT I’m not here to re-review the original.  I’m … Continue reading The Return Of The Post Apocalyptic Cowgirls – Get Excited!

11-11-11: Our Top 11 Picks!

Happy 11-11-11!  I don’t know if there is really any significance to today’s date other than it just being awesome (and, of course, that it’s Veteran’s Day), but since it is,  we thought we’d celebrate with lists of our favorite 11 porns and performers!  Because why not use it as an excuse to talk about stuff we like? First up, JD’s Top 11 Picks!   Next, we’ve got Ginger Leigh’s! Happy 11-11-11 and have a great weekend. xoxo JD & Ginger

Top Five Tuesday – Revisiting Our Past Hauntings

Each Halloween, us ladies at HM4Her spend the week leading up to the holiday reviewing and featuring some of the most exciting gruesomely hot horror porns on the site and this year is no exception!  And since we watch different movies each year, I wanted to make sure and highlight some older favorites that we’ve had the privileged of talking about in the past.  So sit back, grab your Drac, and see what scary smut we have to offer! Re-Penetrator: When it comes to the gross, ghoulish and totally depraved, look no further than Burning Angel.  These alt pervs are … Continue reading Top Five Tuesday – Revisiting Our Past Hauntings

Vampire Sisters

There is no denying that we are inundated with vampires these days.  I’ll be the first to admit that I need my True Blood fix on a weekly basis.  I must say, Vampire Sisters from the always amazing Bleu Productions by no means beats the proverbial dead horse.  The performers, camera work, setting and music work together to create an experience that I’m not sure I have to vocabulary to explain, but I’ll do my best to get the job done. It isn’t often that I truly immerse myself into a porno.  Sure, I get into them, take them for … Continue reading Vampire Sisters