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Independence Day: Porn Couples Emancipated

asphyxia danny wyldeNormally, when we think of July 4th we think of fireworks, Popsicles, and pool parties. We don’t usually think about breaking up with a partner. However, Independence Day doesn’t have to solely be about America’s independence from Britain. It could become a brand new celebration about new starts, moving forward with a fresh perspective, and charging forth into a bright future! There have been several couples in porn who we thought would make it, but after their final facial scene, they moved on to brighter futures. Here are a few of our favorite ex-couples, and the hot scenes they did when they were in love.

Judy Hologram: Belladonna and Aiden Riley

Belladonne and Aiden RileyBelladonna was already massively famous in the adult industry when she met Aiden Riley. He was the webmasterBelladonna at Evil Angel, where Belladonna was a successful director; John Stagliano paid Belladonna to give Aiden a birthday lap dance, and the rest is history. They were married in April 2004, and welcomed their daughter in January 2005. Aiden’s presence and technical expertise at Belladonna Entertainment allowed her to focus her energy on the creative aspects of their porn. They were a great filmmaking team, and Belladonna Entertainment continued to make rough, experimental, fun movies that were some of the crown jewels of the Evil Angel empire. However, as time went on, Belladonna began to long for a more romantic relationship than what Riley could offer. To top it off, she officially retired from porn in 2012 and handed the company over to him, thus ending both their romantic and business relationships. They still maintain and friendship and co-parent their daughter, while Aiden continues to direct porn and Belladonna pursues new creative interests.

Dee Viant: Asphyxia Noir and Danny Wylde

asphyxia noirMy favorite now-defunct porn couple is Asphyxia Noir and Danny Wylde, both of whom have also retired from performing in porn. They only have 3 scenes together on HotMoviesforHer, and I actually was charmed by their “real life” sex videos they used to post online. As much as I love all manner of staged and carefully shot XXX videos, I truly do appreciate un-choreographed behavior and actual tenderness and sweetness in videos too, and that is what struck me about Asphyxia and Danny’s relationship. I love a good show, but I really love to see authenticity peeking through as well. While it’s not a personal video of theirs danny wylde, Asphyxia and Danny’s raucous sex scene in Burning Angel’s Librarians is my favorite featuring the pair, and is also just a favorite scene of mine all around. Not only does it feature library fucking, which rattles my nerdy lady arousal system, Asphyxia plays the uptight librarian (and who doesn’t fantasize about unwrapping a buttoned up library employee?) and Danny drops a line that resonates with my now-demolished art heart:  “Anyone who takes digital photos has no right calling themselves a photographer. You’re just some idiot taking pictures.” If this scene was shot on film, I’d have worn out my copy by now.

To watch Asphyxia and Danny’s scenes together, check out the following movies:

LibrariansThis Ain’t ESPN XXX, and Inked Angels 2 (Asphyxia and Danny have a threesome scene with Jessie Lee)

Andi: Tera Patrick and Spyder Jones

Flawless box cover TeraPatrickTera Patrick and Spyder Jonez (Evan Seinfeld) were married for five years, between 2004-2009. They were married in Vegas while attending the AVNs. During their marriage, they were a powerhouse couple within the industry, sharing  lucrative production companies,  Iron Cross EntertainmentSpyder Jones and Teravision. Once the split occurred, Tera became the sole owner of Teravision, and Spyder continued to play bass and sing for Biohazard in addition to filming adult content. He has gone on to star in HBO’s Oz, and married current adult star, Lupe Fuentes. Tera has made non-adult appearances as well on Last Call with Carson Daly, reality television shows, Chelsea Lately, and has done several cameos in mainstream films. Tera has a child with Tony Acosta, a special effects guru, and she continues to promote her adult material on her website. Although no longer together, we can still remember their magic years while watching their scenes in Flawless, Collision Course, and Tera Patrick is Desperate. They have several other scenes together as well on HotMoviesForHer.

Janie: Gia Paloma and Tommy Pistol

Tommy PistolGia PalomaTommy Pistol and Gia Paloma (or “Pistoloma”) met during their mutual stint working with Naughty America and were married shortly after on December 8, 2007.  The almost 6-year marriage lasted until the pair split in early 2013 after having one child together.

The marriage served as a great business partnership vehicle for the pair, as they performed in adult films together including Horat and Joanna Angel’s Totally Screwed Out of A Shower, as well as in mainstream independent films.  Pistol cast Paloma in his indie horror directorial debut, The Gruesome Death of Tommy Pistol, and the two also shared a screen in the trippy fantasy, Frankie in Blunderland.

After the Queen and King of Alt Porn decided to split, the AVN Award-winning Paloma went on to retire in 2012 and serve as a makeup artist on several titles, while Pistol went on to become one of the most prolific and successful male porn stars of all time.

The two have continued to carry on an amicable relationship, and while we are certainly sad to no longer have sexy new scenes from Paloma, there are a number of single ladies here in the HMFH office that are more than ready to  become the next Mrs. Tommy Pistol!

Bridget: Vince Neil and Janine Lindemulder

Janine and Vince NeilNothing makes me want to “shout at the devil” more than the breakup of sex tape sweethearts Janine Lindemulder and  Vince Neil. True Motley Crue fans may recognize Janine from the music video for “Sister of Pain,” or, adversely, true porn fans may recognize Vince Neil from Janine’s celebrity sex tape, Janine & Vince Neil: Hardcore & Uncensored. The high profile couple may only have dated for a month in 1993, but the beachfront blowjob they shared will forever be immortalized in this film that proves even the most fleeting of romances can be relived as long as you have a porn together. Wherever these blonde babes ended up, I sincerely hope Janine and Vince are living their best lives and occasionally paying a visit to “Dr. Feelgood” by re-watching their steamy film affair.

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4 Best Pet Play Movies

There’s something about donning a pair of bunny ears, a leopard spotted catsuit, or a butt plug with a real fur tail that just puts you in a certain state of mind. It lets you shed some of your weirdo human hang ups, allowing you to temporarily adopt the traits and personalities of your chosen sexy spirit animal. Some of porno’s best actresses have portrayed everything from a sweet and innocent bunny rabbit to a temperamental kitty cat. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite pet play pornos!


Analmals - BoxcoverThe latest offering from Belladonna director Aiden Riley stars some of porn’s hottest superstars dressing up at kitties and tigresses, adopting playful personalities and purring their way through improvised foreplay, before transitioning into the wacky anal fuckery that these ladies are known for. Covergirl and weirdo Dana DeArmond is a treat to watch in her tiger striped catsuit as she blends sensual yoga poses into her scene, culminating in a handstand butt fucking from Mark Wood. It’s the final scene with Romanian housecat Lea Lexis and doting pet parent Tommy Pistol that steals the show. Lexis revels in playing up her role as a cat, lapping milk from a bowl, and then…Pistol’s foreskin. Yes dudes, Lea Lexis stretches out Tommy Pistol’s foreskin, pours milk in it, and then drinks it. That’s some serious fucking dedication from both parties. If you’re worried that Pistol gets the short end of the stick, don’t worry, because he gets to have plenty of his own fun with Lexis’s butt in a kinky ass fucking session.

Latex Pets: Untamed

Latex Pets: Untamed - BoxcoverThis kinky European rubber-fest from Bizarre Video shows latex catsuit-clad women submitting to their masters and mistresses. Latex Pets: Untamed has three scenes of lesbian domination, where sensual, benevolent mistresses tame their feminine feline companions with light spanking and kind words. When kitty is a good girl, she gets to lap up a bowl of cream. If she’s a really good girl, she might get to lap up her mistress’s wet pussy too! The highlight of Latex Pets is scene 2, where one leopard spotted latex kitty escapes her cage and Dr. Franco Roccaforte has to get her under control with the help of lab assistant Kid Jamaica. It’s hilarious and sexy all at the same time, with the latex cat-lady hissing and scratching at a flustered yet determined Roccaforte. Once she’s been tamed, she’s rewarded with getting her own pussy serviced before she submits to a scorching interracial MFM threesome. Good kitty! Latex Pets: Untamed is a little bit weird, especially for viewers who don’t have their own latex fetishes, but it’s a whole lot of sexy fun that’s definitely worth a look.


Kelly Shibari’s Chubby Safari

Kelly Shibari's Chubby Safari - Movie BoxcoverPonies, gerbils, puppies, kitties, oh my! Kelly Shibari’s Chubby Safari dresses up sexy, chubby babes as man’s best friends for a kinky look into their private lives. By far the best scene is the first, where we meet BBW pony girl Tindala whinnying in her stable. She’s shortly joined by her owner, none other than Mistress Dee Severe, who lovingly brushes her pet’s hair and sweet talks her, letting her know that it’s time to see if she’s ready for breeding. Tindala is a little resistant to Severe’s pink dildo at first, but after a stern cropping to the ass, Tindala submits. Her neighs and whinnies turn to moans of pleasure, and soon she’s ready to be bred with a hung stallion. If you prefer submissive boys over submissive ladies, stick around for scene three, where BBW queer porn superstar Kitty Stryker plays with woman’s best friend, puppy-boy Mike Stryker, who laps at his mistress’ wet pussy like it’s a full dish of cold water on a hot day. Chubby Safari has a great, DIY, throw-everything-at-the-wall-and-see-what-sticks ethos to it that makes it a worthy pick for kinky lovers of bigger ladies.


Heavy Petting

Heavy Petting Movie BoxcoverTelevision X’s Heavy Petting showcases some of the U.K’s best talent from 2009. It opens with puppy-girl Shay Hendrix bouncing around on her puppy pillow, eagerly awaiting owner Clark Kent’s return home. I wanted to huff and puff and frown at the degradation of it all, but Hendrix is so cute and just seems to be having so much fun that I couldn’t get mad. Next up, pony-girl Melvina Raquel gets trained and fucked by Rene Richards’ strap on before Richards removes her britches to get the favor returned. Scene three stars Harmony Hex and Robyn Truelove as two adorable fluffy bunnies who penetrate each other’s bunny hutches with big carrots until they’re interrupted by Jon James, who offers them a much more substantial treat (it’s his penis). Kitty cat Holly D is let out of her cage for scene 4 to be tamed by Steve Hooper. Finally, bisexual puppy boy Damian Duke is trained to lick pussy by mistresses Lala X and Kiesha Kane. This eyebrow raising flick hits all the spots when it cums to pet play!


Meow, woof, and neigh!! These are our favorite porno flicks starring sexy ladies as our four legged friends!

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6 Best Lesbian Vacation Movies

It’s finally summer! That means it’s time to slip on a bikini, round up your best gal pals, and get out of town on a vacation that will make memories that last a life time! Take a dip in a refreshing swimming pool! Hey, you know what’s wet like a swimming pool? Pussy. You know what’s round and bouncy like a beach ball? Boobs and butts. Lounge around in the sun! You know who’s hot, like the sun? Lesbians, that’s who. Find out how to make the most of your summer vacation with our favorite lesbian vacation movies!

Lesbian Roadtrips

lesbian roadtripsThe latest release from Forbidden Fruits Films and husband/wife directorial team Jay and Jodi West veers away from their usual brand of taboo erotica. Instead, Lesbian Roadtrips is a lighthearted tale of four women on a museum tour and a wily, Hungarian hotel manager who, surprisingly, aren’t related to each other. When their itinerary goes awry, the four ladies are forced to share two hotel rooms, which obviously leads to lots and lots of lesbian sex. You know, as you do. Lesbian Roadtrips has a great mix of older and younger stars, with MILFy director Jodi West featuring prominently. Bootlylicious Kimber Woods is also a stand out as a pearl clutching prude who’s pulled out of her shell by the opportunistic hotel manager Angie Noir.

Road Queen

Road Queen Part 31In the idyllic, man-free world of Girlfriends Films, Road Queen reigns supreme. The long running series stars busty MILF Deauxma (pronounced Doo-may, as in “Do me”) as an adventurous lesbian who traverses the back roads of America in a purple hot rod, seducing younger travelers along the way. The latest episode has some stand out scenes, especially from innocent Bree Daniels and seductive Nordic goddess Siri as they bunk together in Deauxma’s house. Now in its 31st installment, Road Queen is driving into the sunset as it heads towards its final four episodes, which are sure to be a satisfying conclusion to this fan favorite series.


strandedOffWorld’s Stranded and Stranded II, from director and star Magdalene St. Michaels, take a look at what can happen when your vacation plans go awry. In the first installment, St. Michael and Ela Darling share a seedy hotel room after their flight is delayed by a storm. In Part II, Poland’s Natasha Starr loses her passport and comes to St. Michaels for help. Both movies take their time getting to the sex, allowing for a tense, realistic build up from sly flirting to stolen kisses to full on, passionate sex at a very easy pace. These movies really have a different feel than your typical lesbian pornos; you don’t get the sense that St. Michael is making them for a male audience, but rather that she’s simply fulfilling her own fantasies and generously sharing them with the rest of us.

Belladonna’s Road Trip: Cabin Fever

belladonna cabin feverIf you’re like half the people that I went to high school with, you don’t head down the shore after Memorial Day. Instead, you head up into the Poconos and beat the heat in your mountain cabin. Director and star Belladonna had the same idea in Belladonna’s Road Trip: Cabin Fever; the legendary gonzo maven gathers up eight beautiful women and one cameraman and brings them to Washington’s Big Bear Mountain. There, they battle the elements, all while taking the time to get each other off with Belladonna’s kinky brand of lesbian fuckery, including plenty of anal play and strap on sex. It all culminates in a wild lesbian orgy between seven lusty snow bunnies, including Belladonna, Alexis Texas, Bobbi Starr, and Sinn Sage. Don’t forget to check out Disc 2 for some fun behind the scenes footage!

All Girl Adventure: RV Edition

rv editionIn director Sal Genoa’s All Girl Adventure: RV Edition, Australian stunner Gigi Allens and tattooed Israeli Penelope Stone are aching to see America. Lucky for them, they have a bevy of sexy gal pals with an RV on hand to take them on an American adventure. Viewers get tons of fun footage of the ladies hanging out and playing a wicked game of Never Have I Ever before the really sexy times start. The beautiful Chloe Amour and Stone steal kisses on a ski lift before heading back to the RV, where they find their traveling companions engaged in a full on back seat orgy, which they gleefully join in on. If you feel so inclined, stick around for the bonus scene starring Gigi Loren and a number of unnecessarily loud sex toys.

 Belladonna: Sexual Explorer

sexual explorerSorry y’all, I had to get more Belladonna in here. In the two disc Belladonna: Sexual Explorer everyone’s favorite gonzo kinkster and her lady friends do all the funnest summer activities: racing go-carts, relaxing at the spa, washing hot rods while wearing bikinis, and staying indoors while drinking vodka and playing World of Warcraft. Considering that you have read over 800 words of this blog by now, you might be able to guess that these hijinks ultimately lead to some lesbian lovin’, with plenty of pussy eating, ass play, toys, and toe sucking. I thought that the strongest scenes were between Belladonna, Sinn Sage, Sinn Sage’s butt, and Sarah Shevon in the back of a party bus; there was a fantastic and naturalistic build up in the action, which I always appreciate in my pornos.

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Steaks, Blowjobs and Pi!!!

Oh man, today we get a twofer!  Not only is March 14th Pi Day (3.14 – get it?), it’s also Steak and a Blowjob Day, the antithesis to Valentine’s Day.  While it’s generally considered the male equivalent to the feminine Valentine’s Day, I say to hell with that – a lot of ladies love both steaks AND blowjobs!

To celebrate I thought I would offer up a few of my favorite picks from the blowjob queen herself, Belladonna.  Seriously folks, it is so obvious that she loves sucking cock – and I, for one, love watching her do just that!


Now that you’ve got a little fodder to whet your imagination, go get a T-Bone, some pie, and enjoy your evening.



Top Five Tuesday – We Love Jiz (Lee)!

I know it’s only Tuesday, but I am already thinking about the weekend.  What are you up to this weekend?  Not sure yet?  Well, I already have my weekend planned out.  I’ll be in New York City, rocking out the GLBT Expo for HotMoviesForHer, with the boys from GayHotMovies (including stars Jimmy Durano and Trenton Ducati) and Jiz Lee, who will be signing for us.

Oh yeah, you read that right – JIZ LEE.  They are heading back to NYC to spend some time at the booth with us, signing autographs for fans and generally being awesome.  And because of that, I decided that I would get myself revved up to Jiz love with this new list of my favorite Jiz filled flicks.  Sure, I’ve done this before, but seriously, do you blame me for doing it again?

This is Jiz Lee going at it solo in a grimy bathroom.  Need I say more?  Shot with a green tint and background music that is clearly from the bar on the other side of the restroom door, this five minute Jiz jack comes off so deliciously seedy and totally scummy.  I love it.

–  brings us this four scene movie that features some of the hottest names in queer porn, including two of my favorite dirty birds ever –  and Jiz Lee! I can barely describe in words how awesome both April and Jiz look in this movie. Both done up in amazingly sexy (and hard to describe) styles, they bring a kinky intensity that is seriously riveting. Featuring a strapped-on mouth tray, double-headed dildo action and everything in between, this scene was the stand out of the bunch.
This being one of Jiz’s first pornos, I decided it needed to be included in this list.  Jiz is so fresh in the biz that they are listed under the nom de plume Beau Flex! Awww.  And lucky us, we get 2 different scenes starring the fantastic Lee – one with Courtney Trouble and one with Papi Coxxx and Wil Thrustwell.  The whole thing is amazingly goofy and fun, while still being so freaking hot!
Tristan Taormino talking about female orgasms?  Sign me up!  The entire movie is awesome, especially scene 4 with Jiz and Madison Young getting busy with gloves and a Hitachi Magic Wand.  You should definitely watch the whole thing, but if you happen to only have half an hour to play with, check out scene 4!

This movie has made the top five tuesday list more than a few times for a reason.  Seriously, Belladonna is magical.  Just like the last movie in this list, this whole video is one you need to watch, whether you are checking out Jiz, , April Flores,  or .  I’m serious, friends, you want to watch this one.

If you are in NYC, you should definitely come on by the Expo!!


2013 AVN Award Winners – Congratulations!!!

The Oscars of Porn, The 2013 AVN Awards, were this weekend, where a whole bunch of performers took home gold in a variety of categories.  While I don’t want to name every single winner here (it would literally take me until Wednesday night), I do want to send out love to all of the winners and wish everyone nominated a big congrats.

Here is a condensed list of winners.  For the full list, head over to AVN.com.


Best Actor
Steven St. Croix, Torn, New Sensations Couples

Best Actress
Lily Carter, Wasteland, Elegant Angel Productions

Best Anal Sex Scene
Brooklyn Lee & Manuel Ferrara, , Jules Jordan Video

Best Boy/Girl Sex Scene
Alexis Ford, , Jules Jordan Video

Best Director – Feature
Graham Travis, , Elegant Angel Productions

Best Director – Non-Feature
Jules Jordan, , Jules Jordan Video

Best Director – Parody
, , Axel Braun/Vivid

Best Drama
, Elegant Angel Productions

Best Educational Release
, Belladonna/Evil Angel

Best Male Newcomer
Logan Pierce

Best New Starlet
Remy LaCroix

Best Solo Sex Scene
Joanna Angel, , BurningAngel/Vouyer

Best Supporting Actor
Tom Byron, , Axel Braun/Vivid

Best Supporting Actress
Capri Anderson, , Vivid Entertainment Group

Crossover Star of the Year
TIE: James Deen & Sunny Leone

Director of the Year (Body of Work)
Axel Braun

Female Performer of the Year
Asa Akira

Movie of the Year
, Elegant Angel Productions

Transsexual Performer of the Year

Unsung Male Performer of the Year
Mark Ashley

Unsung Starlet of the Year
Brandy Aniston

Again, for the full list, go to AVN.com.

Congrats again!


Recapping Two Nominated Favorites From Belladonna

If you are going to spend the week reviewing AVN Award nominees, it only makes sense to include something from the amazing Belladonna.  And because I am so excited about her in general, I am actually going to include TWO of her movies in this review recap.  That’s right, I’ve already reviewed both of my favorite Belladonna AVN noms, Belladonna’s How To: Fuck! (Disc 1) and Kristina Rose: Unfiltered (Disc 1), so I figured that instead of finding another movie to review, I would just give you guys a little peek of what I loved about these flicks when they came out.

First up is Belladonna’s How To: Fuck! (Disc 1) (nominated for Best Educational Release).  Here is what I had to say:

From the beginning Bella points out that this instructional is like none you’ve seen before – and that some may not call it instructional at all, but this is HER kind of instructional. I LOVE LOVE LOVVVVE that Belladonna gives a little foreword saying that though she is explaining how she does things, that the viewers really have to listen to themselves and their partners and do what works for them.  Oh Bella, you are such a sexy educator.  And just to mention, I am so fucking glad you are back and making movies.  To say you were missed is an understatement.

To get the action started, Bella reads a question about sucking cock that a viewer has written in.  She gets to the blowjob answer in time, but first shows us how to make a smoothie in her Vitamix blender.  That’s what I love about Belladonna.  She just does what she wants and doesn’t give a fuck if we want to watch it or not – because she knows that no matter what she does, we are gonna lap it up and enjoy whatever it is.  Yum.

After the random juicing, Bella gets down to business answering questions folks asked her over twitter.  She sits down and gives some pretty decent answers to common inquiries about sex.   Bella dishes on how to give an amazing blowjob, offering up specific tips and tricks.  I don’t know about you, but I am in awe of Belladonna’s blowjobs, so I sat up and took some damn notes!   Check out the rest of the review.


Next is Kristina Rose: Unfiltered (Disc 1) (nominated for Best Anal Sex Scene, Best Girl/Girl Sex Scene, Best Group Sex Scene and Best Star Showcase).  This is what I had to say about it:

There is something special about Belladonna.  I don’t know how she does it, but she brings out the best in other people.  Of course by ‘best,’ I obviously mean their hottest hotness and most hilarious personality traits.  No matter what her role in the movie, be it performer, director, or both, Bella’s distinct warmth and charm opens up whoever she comes in contact with.  This time it’s her buddy Kristina Rose, in a movie that’s all about herself!

Bella starts the flick out casual, bringing Kristina her morning coffee and hanging out with her at Kristina’s apartment.  They chat about her cat, how open she is and what she’d tell other women who are interested in getting into porn.  So what does she tell them?  To do what THEY want to do, not what other folks want them to do.  Pretty good advice, I think.  They chat for a while more and Kristina hops in the shower to get ready for the action.  They keep the conversation going while she showers, talking about foot fetishes, the industry, and fucking in general.

Now, if this was a regular porno, either that shower scene would have turned into fucking, or else the fucking would ensure shortly after.  But no, this is no regular porno, this is a Belladonna flick, which means that we get the whole shebang of hanging out with Kristina.  If you’re looking for a quick and dirty porn movie to jerk it to, this is not the one to pick.  I mean sure, Kristina Rose is hanging out in her matching bra and panties set, and telling us all about her anal sex warm up routine, but even an hour and a half into the movie, there has been no sex.  I love it, of course, because I love a behind the scenes gabfest, but most people aren’t watching dirty movies for the hot gossip action.  Most want sex.  We do get an enema around the same time, but again, that’s not what some folks are looking for.  Read the whole review here.

Top Five Tuesday – 5 More 2013 AVN Noms!

A few weeks back Ginger Leigh added her top five nominees for the 2013 AVN Awards coming this weekend! This time around I wanted to add my own favorites to the mix.  Sure, we have crazy similar tastes, but I thought I’d offer up something a little different with 5 MORE 2013 AVN Noms!

(Best Educational Release) –
I am an academic perv and I have a total boner for all things educational and smutty, so of course I’d start this list with a Best Educational Release nominee.  I love pegging and I love , so it was an easy choice when it came to picking which one I wanted to kick off the list.  And really, this flick features Dylan Ryan, Wolf Hudson, Jiz Lee and more… did I really have all that much of a choice.  Yum!

( Best Wall-to-Wall Release, Best Makeup, Best Music Soundtrack) – While most of ‘s new movies are up for AVN Awards in 2013, and they are all awesome, this retro-flavored fuck fest is my favorite of the bunch.  The costumes, styling and backgrounds made the sex even hotter for me – and Burning Angel Entertainment brings super sexy smut to the screen every time, so clearly this time I was on fire.
(Best Transsexual Sex Scene,
Best Transsexual Release)-
 I’ve been singing the praises of this movie since we added it to the site a few months ago.  It’s really the first awesome, sex-positive, mainstream porno featuring trans women that is both romantic and well written.  How exciting!  I have such a big heart on for Trans Romantic and seriously cannot wait until we get more in from them.  Major high fives to director .
(Best 3D Release, Best Parody – Drama, Best Special Effects) – I was totally anti 3-D porno until I put on my blue and red 3-D glasses and sat down with This Ain’t Jaws XXX, which offers up both in-your-face fucking and a giant shark chomping right into you.  Yep, it was the shark that changed my mind.  I will say that I never experienced the cum shot to the face that I hoped for with a 3-D movie, but I can forgo that for Jaws.  
Belladonna's How To Fuck
Belladonna’s How To Fuck (Best Educational Release) –
And I’m ending this list the same way Ginger did, with the magical Belladonna bringing up the back.  It’s not exactly an instructional porn, but way more than just some dirty fuck fest and full to the hilt with Belladonna’s signature awesomeness.  I really don’t know what else to say other than Belladonna could sit around and watch paint dry and I would watch every second.

Congrats to everyone and every movie that was nominated!


And That’s A Wrap – HotMoviesForHer Says Goodbye to 2012!

Well, it’s that time again – the end of the year. Can you believe 2012 is already done!  Crazy!  Take a look at what we’ve been up to in the last 12 months to help us ring in 2013.

First up is Ginger Leigh!

Top Six Movies (five just wasn’t enough):

 gives me a girl boner every time, but this is one movie I shouldn’t watch while at work… if you know what I mean.
-The all-knowing  breaks down everything there is to know about pegging (female to male strap-on play) in an easy to follow and hot educational porno.  It’s a sex nerd’s dream!
-Beautiful, hot, dark, dirty, filthy, pervy, sweet.  Some of the words that describe Wasteland starring  and .
 – This is the hottest weirdest sex-free porno ever.  That is all.
-Vampires are played out, but Voracious has such awesome, bloody, hardcore scenes that I can’t leave it off my list.  The casting is great, the acting is decent, and the sex is wild.
Although I reviewed this movie this year, it was released back in 2004.  This movie is beautifully shot in all of its corseted and whipping goodness.  I obsessed over this movie for quite a while after I first watched it.  sure knows her way into my pants.


Top Five Toys/Life/Whatever:

The AnacondaMy favorite toy of the year is the Tantus Anaconda.  It is a big ass dildo that fills me up before I go-go, but also serves as a beatin’ stick. It is made from 100% body friendly silicone, is pleasantly heavy, and has a handle for awesome solo and partner play.  This shit is no joke.
Dinah Shore 2012 – My one and only Dinah Shore experience was AMAZING!  There was lots of great energy all through the weekend, I got to talk lady porn with tons of hot lesbians in the sun, and got to do it along side J.D. Bauchery.  It was a great trip to the hot and relaxing land that is Palm Springs, California, but it also solidified my love of spreading the word of sex positive smut for women.  It is a trip that will forever stand out in my mind.
Kurt Lockwood’s Return to PornThis year the one and only Kurt Lockwood returned to the XXX screen and I am so thankful he did!  He has always been one of my top male performers and he is looking better than ever.  He is a total sweetheart on top of having a rocking body and beautiful cock, which is always nice.  He did a 20 questions interviewwith us and gave some of the best answers ever.  Kurt was great to correspond with and I am super excited to have him back!
Burlesque Hall of FameThis has nothing to do with smut peddling, but I am super proud of the burlesque side of my life.  This year we (The Peek-A-Boo Revue) won the title of Best Group at the 2012 Burlesque Hall of Fame Competition in Las Vegas.  We worked hard and brought our 9 piece band, 9 pairs of pastie covered tits, and performed our assed off.  It is definitely a major highlight in my year and life.
J.D. Bauchery This professional perv has seriously been key in an awesome year.  She is a great work-wife, friend, and part-time therapist.  She is smart, funny, and the best listener in the world.  Yeah, this is porn and we’re not supposed to get sappy, but oh well, it is happening.  As you may already know, I am leaving HotMovies4her to pursue my career in fitness.  I am excited, ready, and a little scared, but am going to miss the shit out of my sex-nerd partner in crime. For the next 10 days I’m going to soak as much as I can because my life won’t be the same without seeing her face most days of the week.

Next Up is J.D. Bauchery!

Top Five Movies:

– Finally, a trans-positive mainstream porn studio that brings us romantic, well-written movies featuring trans women! Woohoo!!!  All the performers are super hot and the sex is the best mix of passionate, tender and hardcore.  I seriously love this movie and can’t wait til we get more from !
– When you put the words “Belladonna” and “instructional” in the same sentence I get a little faint, due to the blood rushing out of my brain right into my bits. Yum.  And don’t go thinking that this is some dry how-to… seriously folks, it’s Bella-Fucking-Donna.  Need I say more?
: The amazing  returns with yet another feminist porn masterpiece – and it’s not just us that thinks that.  This erotic delicacy won Movie Of The Year at the 2012 Feminist Porn Awards (and I got to announce the award!!)!  Seriously people,  is bringing porn to a whole new level.
If you are looking for a standard old porno, this latest C. Batts FLY movie is not for you.  Less fuck flick and more artistic look at  as a whole person, including her delicious sexuality, this pick is something totally different and exciting, and I for one, am so excited about it!
 – By now you’ve probably guested that I am total sucker for queer porn.  And this debut from new studio Dolores Park Studios, is one of the best queer flicks I’ve seen all year.  Featuring some of my favorite performers (including Drew Deveaux, Syd Blakovich, and James Darling), this is the kind of movie I’d power up the old porn machine at home to watch… oh wait, I actually have…

Top Five Toys/Life/Whatever:

Veronica HarnessWhile there are a few femme dildo harnesses out there, this fantastic cloth harness by Velvet Nest is by far my favorite. It’s feminine and delicate enough for even the daintiest of femmes, and still stays on tight during rough, hardcore thrusting.  Don’t be fooled by the sweet little bow on the front – this amazing, washable harness will have your partner begging for mercy.  Read my review for more details.
Getting EngagedI haven’t really talked about it on the site, since it doesn’t have too much to do with porno, but I actually got engaged in 2012.  That’s right, my man gave me a ring and is going to make this pervy smut peddler an honest woman!  We aren’t tying the knot until 2014, so this upcoming year will be all about wedding planning. Yay! (Ps.  Isn’t this picture awesome?  My bestie, RJ, took it.)
Handmade Leather Restraints from Project TransAction: I’m pretty sure that I could just say the phrase “handmade periodic table restraints” and that would be enough for some nerdy pervs like me, but for the folks that don’t get hard from science, here are a few more details:  beautiful, supple leather paired with sturdy metal fasteners; no pinching or chafing; and they come in lots of different prints.  Seriously, these are amazing!
Redesign – Back in June, our humble little website got a seriously needed facelift with a whole new redesign.  Not only did we change the entire layout of the site, we are now able to post so many more pictures and have more space to write in!  Woohoo!  Plus we got the awesome mascot (in the picture to the left).  We totally love our new design and are so thrilled to be able to share it with all of our visitors.
Ginger Leigh – Over the past year, Ginger and I have become ridiculously close and possibly even a teeeeny bit co-dependent.  Since we sit about 3ft away from each other for 40 hours a week, it makes sense.  While we haven’t announced it, Ginger will be leavingus in the middle of January, so I thought it only fitting that she make my list of favorite things in 2012.  Oh man, will that one be missed!

Have a very happy new year!

Ginger and J.D.

Free Porn Friday!

Each week we make free clip galleries of three movies for our affiliates to use… so why not share some of those clips here?

Welcome to Free Porn Friday!

First up is Burning Angel Entertainment’s , scene three, featuring Taurus, and .

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Second is Belladonna’s , scene three, featuring  and.

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Hope you enjoyed. Have a great weekend!

-JD and Ginger