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I Want To Sleep With Nina Hartley

This morning I woke up vaguely remembering that April Flores showed up in my dream last night.  I honestly can’t recall exactly what I was dreaming about, but I do know that it didn’t involve anything sexual… at least I’m pretty sure about that.  Bummer, right? Anyway, over breakfast I was telling my fiance about April appearing in my dream, which led to a conversation about which porn performers we would most want to hump.  His pick was Wolf Hudson, which is no shocker there (yum!), but I was actually kind of surprised who came out of my mouth. I … Continue reading I Want To Sleep With Nina Hartley

2 Out Of 2 Porn Bloggers Agree…

While I know that it’s a total shock that people can look markedly different when they put makeup on, let me go a step further and blow your mind by telling you that the same principle applies to porn stars.  I know, I can’t believe it either.  Check out this awesome video to see some of the biggest names in the biz (like Dana DeArmond, Kristina Rose and Misty Stone) sans cosmetics. Seriously, I would never recognize most of these ladies walking down the street without their makeup on, but I also think they are all super pretty with naked faces. … Continue reading 2 Out Of 2 Porn Bloggers Agree…

GLBT Expo or Bust! Jiz Lee is Coming To Town

Tomorrow we are packing our bags and heading north to NYC for the GLBT Expo, where we will be joined by the fantastic Jiz Lee, who will be signing for us at the booth! Pretty exciting, right?  We are pumped!  If you can’t be there to hang out with Jiz and the HotMoviesForHer team, here is a little consolation prize to ease your pain. 30 FREE Minutes on HotMoviesForHer.com.  Just enter in the code “20513” when you sign up/log in and enjoy a little Jiz on the house. We hope to see some of you this weekend! xoxo -JD

Porn Invades The Lady Blogs!

Two of our favorite performers recently took to the lady blogs to give a little insight into their own personal experiences within the industry.  Both pieces are fantastic and so worth a read! First I stumbled upon the zaftig porno goddess of my dreams, April Flores, on xoJane.com talking about her experiences growing up fat and what impact it has had on her life. Take a look at this little snippet: I decided that I would use my body and body of work to challenge the ideals of beauty and what is considered desirable. I decided that I wanted to … Continue reading Porn Invades The Lady Blogs!

Clerks XXX – A Porn Parody

While it may not seem like it on the surface, porn parodies are actually a multi-layered experience.  Sure, they can get you off, but they can also offer up a less charged and scary way for people to engage with porn, and they can draw out memories that you totally forgot surrounding movies and shows you watched long ago.  Take Clerks XXX – A Porn Parody, for instance.  It’s been a minute since I even thought about the movie Clerks, let alone watched it, but lo and behold, the minute I saw this parody in the recently added, all of … Continue reading Clerks XXX – A Porn Parody

Comments From The Peanut Gallery – My Mom Is Hilarious

Last night around 8:15 pm, my phone started blowing up with texts from my mom who was watching the halftime show during the Super Bowl, or as I’ve heard it to be called, the football game at the Beyonce concert.  I wasn’t watching, but her basic gist was…    Yep, my mother said “Mama A says Fifty Shades of Beyonce.”  Hilarious!  And also, she does have a point… And that’s not even the most risque picture I found!  Also, I think that my mother secretly loves having a daughter who writes about this stuff – she was so happy to … Continue reading Comments From The Peanut Gallery – My Mom Is Hilarious

HotMoviesForHer’s Top 100 Videos

Every once in a while I like to head over to HotMoviesForHer’s analytics and delve deep into the stats to see what you folks are actually watching.  Sure, we can babble til we’re blue in the face about porn, but what really matters is what you all are interested in viewing, so it’s important to us to be on top of knowing that info. While I hanging around the stats the other day, I decided to take a look at the traffic for our main theater and see what movies have been winning big in the last year.  I could … Continue reading HotMoviesForHer’s Top 100 Videos

2 Out Of 2 Porn Bloggers Agree…

The industry needs to start making more movies that feature talking penises. This awesome clip of Randy Spears‘ dramatic dick is from Misty Beethoven The Musical (Disc 1), which is the amazing musical version of the classic porn The Opening of Misty Beethoven.  And now for the perfect segue… This week and the next few weeks, we will be rolling out the remastered version of the original The Opening of Misty Beethoven and a whole bunch of awesome additions, including director extras like the Theatrical Trailers of Henry Paris and Original Radio Spots. Make sure to check back and find … Continue reading 2 Out Of 2 Porn Bloggers Agree…

8 Things I’m Going To Miss About Working At HotMoviesForHer

Today is my last day here at HotMoviesForHer.  I’m excited about my new adventures in fitness, but there are some things (and people) that I’m going to miss.  I’ll still be dealing in sweaty bodies and making people feel good, but it won’t involve smut.  I’ve had a great run.  Here are some of the things I’m going to miss: 1. Eating lunch while casually watching porno at my desk. 2. Having important conversations about vaginas, cocks, anal sex, eating pussy, blowjobs, jizz, squirting, cuckolding, orgies, masturbation, and fucking. 3. Singing made-up songs like Strap-on Sally with my co-workers. 4. … Continue reading 8 Things I’m Going To Miss About Working At HotMoviesForHer

Return of the Holiday Pornament!

Last Christmas I gave you my heart… oh wait a sec… I mean last Christmas we gave you this awesome holiday pornament to add to your celebratory foliage, so we thought we’d post it up again for any of you that wanted to make a new one for 2012! All you need to do is click on it (to get the full size version), print it, cut it out, fold it and glue (or tape) where it indicates. What do you get? A little cube of porno awesomeness (modeled below by yours truly)! Easy Peasy! Stick on a paper clip … Continue reading Return of the Holiday Pornament!