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Top Five Tuesday – Twelves For 12/12/12

Did you guys realize that this week holds that last triple digit date in this century?  That’s right, 12/12/12 happens tomorrow so I decided that today I would celebrate that oddity with a Top Five Twelves – five movies featuring some of my favorite twelfth episodes and volumes of porno series. Anna Span’s Diary Series #12 – Do The Business – Britain’s first female filmmaker, Anna Span, brings us this fantastic time traveling porno extravaganza that offers up lots of stockings and a bunch of really hot sex between equally hot people.  Yep, it’s a list topper! Crash Pad Series … Continue reading Top Five Tuesday – Twelves For 12/12/12

’70s Cosplay Pics and Missionary For The Win – Link Love

Happy Humpday!  Welcome to the midweek stretch.  We are back from California now and gently returning to the daily routine, which sadly does not include hanging out poolside and handing porn to hot women.  Oh well, I guess we’d get bored if we did it every day, right?  Anyhoo, let’s get to the humpday celebrating with some Link Love! – A Treasure Trove of Cosplay from the Swinging 1970s.  These are the works I’ve been longing to hear for my whole life.  Seriously amazing.  Thanks io9! – A priest accidentally showed hardcore gay porn to his congregation when he connected … Continue reading ’70s Cosplay Pics and Missionary For The Win – Link Love

Top Five Tuesday: Bisexual Part 2

The Porn Librarian wrote a bisexual Top Five Tuesday a few years ago, but I definitely think it’s worth revisiting. We don’t talk about bi movies nearly enough around here, so I’m giving you my top top picks that I think are in need of your attention. I love watching different different bodies and preferences in action and I’m pretty sure many of you do too. Enjoy! The Female Voyeur: This movie is super sensual and totally dirty. The men perform with each other for women, but get it on with the ladies as well.  Petra Joy, being the female … Continue reading Top Five Tuesday: Bisexual Part 2

Anna Span’s Diary Series #15 – Be My Toy Boy

We don’t often venture into MILF territory, but this Anna Span flick caught my eye.    It’s a lot let less forced and “porny” than some of the others out there.  Plus, cutie face Keni Styles is in the mix so you know something good is going down.  His scene with Heidi Vincent, “My Son’s Best Friend”, is the focus of my review. Heidi is an ex-championship body builder.  She isn’t bulging, but she still rocks the muscles which Keni and I both enjoy.  The two discuss their workouts and Heidi shows off a couple of her body building poses.  Mr. … Continue reading Anna Span’s Diary Series #15 – Be My Toy Boy

Graffiti Girls and Weiner Roasts – Link Love!

Happy Humpday!  Welcome to the midweek stretch.  Can you seriously believe that today is the last day of August?!  The summer is rapidly coming to an end and soon we are going to have to put away our shorts and flip flops and pull out the scarfs.  But for now, we are still sweating it out and ready to celebrate the middle of the week with some Humpday Link Love, so let’s get to it! – Graffiti artists are taking their tags to a whole new medium – pretty ladies.  Shriiimp.com is a whole site featuring graffiti art expressed on … Continue reading Graffiti Girls and Weiner Roasts – Link Love!

2011 Feminist Porn Award Winners!!

Hello all you fabulous HotMoviesForHer readers!  I am finally back in the office after so many days away from your beautiful faces.  It’s been a hella busy few weeks, but not for naught, because my recent ventures have resulted in a whole bevy of amazing stories, pictures and videos!  Take this weekend for example, when I got to head north and spend some time at the fantastic Feminist Porn Awards in Toronto.  I got a boatload of amazing pictures and video to share later this week, when I recap my trip! For now, let’s talk about this year’s phenomenal Feminist … Continue reading 2011 Feminist Porn Award Winners!!

Sex Experiments

It’s been a good long while since I’ve had any Anna Span’s Diary action on my screen, so when I saw this awesome bisexual romp in my pervy travels, I knew it would be the perfect review for today.  Along with featuring a delicious double dose of guy-guy-gal threesomes, this flick takes the time to do two long interviews with handsome gents, Neil Bow and Steve Hooper.  And you know how I feel about an interview.  HOT! The first two scenes of this extra hot British bangfest offer up similar scenarios where two young men are getting it on with … Continue reading Sex Experiments

Top Five Tuesday – Straight and Sexy

This past weekend I attended a friend’s wedding and was seated next to a lovely married straight couple.  And because I am me, we ended up chatting about porn (you know, like 20 feet from my friend’s grandma – not that granny might not love porn, but I’m sure said friend probably doesn’t want to hear it at her wedding.  Don’t worry, I think everyone else was on the dance floor actually.).  Straight porn, specifically, and how it’s just not hot.  And again, because I am me, I came to the rescue and set the story straight (literally). I explained … Continue reading Top Five Tuesday – Straight and Sexy

Anna Span Runs For Office

Britain’s first female porn director, Anna Span, is taking on a new challenge – to become part of the Parliament! Span, otherwise known as Anna Arrowsmith, has been chosen as a Liberal Democrat candidate in the general election for a seat in Gravesham in Kent. “Explaining why she wanted to be an MP, the 38-year-old – whose films include Where’s The Rent Boys? (sic) – said she was ‘disgusted’ by the MPs’ expenses scandal and believes women are under-represented in Parliament. Mrs Arrowsmith, who is fighting Tory Adam Holloway’s seat of Gravesham in Kent, said: ‘I am not a professional … Continue reading Anna Span Runs For Office