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The Authentic Lesbian Review: Hairy Armpits, Hairy Bush – Lesbian Boat Orgy

Hairy Armpits, Hairy Bush – Lesbian Boat Orgy didn’t exactly sound like my preferred cup of tea when it was assigned. I love boats, the open sea, lesbians, and orgies, but hair…I think not! I mean, a manicured bush down under holds a certain sex appeal, but being hairy all over (because most people aren’t now, it’s become a thing that some label “natural”) is not something I’m into (some people are naturally un-hairy…why doesn’t anyone ever talk about that?). That being the case, I do enjoy watching porn I haven’t experienced before from studios unknown to me, and I have … Continue reading The Authentic Lesbian Review: Hairy Armpits, Hairy Bush – Lesbian Boat Orgy

Kayden Kross’ Casting Couch

I usually don’t like casting couch movies. I know that it’s all a set up, and that the women in these movies do know ahead of time that they’re going to be fucking the “casting agent,” but the whole charade of pretending that this lady is getting conned into sex with the promise of fame or fortune at the other end rubs me the wrong way. Happily, director Kayden Kross breathes new life into the genre with Kayden Kross’ Casting Couch from fledgling studio airerose Entertainment. In only her second time flying solo in the director’s chair, Kross rounds up four young … Continue reading Kayden Kross’ Casting Couch

The Authentic Lesbian Review: Girls Keen For Sex

There are lots of things to love about AbbyWinters.com, so when it came time for me to review Girls Keen For Sex I knew I would enjoy it. For anyone unfamiliar with the studio, AbbyWinters.com specializes in filming amateur young women having real sex and real orgasms, and is known in many places throughout the world as the flagship studio for sex positive, pro-female porn. The models always seem very natural and the atmosphere is always one of fun and sexual exploration. The production quality is amazing and everything is done in a tasteful, yet erotic way. Whenever I watch … Continue reading The Authentic Lesbian Review: Girls Keen For Sex

HMFH Interviews Addie Juniper

Addie Juniper is a director, producer, and performer with over ten years experience in the adult industry shooting pro-am fetish clips. She’s known for her all natural, youthful appearance and has made quite a splash here at headquarters with her quirky, niche fetish movies. We were lucky enough to score an interview with Addie, and she generously shared her insights and experiences with us! HotMoviesForHer: You made a name for yourself in the adult industry by producing amateur fetish clips. Can you tell us a little bit about how and why you got started? Addie Juniper: First off, I would call my videos … Continue reading HMFH Interviews Addie Juniper

Hot Reviews: Anal Day

You know what the mildly inconvenient part about being a professional porn watcher is? Sometimes you get assigned to really good pornos, and it takes forever for you to review them, because then you’re just horny the whole time and have to keep texting a someone (you know who you are) to tell them that you’re thinking about their penis. And then they send you a photo of their penis and then your day is REALLY shot all to hell. Anal Day from director/performer/wet dream James Deen is one of those movies. Filmed in an amateur style with no crew … Continue reading Hot Reviews: Anal Day

Porn Stars React To “Hot Girls Wanted”

Twitter and the blogosphere are abuzz over Hot Girls Wanted, the latest documentary to stream on Netflix. Produced by Parks and Recreation’s Rashida Jones, the doc bills itself as “a first-ever look at the realities of the professional ‘amateur’ porn world and the steady stream of 18-to-19-year old girls entering into it.”  While some of the resulting outrage has come from civilians reacting to the seemingly exploitative working conditions of the performers depicted in the film, much of the outrage has been from sex workers, porn stars, and industry insiders themselves.  And no, they’re not siding with the filmmakers. This … Continue reading Porn Stars React To “Hot Girls Wanted”

Happy Easter Fucking!

Incase you didn’t know, Easter porn is totally a thing. Yep. To be honest though, it’s pretty much just pornstars in bunny ears, fucking like out of control rabbits. But hey, I’d rather see that than fucking that literally themed itself around celebrating the resurrection of Christ. Imagine it. Go on. Jizzus Christ. Res-erection. Hmm. Anyway, behold! Three Easter-themed pornos to make your Easter weekend just that little bit filthier! Hop to it! Easily my top pick for a little Easter weekend masturbation has to go to scene one of Anal Acrobats. The scene features butt magician Dana DeArmond, hardcore … Continue reading Happy Easter Fucking!

HotMoviesForHer Tips – Making An Amateur Porno

It’s time for some sex tips, folks!  We know you just itch to get through the weekend so you can come back and find out what pervy-ed things we have in store for you. This week we’re here to give you a few tips in how to make an amateur porno.  This isn’t an A-Z on what sex positions you should include or what equipment is needed.  We’re hitting you with some pointers that will help make your homemade adult movie a little more fun to watch in the long run. 1. Get The Pets Out Of The Room: I … Continue reading HotMoviesForHer Tips – Making An Amateur Porno

Sword Fighting Girls

You know what happens when you’re bored with the “usual”?  Sword Fighting Girls, that’ what.  When my eyes glaze over at the thought of sexin’ I know it’s time to hit up the WTF category.  It isn’t always pretty, but there’s generally a shiny little gem waiting to be uncovered.  Granted, what i consider a gem might not exactly get you excited about masturbating, but it will probably make you smile and tilt your head.  On the other hand, who am I to say what gets your engined revved up?  Your hand might be sliding down your pants at the … Continue reading Sword Fighting Girls

The Feminist Porn Awards Wants Your Dirty Movies!

Those fabulous Good For Her dirty birds of the Great White North are back with the 2011 Feminist Porn Awards, and they are looking for your movies!  During the April 8-16, 2011 awards celebrations, Good for Her will have a Public.Provocative.Porn: Amateur Night – and they are on the prowl for submissions! Take a look at the info below, then grab you camera and get to steppin’! Toronto, ON December 1, 2010 –Good for Her is thrilled to present the 6th Annual Feminist Porn Awards on April 15 2010. The Feminist Porn Awards honor pornographers whose groundbreaking work offers a … Continue reading The Feminist Porn Awards Wants Your Dirty Movies!