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Never Shave November: Porn’s Hairy Girls

Every November all our dude friends start posting status updates on the growth of the beards and staches that they proudly embrace in honor of No Shave November/Movember/Noshember. They eschew grooming to raise awareness for causes such as men’s health needs and overall cancer research, but with particular focus on prostate cancer and testicular cancer. I myself stop shaving my own legs during the month of November, but that’s mostly because the Arctic temperatures of my gnarly apartment make any time spent outside of my footie pajamas physically painful. I’m not altruistic with my own body hair, unfortunately.

Nikki Silver
Nikki Silver

While other women may also be foregoing their usual grooming standards this month, there are many who fully embrace their full body hair all year long. Some have even made a career in the adult industry out of their all natural, albeit atypical, appearances. This niche in the industry is referred to as hirsute or hairy, and goes beyond just hairy vulvas. Hairy babes embrace their whole package, including their underarm, leg, and arm hair. However, hirsute models are typically only hired by fetish companies.

“I would definitely like to see that change. I think it’s a huge problem when people are reduced to fetishes,” says Harley Hex, a bisexual, non-binary, hairy babe. She works full time as a webcam model and part time as a porn performer. “I’ve had men ask me how I got the hair on my legs and armpits because they have never seen a woman with hair in those places before. While there are many people in my work and in my personal life who find my body hair very attractive, I’ve also had people react with shock and disgust, even when I was only growing out my pubic hair. I believe that more representation outside of niche fetish sites can help chance some of these views.”

“Honestly, I feel pretty fine about being a niche and not working with most other adult companies,” writes Nikki Silver, who is often referred to as the Queen of Hairy Porn. She is well known as the founder of NaughtyNatural.com. “…The majority of porn is not something I’m interested in being involved with anyway, so I don’t feel a loss at not being included… On a societal level, I do think it would be good for hairy women to be included in mainstream porn. It would help normalize that for young men and women looking to porn, to inform at least in part what they find attractive. Hopefully it would show young people that you can make lots of different choices about their bodies and they can all be sexy.”

When asked if their body hair has been an asset in the porn industry, nonbinary and queer performer Joey Minx responded, “Yes and no. I’ve been able to do a lot of shoots that are specifically hairy fetish sites.  In a broader sense, it has severely limited the work I am able to get in the adult industry because they are looking for shaved models. I have done shaved shoots as well to make money.”

Harley Hex
Harley Hex

It’s the same old story, where bodies that don’t look a certain way are barred from opportunities, especially in the workplace. In this sense, the adult industry has the same symptoms of society and media at large, where the drive to make money results in the exclusion of diverse bodies from representation. “I also would like to see a more inclusive variety of presentations in the adult industry that are not used as sole marketing points for websites,” writes Joey Minx. “This could be including but not limited to body hair preference, genders, sizes, races, ethnicities, abilities, and the types of sex being featured between performers. Not just in porn, in all media. Representation is important.”

Harley Hex adds, “I know that if I shaved I would have more opportunities and would have access to a wider fan base. On the other hand, I would be losing something about myself that has set me apart from many other performers.”

So despite female hairiness being generally perceived in our society as being unorthodox, what drives hirsute performers to stay all natural?

For Nikki Silver, it wasn’t much of a decision to make. “I never adhered to that convention so defying it was not anomaly for me. As a young teenager I was more interested in my own body, those of my girlfriends, and generally exploring alternative communities and politics than I was in adhering to what I thought was ‘normal.’ In fact, I really despised what I saw as normal. I was very comfortable being confrontational.”

“I didn’t fully accept beauty norms and hence, wasn’t terribly affected by them. I think I was able to build up a pretty strong base of self confidence. My mom is also an amazing woman who only ever told me I was beautiful and admired my changing body through puberty, as well as supporting all my decisions like dyeing my hair green and not shaving my armpits.”

On the other hand, Harley found stopping shaving to be very stressful at first. “I stopped shaving a little over four years ago,” she says. “My hair is super thick and dark and grows in very quickly. Shaving has always been a pain, and one day I just thought about why I was doing it. I realized it wasn’t for me, it was for other people who expected me to do it. I challenged myself to grow my hair out to see what it looked and felt like and I just never went back.

Stopping was very stressful but I’m so happy I did. It took a few weeks of wearing jackets and long pants, but eventually I stopped feeling as worried about what other people would think or say and started focusing that energy on more important things in my life. Even if I never do go back to shaving again, I feel like I can more fully accept my body and don’t feel ashamed by the way my hair grows in anymore. That’s a really freeing feeling.”

Whether they always embraced their abundant body hair or learned to do so, these performers have found plenty to love about their lush all naturalness.

Joey Minx
Joey Minx

“I love how soft my hair feels under my fingers,” writes Harley. “I’ve grown to love how the thickness and fullness of my hair is something unique about my body. My partners love to way my hair feels and the way it makes me smell. I’ve been told I have a very distinct smell and I think my armpit hair makes that more noticeable.”

“I like how people smell and I like how I smell,” adds Nikki. “Not as in, I haven’t showered in weeks smell but just the natural way humans naturally smell. My partners appreciate this as well. I find shaving/trimming to be a laborious and painful process so there’s no part of me that wishes to do that. I think my partners also appreciate my lack of stubble and ingrown hairs. I literally never have ingrown hairs because my hairs have not been ‘cut’ by a razor or trimmer in 4+ years. I also like to run around outside naked and having pubic hair really does protect your genitalia, it’s there for a reason.”

For Joey Minx, it’s less about the aesthetics of being unshaven, “and more about doing what feels right to me with my own body, and not shaving is what I’m most comfortable with. My partners don’t care if I shave or not, as long as I’m comfortable in my own skin.”

In writing back and forth with these performers, a theme emerged that it all really just comes down to being healthy and happy with your own appearance, and that we should all work to support each others’ bodily choices. I think Joey said it best:

“There are a lot of standards that are considered normal in our society that are oppressive. Insinuating that a person is less attractive, worthy, or desirable because of having hair on certain parts of their body is not only one of these oppressive standards, it seems really ridiculous to me on an objective level. Not to say that if someone shaves they are perpetuating this standard or wrong in doing so–the whole point is people should be able to present their own bodies the way they want to, and still feel desirable, worthy, and comfortable in their own skin.”

And if anyone’s got a problem with it?

“I tell them their opinions of women’s bodies are irrelevant and misogyny is not a cute look.”

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HMFH Interviews Addie Juniper

Addie JuniperAddie Juniper is a director, producer, and performer with over ten years experience in the adult industry shooting pro-am fetish clips. She’s known for her all natural, youthful appearance and has made quite a splash here at headquarters with her quirky, niche fetish movies. We were lucky enough to score an interview with Addie, and she generously shared her insights and experiences with us!

HotMoviesForHer: You made a name for yourself in the adult industry by producing amateur fetish clips. Can you tell us a little bit about how and why you got started?

Addie Juniper: First off, I would call my videos PRO am, as I’ve always used professional equipment. 😉

That’s a long story, but after doing a few fetish shoots as a model, I quickly realized that I wanted to shoot my own videos. I met my ex business partner after he hired me for a shoot. He was just starting out as well, and we hit it off and became business partners and remained so for 9 years. Now I have been solo for about a year under Juniper Movies.

HMFH: Whenever we get movies from your studio Juniper Movies, they usually create a bit of a stir in the office. The Sea Monster Prefers Brunettes! turned a few heads in particular. Your studio is still pretty small but covers a lot of different niches. How do you decide what to do next?

The Sea Monster Prefers BrunettesAddie: Ha! That’s awesome. I can’t take creative credit for those videos beyond the title, which I’m still cracking myself up about. 😉 I shoot a lot of custom, fan-ordered videos as well as the niches that I’ve known sell well for me within the fetish industry.

HMFH: What’s your favorite kind of scene to shoot as a performer versus as a director?

Addie: As a performer, I enjoy shooting all types of videos! Tickling is one of my favorites, as well as blowjobs and sex. Anything that involves acting is fun as well.

HMFH: You do a lot of work both behind and in front of the camera. What decision making process goes into casting your movies?

Addie: Well, beyond my customers choosing the specific models they want for the videos they order, I try to shoot models who can act and understand fetishes. I lean towards more natural-looking, girl-next-door types, but that’s just a personal preference.

HMFH: You sometimes perform for higher end studios like Wicked and Digital Sin. What’s the biggest difference between these jobs and your amateur work, and what are the pros and cons of each type of production?

Addie in American Innocence 2
Addie in American Innocence 2

Addie: I prefer smaller sets, mostly because of logistics. Shoots with big companies always take forever and, as a director, it’s hard for me to understand why. Two hours of waiting around and then they are slowly setting up the lights? It’s frustrating. When a model shows up on my set, I am prepared and ready to begin, as I don’t like to waste anyone’s time. Other than that, the shooting feels the same, I’m just wearing fake eyelashes and on a fancy set. 😉

HMFH: Last year you were the star of Vivid’s 100% Real Teen Swingers of Atlanta, which was nominated at the AVN Awards for Best Amateur Release. How did it feel to have your work recognized on an industry-wide scale?

Addie: That was cool!

HMFH: Speaking of teens, I was blown away when I found out that you’re 30 years old. What are your beauty secrets?

Addie: I just turned 31! Besides genetics (I’ve always looked young and my mother looked young for a long time), I think the best beauty regimen is taking care of your skin by not tanning, moisturizing, wearing sunscreen, and avoiding makeup. I only wear makeup when I have to and just a little. Also, I’m all natural. I think a lot of people get plastic surgery in an attempt to look younger when it often has the opposite effect.

HMFH: At your age, most porn actresses are starting to market themselves as MILFs and cougars, but you very convincingly keep a youthful, girl-next-door appearance. What impact do you think this has on your appeal?

addie selfieAddie: I’ve never understood why porn models must either be “teens” or “MILFs”, as if men don’t want to jerk off to anything in between. :p I’ve been hired for MILF stuff lately and the director is clearly disappointed when I show up on set. And then producers of Teen content rarely hire me because of my age. *Shrug* I’ll just keep being me and not worry about it.

HMFH: You’ve been on a cross country road trip and living out of a van for the better part of a year. How do you keep up with performing and filming during this time?

Addie: Honestly, I haven’t been shooting much since I’ve been traveling. But after shooting for 10 years, it’s been a wonderful break! Sometimes I shoot in hotel rooms or manage to pick up a shoot in a random town. No worries, though I still have tons of content that I haven’t released yet!

HMFH: What are some of the adventures that you’ve had on your road trip?

Addie: National Parks and tiny Western towns with little saloons and natural wonders like the Salt Flats and slot canyons and gorgeous beaches like I’ve never seen before. And cities, of course, and all they have to offer. And food from all over! It’s incredible and I’m ecstatically happy these days. 🙂

HMFH: You’re always tweeting about all the amazing things that you get to eat. Do you like to cook? What’s your favorite food?

addie black beach
Addie at Black’s Beach

Addie: Oh yes! I love cooking, but I love eating more. 😀 It’s hard to pick, but some of my favorites are Chicken Tikka Masala, ceviche, anything with limes, tomatoes, avocados, spicy foods. Really, I love everything. 🙂

HMFH: When you’re not performing or directing, what do you like to do in your downtime?

Addie: Traveling. Watching TV shows. Going to the movies. Hiking. Reading. Writing. Listening to music.

HMFH: What are your fans like? Have you had any crazy interactions with them?

Addie: Many of my fans are wonderful and I consider them to be friends. Some are bad apples, of course! :/

HMFH: What can we look forward to seeing from you next?

Addie: Well, I’ll be releasing another edition of Classloads with black girls, much more tickling and ballbusting, cuntbusting, belly punching (so violent!) and of course, more sea monster. I also have these amazing transformation movies and more vampire stuff.

HMFH: Finally, what is the best way that fans can support you and your work?

Addie: Buy my movies! Through HotMovies or order a custom video.

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