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The Authentic Lesbian Review: Lefty

lefty-coverLefty, a cool title from Sweetheart Video directed by and starring the always brilliant Dana Vespoli, is about Linda “Lefty” Lumaban, an undefeated boxer on top of the world after a really rough childhood. The story goes that Lefty was discovered by a cop named Sullivan while beating an assailant trying to attack her after her mother abandoned her on the streets of L.A. at 14 years old. I know, heavy shit for a porno, right? Turns out Sully found a natural fighter when he stumbled on the scene to help a helpless teen and the pair became thicker than family as he retired from the force and took on the role of her full time trainer/manager. Now, Lefty is undefeated, has enough money to buy Floyd Mayweather AND the Money Team, and is dating pornographic actress Alexis Texas, whom she fucks regularly in her huge ass mansion. That’s a dream come true for anyone! I really appreciate the way the movie opens. It got me hype like I was getting ready to watch an actual boxing match. Plus Dana isn’t wearing any makeup in this flick and nothing turns me on more than a naturally beautiful woman. I know it’s been said before but anyone can look good in some tight jeans and heels with a little makeup applied, but if you can rock oversized sweats, or in this case boxing gloves and shorts wearing a sports bra and no face paint, you’re fucking gorgeous, no question about it. Dana is fucking gorgeous!


Scene 1 – Dana Vespoli & Alexis Texas


Right away we start off with sex, which I love (we’ll pay for it later though…). No talking now that we have the back story, and we can assume Lefty, played by Dana, won the fight she was preparing for in the opening because she’s laying back on the bed chilling without a care in the world. Boo thing Alexis walks in wearing a tight red dress made for taking off and strips right in front of her champion. Before you read any further I would like to ask for you to take a moment of silence to just appreciate all that ass Alexis Texas throws Dana’s way. Just look at that picture up there! That girl should be thanked for carrying that around with her all day. Good Lawd I love it! You can easily see why the first thing Lefty did was grab a handful of that beautiful butt and hold on for dear life. I could stare at it for hours…hell, I did stare at it for hours.


They kiss and fondle and all that good stuff before Lefty goes down on Alexis and licks her pussy until she cums. Only 11 minutes in and we already have an orgasm. Gotta love that! The initial moaning from Alexis feels forced in my opinion, but it’s easy to hear when Lefty starts hitting all the right spots. Alexis returns the favor by going down on her champion which causes Lefty to tense up and grab for pillow and sheets and all of the above. Even better Alexis smothers her face completely in Lefty’s pussy with her ass high up in the air twerking. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to be the one getting head or the one standing behind that booty with the way Alexis was working it. After watching Lefty’s body quiver with orgasm spasms I quickly decided I like to be the one getting head propped up a little so I could see her ass too. She definitely has one you can see from behind. Then this shit happened and I don’t know if I was more horny or jealous…


They’re trying to kill me and it’s just the first scene! Imagine being under that. It’s probably like a waterfall from heaven. I can’t lie, I got a little upset with Dana for not switching lives with me at this point. Look at that view. Look at Alexis’ pussy lips. You know that shit is just dripping! You can tell by how wide open Lefty’s mouth is, making sure she catches everything. To be just a fly in the room that day would have been torture. I want in! Anyway, they go back and forth one more time making each other cream. They finger fuck and touch and grind and all that good stuff but nothing tops mount Texas sitting on Lefty’s face…nothing!

Scene 2 – Julia Ann & Bree Daniels


You see that woman up there? That’s a woman who is about to have her world collapse around her in a matter of minutes. As you can see, Lefty is scheduled for a fight but there’s no Sully around. Then the phone rings and it ain’t good news. Sully died and took all Lefty’s optimism and will to fight with him. She goes into complete shutdown mode and disappears from the world of boxing and longtime girlfriend Alexis Texas. It’s to the point where her own friends don’t even know where she is. I get it though. The only adult/father figure she’s ever known, the guy who helped mold her into the larger than life success story that she is, is gone just like that. Sad shit man, really sad shit. Are you horny? Yeah, me either…


Flash forward however many years and here’s Erin, played by Bree Daniels, a cute young journalist trying to make a name for herself at a magazine company, in bed with her ex-professor/current partner Julia Ann. Earlier that day she pitched an idea to her boss that she’s really excited about. Turns out another female boxer, Hernandez, has been knocking bitches out left and right for a while and wants to retire. Only problem is she wants to retire on top and the only way you can do that is to beat the best. She calls out Linda “Lefty” Lumaban in a press conference in a sort of publicity stunt/challenge (thanks for all you did for the sport, Ali!) but nobody knows where the champ is. Erin wants to find Lefty and convince her to fight while also doing an interview, but in order to do that she has to first find and interview those from Lefty’s past, including the still performing Alexis Texas. Julia is cool with that, but wants to leave a lasting impression on her young girlfriend to help discourage any temptation that might come with the territory of interviewing a sexy ass porn star.


As you can tell from the look on Erin’s face, Julia is doing a damn good job. After a minute or two of sensual kissing, neck nibbling, and light petting, all of which lasted too long for my taste, Julia lays her young tender down on her back and does things with her tongue that incite eye rolls, funny faces, and the calling out of a particular deity. When it’s time to return the favor Erin does exactly what I would do if left alone in a room with a naked Julia Ann…go straight for those titties! For all the time spent kissing and touching one would think the boobs would get more than just the usual grope and nipple lick, but sadly that’s all we get. I think 30 seconds of motor boating would have been fantastic but I’m very bias. Anyway, Julia’s body is amazing and Erin does everything she can, hitting all the right spots, to make it squirm and shake with orgasmic pleasure.


As slow as parts of this scene seemed at times, I absolutely loved watching Julia take control and send her young thang’s body through the works. This time she fingers Erin to an earth shattering orgasm that I swear I felt in my lady parts! And to top things off she asks “Who’s pussy is it?” while Erin can hardly control her spasms let alone speak. You know how you can tell when a woman is trying to force an orgasm? Maybe she’s tightening her and pushing her abdominal muscles or something like that? Well, this is not one of those times. Julia makes young tender cum over and over again and it was so hot I didn’t even mind the extra kissing and rubbing at the end. This is the type of sex that puts you straight to sleep after you bust a nut and I definitely was worn out afterwards.


Scene 3 – Alexis Texas & Dani Daniels & AJ Applegate


Erin is able to catch up with the still performing and still gorgeous Alexis Texas and learns a few things about the elusive Lefty, but with Texas sitting there fully naked save for a skimpy robe, I have no clue how she was able to stay focused. Maybe all that good Julia Ann lovin’ really did work. Texas tells Erin how much of a sweetheart Lefty was and how when they met at an after party in Vegas it was love at first sight. She explains that while Lefty could be very romantic and thoughtful, she was never really one to let others in, she was always a guarded person, but after Sully’s death she completely shut down and shut everyone who cared about her out of her life. My ears perked up when Erin asked what role Texas played in Lefty’s life to which she replied…


Look at that beautiful shit! You got Lefty sitting there with a black eye looking all badass sexy with Alexis Texas on her arm and 2 strippers/playthings, Dani Daniels and AJ Applegate, ready and willing to do whatever is asked of them. Talk about the good life! What ensues is an above average threesome that looked like tons off fun for everyone involved. My only complaint is that they could have found better fake money to use in the beginning of the scene.


Texas gets most of the initial attention with Daniels giving her head while Applegate sucks her tits, but just like with most threesomes, one participant kind of gets ganged up on and in this one, that lucky person is Daniels. After sucking Texas off, Daniels finds herself in an interesting sandwich. She’s now attempting to give Applegate head while pro clit sucker Texas is making it very difficult for her to do so. If her moans are any indication, Texas was back there putting in work! Applegate and Texas team up again on Daniels, this time with Texas sitting on her face and Applegate eating her pussy. Texas’ ass on your face is enough to push anybody over the edge, but from the sound of things Applegate knows her way around a coochie too.


This threesome is definitely balanced with no one truly being left out, but after a while I found myself feeling a little bad for Applegate. It seemed like she wasn’t getting as much love as everybody else, but that feeling quickly went away after watching her get more attention. Alexis Texas licks her pussy while Daniels licks her asshole a few times and from the look of things, it was well worth the wait. Whenever you end with a smile on your face you can definitely call that experience a success.


Scene 4 – Dana Vespoli & Bree Daniels


Remember how I told you we’d pay for the quick action in scene 1? Well, the time to pay up is now. There’s A LOT of dialogue before we see any tits and ass, but in the movie’s defense it’s all important to the plot in developing the viewer’s understanding of Lefty and everything she’s been through, from the highs to the lows. I wasn’t very horny during any part of it, but I found myself completely wrapped up in the plot to the point where I almost forgot I was watching a porno, and I really enjoyed myself. Shit gets really real again though too, so be prepared for some sadness.

Initially Erin has a hard time tracking the whereabouts of one Linda “Lefty” Lumaban, but when she gets a call from one of Lefty’s old sparing partners her luck changes. Alec, the old sparring partner, tells Erin that he knows where Lefty lives and is more than willing to share the info with her as long as she promises to convince Lefty to fight Hernandez in an effort to prove to herself that she can win without Sully. Of course, Erin makes the impossible promise and shows up at Lefty’s house unannounced with phone/tape recorder app in hand. Naturally Left isn’t happy when she walks up to find a stranger sitting in her yard and after finding out what she is there for she looks ready to throw a quick left jab Erin’s way. Lefty doesn’t seem willing to get back in the ring, despite maintaining her conditioning as evidenced by the boxing shoes sitting in front of her door, and Erin doesn’t push the issue too much. Instead, she agrees to leave her alone, but only after reading a quote from Sully in an interview he did years ago. She reads an excerpt that basically says the talent was always in Lefty, Sully just needed to polish and focus it, and you can tell it’s getting to Lefty. She’s starting to listen. From here we get to see Lefty visit the old gym, meet with some trainers and old friends, including Alec, and decide to fight Hernandez after all.


Lefty eventually agrees to sit down for an interview with Erin and eventually they fuck, but stay with me for now. This interview actually turns out to be somewhat groundbreaking as Lefty lets Erin in and gets more personal than she would have in the past. She reveals that (get ready for the sadness people, there’s gonna be tears in the cum after this one) when Sully found her she wasn’t fending off a strange attacker but actually her pimp who knocked her up. Right! Not horny at all right now! She beat the crap out of him and stayed out of the streets with Sully’s help, and gave her daughter up for adoption because of her age and not being able to provide for her. Now you see why she was so close to Sully and why she never let anybody in. Right here, Dana Vespoli’s acting really shines. It’s no secret she can act as she’s been in in countless plot features before, but this one really got to me, probably because it’s such a sad story and really brings a lot of issues to the forefront. After seeing how vulnerable Lefty is, Erin reveals that growing up she watched her pop beat up on her mom (I’m totally out of the mood at this point and don’t think it’s possible to get back in) and looked to Lefty as a role model for courage and inspiration after everything she did for women in combat sports. This interview was a lot for everybody involved, including me, because now we get a much needed bathroom break for Erin who takes the opportunity to splash water on her face. Same thing I did to wipe away the tears.


Finally, we get some sex! Out of nowhere, they start making out in the bathroom doorway and the kissing has intent behind it which is always cool to watch. They make out for a while, just like in the 2nd scene, but this time it felt necessary, like this was the pair getting to know each other or something. Erin takes control when clothes come off, laying Lefty on her back and kissing her way down her body until to reaches Lefty’s pussy. She licks her pussy like she’s fucking her idol, which is a big nod to Bree. She stays in character even with the sex, and in a feature where the acting is crucial to the movie you have to appreciate that. Plus, she makes Dana grab bed sheets and nut all over the place! Lefty definitely returns the favor when Erin sits on her face. I’m pretty sure she came at least 2 times while up there, and watching her lose control of her body again was priceless. I kept my eyes on her torso almost the entire time in sheer amazement that 1. her body could handle all that convulsing without skitzing the fuck out for real, and 2. at how much of a workout she was getting. I know sex is a great way to exercise but this is better than the ab belt thingy they’re always selling on daytime TV!


After that pure pleasure overload, Erin kisses Lefty as if to say “thank you” which would be the right thing to do at this point. They get into a really sexy position where they’re face to face on their knees and begin to fondle each other. I can’t even explain the excitement this brought into my life! Erin sucks Lefty’s nipples while fingering and fondling her clit which naturally sends Lefty completely over the deep end and the result is a bunch of sexy yet funny faces that you can tell are just straight up bodily reactions and the whole thing is intoxicating. They flip one more time and Erin gets yet another workout as Lefty licks and sucks her pussy, swallowing all the cum in the process.


The couple kisses until the scene fades and then we get to watch brief clips of Lefty at the gym training and getting pumped and taped up in the locker room before the big fight. She takes a moment and, I’m guessing, says a few words to Sully looking on from the afterlife, and gets ready to hit the ring when in walks new boo, and successful journalist, Erin with a surprise for the champ. She found her daughter and brought her to the match. Not sure I’d want my daughter to watch me get hit in my face the first time we meet, but Lefty’s the best in the business for a reason and she kicks Hernandez’s ass. We never do know if Hernandez put off retirement or not.


I thoroughly enjoyed Lefty. The sex was exactly what you would expect from Sweetheart and Dana Vespoli, and the plot was beautifully written, but what really did it for me was the acting. Everyone sold their character and brought the emotion of the story to life. As a viewer you can’t ask for much more than that.

Check out Lefty here and comment below to let me know what you think.

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Sweetheart Video Loves Girls

In 2008, all-girl studio Sweetheart Video began their Loves Girls series with Nina Loves Girls. Directors Nica Noelle, James Avalon, and Dana Vespoli select performers to star is an all-girl showcase, allowing the star to choose which women they want to fuck on camera. This results in some of the best on-camera lesbian chemistry in the business, with months and sometimes years of off-screen flirtations finally getting a chance to blossom into some serious Sapphic fuckery. We’ve picked some of our favorite entries into the series to show why we love that Sweetheart loves girls.

Alexis Texas Loves Girls

Alexis Texas Loves Girls BoxcoverThe latest installment of the Loves Girls series stars big-butt superstar Alexis Texas, who explains that at this stage in her career, she’s very choosy about which projects she takes on. As an industry veteran, she easily seduces her chosen costars (Adriana Chechik, AJ Applegate, Mia Malkova, and Jenna Sativa,) shaking her insane curves and boasting about her legendary cunnilingus skills. A standout scene is with fellow big-booty-blonde AJ Applegate, who dons a strap-on cock and fucks Alexis from behind, getting impressively aggressive with her older counterpart.




Alexis Texas and AJ ApplegateAlexis Texas and Jenna Sativa

Dana DeArmond Loves Girls

Dana DeArmond Loves Girls BoxcoverStylish and snarky Dana DeArmond is known for doing whatever the fuck she wants, and in Dana DeArmond Loves Girls, she does girls. It’s fun to watch the shifts in her attitude towards her costars (Veruca James, Abella Danger, Dahlia Sky, and Chanel Preston, all fellow Spiegler Girls) with each scene. I particularly loved the extended interview with Veruca James, who Dana is clearly smitten with, to the point of actually being a little bit shy and submissive as Veruca seduces her. Her playful bullying of young Abella Danger and fellow veteran Chanel Preston were also a riot to watch.




Dana DeArmond and Veruca James

Dana DeArmond and Chanel Preston

Jessie Loves Girls

­­Jessie Andrews Loves Girls BoxcoverThe angelic Jessie Andrews has grown increasingly elusive in the adult industry in the past year, focusing instead on more mainstream pursuits. Luckily for us, she still occasionally pops up in girl-girl scenes, and we get to see tons of her in Jessie Loves Girls. One thing that stands out about Jessie is that her pretty, sweet exterior belies some serious sexual aggression. She really takes charge of her costars (Dana DeArmond, Carter Cruise, Jodi Taylor, and Bonnie Rotten) and is never intimidated by Dana or Bonnie. Her scenes with Carter and Jodi were particularly sweet; in her interviews, she speaks very affectionately about the newer Spiegler Girls, and is very taken with Jodi’s natural beauty.




Jessie Andrews and Carter Cruise

Jessie Andrews and Jodi Taylor

Dani Loves Girls

Dani Daniels Loves Girls boxcoverThis year’s XBIZ Female Performer of the Year Dani Daniels is famous for her electrifying girl-girl performances, making her an obvious choice for Dani Loves Girls. It’s clear that her chosen costars (Misty Stone, Natasha Nice, Sovereign Syre, and Cherie DeVille,) are absolutely taken by her and her phenomenal oral skills and stunning beauty. The effortlessly cool Misty Stone is absolutely spent after getting wrecked with orgasm after orgasm. Dani is a huge giver; it’s clear that she reeeaaally loves girls and gets off on getting her partners off. She hardly off leaves their pussies alone to take some time to let them fuck her too.




Dani Daniels and Misty Stone

Dani Daniels and Shyla Jennings

Allie Haze Loves Girls

Allie Haze Loves Girls boxcoverAllie Haze is another performer known for her love of girls; in fact, she tells director Dana Vespoli that she got into the industry as a way to successfully and safely hook up with other women. The interviews with girl-girl performer Jayden Cole were fun to watch, as Jayden seems to take an intellectual approach to her career and grills Allie on what it’s like to perform in boy-girl scenes. Allie’s scene with London Keyes is particularly great. Ignoring the fact that they started off wearing stilettos in a shower (danger!!!) it’s lovely to see them fall into each other and make each other cum over and over again.




Allie Haze Loves Girls

Allie Haze and London Keys

Asa Loves Girls

Asa Akira Loves Girls boxcoverSuperstar Asa Akira has since become a Wicked contract girl with a number of showcases to her name, but Asa Loves Girls is a valuable addition to her repertoire. She chose Katsuni and London Keyes, as well as girl-girl performers Jayden Cole and Celeste Star as her costars. There’s a wonderful sensuality and athleticism to Asa’s scenes, and it’s wonderful to see her subtly dominated by Asian Frenchwoman Katsuni. Asa is also known for her wonderfully dry wit (seriously, the zingers on her Twitter feed are gold) and her giggle-fest with London Keyes before they start eating each other’s faces is hilarious.




Asa Akira and Jayden Cole

Asa Akira and Celeste Starr

Sinn Sage Loves Girls

Sinn Sage Loves Girls boxcoverDirector Nica Noelle eschews the extended interviews and high-end gonzo format of later Loves Girls installments in favor of short plot-based vignettes. Sinn Sage Loves Girls is none the worse for it, as viewers get to see even more of the raw power of this girl-girl performer’s incredible lesbian fuckery. Sinn is thicker and butchier than many other girl-girl performers, and she excels at domination, strap-ons, and scissoring. The first scene with the flawless Lily LaBeau is a must see, as Sinn straps on a cock to barge into her messy roommate’s shower and teach her a lesson.




Sinn Sage and Shyla Jennings

Sinn Sage and Annie Cruz

Nina Loves Girls

Nina Hartley Loves GirlsIt’s only appropriate that this series started with Nina Loves Girls, starring the bad-ass OG Fairy Godmother of pornography, Nina Hartley. This one’s heavy on the interviews, as Nina bestows upon us her (at the time) 25 years of extensive knowledge about sex, swinging, pornography, bisexuality, the female orgasm, and anything else you could want to know from the industry’s most legendary veteran. And with a quarter of a century of on-camera fucking, Nina obviously knows how to bring it. Her scenes with her costars (Sinn Sage, Elexis Monroe, Nyomi Banxxx, and Stephanie Swift) are nothing short of powerful. Nina is truly a master of her craft, and that craft is fucking the ladies. This is also the also entry of the Loves Girls series to have a sequel with Nina Loves Girls 2!



Nina Hartley and Elexis Monroe

Nina Hartley and Naomi Banxxx

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Amazon Wish List Awards

The ladies of porn work hard, and they deserve some love back from all the love they give to your love life (solo or participatory). The Amazon Wish List is their way of telling you how to do just that, and not just during the holidays or their birthdays. Below we present to you the winners of The Wish List, with some extras thrown in. All lists are active and have been updated this month. So whip out that wallet – one of these babes is asking for a drum set…


Best Butt Plug Need

Dani Daniels

It’s bejeweled and is listed as “highest priority”

she doesn’t have a twitter

Best Need for Shoes

Dana DeArmond

Doubt that she’s actually barefoot, but she has asked for over 20 pairs of shoes. And also wants some Disney-print tattoo tights.

this is her twitter

Best Carpet Need

Faye Reagan

Desperately needs some rugs, and I’m very confused on why she needs so many.

she doesn’t use twitter

Best Collection of Designer Needs

Jayden James

With a list that makes you want to sing “Gucci, Gucci, Louis, Louis, Fendi, Fendi, Prada“, items included name Gucci, Christian Louboutin, Michael Kors, Juicy Couture, Louis Vuitton, and Burberry.

hasn’t tweeted since 2010

Best Toy Need…For Pets

Tie: Ashley Graham and Alexis Texas

Ashley Graham wants you to pamper her cat

Alexis Texas needs a dog laser…and some glow-in-the-dark driveway pebbles.

Ashley’s twitter and Alexis’s twitter

Best Cereal That Is Awesome Need

Cadence St. John

Although this is sadly now unavailable, she really could use some Count Chocula to come her way. Perhaps she should list this instead?

her tweets are protected

Best Need to Learn a Language

Kristina Rose

Kristina wants to learn Spanish, and a lot of it.

this is her twitter

Best All-Around Butt Need

Angie Noir

More thongs than I can count, a “humongous” butt plug, a chair, and a shower enema system. Lady wants her tush pampered.

this is her twitter

Best Burning Man Need

Rilynn Rae

Besides her “New Life in LA” and “Work Stuff” lists, there’s a list dedicated to the early fall Burning Man festival, mostly composed of belly dance wear, and also a special compass. Smart.

rilynn’s twitter

Best Is This a Bathing Suit Or…

Kendall Karson

Pieces might be bathing suits or just bikini-and-bottom wear, I’m honestly not sure.

her twitter here

Best Little Monkey List

Ava Addams

In an effort to have her fans fully show they care, she whipped up an adorable list of things she wishes her son to have. There’s a Blue’s Clues vest on there that is just plum AWESOME.

ava’s twitter

Best Geek the Eff Out List

Tanya Tate

One of my personal favorites, Tanya lists so many comic book related items that I fell in love with her all over again.

best twitter ever

Best Need to Bling Out Her iPhone Greater Than The Sun

Sophia Fiore

Just about every iPhone bling case that has ever been made is listed on here. They are pretty and they sparkle, but my God.

her twitter

Easiest List to Purchase From

Remy LaCroix

This girl is both smart and simple to please; she’s asking for gift cards and only 25 more basic items, like American Apparel underthings.

remy’s twitter

Best I Seriously Want to Know if Someone Will Buy That Need

Tie: Kiera Winters and Charlee Chase

Kiera is asking for a drum set, but if you’re lacking $$$ she also wants a box of Hello Kitty bandages. Charlee has her eye all up on this sort-of-pro video camera.

kiera twitter charlee twitter

Best Need on Paige Turnah’s List

A rubber skirt. And Jelly Belly candles.

her twitter

Free Porn Friday!

Each week we make free clip galleries of three movies for our affiliates to use… so why not share some of those clips here?

Welcome to Free Porn Friday!

First up is Filly Films’ , scene three, with and .

Check out the FREE GALLERY of clips from The Real L Word XXX: NYC Edition!


Second is Reality Blue Media’s Superstar Showdown – Alexis Texas Vs. Sarah Vandella, scene one, featuring and her Hitachi Magic Wand.

Check out the FREE GALLERY of clips from Superstar Showdown – Alexis Texas Vs. Sarah Vandella!


And lastly, Sweet Sinner’s , scene one, featuring  and .

Check out the FREE GALLERY of clips from Immoral Proposal!

Hope you enjoyed. Have a great weekend!


Elexis Unleashed 2

We’re back to reviewing non-Christmas porno… hooray for Santa-free smut!  In celebration I’m getting into some girl-girl goodness from Sweetheart VideoElexis Unleashed 2 features three super hot scenes starring Elexis Monroe (surprise).  With interviews at the top of each scene, we get to hear her thoughts, as well as those of her co-stars, on sex with women.  The takeaway – it’s only fun to fuck women who want to be fucked.

Elexis Unleashed 2Lexi Belle joins Elexis in scene 1.  They make a great pair and are all about staring into each others’ eyes.  I love the chemistry almost as much as I love watching Elexis dive in and eat Lexi’s pussy from behind.  Lexi’s glistening pussy is evidence that she too approves of Elexis’s handy work.  Later, the ladies engage in some scissoring which brings Elexis to a shuttering sheet gripping orgasm.  So hot!  Lexi laps up her juices and enjoys the fruits of her labor.  The scene comes to a close with the two ladies in each others’ arms. Awww.

Scene 2 brings us a meeting between Elexis and Kristina Rose.  I didn’t spend as much tim watching this scene as I did the other two, but I will say that Elexis sent Kristina into a shivering bliss as soon as she put her tongue to work.

Scene 3 brings us the big finish with Elexis and Alexis Texas.  This scene pretty much had my girl boner up and at attention, and not just because their names are so similar.  First of all, Alexis Texas lives up to the hype 100%.  She is beautiful, has an undeniably gorgeous ass and loves what she does.  The two spend a lot of time kissing and groping before their jeans ever come off and it never gets old.  When the pants do come off, it is on.  Alexis loses her mind when Elexis slides her fingers in and licks her pussy at the same time.  Later in the scene Elexis pours hot candle wax on Alexis’s back.  I like how they changed it up a bit! I could go on, but you really should just watch this scene for your self.  You won’t be sad about it.

Watch Elexis Unleashed 2 now!


Top Five Texas Porns

As you are reading this Top Five Tuesday post, I am actually out of the office on vacation. Oh man, the wonders of technology, right? In fact, I am writing this post two weeks before you’ll ever read it. Gotta love the post scheduling button. Anyway, like I said, I am on vacation, down in Texas, enjoying all that the Lone Star State has to offer. So in honor of the stars at night being big and bright down here in the heart of Texas, I thought a Top Five Texas movies would be in order.  In no particular order, here are my top five favorite Texas themed movies.  Enjoy! And Yee Haw!

First of all, this is called Texas Dildo Masquerade, so really, how could I not add it to the list?  Second, it’s a horror movie parody (of a movie I really like) starring , so clearly we know it’s going to be a keeper.  And lastly, it starts with a blowup doll with a dildo in her mouth and then later has a room full of dildos hanging from the ceiling.  I don’t know about you, but this is so my kind of party!

Real Texas dudes getting real hard in the throats of other real Texas dudes. So simple, so hot.  And the title just adds to the awesomeness.  I mean, c’mon – Deep In The Throat Of Texas? Genius!  The cocks at night are hard and (asshole are) tight… deep in the throat of Texas!
 – A bunch of real life swingers get an extra hardcore dose of American style lovin’ when former Skid Row drummer, , joins in for an all access fuck fest.  I originally thought this swinging extravaganza was based in Texas, but once I got into the action I realized that, no, it’s filmed in L.A. and Texas is just in the title.  At that point I was hooked and had to add it to the list.
  You know when you go out to a store and you’re shopping or whatever and you see a person that you would love to fuck their brains out?  And when you just walk up to them, hit on them and then go at it? It’s pretty hot, huh?Ok, so neither of us have ever done that, but what if we did?  Of course porno is here to show us what if!  takes a wild romp through the Lone Star State, stopping in local video shops to pick up chicks looking at the lesbian porn (complete with perfectly executed product placement) and bed them at roadside motels. Ah, Texas. Not usually the first place I think of when I picture hot lesbian fucking, but it turns out that there it is!
Alright so this doesn’t actually have anything to do with Texas either, other than it’s all about , so really, it’s EVERYTHING to do with Texas.  And one of the hottest booties of the industry.  So really, instead of rolling your eyes that I picked another non-Lone Star State focused porno, you should be thanking me profusely for reminding you of the amazing attributes that Ms. Texas has to offer.  You’re welcome.

Tipping my hat from down south!


This Ain’t Ghostbusters XXX

This year, the AVN Awards are all about the parodies – even going as far as to have parody porns get their own category.  And because we are reviewing a few of this year’s nominees (the actual awards are this coming weekend), what better to review than one of the many parodies nominated.  Then, of course, it took a while to figure out which one to review, because there are way more than a few – and we’ve already reviewed a bunch as well.  Finally I decided on This Ain’t Ghostbusters XXX.  I mean, honestly, how could I not?  In fact, I was pretty blown away that we hadn’t actually reviewed it yet.

Snapping up six 2012 AVN nominations  (Best Parody – Comedy, Best Screenplay – Parody, Best Actor – Evan Stone, Best Special Effects,  Best Art Direction, and Best Cinematography), this ‘80s movie pornofied features a bevy of household names like Evan Stone, James Deen, Ron Jeremy, Alexis Texas and more.  When you pair that with direction by renowned parody maker Axel Braun, you know you are going to get something good.

Now, it’s been a minute since I watched the original Ghostbusters, but from what I can tell, this dirty version does an excellent job of mixing the authentic awesomeness with lots of naughty action.  And Evan Stone really is fucking hilarious as Bill Murray’s Dr. Peter Venkman.  I guess since Ghostbusters is a pretty famous flick, they really didn’t need to bother with too much back story before starting in on the sexin’.  Within 5 minutes Stone has his giant cock all the way down Lily LaBeau’s creamy throat.  And about 5 minutes after that scene is finished, Alec Knight has his pants around his ankles and is screwing the very dead Alexis Texas, who is a ghostly maiden inhabiting the public library.  I guess that’s one way to catch a ghost, right?

Soon after, we meet Dana Barrett (Raven Alexis) who’s having some trouble with her apartment  being haunted.  Oh, you know, the same old ghostly activity of slinging hot dogs all willy-nilly at Dana and inhabiting a refrigerator and turning it into a tear in space/time/universe.  So, who does Dana call?  That’s right, the Ghostbusters!  *Cue theme music here* And while that’s awesome and all, the one I’ve really been excited to meet shows himself in scene 3 – Slimer!  That’s right, the green guy appears and slimes all over Evan Stone, and then jerks his slimy cock as they zap him into their little ghostly vault.  Very impressive special effects as well (definitely deserving of the nomination).

Ok, back to Dana, who is now Zuul.  “There is no Dana, only Zuul.” (Man, I forgot how much I love that line – hilarious.)  Peter Venkman is super into Dana and finds himself fucking Zuul now. Yum.  Alright, It seems that I’ve veered off into nostalgia and am going all over the place with this review.  You basically need to know three things about this flick to really sum it up:

  1. It’s pretty fucking hilarious and if you like the original Ghostbusters and you like porn, you’ll like this.
  2. The sex is really seriously hot.  Everyone who fucks is really hot too.
  3. This movie basically deserves all the nominations it got.

That’s it.  Now go watch, because it’s amazing and you should definitely see for yourself.

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Just Tease

Sometimes I want to look at beautiful women being sexy just for the sake of being sexy.  Is that so wrong?  If it is, then I don’t want to be right!

Just TeaseJust Tease is made up entirely of girls posing, undressing, bouncing their butts, rubbing oil on their bodies, pouring water on asses, taking bubble baths and a list of other visually appealing activities.  There are times when I don’t need to watch people do it.  I just need hotness and that is exactly what I got.  You can’t always get what you want, but this time I did.  My eyes are happy.

There are oodles of seductive sirens in this nearly 4 hour montage, but Alexis Texas definitely gets a lot of screen time and I’m not complaining about it one bit!  I love watching her, not just because she is so very pretty and possesses an oh-so bite-able ass, but because she really knows how to move and work the camera.  She has a sense of her body and how to move it.  I could watch her for hours.

Sure, this movie was probably a good excuse to do something with all of the B footage that was shot when making a few 100 pornos, but I’ll take it.  If you’re in the mood for sexiness minus fucking-ness, you should give this movie a look-see.

Scrubs – A XXX Parody

I recently got into the TV show Scrubs.  I know I’m super late on this one, but I don’t usually get into network shows.  I started watching it on a whim and thought it was pretty damn funny.  This gave way to the Scrubs – A XXX Parody review.

Scrubs Porn ParodyThis porno does a good job of hitting all of the key idiosyncrasies of the show.  JD constantly has that inner dialogue going on.  Carla has a big fat attitude.  The janitor consistently gives JD a hard time.  You get the idea here.  I got a few laughs out of it, but you just can’t beat the show.  James Deen plays the part of JD.  (Hey, those are his initials!)  He was a good fit and seemed to capture that clueless charm that makes the character just so gosh darn loveable.

By the way, I’m using the actual names of the characters from the show to avoid confusion.

Everyone gets laid in the XXX version of Scrubs.  Carla and Turk screw in a hospital bed and Jordan and Dr. Cox do it on the desk.  Even the janitor gets his hallway bang on with a hot nurse.  For the big closer, The Todd does the dirty in an unlikely threesome with Elliot and JD.  Yes, this was complete with flame print bandana.

While it was fun to watch the characters I know and love fuck their little hearts out, my favorite scene didn’t have much to do with the main characters at all.  It was a flashback to “When DJ (JD) Goes To Med School” and screws both his hottie girlfriend Joanna Angel and the beautiful Alexis Texas.  There really isn’t any way that you could go wrong with this combination.  This scene could be in any movie and it would be awesome.  This dynamic trio manages to fit lots of oral sex, butt sex as well as good old fashioned sex in the confined nurse’s station setting.  Per usual, Mr. Deen directs and positions the ladies right where he wants them.  Alexis spends a good amount of time under the desk so she is right there and ready to service James as he pleases.  Not to worry, her majestic rear end does come out to play when Joanna Angel burries her face between her cheeks.  James Deen does quite a bit of pleasing as well.  Let’s face it.  The man knows how to eat pussy.  Whenever I see him go down on anyone, it is apparent
that his mouth makes magic happen.

The scene wraps up with a penultimate Angel-Deen anal match up that results in a mouth full of splooge for Miss Texas.  What is the ultimate you ask?  A kissing cum swap between these two lovely ladies.  If this sort of dirt baggery isn’t your style, then Scrubs –  A XXX Parody isn’t for you.

Over all this is a fun movie to watch if you’re into Scrubs.  I didn’t laugh my ass off, but I got a few giggles out of the quirks that they managed to fit in.  The sex is pretty good, although I could have done without the typical porno theme music in the background.  If you’re looking for a good down and dirty threesome scene, I definitely recommend the one I featured in this review.

– Ginger Leigh

Looks Like Fun

Vivid is one of my go-to studios when I’m looking for hot, mainstream XXX. While my tastes vary greatly, I never get sick of watching gorgeous people fuck and that’s what you’ll get here.

Looks Like Fun

Looks Like Fun is made up of four vignettes that were really well set up – at least for porn. I don’t expect more than a line or two indicating one performer is a plumber, lonely housewife or naughty coed for the most part from most XXX, so I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of effort Paul Thomas put into plot.

My favorite scene was the first but that’s really no surprise since it takes place in a book store! Austin Kincaid tries to pick up a sexy couple (Alexis Texas and Alan Stafford) she sees on the beach, but nothing happens. Later she’s at work when Texas comes in and they make good use of a bench in the back of a store. Stafford eventually stumbles upon them and the two ladies turn their attention his way with Kincaid deep-throating his cock with ease.

Things really heat up when they move to a big green pillow type thing in the middle of the store. Besides lusting after furniture, we get a chance to see Texas plowed from behind while up to her eyeballs in pussy. It’s pretty fantastic. Really, you’ve got three gorgeous people who are having a blast and it’s definitely wank worthy.

It may seem silly, but I love that this is the story of a woman trying to pick up a couple that ends in an amazing threeway. They could have easily gone the lesbians making out when guy comes in and saves the day route.

Just for the record, I am still unable to watch the lovely Adrianna Nicole in action due to the fact that she’s my sister-in-law’s doppelganger. Please check out scene three for yourself!

I really like watching group sex, so I thought this was great. There’s only one b/g scene (Monique Alexander & Voodoo) which is pretty good, but I’m a girl who agrees with people who say “the more, the merrier.” If you’re looking for hetero porn for couples, this is one to consider.

BTW, if any Borders executives are reading this, may I suggest renting out stores at night to Porno companies??