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The Authentic Lesbian Review: Lefty

Lefty, a cool title from Sweetheart Video directed by and starring the always brilliant Dana Vespoli, is about Linda “Lefty” Lumaban, an undefeated boxer on top of the world after a really rough childhood. The story goes that Lefty was discovered by a cop named Sullivan while beating an assailant trying to attack her after her mother abandoned her on the streets of L.A. at 14 years old. I know, heavy shit for a porno, right? Turns out Sully found a natural fighter when he stumbled on the scene to help a helpless teen and the pair became thicker than … Continue reading The Authentic Lesbian Review: Lefty

Sweetheart Video Loves Girls

In 2008, all-girl studio Sweetheart Video began their Loves Girls series with Nina Loves Girls. Directors Nica Noelle, James Avalon, and Dana Vespoli select performers to star is an all-girl showcase, allowing the star to choose which women they want to fuck on camera. This results in some of the best on-camera lesbian chemistry in the business, with months and sometimes years of off-screen flirtations finally getting a chance to blossom into some serious Sapphic fuckery. We’ve picked some of our favorite entries into the series to show why we love that Sweetheart loves girls. Alexis Texas Loves Girls The … Continue reading Sweetheart Video Loves Girls

Amazon Wish List Awards

The ladies of porn work hard, and they deserve some love back from all the love they give to your love life (solo or participatory). The Amazon Wish List is their way of telling you how to do just that, and not just during the holidays or their birthdays. Below we present to you the winners of The Wish List, with some extras thrown in. All lists are active and have been updated this month. So whip out that wallet – one of these babes is asking for a drum set…   Best Butt Plug Need Dani Daniels It’s bejeweled … Continue reading Amazon Wish List Awards

Free Porn Friday!

Each week we make free clip galleries of three movies for our affiliates to use… so why not share some of those clips here? Welcome to Free Porn Friday! First up is Filly Films’ The Real L Word XXX: NYC Edition, scene three, with Tina Horn and Andre Shakti. Check out the FREE GALLERY of clips from The Real L Word XXX: NYC Edition!   Second is Reality Blue Media’s Superstar Showdown – Alexis Texas Vs. Sarah Vandella, scene one, featuring Sarah Vandella and her Hitachi Magic Wand. Check out the FREE GALLERY of clips from Superstar Showdown – Alexis Texas … Continue reading Free Porn Friday!

Elexis Unleashed 2

We’re back to reviewing non-Christmas porno… hooray for Santa-free smut!  In celebration I’m getting into some girl-girl goodness from Sweetheart Video.  Elexis Unleashed 2 features three super hot scenes starring Elexis Monroe (surprise).  With interviews at the top of each scene, we get to hear her thoughts, as well as those of her co-stars, on sex with women.  The takeaway – it’s only fun to fuck women who want to be fucked. Lexi Belle joins Elexis in scene 1.  They make a great pair and are all about staring into each others’ eyes.  I love the chemistry almost as much … Continue reading Elexis Unleashed 2

Top Five Texas Porns

As you are reading this Top Five Tuesday post, I am actually out of the office on vacation. Oh man, the wonders of technology, right? In fact, I am writing this post two weeks before you’ll ever read it. Gotta love the post scheduling button. Anyway, like I said, I am on vacation, down in Texas, enjoying all that the Lone Star State has to offer. So in honor of the stars at night being big and bright down here in the heart of Texas, I thought a Top Five Texas movies would be in order.  In no particular order, … Continue reading Top Five Texas Porns

This Ain’t Ghostbusters XXX

This year, the AVN Awards are all about the parodies – even going as far as to have parody porns get their own category.  And because we are reviewing a few of this year’s nominees (the actual awards are this coming weekend), what better to review than one of the many parodies nominated.  Then, of course, it took a while to figure out which one to review, because there are way more than a few – and we’ve already reviewed a bunch as well.  Finally I decided on This Ain’t Ghostbusters XXX.  I mean, honestly, how could I not?  In … Continue reading This Ain’t Ghostbusters XXX

Just Tease

Sometimes I want to look at beautiful women being sexy just for the sake of being sexy.  Is that so wrong?  If it is, then I don’t want to be right! Just Tease is made up entirely of girls posing, undressing, bouncing their butts, rubbing oil on their bodies, pouring water on asses, taking bubble baths and a list of other visually appealing activities.  There are times when I don’t need to watch people do it.  I just need hotness and that is exactly what I got.  You can’t always get what you want, but this time I did.  My … Continue reading Just Tease

Scrubs – A XXX Parody

I recently got into the TV show Scrubs.  I know I’m super late on this one, but I don’t usually get into network shows.  I started watching it on a whim and thought it was pretty damn funny.  This gave way to the Scrubs – A XXX Parody review. This porno does a good job of hitting all of the key idiosyncrasies of the show.  JD constantly has that inner dialogue going on.  Carla has a big fat attitude.  The janitor consistently gives JD a hard time.  You get the idea here.  I got a few laughs out of it, … Continue reading Scrubs – A XXX Parody

Looks Like Fun

Vivid is one of my go-to studios when I’m looking for hot, mainstream XXX. While my tastes vary greatly, I never get sick of watching gorgeous people fuck and that’s what you’ll get here. Looks Like Fun is made up of four vignettes that were really well set up – at least for porn. I don’t expect more than a line or two indicating one performer is a plumber, lonely housewife or naughty coed for the most part from most XXX, so I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of effort Paul Thomas put into plot. My favorite scene was … Continue reading Looks Like Fun