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Indulgence 4

It’s been far too long since the last time I watched a girl-girl flick from Abigail Productions.  They do a great job of blending their creative eye with good fucking.  They don’t drag out their artsy moments, which can lead to me fast-forwarding through half the scene to get to the fucking.  At the same time, their movies pornos have a unique and distinct glamor style that makes them more interesting than your everyday smut.

Indulgence 4Scene one starts opens up with one performer applying makeup in super slow motion.  It is fun to watch, although she already has plenty of makeup on. If I were to nitpick, I’d be annoyed that we watched her put lip gloss over lips gloss, rather than actually getting to watch the transformation.  That would have made it more interesting.  BUT, I’m not nitpicking. A sexy lady joins her and a hot cunnilingus scene ensues.  She pushes herself up out of her chair and shakes through a couple of orgasms.  It’s delightful.  Did I mention they’re on a rooftop?

After a filthy dirty all girl three-way in scene 2, scene 3 features a solo girl masturbation session and a bowl of cereal.  It sort of gave me the munchies.  She spoons the milk in her mouth and on her body all sexy-like.  She ignores the crunchy cereal bits, I assume because she didn’t want to show a mouthful of half-eaten cereal and milk.  Some folks may be into that, but you won’t find that here.  She dumps the bowl all of over herself and makes her way down to the floor where she rubs her clit and fingers herself on the soggy-cereal covered floor.  I’m down for incorporating food into masturbation, but I really hope she didn’t get any milk-soaked cereal in her pussy.  Nothing good would come of that.  NOTHING!

Scene 4 starts out with a little kink added in the mix.  One lady is tied up while the other is filming the act.  Everything takes place on the kitchen counter which I love.  They get rid of the rope and camera and proceed to fuck each other with dildos.  One performer squirts and squirts which makes this my favorite scene of the movie!

Minus the makeup on makeup thing, this Abigail Productions movie satisfied my need for girl-girl entertainment in all the right ways.

Watch Indulgence 4 now!


A Woman’s Touch 2

It has been far too long since I spent some time with an Abigail Productions porno.  The ladies are easy on the eyes, the camera work is always interesting and the production value never disappoints.

A Woman's Touch 2A Woman’s Touch 2, while I find the name to be a little cheesy, is definitely filled with loads of hot girl on girl action.  First, I have to talk about something that bothered me in scene 2 and, I admit, it might be because I have a little bit of a sweet tooth at the moment.  The two were in girl scout -esque costumes.  One was holding a tray of them when the other came over and ate a cookie and continued to slap the rest out of her hand.   That was a waste of perfectly good cookies!  Who does that?  Sure the costumes were a little icky, but the cookies!  Why would you waist all of those cookies?  OK, I’m done with that.

Luckily, the ladies in scene 3 totally make up for the cookie incident.  The sex is awesome and there is something hot about two beautiful women doing it on a random mattress in what looks like it could be an abandoned building.  The contrast works for me.  These ladies totally get down and dirty with the sex toys – a couple of dildos and a few vibrators definitely make appearances in the scene.  I so love watching the power that a little vibration has over a person’s body.  Even if it is just massaging her clit, her whole body reacts, twitching and trembling.  So hot!

This movie totally rocks on the girl on girl porno front minus scene 2’s little blemish.  Well, if you hate cookies you might be okay with it, but I’m not sure I can trust anyone who hates cookies.

Watch a Woman’s Touch 2 now!



Top Five Tuesday – Deauxma!

Every so often, we HM4Her ladies do a deep dive into our analytics and really get into the nitty gritty of what our viewers are interested in watching.  This time around I checked into what you guys are searching for – and it looks like Deauxma is the winner! You guys love you some of this mature sexy star!  To let you know that we are listening to what you want, here is a Top Five Tuesday dedicated to everything Deauxma!

Legends & Starlets 3: This awesome series from Sweetheart Video sounds just like what it is – a collection of scenes pairing older porno lady legends with brand spanking new starlets.  Yum, right?  There is definitely something super hot about a whole ‘showing her the ropes’ scenario. This third installment of the series features Deauxma, along with HM4Her favorites Nina Hartley and Melissa Monet.  If this is sex education, where do I sign up?
A Woman’s Desire: There is definitely a trend when it comes to most Deauxma movies.  Her lesbian videos are all about teaching younger ladies how to get busy with an experienced woman.  While it does get a little old at times, this time is not one of them.  Deauxma hooks up with Samantha Ryan, giving her the sexy workout of her life.  This is one instance when we so very much love a lesson.
How To Tame Your Dragon: I’m not sure if this is named after that  Dreamworks’ movie about training your dragon, but either way, the subtitle lets you know that is flick is all about the cock.  Scene four brings us Deauxma, along with Mellanie Monroe and Sara Jay, all on top of the nameless nerd they are cock taming.  Looks like we have another educational experience in front of us – and we are ready to learn! 
Road Queen Part 1 While Hm4Her has this series up to Part 19, I wanted to start at the very beginning, as Deauxma was there from the inception of this hot hitchhiking collection.  I don’t know about you, but if this smokin’ mama was driving by my outstretched thumb, you better believe I’d be hoping into her ride any day!
The Cougar Club 3 – The Sex Pact: Deauxma goes extra young in this Sweet Sinner flick as she takes to bed with her super sexy 18-year-old college advisee.  The boy in question, Frederick Way, really is totally foxy and the pair are amazingly hot as the action heats up.  I don’t know about the rest of the movie, but scene one is terrific!

So impressed with Deauxma!  Thanks for searching this awesome star out!


Lesbian Spotlight – Cadence St. John

I don’t know how I let this movie slip by me when we first got it in, but I am so happy to have run across it while looking for a different flick.  The HM4Her team has a major crush on Cadence St. John and finding this movie was like striking gold.  I almost felt bad not leaving it for Ginger Leigh to review, but alas, I decided to hoard it all for myself.

There are a few particular things about Cadence St. John that get me excited.  First, while she is totally tattooed up and does star in alt porn (like Burning Angel Entertainment), she shoots for all different studios and from what I’ve noticed, she is usually the only person that looks like her in the movies.  I think it’s awesome when a folks branch out and do a variety of kinds of porn.  It spices things up a bit.

Another thing I enjoy about Cadence St. John is that while nearly every movie I’ve seen her in, she is either almost silent, or gives off this air of superiority – she gets chatty when she is getting ready to cum, and awesomely got involved when we did the Porn Party on twitter.  It’s so rad when performers are versatile in that way as well.  Anyway, let’s get to the actual movie.

Now that I’ve confessed our hotness for Cadence St. John, I’m sure you can image how much I liked this movie.   The whole thing is close to 2 hours of watching St. John bang a bunch of different women.  Yum.  Each scene has its own special flavor, which is really exciting, since when you watch porn all the time, the details are what keep you interested.

All of the scenes are really awesome, but I have to say that scene 3 with Cadence and Phoenix Askani is amazing.  It begins with Pheonix on her knees in front of Cadence, as she paints lipstick on Phoenix’s lips over and over, and has her kiss parts of her body.  It’s only when Cadence ends up with lip marks all over her that they actually get into some sexy action.  I only have two words: seriously sexy.

Watch “Lesbian Spotlight – Cadence St. John” Now!

Guilty Pleasures 4

Hello, Abigail Productions.  It has been a while.  I so missed the hot girl on girl sexin’ you always provide me with.  The femme super hotties always know how to make my day. The entirety of Guilty Pleasures 4 made today a hot fudge Fridae!  It is indeed a treat for the eyes.

Guilty Pleasures 4Scene 1 really did me right with the Cadence St. John, Kayme Kai and Annie Cruz  threesome.  The sex was uber hot, but the setup made me laugh so that may have been what set it apart from the rest of the movie.  Cadence in all of her tattooed glory is chatting it up with Annie about their fuck-it list.  Get it, instead of bucket list?  Anywho, on that list was their new neighbor, Kayme.  Annie gives her a ring and tells her to come over right away.  My favorite part of this is that the phone is not even pretending to be attached to the wall.  Good times.  Kayme and Annie realize that neither of them particularly like their hubbies which then promps Cadence to suggest they go on a killing spree.  Wait, what?  I don’t know what happened there, but I do not that some intense fucking goes down.  At one point Cadence has the other two bent over the kitchen table while she has her fingers inside of both of them.  Yes!

Scene 5 is hot times 100.  Annie returns to bring this porno home.  Her and Capri Cavalli do it up right with lots of pussy licking.  Plus, the slow motion shot of Annie sinking her teeth into Capri’s ass is divine.  As always, the camera work is fantastic and the make up looks just lovely.

57 thumbs up for Guilty Pleasures 4.  Watch it now!



Top Five Tuesday – Solo Lady Sexin’ 2011!

I can’t believe we are at the final Top Five Tuesday of 2011!  Didn’t this year fly by?!?  Anyway, one of the things we like to do here at HM4Her is give the ladies what they want.  After a careful analysis of our analytics (which sounds so much dirtier than it is), we found that more than anything, you folks are checking out our female masturbation movies.  So, what better way to send off the year than solo lady lovin’ – 2011 style!  Here are our Top Five Female Masturbation movies made in 2011.  Enjoy them… we know you will!

Alone & Loveable – The ladies over at Abbywinters.com must have some serious carpal tunnel issues with the amount of masturbation porn they brought us this year.  This awesome video alone has ten stellar solo sexin’ scenes!  All natural women, all really getting off – could we wask for anything more?        
Bobbi Star’s One – Oh man, Bobbi Starr and her friends are such super dirty birdies!  Not only are they offering up more than THREE HOURS of deliciously pervy self lovin’ – some of it includes vegetables and massive toys.  I will say that I did actually yell at the screen during scene 8 (if it goes in your ass, it needs to have a flared base!), but all in all, this jerk off fuck fest is some quality hotness.
Veronica Knocks: When it comes to real female orgasms, I know that Femorg will not disappoint.  I mean really, the truth is in the name!  This particular Femorg flick stuck with me because Veronica is so damn cute – and this is her first dirty movie, which makes it all the more exciting to me.  She plays with a different toy in each scene, making it fun to watch a whole movie of her getting off.  Thanks Femorg!
Stalker – Chock full of “hidden camera” scenes, this voyeur-themed solo sex video is awesomely hot and packed with ladies rubbing one out… particularly in showers.  They even include a pole dancing scene, which makes me so excited because pole dancing is wicked sexy and takes such ridiculous muscles.  Yum.
Watch Me Play – Abigail Pictures takes the last spot on our 2011 lady spankin’ it list with something a little more artsy and non-traditional, which I totally appreciate.  Maybe it’s just the lighting or the camera work, but these scenes bring something different to the table and make me a totally happy camper.

I can’t wait to see what 2012 has to offer in the masturbation porno department!

Happy New Year!


Watch Me Play 2

Yay for Abigail Productions! Watch Me Play 2: Pretty ladies all dolled up and getting dirty with themselves. I’m pretty okay with it.

In this particular AP movie, we get to see a whole slew of girlies masturbate to their little hearts’ content. The mix of performance/playing for the camera and truly getting off makes this porno fun to watch. Production value is definitely given some love – lighting, camera work, set, etc. This certainly isn’t a depiction of how these ladies jill off any old day of the week, but they are absolutely into their solo sessions.

There was something magical about the mix of the off the shoulder shirt, boots and floor masturbation in scene 3. I was drawn to it. Katie Summers isn’t quite as glammed up as the other gals and there is a roughness to the scene that the others don’t have. There is also a really cool lamp that I’d like to steal. I didn’t love her long blue nails, but they certainly didn’t stop me from enjoying every second of watching her lick her fingers clean time and again.

On the other end of the spectrum, Taylor Vixen has the house-wife-in-the-kitchen look working for her. The mix of innocence and filth is so very hot and satisfying. She just looks so darn sweet, but with her panties around her ankles, just above her blue shoes she looks super naughty. Watching her get off in the vintage kitchen just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. What can I say? I’m a total sucker for all things even a little bit 50’s!

If you like fancy ladies and fancy camera work, you should definitely give this porno a look-see. These gals are easy on the eyes and you can tell lots of time love went into the creation of these scenes.

Lesbian Spotlight – Sea J Raw

Sea J Raw recently caught my eye, so I was excited to find Abigail Production’s Lesbian Spotlight: Sea J Raw.  I love Abigail Productions in all of their glam-meets-artsy-meets-dirty fucking goodness, so I thought this was the perfect movie to take in all of the Sea J I possibly could in a little less than two hours.  Perhaps I could say “Sea J” one more time.  Sea J.

Lesbian Spotlight - Sea J RawShe is super hot and super fun to watch fuck.  She’s all about immersing herself in the screwing and I totally dig that.  Along with her mad skills and rocking body, she has one of the most beautiful smiles I’ve ever seen.  I love how genuinely happy she looks when she is getting others off.  I know we’re talking dirty girl on girl banging here, but seriously, she has an amazing smile.  I know I’m talking a lot about her physical features, but there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the way someone looks.  It is porn after all.

Right out of the gate we get an intense scene starring Sea J Raw and Puma Suede.  The two go back and forth, giving each other’s pussies the treatment with their tongues, fingers and toys.  Loads of writhing, squirming and squealing goes down.  By the way, one of my favorite vibrators, the Mystic Wand, makes an appearance.  Neat.

Scene 2: Okay, I’ll agree that candy canes and big colorful lollipops make for aesthetically pleasing cinematography.  However, it is never ever EVER a good idea to stick candy inside of your vagina!  What happened here?  Didn’t anyone on set know what a bad idea it was to stick sugar sticks in pussies?  Come on, guys.  I’m not sure as to how good this scene was because all I could think about was how sad their vaginas were going to be after shooting.  Why did this happen?  I need answers!

Thankfully, they made up for it by supplying me with 3 additional scenes filled with sugar-free pussies.  Low carb porn, if you will.  I especially enjoyed the all girl foursome in scene 4. There was so much ridiculous hotness happening, I wasn’t sure where to look.  I will say I enjoyed watching the three ladies feast on Sea J – two on her nipples, and one betwixt her legs.  Sounds like fun for everyone to me!

If you’re a fan of Sea J Raw, or you would like to be, this porno is perfect for getting a good long look at her.  Aside from the sugar filled vag situation, it is definitely worth watching.

Top Five Tuesday – Staycation, All I Ever Wanted

This week my co-blogger Ginger Leigh is out on vacation.  Not only do I miss her (she sits within arm’s reach of my desk and puts up with my chatter), I am more than a little envious of her out of the office chill out time.  Yes, I’ve been out of the office as well recently, but nothing about that was relaxing – all work work work.  Hell, I don’t even need to go anywhere! I am totally fine with holing up in the house and having myself a much needed staycation!  While that’s not on the horizon, I still wanted to get my dreams going, so I’ve decided to grace y’all with my top five smutty picks for when I will lock the doors, turn off the phone and spend a few days staycationing and enjoying popsicles and porno!

Twisted Getaway: I seriously cannot BELIEVE that I haven’t watched this queer orgy extravaganza yet!  A 2011 Feminist Porn Awards Honorable Mention, this delicious fuckfest features a whole host of hotties that I’ve never seen naked before, including the film’s director Sophia St. James. Are you surprised this topped the list??
Official Revenge Of The Nerds Parody: Oh parodies, sometimes I love you, sometimes I loathe you.  This staycation, I’ve decided you are cool, especially when you are created by Philly guys Brian Bangs and Spock Buckton, who make hilarious movies.  Plus, how the hell could I pass up a Revenge Of The Nerds spoof?!?  I am only human, after all.
Eden: Sure, I might get a little jealous of those beautiful beaches and sparkling ocean (though not the getting fucked on them – I am anti sand sex), but at least I know that I won’t get  eaten by a dinosaur while laying in my bed!  You heard me, there is a DINO at the every end of the movie!!  Sorry for the spoiler, but you had to know to make sure you watch it!
Lesbian Love Vol. 1: Don’t think for one second that I’ve forgotten about my hardcore crush on Michelle Aston.  She is the insanely hot smart cookie that rules my porno dreams and it just so happens that this is my favorite scene featuring her.  Of course I am bringing it into the bed with me!
Artcore: Sometimes when you staycation, you want to keep your friends close, so why not just bring them along in super hot porno form?!? I love me some April Flores, Courtney Trouble and Drew Deveaux, both on screen and in the real world (sorry, I don’t know Kelly, Damali or Hoodman personally, though I do enjoy their screentime), and I think it’s super exciting that they are all fucking in one extra hot flick!  Woohoo! 

Here’s to wishing and hoping I get my relaxing day off to hide away and get my porno on!

Happy Vacationing, both here and far away!