We Vibe

We Vibe

I love the idea of reviewing a toy that is totally new to the world. Makes me feel like some sort of explorer. A pussy explorer, even. And really, I’m okay with that! We Vibe is the first toy that’s designed to stimulate both your clit and G-spot, WHILE you’re getting penetrated by a penis/fingers/toy/whatever! If that’s not something to write home about, I don’t know what is! And let me tell you, get the pen and paper, because this little baby is totally worth the exclamation points I’m about to use!!!!

Shaped like an oval “C”, the We Vibe has one side that goes inside your pussy to cup against your G-spot and one side to hit your clit, and fits snug against both to work HANDS FREE during penetration. For me, penetration meant being fucked with fingers. And even though fingers can curl perfectly to hit the G-spot, when you’re being fucked hard and fast, you lose some of that direct G-spot contact. That’s where the We came in perfectly. The We stayed put right on my G-spot and clit during even the roughest of thrusting.

One of the things I like best about this vibe is that it is versatile enough to use as just a clitoral vibe or just a G-Spot vibe if you want. On a solo run with We, I decided to take charge of my clit manually, so I just pushed the clit part aside and voila(!), I had a G-Spot vibe! And because both sides are nice and powerful, it was a peeeerfect addition to the clit stim! Then on a not-so-solo adventure, we decided to play using the We only on her clit. Score 2 out of 2!

Other pluses – this vibe is silicone (for super easy clean up and phthalate free play!), waterproof, has 2 speeds and is rechargeable! Could you ask for anything more? Just one thing though: sure it might work right out of the box, but trust me, you want to make sure this little guy is charged up for a good while before just revving him up. I know from personal experience that playing without first plugging in is a bad, bad idea. And there isn’t much worse than being right on the brink and having him die on you.

This toy not only gets two thumbs waving high in the air, it gets them while I’m being fucked, with both my G-spot and clit getting action at the same time as well. We Vibe rules!

Enjoy the We Vibe as much as we do!