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When I revived a bottle of Universal Lube, a silicone based lubricant that claims to be safe to use with all products and materials, I was a little nervous. The thought of ruining one of my precious silicone toys made me a little reluctant to try it.

In certain situations, I really love silicone lube and it’s a damn shame that so many of my toys are not compatible with most of them. Silicone lube tends to last a lot longer than water-based products, which means you typically don’t need to reapply and if you’re looking to play in the water, it’s really a must have.

Because I believe that certain situations really call for silicone lube, I started out by testing two of my toys with this product. As you all should know by now, silicone lube + silicone toys traditionally equals one melted silicone mess and I wasn’t taking any chances. I simply dabbed a bit on my fingertip and applied it to the base of each toy. If this product ended up damaging my dildos, I didn’t want it to be anywhere that counted! The great news is that neither toy was damaged. The rumors were true – this silicone lube can indeed be used with silicone toys! Of course, I will test each toy before using just to be sure, but I feel pretty confident with the company’s claims.

Overall, I have mixed feelings about this product. I LOVE the fact that it’s really compatible with my favorite Fun Factory toys. I also love the idea of coupling this product with silicone butt toys and overall I have to admit that, in spite of my initial reluctance, it’s a pretty good product.

One thing I didn’t like is that Universal is a little more oily than my favorite silicone lube, Pure Eros Light Love. It’s not gross, but it is noticeable and makes clean up a little more work. I haven’t run into any problems, but am a little concerned about this product reeking havoc on my vag’s PH because it’s a bit oily.

And cause I’m working on being a glass half full kind of girl, let me just say that this is one of my favorite bottles! It has ridges on the sides which means it’s easy to hold onto, just in case things get slippery. Of course, that doesn’t seem likely because the flip top cap dispenses it without lots of mess. Oh. And it looks cool.

In the end, if you’re someone who has been wishing for the sleek slide of silicone to enhance their favorite silicone toys, I would say this product is worth checking out. If you’ve got a water-based product you’re happy with, I’d stick with it because lube is a super personal thing.

Get wet and wild with Universal Lube!

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