The Isis

I’ve tried a couple of finger vibes in my time and never been really blown away. I love the concept, but have been looking for a product that would meet the expectations I’d created in my head. Emotional Bliss, a high-end company from the UK, has finally answered my call for a quality finger vibe that can enhance your play with the Isis.

One sign of a company that cares about its products, for me, is packaging. The Isis is a really small vibe that isn’t much bigger than my thumb, but it comes in a giant box packed full of goodies! They include two 30ml bottles of lube, one silicone and one water-based, both of which are compatible with this vibe made of a non-porous TPE plastic. It also included the charger – that’s right, no batteries are needed for this green toy that runs up to three hours on a single charge! And while my Isis only came with one adaptor for the charger, you can get other adaptors and travel with it.

There’s also an instruction booklet that covers the entire Emotional Bliss line and is packed full of useful information like hints about using your toys with a partner and the four phases of female sexual response. Oh, and did you know that 80Hz is apparently the perfect speed to “stimulate orgasm” in women between 18-30? Me either, but that’s what I learned today, assuming someone didn’t just make that up.

So, it’s obvious that this company put a lot into the Isis, but how does it perform?

For me, this is a huge step up from other finger vibes I’ve used in the past. It’s not hella powerful, but that’s not the point. This is a toy that will get you off in a short while if you use it alone, but I think it really shines when incorporated into your usual XXX action. It slips onto your finger securely (with three size options) and then acts as an extension to your finger. Just picture being banged out doggy style as your partner reaches around and applies 80Hz of buzz to your magic button!

While this hopefully wouldn’t be the most powerful vibrator in your toy box, it’s a fine addition and it has finally fulfilled my desire for a quality finger vibe. Plus, if you’re looking for something a little more powerful, Emotional Bliss is one step ahead of you. That’s right, they’ve anticipated your needs and created the Chandra – a bigger, more powerful version! I personally haven’t used it, but the obvious thought and care that has gone into the Isis makes me thing it’s probably a winner!

Wank like an Egyptian and worship Isis!

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